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Student Loans, Student Loan Forgiveness

Biden Has Now Cancelled $3 Billion Of Student Loans

What this means for your student loans.

6/17/2021 2:18:00 AM

Biden has now cancelled $3 billion of student loans :

What this means for your student loans .

. While they recognize Biden cancelled student loans in specific circumstances, they want student loan forgiveness for all or nearly all $1.7 trillion of student loan debt. Some supporters would be happy with $10,000 of student loan cancellation, while other supporters demand $50,000 of student loan cancellation. While $3 billion is a large headline number, some supporters note that it’s approximately 0.1% of the $1.7 trillion of student loan debt outstanding.

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Student loan cancellation: opponentsOpponents of student loan cancellation also have mixed feelings. For example, some opponents of wide-scale student loan cancellation support targeted student loan forgiveness. Why? They understand that student loan borrowers who are permanently disabled or who were victims of fraud should have their student loans forgiven. At the same time, there are opponents of student loan cancellation who don’t want the federal government paying for student loans. These opponents believe that student loan repayment is an individual’s responsibility, not the federal government’s. They view

from the government to student loan borrowers.Student loan cancellation: next stepsThere will be more student loan cancellation Read more: Forbes »

I can't believe you even posted this article . You have literally no clue about student loans, do you? Let me count the ways: Tpd qualifying borrowers get it anyway, if you qualify for defense to repayment you get it anyway. And the list goes on but, Tweets 🤷‍♂️ Not mine tf O no y yb Is he following or is he from same thought-process or naa nevermind. If that’s the way it will be - Soon two countries will look the same as the policies and thinking already seems similar. Feeling pity for both of them 😏

for who? pretty sure it as the icdc college debt that betsy was supposed to have canceled and didn’t…. Lol that does nothing That better be 3 billion per person. Im okay with canceling college debt if universities do it, or extremely wealthy. Poor/middle clss shoulfnt get a bunch of rich kids who chose to go to college out of debt. Dont make us pay for their choices.

so 0.0001% of all student debt? an amount that will be added back to the debt by pure interest in less than six months? Fuck you Forbes, report with context

Biden-Putin summit live updates: 'I did what I came to do,' Biden saysAsked whether he could trust Vladimir Putin, Pres. Biden says, 'This is not about trust—this is about self-interest and verification.'

this is fucking comical So he doing this every month til he out of office? No matter what President Biden does .....he is attacked. How about sending him ideas that he could consider sans nasty attacks, accusations, etc. Where’s my 3 billion its a drop in the bucket...doesn't change a thing When I lend my kids money and don't demand they repay it, they money is already gone I'm just giving up on getting it back

Congratulate them 🎉 Only $1.65 trillion to go.

Biden-Putin summit live updates: 'I'm always ready,' Biden saysThe White House has called on experts to help Pres. Biden prep for his meeting with Putin—including Fiona Hill, a top Russia expert and former Trump administration official. Read more: OH GOD...Here they go again calling in those frickin SO-CALLED”EXPERTS..!! 🎯 I want to buy insurance for Biden, can the beneficiary is me?

Thank thank u mr biden.. 100 years ago, nobody went to college, 100 years from now, nobody will go to college. Loan forgiveness should be taxed as a capital gain to all college employees. That's what it is, a giveaway. I'd be happy to deliver that tax bill to teach nothing, know nothing professors. What's that as a percentage

What? Jeff bezos’ student loans? 🥴 Everyone out here looking for the mfs who got the 3 billion So like 5 people's loans, or 5 cents of everyone's loans? cool, only… *checks notes* well over a trillion dollars left to go! Cancel it all you neocon Minuscule

As Biden-Putin meet looms, Geneva to host U.S., Russian summit for third timeWith the current relationship between the superpowers at its lowest, this meeting will be a crucial step in moving forward. THE DIFFERENCE.. It’s not at its lowest. That’s stupid. Who cares. Russia isn’t worth the attention we give them.

