World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Vaccine And World News

World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Vaccine And World News

Biden will order flags flying over federal property to half-staff to mark 500,000 US Covid-19 deaths

President Biden will order all flags over federal buildings to fly at half-staff for five days to commemorate 500,000 American deaths from Covid-19

2/22/2021 9:21:00 PM

President Biden will order all flags over federal buildings to fly at half-staff for five days to commemorate 500,000 American deaths from Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

5 hr 8 min agoVaccine rollout is linked to a "substantial" drop in risk of Covid-19 hospitalization in ScotlandFrom CNN’s Sarah Dean and Chloe AdamsA military doctor administers a Covid-19 vaccine to an Edinburgh resident on February 4. Andrew Milligan/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

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Covid-19 vaccination rollout has been linked to a substantial fall in the risk of admission to hospitals from the disease in Scotland, according to early data from a study on the effect of the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca shots in the community.Researchers compared hospital admissions among those who have had their first dose and those who have not.

By the fourth week after receiving the initial dose, the Pfizer vaccine reduced the risk of hospital admission from Covid-19 by up to 85%. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization by up to 94%.The preliminary study, which has not yet been peer reviewed, is the first to look at the two vaccines’ effect on preventing severe illness resulting in hospitalization across an entire country, with previous efficacy results coming from clinical trials.

The EAVE II project, carried out by researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Aberdeen, Glasgow and St Andrew’s and Public Health Scotland (PHS), analyzed a dataset covering almost the entire Scottish population of 5.4 million.Researchers analyzed data for every week between December 8 and February 15. During this period 1.14 million vaccines were administered (some 650,000 people got the Pfizer shot and some 490,000 had Oxford-AstraZeneca) with 21% of the Scottish population receiving a first dose, according to a University of Edinburgh press release.

Among those aged 80 years and over -- one of the highest risk groups -- vaccination was associated with an 81% reduction in hospitalization risk from Covid-19 in the fourth week, when the results for both vaccines were combined, according to the press release.

“These results are very encouraging and have given us great reasons to be optimistic for the future. We now have national evidence -- across an entire country -- that vaccination provides protection against Covid-19 hospitalizations,” lead researcher Aziz Sheikh, director of the University of Edinburgh’s Usher Institute, said in the release.

Roll-out of the first vaccine dose now needs to be accelerated globally to help overcome this terrible disease.”The researchers say the findings are applicable to other countries that are using the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines but caution that the data does not allow for comparisons between the two vaccines. “We haven't done a direct comparison between the two,” Sheikh said during a Monday news press conference.

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Dr. Jim McMenamin, national Covid-19 incident director for PHS, stressed that the results are from a single dose, rather than a complete course of the vaccine. He said the bottom line is the team are “very encouraged” by the national data that shows the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines “are providing substantial protection against the risk of hospital admissions.

“No matter which of the two vaccines that any of our population are receiving, on the basis of the information that we're presenting ... there's encouragement, about the effect of both vaccines,” he added. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

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Nice Mr Biden more than what your predecessor did . I think that the biggest tragedy facing all of us now is that we have a puppet president who could not have won but for COVID (quoting his internet guru). I will fly my flag at half mast for the next four years over that continuing national tragedy. I honestly do not believe for a moment that Biden knows an exact number. He let that number grow after he forgot to order more vaccine (which he blamed on Trump a month in to it being his gig), while slowly, but without reading, spending most of that time signing bizarre EO’s.

Bất kì ai. Nhưng thích ngoại quốc. That is a wonderful thing to lower the flags; show the loved and grieving ones that America does care. Finally feel like the country is safe once again. God Bless Our President . Joe Biden, Amen World economy growth promters deaths very sad...we are with you. That will be a great honour

It's a little bit late for that. Trump would have already had everyone vaccinated by now. But I forgot who I was responding to; the 'Dufus and Dumb Club' (Copywrited)! Nếu Anh có nhã ý xin hãy để lại tin nhắn cho em nha!❤️ Unlike Gov Ron DeSantis in Florida, who lowered flags for... wait for it....Rush Limbaugh.

