Ohio State Covid, Penn St., Wisconsin, Big 10 Covid

Ohio State Covid, Penn St.

Big Ten Reverses Decision, Will Start 2020 Football Season In October

9/16/2020 5:50:00 PM

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Wednesday that all players who test positive would undergo comprehensive cardiac testing, including labs and biomarkers, ECG, Echocardiogram and a Cardiac MRI."The data we are going to collect from testing and the cardiac registry will provide major contributions for all 14 Big Ten institutions as they study COVID-19 and attempt to mitigate the spread of the disease among wider communities,"

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, Head Team Physician at The Ohio State University and co-chair of the Return to Competition Task Force medical subcommittee. Big Number:study releasedearlier this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that less than 7% of the revenue generated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association —more than $8 billion annually—finds its way to football and men's basketball players through scholarships and living stipends. 

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Good luck staying COVID19 free bigtenfootball. Way to put all your players and their lives at risk for your entertainment. No worries. I like it, I like it 😅 While I love college football, I care more for the young men who may experience contacting COVID and, though, feel better to play again in 21 days, don’t know the long term effect on their hearts and other medical problems. Thanks again Mr. President for not caring.

Disgusting how these athletes can get tested every day when average citizens can't! The greed is real.. I like the decision; but you would think the Big Ten would have been able to lead the way a little more than following what others are doing. Just a thought. Go Ohio State!

Big Ten Reverses Course and Will Bring Football Back in Late OctoberThe Big Ten on Wednesday restored its 2020 football season, a surprising reversal in its response to the novel coronavirus that reflects the extraordinary pressure to push forward with college sports. Wall Street Journal, please apologize to the Chinese people. Hell yes!! Fight back against these Marxists at every level of society! Even the Wall Street Journal is mad about the most common sense decision possible.

Big Ten changes course, aims for October start to footballThe move came amid sharp pressure from coaches, a lawsuit from players and pressure from parents and even President Donald Trump pushing for a Big Ten football season. Well that seems like a convicted decision HerdMentality BIG Ten stood to lose BIG Bucks.

Nebraska Prez Caught On Hot Mic Saying Big Ten FB Returning 👀Okay, EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM ... but U. of Nebraska president Ted Carter may have just spilled the beans on the return of Big Ten football season ... saying an announcement is coming Tuesday night!!! Bruh this blew up Nebraska is not very good at secrets. Also.

Bowing to pressure, Big Ten will begin eight-game football season in OctoberBowing to pressure from players, coaches and politicians, the Big Ten’s presidents decided to move forward with an eight-game football season beginning on Oct. 24. They bowed to parents and boosters. Bowing to greed. College football is BIG money for the BIG Ten. More people will die Worldwide from TB this year. The basic fact is that this Virus was never the threat to healthy people under 75, especially children and youth that we were told.

Big Ten changes course, aims for October start to footballLess than five weeks after pushing football and other fall sports to spring in the name of player safety during the pandemic, the conference changes course and says it plans to begin its season the weekend of Oct. 24. Sits back and watches as every player gets Covid and then they panic and start cancelling things. Because the leadership is a bunch of idiots. Who rushed to a decision when there was plenty of time to wait and evaluate. Absolutely not acceptable reason for the bigten to not fire KevinFWarren. Who do the parents/players sue if there is death or permanent injury from getting Covid?

President Trump takes credit for influencing Big Ten's decision to bring fall football backTrump has pushed for the Big Ten to play football for weeks as the conference's footprint contains many pivotal Electoral College states. Great, Trump can take credit when they have to stop due to Covid too. Of course he did. Trump often interferes with or promotes private business. (unlawfully against the Hatch Act).