In other news, a gnat just farted in the wind. POTUS you forgot me on this one 😅😇 I don't know what the big deal about student loan is. You take money, you pay it back. If you don't pay it back and you get in debt it's your fault not the government's I really don’t understand cancelation of student loans? I get it would help people but they borrowed money they are expected to play it back. Really curious about this whole thing.

.1% LOL I volunteer as tribute Damn hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha it’s a shut up money. He said “here just shut up” A person who tips $2 on a $20 meal would be doing their server a bigger favor than Biden's doing for people with student debt. Why are we still giving out federal student loans? It makes no sense to pay some off and keep loaning out money.

As Biden and Putin met, press chaos reignedReporters covering the event as part of the small group called the press pool described a shoving match that broke out moments after Biden and Putin went inside the historic villa for their meeting. whyfund Who is the black woman in red who is asking those questions?

Please cancel my student debt so Sallie Mae will quit calling me to inform me that my payments are past due.🙏🏻 That’s nothing, especially compared to how much there actually is Lmao Not mine 😒 So what, that's like 4 people? Gfy tallHeather Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Sad.

Biden, Putin Ready For Long-Anticipated Face-To-Face SummitBiden has said it would be an important step if the U.S. and Russia were able to ultimately find “stability and predictability” in their relationship. When you called the other “killer”, that is very “unpredictable”. Somebody set up the checkers board.

all these lazy grifter unemployed students getting a free pass instead of working hard cant they just do what i did with my student loans, the honest way: force your asian parents to pay the bulk of them Hate him It's a start Gee thanks. yo joe me next pls logs in: see i still owe tens of thousands of dollars for graduate school. 🤷‍♂️

maybe don’t be dumb and get scholarships so you don’t have to loan money to get into college 😩

Biden nominates 9 to high-profile ambassador postingsGENEVA (AP) — President Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled picks for several high-profile ambassadorial postings, tapping career diplomats steeped in foreign policy experience — as well as political allies and aviation hero ”Sully” Sullenberger. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Alex_jnns01 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success 140 million dark money hard at work Good! Those who stood up for what was right and for democracy itself should be rewarded with opportunity to represent the good ole USA under POTUS leadership

3 Billion of ITT Tech debt* MORE And the remaining 1+ trillion? Cool that's like nothing! Consent manufacturing machine go brrrr He could just cancel it all lol BareMinimumBiden That's nothing

0.17% Eat a dick Most of the debt he 'cancelled' was from borrowers who were defrauded by for-profit schools, who were SUPPOSED to have their loans forgiven years ago! Biden has done jack shit 🤦🏻 what a misleading headline Where the fuck is my money joe elementary school kids are specifically tested for placement in college then charged 100k to go to college and given lifelong, crippling debt as a reward for college try to tell me that's not extortion that's happening to kids.

Joe Biden: Doing less than the bare minimum for America every so often! 🇺🇸 Less than 1% Instead of just cancelling it all with the stroke of a pen. He's awful and is trolling us at this point I have donated $5 to charity I thought he was “too busy” for this? so he can do it but wont

For those who don't know, there is 1.6 Trillion, or 1600 Billions in student loans in total. So like less than 1% Hooray 🥳🎉 Can someone tell me why FFELP loans are forgiven and not direct? Sounds very fishy. FFELP seem to be the rich class that have private funders…? Why are they being supported more?

y’all ungrateful and it shows For who, the rice Now do the other 99.83 percent Sir I hope you don't screw America more. A wise man once said 'show me your friends I will tell you your future' And you got some bad friends Mr President. Mine are still here let’s get this thing rolling POTUS This title is misleading. The only loans that have been cancelled are for ppl who borrowed money to attend schools and we’re defrauded. Like ITTTech and the like.

Alyssa_Milano Really my kid’s student debt didn’t get cancelled. Y’all bitch even when you get something. It’s not enough 🤧. Half was for people with TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABILITY - we really made those people pay in the first place? What about the people working, going to a cheaper college, and working for scholarships? They coulda gone to a D1 school working part time or not at all, and Biden would bail them out. School should be cheaper, but dont sign a contract if you wont hold true to it.