That idiot is an actor, he keeps filling people with empty words and you'd expect him to accelarate vaccination process and have a lockdown IN EVERY STATE to minimize the casualties or atleast save small business because right now, K shaped recovery, very bad. but no he does this Can we do the same for flu, cancer, AIDS and other known bad shit also? You know...the stuff that’s been a round for a while?

oh well if that all it takes, may i suggest taking all american flags down forever in commemoration for all the people the usa has killed around the globe. So the deaths hidden by Cuomo were added to the totals? Are the flu deaths from 2020 also still in the counts? Người yêu tôi hứa ít thôi nhưng là phải làm được

Last week I read that only those who held a position in government and died are the ones that the flags get lowered for. Good. That supercedes all the jackasses wanting it to be lowered for Flushed Limbog. Impeach Biden Now Breaking news? Really? The Ethiopian government has lost over 2.9 billion birr due to infrastructure damage made by TPLF. GetEthiopianFactsRight TPLFisTheCause TigrayFacts DRC_ngo AgencyArra SOEFactCheck SecBlinken MuferihatK RedwanHussien Tesfahun_GK CNkwetaSalami AtlanticCouncil

Do something Joe. I thought you had a plan. You're killing Americans with your inaction. Too little to late!! He should've bn sincerely offered his condolences and any other helps financially and morally to all the bereaved families who have lost their loved ones due to coronavirse through the public media too!! 🌹🙏👍😷

Tìm người tâm sự buồn vui trong cuộc sống. Chỉ nói chuyện tâm sự nghiêm túc, không hơn! Florida already beat occupant biden to it. This is about Rush Limbaugh not the victims of the China virus. Great way to honor Rush Limbaugh. Is the pandemic over? Hambre y necesidad tiene la nacion América y los politicos barajan sus intereses personales atención hambre y necesidad

whom to blame, China or Trump? good to hear that Thankfulnto have a real president who cares Vui vẻ , dễ tính ,, chân thành ,, Let us never forget that China killed over 500,000 Americans without firing a single gunshot or tactile nuclear weapon.🇺🇸🙏❤ ngoại tình hay máy bay ở hanoi callVui lòng PM để trao đổi SDTbiết chi tiết

No one cares Thank you,for the respect they deserve.🏥 That's going to be hard to do in the majority of Florida since Gov DeSantis is honoring the former Bigot, Racist, Homophobic general slimeball Rush. That's the right reason. Not Rush Limbaugh What a load of shit. Vui vẻ, cá tính How does this help starving and jobleas Americans? No disrespect to the ones we lost but, c'mon man!

As compared to POS DeSantis in Florida lowering the flag for fellow bad man Rush Limbaugh. That is what a decent President does. You did it to yourselves. A completely dysfunctional society created to perpetually be at war whilst ensuring govt careers as others languish in crippling education/health/mortgage debt

Có hơi cứng đầu 1 chút nhưng nhạy cảm thì có phần hơi bị nhiều VUI TÍNH HÒA ĐỒNG KO CÓ GIẬN HỜN GHÉT GIẢ TẠO TỰ ĐẠI Blame that Democrat Governor Cuomo for many deaths in New York. 👏👏👏🇺🇸 Awe ain’t that special. He’s had well over 100,000 die under his watch. What’s he doing to stop that? Oh that’s right, wear a second mask....lmao

Now that is a reason to lower the flag. He should! He is responsible for 200k of them in less than 60 days! What a joke, 100,000 dead in Biden's first month including the vaccines and masks. I thought they work.? More lies THIS is the 'Proper' way to Honor People by Lowering the Flag to 1/2 Staff...Do you 'Understand?' Ron DeSantis?

MSNBC_rocks_ Now let's have 500 investigators working 5000+ hours to pin down knowing perpetrators of pandemicide. A real human president Thinknotfearnot Someone tell DeSantis the flags are being flown half mast for Limbaugh. Well that cancels out the half staff flags for Rush Limbaugh. Clever move! When u need to take people’s attention from your idiotic decisions, use people’s death.🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

We're getting closer to the amount of deaths the US had during WW2. What an unnecessary waste of human life. Do not cover CPAC Commemorate? Commemorate 500,000 dead people? How about “mourn” or “grieve for” or literally any other word? Uganda 🇺🇬is breeding WeAreremovingadictator Nguoi co kien thuc song hien lanh

America in general is circling the drain. Wake up people!!! you are being brainwashed! Is it really that difficult to practice common courtesy? Wear a mask already and stop infecting everyone around you. The President current or former is not at fault. You are! This ends the pandemic! It is nice to have an honorable man in the Whitehouse. Honor to those who are important.

i just really want to be able to tell ppl when something is wrong even after ive acted like im okay. im not okay, havent been for awhile and wont be for awhile That's really working it, Jarjar, so what will you do at 500,000? Name a covid holiday? Politicians will stop at nothing to get some favor. I bet half of the Veterans in our country, couldn't get a pat on the back for their sacrifices, much less the real healthcare they deserve.

