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CVS Accidentally Leaks 1 Billion Website Records—Including Covid-19 Vaccine Searches

CVS accidentally leaks 1 billion website records—including Covid-19 vaccine searches

6/17/2021 2:20:00 AM

CVS accidentally leaks 1 billion website records—including Covid-19 vaccine searches

CVS blamed an unnamed third-party for disclosure of the information and says no personal data was made public, despite email addresses appearing in the unsecured database.

, which collects detailed information on sites. In many cases, for unknown reasons, people who searched on the CVS site entered their email address, which could have  been linked to a unique identifier attached to each customer. Fowler says he believes the inclusion of email addresses in the database could have been the result of a repeated mistake by people thinking they were entering a username to log in, rather than using the search function.

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A CVS spokesperson says the company swiftly took down the database, which it says was inadvertently disclosed. The company didn’t comment on the email addresses disclosed in the database.“The bad part about this finding was just how big it was,” Fowler added. “The number of records would time-out or break my browsing tool when I tried to get a total number of emails... In a small sampling of records there were emails from all major email providers.”

He said that the findings also showed how tracking website use, even where no obvious personal data is being collected, can be a risk for companies with a large online presence. “Organizations collect this valuable data and use this information for analytics, customer management, or marketing needs. At the same time consumers want privacy and to have more control over their data and how companies or social media providers use that data. Users also need to feel like the company they are doing business with is taking proper data security measures to protect their data and personal privacy."

Fowler added that he didn’t download the full database for ethical reasons, not wanting to gather up vast amounts of people’s personal data. For that reason, it’s unclear how many people were affected by the leak. Read more: Forbes »

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