Whose student loans got cancelled? Still got mine :( RIP USD Fake news Well that should cover about 5 students Cancelling student loan? Start focusing on cancelling overpayments and reduce government barriers. Get rid of welfare frauds as a whole. It would save us trillions over a 10 year time span. Please Biden this needs to happen. Our welfare system is broken and too costly.

He canceled it for people who already had some form of hardship. Nesara/Gesara is working,more GOOD news… Yay for socialism! Pathetic Can we talk about the picture though one trillion six hundred ninety-seven billion dollars left lessgooo🤩🤩 Where bitch, my shit still looking steep 👀 Look at how much he’s aged since January 🥴 lmao!

Whoo boy, we're on a roll. Biden in a big rush to do not much for those in need. Meanwhile the wealthiest man on the planet gets a $10 billion bailout. Why did I vote Democrat again? CancelItAll

Out of 1.5 trillion that’s like one percent of student loan being cancelled though... How about private loans 😭 glad it helped those two people Cap No wonder the countries going to hell in a handbasket with policies like this so will mine go down $2 ? total discrimination to people choice not go to school.. and for parents like me paying my kid tuition

Dafuq Make these thots pay their bills, not excuse them

I’m sure that’ll work out great for the economy 0.17% if the 1.7 trillion total student loans, what an achievement From the article: 'While $3 billion is a large headline number, some supporters note that it’s approximately 0.1% of the $1.7 trillion of student loan debt outstanding.' great news for those 12 students

Everyone who’s against this is psychotic. With what money? How much debt is America in? 😬🤦‍♀️ Yo fuck this propaganda Where? My balances aint went down?! Cancel culture for the people! Hva skal keg gjøre med det? Retweete det elle

usedgov johnkingated Navient JoeBiden wrtv 9NEWS WUStopFraud ITTTech KSL5TVI MichaelPetrilli I don't think anyone who attended ITT should have to prove anything vs ITT - isn't the case big enough these days vs ITT to know all students got defrauded from ITTTech mcannxo POTUS cancel equivalent military aid to the apartheid!

sammiethefoodie How does money get canceled? What a joke, does nothing for students who went to 2 or 4 year schools Alyssa_Milano Can he cancel mine as well? That leaves the rest of us (approx 97%) left 😴 They don't want kids to learn the 'new math' or critical thinking skills so they are unable to fully understand this is less than a DRIP in the bucket compared to the TRILLIONS of dollars of outstanding student loan debt. Big numbers = good Less that 1% of debt = not great optics

Covid Trillion dollar bailouts for cooperations and no one bats an eye, but cancelling student debt is somehow impossible 🤦🏽‍♂️ Socialism for the rich rugged capitalism for the poor.

Alyssa_Milano Get ready to print more money here comes the recession to pay all liberals! Were these the loans gobbled up by the for-profit university that defrauded students? Those don't count. Back of envelope calculations says this equals jack shit %. What's your real offer? BIDEN CANCELS LOANS FOR DEFRAUDED STUDENTS wow that headline is a lot more accurate of the entire situation.

is it just me or does this look like a Biden lookalike they hired while the real one tries to remember if he exists Waiting for my receipt Hey, 'Big Guy', I need my auto loan erased. if thats spread evenly, I would get like $68 to cover my remaining loans of over $40K. ~Thanks, this will help a lot.~ How do you 'cancel' student loans? Build into a bill or print more money? Id go with the later option what a fyckin joke Good for the people that got bailed out but little do they know destabilizing the government to save 10 million of 330 million will ruin everything for everyon

And y'all still bitching, go sell some drugs and do something with your life already When do those of us who paid get back our money? LiberalLogic Alyssa_Milano Not enough Alyssa_Milano POTUS VP WhiteHouse PressSec SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer Thank you Mr. President Sir!👍👏🙏🏛️🇺🇸😃👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 kimianacongo AlwaysPash

3,000,000,000/1,590,000,000,000 I am proportionally impressed with this, based on how much of a percent 3 billion is to the student debt total. So, y’know, like 0.7% impressed or so Now do the other 99.8 percent of them Biden has razor thin majority. Many of his Democrat folks, are on payroll of Republicans. It is a crazy situation in USA.