100k deaths under Bend over Biden and The Ho administration!!! Of course the libiot media not talking about this!!! 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾💩💩💩💩 Republicans would rather honor rush the racist limbaugh. โควต้าข้าวที่สหรัฐอเมริกาไทยรัฐบาลเอาไปขายให้จีนดูเอาเองไทยขาดทุนการเพราะทำตัวเองเอาโควต้าข้าวที่อเมริกาให้ไทยขายให้ขีนทำให้ขายได้ในราคาถูกกว่าไทยเเข่กับส่งออกข้าวไปสหภาพยุฌรปปริมาณใครจัดสรรเงินกรมการค้าต่างประเทศออกมาเเล้วพระราชกิจจานุเบกษา22ก.พ2564เมื่อวาน

โควต้าข้าวที่สหรัฐอเมริกาไทยรัฐบาลเอาไปขายให้จีนดูเอาเองไทยขาดทุนการเพราะทำตัวเองเอาโควต้าข้าวที่อเมริกาให้ไทยขายให้ขีนทำให้ขายได้ในราคาถูกกว่าไทยเเข่กับส่งออกข้าวไปสหภาพยุฌรปปริมาณใครจัดสรรเงินกรมการค้าต่างประเทศออกมาเเล้วพระราชกิจจานุเบกษา22ก.พ2564เมื่อวาน 🙏🏻 โควต้าข้าวที่สหรัฐอเมริกาไทยรัฐบาลเอาไปขายให้จีนดูเอาเองไทยขาดทุนการเพราะทำตัวเองเอาโควต้าข้าวที่อเมริกาให้ไทยขายให้ขีนทำให้ขายได้ในราคาถูกกว่าไทยเเข่กับส่งออกข้าวไปสหภาพยุฌรปปริมาณใครจัดสรรเงินกรมการค้าต่างประเทศออกมาเเล้วพระราชกิจจานุเบกษา22ก.พ2564เมื่อวาน

Là một người dễ gần, hay cười, thẳng thắn, và thích kinh doanh. 😪😪😪 I would like to add my husband, Al, who died on October 6th, 2020 of the coronavirus, leaving behind me, his wife and our beloved 12 year old daughter CNN CNN Not to be confused with the death of Rush Limbaugh. Thank God for giving us a President and VP that are caring and are FOR THE PEOPLE.

Is this really? This is an actual reason to lower flags to half - staff Thank you potus Not ever for Rush Limblahblahblah And 0 days for Rush Hatredbaugh, thank goodness. A REAL PRESIDENT! Joe Biden Lol great job, Joe. That’s really helpful. can he do something that's not symbolic? Can ANYONE imagine trump doing anything remotely like this n honor of those who've died because of his callous denial of covid & his claim of its being a hoax. Trumpicans r another true pandemic we need to cure & eliminate PERMANENTLY...pretty damn quickly — especially b4 2024‼

CNN always reminding us were all fucked Bogus number, no where near that many. A drummed up political figure. RIP,John 3:16 Grandma Bad idea...those in low places will assume he’s secretly honoring Racist Rush. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 How many deaths under his watch now? Boy sleepy joe can’t fix it either Is this one of his magic solutions to fight COVID ?

Camille62897515 That's better than DeSantis' order in honor of Rush Limbaugh. For real. 500,000 million deaths due to COVID-19, sound like a good reason for lowering the flags to half mast. F Lyin Biden! McClain_on_NFL Jesus Christ 😂 this is such a reach Boy , that Joe Biden is such a leader. What would this country ever do without this man? Good lawwd..

How about we extend that another 15,000 more days to commemorate the loss every job he has taken away from the American people. 🤡🤡🤡 Looser Will that help? But 100k died under Biden's watch McClain_on_NFL Tình yêu là niềm khát khao được dâng hiến bản thân và cảm nhận niềm vui của người khác như của chính mình

So nice to actually have a president that gives a rat's ass about the American people Yes, they need to be acknowledged. Trump just ignored the deaths. There are also many people with long term health issues that are not included in those Covid death numbers And the governor of Florida lowered his flags to Rush Limbaugh. Lol

Better to fly at half mast for 500 k souls lost than as RonDeSantisFL flies his federal office flags cause one idiot did what a lot of us is gonna do, die. POTUS Meanwhile in Florida GovRonDeSantis is lowering them for a despicable racist, Rush Limbaugh 🤬🤬🤬 This is the trump administrations form for fighting climate change.

NOT Rush Limbaugh! Are they also doing those who are dying from the flu or cancer? Or did that all disappear? Half staff is really going to lose it's meaning Are the new covid deaths since Biden’s been in office his fault? Or is it still trumps fault The best part of this is now when I see the flag at half mast in Florida, I can simply assume it is in honor of 500k Covid deaths, rather than a celebration of Rush Limbaugh’s cauldron of mendacity.

