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Big Ten Reverses Course and Will Bring Football Back in Late October

Breaking: The Big Ten will play football in 2020, a reversal that reflects pressure to push forward with college sports even as the pandemic persists

9/16/2020 4:46:00 PM

Breaking: The Big Ten will play football in 2020, a reversal that reflects pressure to push forward with college sports even as the pandemic persists

The Big Ten on Wednesday restored its 2020 football season, a surprising reversal in its response to the novel coronavirus that reflects the extraordinary pressure to push forward with college sports .

Sept. 16, 2020 9:40 am ETThe Big Ten on Wednesday restored its 2020 football season, a surprising reversal in its response to the novel coronavirus that reflects the extraordinary pressure to push forward with college sports even as the pandemic has rolled on and campuses have suffered major outbreaks.

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The season will start the weekend of Oct. 23 and 24, which would allow teams to play an abbreviated eight-game schedule and a conference title game, the conference announced. Athletes will have daily testing for the virus, using a method that allows...

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Music for this season! collegefootball cfb football no country cares less about lives and more about $$ than ths states and by $$ I mean sports Corona this week has slowed, cases are down as well as hospilazations. It’s all a joke Who cares. maybe, just maybe, it’s about the money they generate. So obviously all they care about is the money. I say F them all including a big FU to Covid Don. I will not be watching.

Ha! Another loss for the commies. BREAKING: White House scientists determine unpaid athletes immune to covid. If anyone gives me 3-1 odds I’d make a big bet they reverse again and don’t end up playing this year. LOTS of time between now and Oct 24 and cases are rising in several B10 states right now. Plus we will see impact from leagues already playing

Decision by Big Ten coaches and administrators to commit premeditated murder. Promoted by pressure from imbecile, sociopath, and psychopath Donald J. Trump. Myocarditis for everyone! Unbelievably stupid. COVID-19 has been linked to heart inflammation in college athletes. The Big-10 just cares about $$$$ -- kids' long-term health be damned. Utter fools.

A start date on Oct 24th really puts them at risk of not making the CFP. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if players like Fields opt out because why risk your career for a eight game season with such a high risk of not making the playoffs. DonaldDeath promoting a MONEY GRAB? Shocker. See: Hare PSYCHOPATHY Checklist, assign numbers to the checklist for this guy, and I bet you'll arrive at a score close to Ted Bundy: You'll make more money voting BLUE. RED = DEAD VoteBidenHarris2020

RIP kids. Sorry they care more about money than your lives. Schools have tens of thousands of students living with each other on campus but yeah 100 of those students playing football is more dangerous to you... Daily rapid tests for college football players, but not for teachers. This country values only $$$.

Once again, colleges show their business trumps public safety and the safety of their own students. How many more students need to get sickened, get myocarditis, or die before they reverse course again? It's the pandemic stupid. Sports aren't necessary. Manslaughter Money above all else. Political pressure from 1600 Penn Ave

So plan is to just let the virus roll over us all? This would work if they kept students on campus and didn't allow them to return home for the year. Quarantine them for 14-days before leaving. Given apparent long term effects of COVID, for how long will NCAA bigten provide full healthcare coverage for these athletes who are already working without pay?

Tack a few more months of throttled economic activity and 10,000 or so more deaths to your forecasts. apply to other activities as 'the pandemic persists', such as protests. What a completely obvious genuflection to Trump. And, let's see, who made this decision? I'd put good money that it was mostly rich, white men, not the players who will be put in danger.

Good. The power of money over life Do you agree with the Big Ten playing football this year? Follow me 📈 polls_unbiased 🏆 Please 💭 retweet and ♥️ like poll USA UnitedStates coronavirus CoronavirusOutbreak COVID19 football BigTen college CollegeFootball When other conferences are playing and generating revenue...

No, the pandemic isn’t “persisting”, it’s done. Deaths and hospitilization rates are no well below pandemic levels. Cases are just trying to push a narrative, that’s it. Zero hospitilizations. Anyone who thinks they shouldn’t be playing is either dumb or pushing a narrative. This is a cynical move just before the election to help Trump at the expense of team member, staff and fan health. The colleges should refuse to take part.

Even the Wall Street Journal is mad about the most common sense decision possible. Hell yes!! Fight back against these Marxists at every level of society! Wall Street Journal, please apologize to the Chinese people.

Big Ten changes course, aims for October start to footballThe move came amid sharp pressure from coaches, a lawsuit from players and pressure from parents and even President Donald Trump pushing for a Big Ten football season. Well that seems like a convicted decision HerdMentality BIG Ten stood to lose BIG Bucks.

Big Ten changes course, aims for October start to footballLess than five weeks after pushing football and other fall sports to spring in the name of player safety during the pandemic, the conference changes course and says it plans to begin its season the weekend of Oct. 24. Sits back and watches as every player gets Covid and then they panic and start cancelling things. Because the leadership is a bunch of idiots. Who rushed to a decision when there was plenty of time to wait and evaluate. Absolutely not acceptable reason for the bigten to not fire KevinFWarren. Who do the parents/players sue if there is death or permanent injury from getting Covid?

Nebraska Prez Caught On Hot Mic Saying Big Ten FB Returning 👀Okay, EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM ... but U. of Nebraska president Ted Carter may have just spilled the beans on the return of Big Ten football season ... saying an announcement is coming Tuesday night!!! Bruh this blew up Nebraska is not very good at secrets. Also.

Bowing to pressure, Big Ten will begin eight-game football season in OctoberBowing to pressure from players, coaches and politicians, the Big Ten ’s presidents decided to move forward with an eight-game football season beginning on Oct. 24. They bowed to parents and boosters. Bowing to greed. College football is BIG money for the BIG Ten. More people will die Worldwide from TB this year. The basic fact is that this Virus was never the threat to healthy people under 75, especially children and youth that we were told.

'Reckless and selfish': Nevada Gov. Sisolak slams Trump for holding big indoor rally, violating state rulesNevada Gov. Sisolak slams President Trump for holding a large, indoor rally and violating state rules amid the coronavirus pandemic. Correction: It was an INDOOR peaceful protest. See how that works? Two can play the same game. Trump2020 This is the same idiot governor who protects protesters and rioters He's the Goddamn Governor FFS, why didn't he shut this shit down? Or, at the very least, start arresting people?!?

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