3 billion is 0.18% of the total 1.7 TRILLION dollars of outstanding student debt in America. This isn't NEARLY good enough.

Florida_Man_ You one of the 10. ? Don’t we owe trillions in student loans? 😂 we’re relying on the government to save us. All while they KEEP MAKING THE LOANS. 🤡🤡🤡 Remember kids that student loans are the only non-bankruptable debt so don’t be stupid with them (or don’t get them at all) 🤷🏽‍♂️ Diane_Renee21 FlyEagles81

That’s a weird way to spell “considerably less than all.” I pay mine twice a month... And I see this.. Biden granted student loan relief for 1.1 million student loan borrowers who defaulted on their FFELP Loans (defaulted.. key word here) So what about the other 99.83% of it? Less than a percent... For perspective that's 3 out of 1,700 Billion.

Me next Wya

Great I love paying more taxes Bet he will give it as military aid for an apartheid, genocide state in the Middle East, its name starts with an I One half of 1% - don't ever say the DNC is generous. Wait, isn't that something like 0.17% of them? Let me guess, the richest people had their loans cancelled first, right?

Let’s make us and our children pay for other peoples bad financial mistakes🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ makes sense 钱谁出? A pittance. Equivalent to giving 1 person a cookie. 🙄 Wait till JoeBiden gets the 87,000 new IRS agents he’s been asking for. He’ll claw this money back in no time - from the rest of us. American economics 101 - there’s no thing as a free lunch boys and girls.

This is such a poorly written article lmao Golly. How about the other 99%? 0.17%.... not something to really celebrate Biden just stole $3 billion from US tax payers to pay for this! NOTHING IS FREE Probably not even worth mentioning to the general public because they red taped the ish outta it. Forbes is State propaganda.

When u have a good government all you do is praise God and bless their families 👪🙏 now what’s that gonna do Stop acting like this man did something. If he doesn’t address federal student loans (and more than a measles 10k) he will not get re elected. Do we really want 12-20 more years of Trump like politicians? But hey, I paid off all my loans, so it’s unfair.

What the hell man it's so much student debt out here we can do more but right quick how do I know if my loan was in this 3 billion 👀👀

Keep going. K-12 education is mandatory for our children, by law. Secondary education is a choice made by adults. HOW can anyone in good conscience spend $3 BILLION on adults who made their choices (including myself), OVER the children of this country who literally ARE our future?! If it’s so hard to cancel student loans, can we PLEASE at least get interest rates down. I’ve paid equivalent to a down payment on a house, but w the high interest rates on federal loans, the principal hasn’t gone down an inch in 8 years...despite doubling my payments p month!

For who…? Let me go check real quick So do I get reimbursed for paying off my student loans? Why should any be cancelled? I had to pay all of mine back. Is that fair? Less than one fifth of one percent of student loans Lol! For what? Give to israel for them to kill children? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

stlouisishome Reading some of these comments is annoying. Nothing is ever good enough, is it?

No he hasnt Ok that’s nice where’s the link to apply And $38 bln in weapons to Israel... Why not just get rid of the whole concept of student debt. A pathetically low amount. Cool cancel mine. students were coerced at ages 14,15,16,17,18 and beyond to believe that we must go to college and student loans were an investment. but that is not the case. for MANY people an average college education has meant lifelong debt and permanent poverty. CANCEL ALL STUDENT DEBT.

