Timeline: Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

WATCH: @NBCNewsNOW takes an in-depth look at how President Trump has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.


WATCH: NBCNewsNOW takes an in-depth look at how President Trump has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

NBC News takes an in-depth look at how President Trump responded to the coronavirus pandemic after initially minimizing its impact and threat to the American people.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Now We the people would ask are highest courts to impose a gag order on Trump for 60 days we need closer and he is not providing that as he has shown he is no leader but a divider. Now Trump has no tools, You can’t bully a virus. Now PSA: Ukraine Joe Biden is accused of sexually assault. Where is the news on this?

Now He is in over his head Now Did trump not make these statements. Now Now Now What? You dont think people know how you've covered Trump the past 5 years. Have you lost your minds? I wont even glance at anything you have to say, because it will be the opposite of reality. Now He was encouraging people to catch it. The sooner it kills who it kills the better. Remember repube healthcare plan? Die quickly.

Now Now

‘You don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline,’ says Dr. Anthony FauciAmerica’s top infectious disease expert had a stark response Wednesday when asked about a timeline for when the coronavirus outbreak can be considered... Listen to the doctor, not the president. 🙂 ChinaVirus No, people not being able to feed themselves also makes the timeline.

Now Now Now Now Now Journalist, including whca, stop accepting the “on the way” response! I’m just a Joe Blow with an iPad using an app called Deliveries. As long as you have a tracking from any carrier, you’ll know your delivery date. So when they say “on the way”, they don’t know. Pushback!! Now Hard pass. Your take not need. I'll watch the pressers live and make up my own mind

Now Uh huh. Now I truly hope that JoeBiden pounds Trump relentlessly with this. Keep it fresh in the minds of those that got sick and the families that lost loved one because of Trump's lack of response and playing politics with peoples lives. Now Spoiler alert... Poorly. Now No thanks

Domestic abuse victims in 'worst-case scenario' during outbreak, providers sayOne woman said her partner threatened to throw her out onto the street if she showed any symptoms of coronavirus. Another said her partner vowed to prevent her from seeking medical care if she became sick Rolling back the clock to the dark ages on account of heresy and especially for a curable infection is despicable Plot lines if Seinfeld still aired today. That's awful........

Now So, shouldn’t have to watch. One word: terribly. Now I'm sure this will be fair and unbiased. Now poorly Now Wow. LiarInChief. Now Now Isn’t there than ad that Trump wants pulled because they really shows how Trump botched the coronavirus! Now Everything he does has to be put into context of his presidency being under constant attack from a hostile and biased media. Compare their gracious ‘treatment’ of Obama during the H1N1 pandemic. He’s doing a great job all things considered.

Now Shame Now US go to .... With trump Now As an observer from Europe, I can only say one sentence: Poor Americans with realDonaldTrump - Thanks to his incompetence, lies and stupidity, USA will have many corpses...

Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi Gets Married, No Guests Due to CoronavirusBindi Irwin got married during the coronavirus outbreak, which was notable in her guest attendance. But a sting ray was present Reminds me of my wedding, no guest because my family is full of asses. Thank heaven she was still able to sell her pics to you guys so everyone can see 🙄.

Now He is the devil. Now RENTRELIEF !! Now We need a vaccine NOW! Now Fake media!!! He is best president EVER. You are best realDonaldTrump Now This is the poorest looking 'billionaire' that will ever exist. Now An indepth look into a shallow fools actions Now I’m sure NBC will be fair.....nah why start now.

Now Definitely not a 10. A zero. Now That’s MY president!!!! Yessir! The leader of the oldest, largest, and most peaceful nation in the world!!!!! Now ...he hasn't

White House Considers Postponing Tariffs to Help Businesses: Live UpdatesInvestors left Asian markets mixed in early Thursday trading as they awaited news of the fate of a huge coronavirus economic rescue package in the United States Perhaps Good step for all. Good step

Now Trump is on fire this week!! 🔥🔥🔥 Now Badly Now By talking... Not sure he has responded with any real actions. Now A month ago, Trump said the number of US cases would soon be zero. It's over 100,000 now. End of analysis. Now Sociopath Trump doesn’t care if Americans die. Trump admin pandemic carnage. Worst president ever.

LeslieMarshall Now Let me guess, it’s negative. Now The liberals will never stop hating Trump and attacking him. I never watch so much TV in the last month and reading so many newspapers and it’s so obvious how the media attacks Trump every day Now Wow. This really wasn’t very good considering the source material you have access to. But great job on the scary music that doesn’t change at all throughout the entire thing.

Now D Now His own words. Hoisted by his own dotard.

Businesses can now mark themselves as 'temporarily closed' on GoogleThe number of closed businesses rises by the day during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now How responds to the CoronavirusOutbreak - they jump in bed with China. Never trust MSM. DirtyDemocrats IngrahamAngle Now Well, it happens buddy...no don’t cough to me! I’m out Now Horribly Now How about a show on how the FakeNews responded to the COVID19 with intentional misinformation spending weeks talking about the name over the concerns from realDonaldTrump cheering on the rate of cases and instilling paranoia to its audiences...

Now Summary: Now guy was shutting down travel from china while the dems were in a corner crying over impeachment. Now Here’s how he’s done it Now Trump will murder millions trying to save his billions. Now Reader’s Digest version- absolutely terrible! Now sure it will be in depth negative

More Than 3 Million in U.S. Filed for Unemployment Last Week: Live UpdatesBreaking News: More than 3 million U.S. workers filed unemployment claims last week, a record high, revealing the staggering extent of the coronavirus’s economic toll Thank you, Chinese Communist Party. 🤯 Trump likes to brag about numbers being the highest under his watch, here’s a new number 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment, highest ever. Trump will only play the blame game. Guessing he will start with China!! Put them to work making masks and PPE for our doctors and nurses. realDonaldTrump IngrahamAngle MASKSHORTAGE

Now It’s clear how he had responded. It just shows his lack of knowledge & empathy. Also shows he is racist! Now First president ever to close the borders and shut down the country and travel bans in the USA! All to save precious lives! I’d say he did the best he could given the situation and notice! Now Trump has the BIGGEST stock drop and the BIGGEST unemployment drop in history He will go down as the WORST president in history

Now Now This is Trump whining on Fox right now.

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A mayor ordered police to crack down on social gatherings. They found his wife at a bar

Los Angeles has notoriously polluted air. But right now it has some of the cleanest of any major city

Jack Dorsey sets aside $1 billion for charity. His initial focus: coronavirus relief efforts

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