Biden Harshly Condemns Horseback Wrangling İmages From Border - Cnnpolitics

Biden Harshly Condemns Horseback Wrangling İmages From Border - Cnnpolitics

Biden harshly condemns horseback wrangling images from border

President Biden harshly condemns images of Border Patrol agents on horseback rounding up Haitian migrant families, saying people will be punished

9/24/2021 5:23:00 PM

President Biden harshly condemns images of Border Patrol agents on horseback rounding up Haitian migrant families, saying people will be punished

President Joe Biden harshly condemned images of Border Patrol agents on horseback rounding up Haitian migrant families in Texas, saying those responsible for the actions will be punished.

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Yeah right Isn’t that their job? Thanks TX Gov for offering to hire these patriots for doing their job. What about the Rescue in Afghanistan you guys are silent 🤫 It is horrific! Absolutely inhumane!! Don’t know how Abbott could be there witnessing it & allowing it, while justifying it‼️😮 He said hard to distinguish the immigrants from a drug smuggler. SO sure smugglers R wading thru the H2O with kilo of drugs in a plastic grocery sak‼️

As a black man, I hated the image especially knowing USA has a great part to play in destroying Haiti's wealth and outlook..BUT why are the border patrol agents to be punished when their job is to keep people from illegally entering? POTUS sounds like he is just venting. Biden has failed to protect our borders, and to protect our safety.

He caused the problem. Ridiculous. If the agents weren’t on horses would they would have been beaten up like the pilots and bus driver. The reins are always long. Anybody who actually has a horse knows that. They weren't shot,tazed,or whipped. Law enforcement needs to be able to do their job stop interfering.

Those weren’t whips. They are reins. You people will believe anything. What kind of concessions will the US offer Turkey in return for not buying weapons from Russia? For example, will the US stop supporting terror|st formations beyond Turkey's Southern border? We urge US to cut their support to the terror|sts immediately... We may consider then.

Some Haitians at U.S. border released, others deported as pressure builds on BidenAmid deteriorating conditions in migrant camps on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. authorities on Wednesday tried to deal with thousands of the mostly Haitian migrants that have gathered, releasing some in south Texas while deporting others on flights. They should ALL be deported. We do not need any more uneducated welfare recipients here. So sorry I ever supported Biden.

Back to the past Very good He is so outta the loop just replace him to condemn the images of the border patrol agents actions on horseback is one thing. Doing something about is another. What is your purpose to be so lacking in protecting black people. Allowing this action is just as bad as trump separating families at the border.

NOT ONE PERSON WAS WHIPPED OR DETAINED BY ROPES THIS IS FAKE NEWS They just doing a job. I don't see any violation. The French submarine Barracuda is running out of fuel after 80 days at sea The Virginia nuclear submarine has a battery life of 30 years you judge W😯W Just got an online credit of $1000 thanks to blincredits

Then send your V P down to border and see if she can Do a better JOB and stop complaining about the great And hard work our Border Patrol officers are doing ! We all know how Biden felt about sinking Haitians in the 90s, but now he opens his heart with welcoming arms. Time changes people.

For asylum advocates, border expulsions strain faith in BidenConfused and tired-looking toddlers clung to their parents at Port-au-Prince airport in Haiti on Tuesday, among the 360 family members rapidly expelled from the U.S. over the past three days. Millions of Muslims from Afghan airlifted to US and it's NATO countries. But who were affected by natural disasters and political crisis were airlifted and thrown back into Haiti is sin. They came with expectation, our brothern will share his food, dress, shelter with us.

We got a damn queen for a president 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I ain't saying it's right but you do what you do in the moment. Hindsight is 20-20. Leave those bp agents alone. Congress is ultimately to blame. And if you read Article I of the Constitution you will see it written plain as day. HELP SAVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD RailroadCommission & CenterpointEnergy WANTS US DEAD! THIS IS A BOMB NEXT TO TWO GAS STATIONS, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES PLAYGROUND & INJUSTICE TO OUR COMMUNITY ON A STREET CORNER CenterPoint will KILL US! via Change

Maybe everyone should view the whole video clip before condemning anyone... Why don't you report the actual truth Hmmmm.....he had to confirm? Just couldn't believe his lying eyes! That was ignorant, they whipped the horse, the Haitians was laughing in some of the pictures, no terror look on the face, they should be sent back to the party, vacation, tropical, exotic, and resort islands

Clearly Biden has an I. Q of a rock but he still is the most intelligent Democrat in D. C. Makes one wonder about the registered Dems doesn’t it. Oh Biden is lying again. What a shocker Of course. They old bait and switch.