Thank you. I don't want to spend years in court and litigation to get my student loans cancelled. I want to get a graduate degree in environmental science and I want to keep working on my own business. I want to have kids. we seriously can't pay this student debt. we just cant. So happy for those 10 people

Stop the Cap

how do i get in on this ? For a nation bragging about 400 doses of vaccine donation to a country with over 1mm population, I'm not impressed. Can he cancel mine next? Oh really! God forbid he's starting to do something good and everyone keeps saying it's not enough. Clearly. Do you guys realize how big this is? He can't just waltz up say to people whatever, every 0,001 percent is a fight

3.8 Billion aid to Israel to kill palestinians and 3 billion aid to students cancelled. Great choice od a president. Now do the other 1.54 trillion dollars. Does SenSchumer and SenWarren know? Don’t see mine affected… we have any proof of this? Probably another lie to make that bum look good Performative

Congrats to those 3 white kids Why not make a legal cap for student loans, and use reality when doing so. For instance, what is your future occupation: phd? You'll make this much money 'if' you get hired. Interest rate is 3% due in 20 years. Like a mortgage. Just a thotttt... Damn, that’s almost 0.2% when he has the power to excuse 100% with the stroke of a pen. Great job, Joe.

That's a pic of Biden tho? Or am I looking at it too long to figure out if it's him That's $67.11 for every person that has student loans. So nothing really. This is like 11 students worth of tuition. But it’s a start The Department of Defense spends that in 36 hours. Bitch to whoooo? okay but.... did he cancel mine? 👀 how will I know?

For his son.... Hunter....

Read the article The Biden administration says the previous formula to cancel student loans in cases of fraud or school closure that was used in the Trump administration — which often created partial student loan forgiveness — was unfair to student loan borrowers. That's one lucky graduate! …yay? How come I couldn’t be part of that 3 billion

Not enough. Keep going He’s smiling cause he knows that ain’t shit And we will be choosing those lucky 100 hunger games style Deja las fekas ! Oh gee whiz, not a cent of it will benefit me. What a surprise.

And guess who is paying for all of this… Oh damn that sounds like a lot! How much student debt does he have left to go? So who paid the bill? You & I Biden thinks it’s 1998 . He ain’t cancelled shit . Let the man live in peace and stop throwing him out there Worthless. CancelAllStudentDebt Joe Biden once again throwing out the smallest bones he can find. Now be grateful, peasants!

Incredibly happy for those who benefit. POTUS has nearly solved 0.2% of the CancelStudentDebt problem. That's less than one half one percent. No such thing as canceling loans, rather just put it on the back of taxpayers to pay for little Tommy's pick-a-joke major. Should be asking the colleges and universities about their cost a day have them pay for it.

Now cancel mine

Lmao they gave Bezos $10 billion Is my portion part of this $3billion? JoeBiden This president is the balm we needed for decades hey jack, that man is not joe biden those kids chose to go to college & accumulate debt all while knowing it needed to be paid back. If you're going to cancel anything cancel the taxes i pay every week when i get my pay check

Where's my letter from my student loan servicer? Headline is misleading as hell. The admin forgave the loans of students who were defrauded by ITT. This isn't 'cancelling loans' the way the headline frames it; it's the result of a massive fraud case. It’s a start at least..? Ffs🙃 1,710,000,000,000 vs $3,000,000,000.

$1.8 trillion in student debt, so this is about .1% cancelled seems like a big number until you realize that equals $69.93 per US citizen that still has student Debt [42.9 million] That's not even a single payment for most of us. BRUH FUCK This is great news for those Americans who struggled to pay tuition but knew they needed an education to improve their situation while making a contribution to the national good. Thank you JoeBiden

So what's his excuse for not cancelling the rest now? It's truly amazing how few read or appreciate. Biden has cancelled student loan debt for 130 thousand American College goers including 40k disabled. All I see is bit*h bi*ch and bit*h. Without any understanding that no President EVER haS done this. lol

weird because I’m still paying mine So basically. I need to default on my loans, and then ill be good? Biden has now thrown pennies at a catastrophicly massive problem Good for you Joe, only... *gets out a calculator* ... $1,567,000,000,000.00 (approx) left to go then! :D Wait... Thats not good. :| Thats not good at all. :(

Not even a drop in the bucket Great keep going 3 billion out of how much? MORE IMPORTANT JustinTrudeau Lmaooooo do me next pls Can’t relate homie How do i apply shiettt OUT OF HOW MUCH?!?

