Biden Administration Rolls Back Trump-Era Citizenship Civics Test - Cnnpolitics

Biden Administration Rolls Back Trump-Era Citizenship Civics Test - Cnnpolitics

Biden administration rolls back Trump-era citizenship civics test

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2/22/2021 10:23:00 PM

The Biden administration will go back to an earlier version of the naturalization civics test, dropping the one the Trump administration implemented in December

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US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which administers the test, announced it will go back to using a 2008 version. The agency had received thousands of comments on the Trump administration's exam, as well as President Joe Biden's executive order on restoring faith in the legal immigration system. In December, the Trump administration implemented its revised civics test, which made changes to test content, increased the number of questions for applicants to study, and updated the number of questions applicants had to answer correctly.At the time, immigration experts warned it could slow down the process and discourage people from seeking citizenship and legal immigration benefits.The Trump-era test may"inadvertently" create potential barriers to the naturalization process, the Biden administration determined.Read MoreUSCIS declined to elaborate on why the administration believes the 2020 test needs to be tossed out. News that the Biden administration was planning to ditch the Trump-era exam was first reported by BuzzFeed News. Over the course of his presidency, Donald Trump tried to curtail legal immigration and doubled down on citizenship, teasing an end to birthright citizenship and attempting to include a citizenship question on the census.Biden's First 100 Days

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Democrats push Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID bill through Senate on party-line vote

The U.S. Senate on Saturday passed President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan in a party-line vote after an all-night session that was delayed repeatedly as the Republican minority tried but failed to push through around three dozen amendments.

can biden pass it Trump did in 4 yrs to screwed up america Creating unsafe and destructive situations in america= Joe Biden, the democrats, and the mainstream media. Everything Trump did was based on old White men Jim Crow hatred for anyone that wasn't white, and everything he did needs to be dismantled. Old things are past away and all things become new for all people!!!

Speaking of test all politicians should undergo 1 IQ test 2 Psychological test3 Physical Health test.4 Loyalty to our country and constitution above party affiliation. These test will at least prevent mentally disturbed and morons to be a candidate for public positions. That is very good Bringing peace in the ME must be Biden's policy. There should be 'No Hero No Zero' approach for reconciliation.

Biden deserves a Metal for wiping up all the Orange Colored Dog shit that Trump smeared all over the Whitehouse Walls and then the Country we so dearly Love.. Well let's see how it goes, the shall tell I believe people should be required to be able to speak English to be granted citizenship. Also they need to be able to provide for themselves financially. These are things we would have to do migrating to Canada or Europe as well

You mean the one Trump and his own admin couldn’t pass? Does this one have 1 question? Are you breathing? Look at all the jealous people. Trump lives in your head. Biden might as well have handed out $1,400 checks to all the immigrants at the border Biden cares more about illegal immigrants than his own citizens

100,000 deaths in Biden's first month Because he wanted to drop Trump's Successful covid personal. What a joke Wonder what questions were added by the orange one? Immigrants likely know more about how America works than the average American No fucking comment, except can’t wait to see comments in 2/3 years. Gas will be over $4, Dependent on foreign oil, Million + illegals invited annually, kiosks and self checkout, unemployment sky high, stripping our military, defunding cops, and making deals with biggest terrorist

Are the questions also available in Spanish? Hang on to it to give to presidential candidates. Lesson one: What is an amendment? Awesome! Undoing everything Trump did is the only thing Biden can almost do on his own. Pretty soon he will have to show something he did on his own without Negative Nancy and Chucky pulling on his strings.

The exam was hard on the would be citizen, whereas the majority of citizens couldn’t pass! It’s the right decision to do! 👍 Sure....why expect a citizen to know anything about the country in which they live. We don't expect of high schoolers so we certainly can't expect it of immigrants. The continued dumbing down of America....well done!

Smart, considering on the Trump test it asks how to create shell corp charities to funnel donated money to your family. Most Americans don’t even know how to do that. Not that it’s legal in the first place. And how about the question on who sold the best steaks? Crazy Besides, Trump couldn't pass his own test...

Well yeah. He’s set on back tracking everything that created the greatest economy this country has every seen. 川普政策就是特离谱政策,他被历史唾弃,永世不得翻身。 Imagine those test questions...Who is the greatest President of all time? Who is allowed to live in the suburbs? What is the acceptable water pressure level for showers? Who is constantly subjected to witch hunts?

Now the Biden test will be whether you know how to rape. Only thing controversial is joeys hate for this countries people Astrologist & Psychic, Marilyn kerro nägemus has warned JoeBiden to have his heart regularly assessed and to protect POTUS from Trump supporters... Of course he is PLEASE HEAR OUR VOICE ...we greencard lottery winners DV2017 DV2018 DV2019 DV2020 DV2021 were affected by travel ban for lottery, and it destroyed our dreams and future plans,make our dreams come true. PP10014 SaveDiversityVisa POTUS VP Whitehouse MHackman

How can i come there? I wish it was required for anyone that wants to run for the Senate, House and especially for President had to first pass this test with 80% answers correct. ProudBoys get trampled on again! Clearly we need this in whatever school laurenboebert went to. Lady doesn't even know the document she's supposed to serve by. You know the one, the amendable one. With amendments. That were amended. As in rewritten. Changed, if you will. Repeatedly.

Good. I'm sure Trump couldn't have passed either one. What, no more walking backwards on your hands while juggling a machete, chainsaw and a spork with your feet and reciting “mein kampf” in a falsetto? Stephen Miller won’t be pleased. Progressively regressive? Please, only send us your dumbest people! Good

Maybe the test should reflect the average score Americans would make. It would an easy test. Mean I can be ?! 🤔 No you can’t!🤨 But he said 😉 Ok you can 😏😎👍 But! 😳 Dreams be true ✋😎🤞😇 I'm betting Tommy Tuberville would fail both versions. Trump today; 'man...woman...uh? monkey, tv....and Kentucky Fried Chicken, there l got sll 6 words'

Bwahahaha. Hilarious!! Fantastic news Reversing all the ridiculous things! Way to go, Biden👏 I support the Biden Administration getting rid of any and all of 'the other guy's' policies. They were un-American. Biden wants it easy for people to come here cause he thinks people will vote for Dems. That’s all it is. He thinks American leadership is being soft and hugging everyone

Make it easier to become a US citizen to get their votes. Sad enchiladabhabie TrumpTaxReturns Will members of the House like Boebert have to pass it to stay in Congress? ;) Terrible president. I bet tommy tuberville couldn’t pass it😂😂 of course