Biden Has Lost Support Across All Groups Of Americans — But Especially Independents And Hispanics

The hyperpolarized political environment could make it challenging for Pres. Biden to regain the support he’s lost since taking office.

10/23/2021 2:00:00 PM

The hyperpolarized political environment could make it challenging for Pres. Biden to regain the support he’s lost since taking office.

Over his first nine months in office, President Biden has lost support among Americans of all stripes — men and women, Black voters and white voters, Zoomers an…

polling had him 6 points higher. Yet independents have been even more displeased with Biden’s handling of the economy, as their approval on that issue fell from the low 40s in June to around 30 percent more recently.Garnering support from independents is important because it helps a president achieve overall popularity, but support from the base is vital too — and it’s another spot where Biden is in trouble. While his job approval rating among Democrats remains very high, it has dipped from 90 percent in the early summer to the low 80s now, with signs of deteriorating support among Black and Hispanic Americans, who are

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more likely to identify as Democraticthan white Americans. As the chart below shows, there has been a drop in support for Biden among all three racial and ethnic groups we measured, but the drop among Hispanics — from the high 60s to slightly below 50 percent — marks Biden’s most precipitous decline.

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He'll be back! 'HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL❣' You are blaming the hyperpolarized political environment but that's not why he's losing support. It's his actions and decisions. Bull shit put him against Trump it’s another lane slide He is still quite popular. I like the chart, it clearly shows that all the Presidents fell off their pedestal in the first 9 months of Presidency. By the way, that would be the story. Leading into it this way is creating just as much misinformation as the right accuses you of producing….

He's still working on deals. There is alot more to happen. I voted for him and will stick with him right to the end!!!!

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White House says Biden drove by the border in 2008President Biden drove by the US-Mexico border more than a decade ago, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday — one day after the President said he knows the border 'well.' 'I've been there before ... I mean, I know it well,' he said. He sure cared alot when it was election season didnt he. Why is it leftists only care about immigration and conservatives only care about gun rights during election years That guy doesn’t even know who he’s married to anymore. LetsGoBrandon

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'No country will be spared' from effects of climate change, Biden administration reports detail'No country will be spared from the challenges directly related to climate change,' a senior administration official told reporters in a call previewing new reports from the Biden administration. umm nature doesnt care where humans live,lol. ofcourse the climate changes as it always has. but to make natural cycles a political issues is laughable. nature's many inconveniences to humans is something humans will have to deal with perpetually. umm move away from the volcano. Yes,we all need to adjust our lifestyle to a Third World standard of living. That way Clown Kerry can jet off to his climate hand wringing on his private jet!

China vows no concessions on Taiwan after Biden commentsChinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin reasserted China’s longstanding claim that the island is indivisible from the mainland at a daily briefing after Biden made his comment a day before. Americans don't want to give their lives for Taiwanese. Biden is not different that most🇺🇸US Presidents only that to gain popularity, Biden can't start a war with China🇨🇳a country with Nuclear weapons. An irresponsible position with Americans🇺🇸&all🌎🌏🌍Countries.