Where’s mine Joseph ? POTUS I want my money I've paid already back Bitch where What happened to healthcare plan? And new jobs? I can assume they’re canceled as well? Lmao thanks king! Next time don’t trouble yourself. Cause that ain’t shit. cancelALLstudentdebt .17% of all student loans ImpeachBidenNOW so...he's done nothing at all and is championing this obvious token gesture

Joe you forgot about me

Now cancel the rest Do a lil more My full amount is still there because? JoeBiden BULLSHIT And what about student loans for trade school? I’m begging I didn’t finish college cuz I knew I’d spend my whole life paying it off, so can ya pay for my last 2 years since I was the smart one and didn’t slave away for the American Education System? Oh wait, umm asking for a friend oops

Lmao I better be included in this ! Lmao that’s like giving a homeless man 10¢ 😂 this is nothing.

Yeah which is 0.17% of total student loan in America. 3 billion …. I’m Americans are complaining 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ there’s still a way to sign up. I’m just wondering who they helped? We were supposed to fill something out Bc…. He could cancel all of it with a signature Damn I don’t qualify 😤 MVP_33 insessionwtai

I work two jobs with two kids one who was abandoned by their father trying to pay off student loans and survive. I have to pay them off with no savings this is a blessing don’t be mad because you don’t get the benefit personally Who’s?

I better see my loans at $0 next year when I graduate then!!!! _victoriously Student debt is at 1.7 trillion. 3 billion is a drop in the water. Or 0.17 percent Not nearly enough. At cost education is dynastic fascism. Now do the other 1.4 trillion Soooooooo basically nothing? Good to know Bitch where

I finally paid mine off last year. 11 years paying off loans. Sure I have a great job because of it, but many don't, who were promised this. Thank you Mr. President for using my taxes for something I believe in And by 'cancel' we mean 'transfer to the national debt.' Maybe JoeBiden should specify who are these special students whose loans were cancelled and what was the criteria to do so?

cancelling student loans is going to take forever if he keeps doing it one person at a time 👀👀👀👀 0.3% of student loans Who’s loans? No he didn’t [BREAKING NEWS] This is how to SUCCEED in Multi Level Marketing Companies - easy income. (WATCH)👇👇🏾👇🏿 COVIDVaccination Canceled 0.20% of student loans 😂

How about ParentPlus Loans? I have more debt than 3 grads combined. Ridiculous, who is going to pay the money I miss Trump, RECALL Biden. Grammy Award-winning artist and media personality Khaled Mohamed Khaled — better known DJ Khaled — launched a new CBD-infused “men’s grooming line,” BLESSWELL, in partnership with Endexx Corporation (OTC:EDXC) $EDXC endexx EDXC weedstocks cbd djkhaled

But gave 7.99 billion to ice... Punishing those who saved and got the extra job to keep their loans under control... 3B/1.7T 😂 AshNicoleMoss For a country that spends $740 billion on the military industrial complex yearly that’s pocket change Where the fuck does it say in the constitution that the President has the authority to cancel debt?

AshNicoleMoss And aren’t student debt totals about one and a half trillion dollars? Not really that big of a deal Play a game called: Find all the whiney little bitches who didnt even read what debt was ACTUALLY forgiven.

Since I paid off my student loan and paid my house off, where is my check Hunter's POTUS And let’s do something about the studentloans for those who went into big debt to become physicians RN DPT PAs, etc. Vital professions in short supply! SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer AmerMedicalAssn AmAcadOsteo ahahospitals

Lies Thank you sir Why not 5billion? Dm me with your cash app and get spoiled ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 Great, A leader who knows the pain of paying the loan and interest. You love to see it

Why is it still legal to borrow five/six figures to acquire a worthless degree? While still nothing for essential workers besides we were allowed to work... Do people who already paid for their education get their money rerurned? At least The pic is nice My loans are definitely still here 91 Welcome sir Hey maybe he’ll do Morgage’s next!!