Rump would have only lowered the flag to half mast- if the golf channel was canceled- I don’t want the flag lowered.. I want my 2000 he promised And the tRumpies & faux news will claim its really for Rush Wonder how the right will spin this as being for Limbaugh? 😂😂😂 To include the Chinese embassy ones as well?

Oh that’s what we’re doing instead of a shutdown We are roughly ~120,000 covid19-related fatalities away from Civil War numbers (which is the most deadly American war). GovRonDeSantis orders flags at half mask to honor a vile, hate filled White Supremacist 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Why not just do it with another EO? He seems to do that “best.”

Voters keep re-electing them in spite of their sedition, obstruction and lack of concern & even cruelty toward their non-rich constituents. Why would they worry? Cruz, McCarthy and Scalise are the worst. Sens. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney will oppose neeratanden to lead the White House Budget Office, dealing a decisive blow to her hopes of confirmation. Next ❗️

And he should ask all believers from Muslim and from Churches to pray and askAllah to mercy and bless those dies from coronavirus Where the fck are our $2000 checks? .POTUS JoeBiden how about stimulus checks to help everyone still struggling with the physical and economic obstacles left by COVID-19—including the medical and funeral costs of the aforementioned 500,000+ dead?

Symbolism over substance; the liberal mantra. How bout we hold someone accountable for these deaths Lower the flags for people dying from the virus errrrr flu, car wrecks,heart attacks etc? Come on. So are we going to lower flags every time a citizen dies? Hell just leave them down then. This is for show. It’s a complete disgrace

The other guy would have still been screaming Hoax! Inflated numbers! Going to upset RushLimbaugh fans 😂🙃🤪🤣🙃😂🤪🙃 How about we live normal life again instead of lowering flags. I bet if you ask those families they’d of rather spent the last thanksgiving and Christmas with the family member they lost. Most of you are scared selfish idiots. Wake up for Christ sake. You’re not a hero for hiding

Follow me as I follow back And DJT made 500000 deaths possible Half staff for Rush! Yeah! Please help us and not the flags we are struggling Dear conservatives, to be clear, this is not in honor of Rush Limbaugh. As long as the right-wing media dilholes don't start crowing that the flags are lowered for the (fortunately) late rush limbaugh.

I don’t care about his compassion. This is all a shit show. All the soft fearful losers fawning over the fake appearance of care by this man ignore the fact that he’s literally fumbling all over himself at every turn. It’s disgusting how stupid this country is. Can he pay us while he’s at it? April 2020: Killer Donald Trump predicts “we’ll be at about 60,000” deaths. February 2021: We reach 500,000 deaths and counting. TrumpVirus

Not for Rush? Geez, take a clue from DeSantis. That guy knows what's up. -----insert sarcasm here. Somber. When this pandemic began, estimates that America could see up to 300k Covid deaths were dismissed as alarmist. Now it's nearly double that high estimate. Why can't ppl stop politicking at every turn and just be compassionate

💯 🇺🇲 100,000 of those deaths are under the new guys presidency. And that's in only 1 month! Let that sink in CNN app is still letting scam advertisers pay for adverts on their platform thereby being complicit it their fraudulent activity. They have been told countless times so are now legally responsible for any losses.

Appreciate that we now have a real leader who is not making excuses. Since you won't mention this. Let me !!! Nice KathyReports laselljournalism So much lifes Are when does the number of deaths that were actually caused by COVID-19 get reported versus this inflated number of deaths from other reasons with people that just happened to test positive for COVID-19?

Ours have been flying ... they Will continue to fly Obfuscating a Ron DeSantis order to fly the flag at half-staff to honor Rush Limbaugh. You love to see it. But..but....Rush Limbaugh.... So let's celebrate it. I can understand the flags being lowered but candle light vigil when we are not supposed to gather still? Just sad. Cant go to family/friends funerals but yet everyone still does other unnecessary things. Just saying. Bit hypocritical don't you think?

Chinese virus is responsible for this all😬🙄 Maybe he should finish getting the stimulus checks out It’s almost March... Hahaha, now all those alt right bitches flying their flags at half staff for that bigot Limbaugh will have to raise their flags! 🇺🇸😂 Is opening borders during a pandemic similar to putting COVID patients into nursing homes?

If he really cared he would fly at half mast for 500,000 days. The death rate in the USA year over year is bang on normal, these numbers are BS, fear mongering! This is useless. . send out those checks!! Much respect to Brianna Keilar for a poignant, moving speech on US covid deaths. A very sincere and human presenter.