Biden: Wearing a mask is 'a scientific imperative' to stop coronavirus

Joe Biden said he would promote a nationwide mask wearing mandate if he is elected, and called mask-wearing 'a scientific imperative' to combat the spread of coronavirus.

10/25/2020 8:05:00 PM

Joe Biden: “I’ll go to every governor and urge them to mandate mask wearing in their state. If they refuse, I’ll go to the mayors and county executives and get local masking requirements in place, nationwide.”

Joe Biden said he would promote a nationwide mask wearing mandate if he is elected, and called mask-wearing 'a scientific imperative' to combat the spread of coronavirus.

01:19Share this -copiedJoe Biden said he would promote a nationwide mask wearing mandate if he is elected, and called mask-wearing "a scientific imperative" to combat the spread of coronavirus. Read more: MSNBC »

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Yes mr VP SCIENCE is way to mitigate this virus do it!! BidenHarris2020 Thanks to Trump and every Republican Gov. this virus isn't going anywhere. What in the hell is so scary about wearing a mask? Hint: it's the local governments/sherrifs who decided not to follow governor's orders. JoeBiden will not be able to execute on this because THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Leadership! FakeNewsMedia Make Americans wear burqa again? Here’s what’s funny. They want to penalize people for not wearing a mask that CDC reported that 71% of those infected wore masks yet it’s not a crime when someone transmits HIV to an uninformed sexual parter. 🤦‍♂️ DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Media is blocking Biden Chinese & more corruption uncovered by NY POST. China is our biggest threat, Joe is compromised. CHECK IT OUT before you vote. Dems will pack SCOTUS to change it from SEPARATE BUT EQUAL to a political tool for the party in power. VOTE AFTER CHECKING. We need you JoeBiden This is not a mandate sleeping Joe Biden. More lies and deception from the Democrats.

You go Guy!!. We 3 U!! JoeBiden You'll have to declare a national state of emergency & when the Domestic terrorists with guns fill the streets, call out the National Guard to arrest them. House them in a stadium & don't let them out either until the covid has its way with them or they beg for masks. If racist dog whistles are meant to be heard only by racist then it's quite interesting how progressives seem to be the only people who can hear them.

Dictator Biden! nice thought but some states have statutes preventing local municipalities from overriding state directives This guy is still working from his basement. Unreal! He needs to come out and face the music. Go fuck yourself on that one Joey [coughBScough]. You won’t say crap to your Democratic buddies.

That’s authoritarian of him. Did he announce this from his basement? In another week or so ChinaJoe can hang in his basement for eternity. Hi ! The whole country Mr Trump now . Are you logical to promote this Crazy non-sense action .i Is Thia a courage , knowledgeable leader ? These Democrats are insane

Dems and media are intentionally ruining the economy and society for political gains. Covid is safer than driving a car and your immune after getting it. Out last night - everyone is wearing masks here in Phx. I think you’re way late there little Joe - Old and confused

Questions Joe Biden hasn't yet answered about Hunter Biden controversyWith less than two weeks remaining until Election Day, several questions remain about Joe Biden's alleged involvement in his son's overseas business dealings. Oh, you mean the entirely made up Hunter Biden controversy? That one? I'll correct your headlne: Questions Donald Trump hasn't yet answered about Russian Bounties on our Armed Forces Nonsense. Move on.

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Joe Biden lays out a detailed plan to fight coronavirus as new infections soarBiden's plan would effectively nationalize mask wearing, Covid-19 testing, PPE procurement, reopening guidelines and vaccine distribution. It’s called plagiarizing Trump It’s called plexiglass & he’ll own a company who makes plexiglass. No one should trust sleepy Joe

Joe Biden has led Donald Trump in every national poll this monthWith less than two weeks until Election Day, President Donald Trump's prospects of victory appear to be fading. Just like when Hillary won all the polls? 🤡 Not for long! ⏳

Fact Check: Joe Biden wants to eliminate new fracking permits, not all frackingA claim that former Vice President Joe Biden wants to ban fracking is not entirely true. He has publicly stated that he's opposed to a fracking ban. Why don't you just come out for JOe and run a headline everyday until the election telling the world Trump is Hitler. Stop being coy. He said it would be phased OUT. That means no more fracking down the road. You know. Like they did to coal and killed thousands of jobs. Said it repeatedly

Jennifer Aniston endorses Joe Biden, says it's 'not funny to vote for Kanye'Jennifer Aniston said she voted early for Joe Biden and his vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, because 'this country is more divided than ever.' If you love your country vote him out!! ANTHEM FOR THE STREETS! EASY TO SING TOO! Shout it loud, and sing it proudly for democracy. Share, repost, retweet, etc. Well,Trump’s followers believe otherwise. Blame the MSM, not Trump lady.