What's with all the people complaining did you want it to be harder? Life changes Hey POTUS what about me ?!?

Great news of the day 😊 All universities still got fully paid for the worthless degrees. But but you promised all those poor college kids and adults that if they voted for you you would clear it? 😂😂😂 🤡🤡🤡 Surely the question to address is why the US education system is so prohibitively expensive in the first place rather than write off another $3 bil. this will do nothing to help future students shouldn’t be down to the whim of whoever’s President at the time to write debt off?

In other words: 0,156% of the annual military budget. USA's President Shri Joe Biden Ji's , profound focus to encourage and facilitate Inclusive Robust National Economy, aptly grants waivers to student's loan, to set aside their (students) financial burdens, on beginning their career Hearty Kudos to USA President Shri Joe Biden Ji

Good other services granted to him will be canceled to him Amazing how money appears out of nowhere! Don’t think he’s doing anyone a favor. Money out=money in. Lol laughing in European. 😂

Hey now, hey no- ow! The land of free money and non payers. God Bless America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏 somebody must be paying them Good man 💪🏻 Just $3 billion, that's peanuts..... isn't the student debt somewhere in trillions? Now watch folks proceed to incur new set of debts People should be happy about this...

Education is useless. It’s a waste of time & money. Only a crazy person would study till 25 and then live paycheque to paycheque. Not going to school college will force you to think of alternatives which is the real deal. Biden is way ahead of his time in figuring it out for you Pre covid pic. Hahahahaha Loser Big old L. Sorry Big L. POTUS

BorisJohnson should follow this fine example too. We’ve had a very tough last year. He looks different AGAIN. How many doubles doe he have? Biden „Amidala“ yosoysusan Sefuelix tambien compran votos en USA? Y que hay de los que no pudieron pedir préstamos y les tocó estudiar en una publica en USA? $3 billion is nothing

What about my loans? This is huge! 😍 Good job. I hope they’re selected most deserving of all students. Drop in the bucket! 3 trillion in debt and we get a mere pittance! I bet my loan isn't part of it! Wow! Where was Joe Biden when I needed him to cancel my student loans?! I’m sorry, what?!

good, i fought in a war to get mine for free USSA, land of the cheaters and slaves. So does that mean I don't have to pay for my sins now? Cool. Guilt: absolved. Is this his clone? Cheaters Cheaters Cheaters Cheaters Uhuru Kenyatta can't do this, instead he is promising us 4 years grace period in his BBI NONSENSE, but you know what, Uhuru Kenyatta exempted the merger of the NIC and CBA from paying tax. Uhuru Kenyatta owns NCBA

Oh Almighty God, (The Alpha and the Omega), wherever you are in this world or the hereafter that we don't know, please, bless our president Joe Biden and his entire family, guide and protect him as you guide and protect Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Amen! As long as they’re citizens student loans, we the citizens paid for that OK.

It is not his money. It is your money that stolen by a old man. So he can get more votes by cancelling loans. Most selfish thing I have ever seen, duh. Cap …they sent me a email today

So, he basically robbed taxpayers to pay students' loan. And people like it. Dude, he is a thief. Thanks. Mr. President . So I paid mine and yours. You’re welcome...I guess. Isn’t there like 97 billion left? 🧐 He did it, or he is just using the citizen's money. JoeMarciano2 Thanks biden Not Cancelled, just tax payers now pay the bills. Liberals at their best…..

It's a ridiculous practice in our nation. Other countries just make education affordable. We've got so much work to do to catch up. We need to rethink what it means to be 'free'. anglily1 He sucks. Guess who's paying for them....

Any plan for those who have already paid their loans? Any plan for those who will pay in the short term? Either way, someone will pay that $ 3 million ... and it's not the government ...😒 Who TF is going to pay the tab? For those all happy they got to skip out Make sure you go to each of your neighbors and friends and say ' Thank you for paying for my/kids tuition.'

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