U.S. and Mexico fly Haitian migrants away from border as pressure builds on BidenMexico and the United States were on Wednesday preparing to fly more Haitian migrants away from chaotic U.S.-Mexico border camps, as pressure mounted on U.S. President Joe Biden to stop expulsions of Haitians to their poor, disaster-hit homeland. U.S. authorities have deported more than 500 Haitians since Sunday from a camp housing thousands of mostly Haitian migrants on the U.S. side of border, by the small Texan city of Del Rio. Such deportation flights back to Haiti would continue, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said. 500? What a joke.

Someone at the top should be punished for allowing these illegal immigrants to cross into the United States unabated. Yes, it was a humiliating and vicious scene, people should not to be guided on back of horses. It was inhumane act and very risky could the horse hits the immigrant. Moreover it is against constitution act protecting the human rights.

What a sad old man Joe is today, his own party is getting ready to cut him loose, they are just scared of Harris and the mess she would make. His words and thoughts mean very little any more. As a puppet of others he has demonstrated -0- competency. Douche Bag..... 👎🏽 For doing their job... Hollow pandering

Some Haitians at U.S. border released, others deported as pressure builds on BidenAmid deteriorating conditions in migrant camps on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. authorities on Wednesday tried to deal with thousands of the mostly Haitian migrants that have gathered, releasing some in south Texas while deporting others on flights. Wade McMullen, an attorney with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization said several hundred people, mostly pregnant women and parents with children, had been released in Del Rio, Texas over the past several days, straining resources at a local volunteer-run welcome center. 'People are sleeping at the bus station outside or outside of the airport waiting for their bus or their plane,' to join family or other sponsors in the United States, he said. There are also Cuban and Venezuelans, who at the first chance they have to vote, they will vote for GOP. WhiteHouse VP StateDept

They were doing their job; I commend them for doing what is right - securing our border and trying to protect the sovereignty of this nation; illegal migration needs to come to an end; we have laws Stop making good people into the bad guys. What if there wasn't a border patrol? Is that what you want? wakeupamerica

shitshow Presidential summary verdict without even a hearing. How tacky🥴 Sub Biden! Xvy Mean spirited actions o horseback. People who are desperate for a better life may not get what they desire, but treating them this way is beyond explanation. Rounding up cattle practices were never meant to be used this way. You may not let someone in but courtesy is right

We need law and order. Politicians need to do their jobs and finally come up with sensible immigration policies.

Sen. John Cornyn: Biden border policies are 'designed to fail,' expect crisis to continueTexas senator John Cornyn (R) blasted the Biden administration on 'America Reports' for its mixed messaging on the border.

How does he feel about the video? At least someone was trying to protect our border! So usa don't protect their own borders? Anybody can come in just like that? Where are them damn rubber bullets? If he actually went there or even spoke to the guys, he would know that, that video showed no one hitting people and they are trained to keep people away from the horses cuz horses can kill a person very easily!One kick from a horse is deadly! 🤦🏼‍♀️ why doesn’t cnn interview them?

JoeBiden No matter what your position is as you Serve MY country, MY people, as you swore into Oath to ME, and This entire Beautiful Flourishing Country, The United States Of America, You Will NEVER obtain the actual Power and Force to enforce such activity prevention. FREEDOM Seems to me, looking in from the outside, you've gone from a president who just wants to please himself to one that wants to please whoever is shouting the loudest.

YOU WOULDN'T KNOW A WHIP IF YOU SAW ONE. They should get the same punishment as the people who killed 10 (7 kids) innocent Afghanies. peace Joe hates America. This is what you supposedly elected president. Clear green card backlog now. msinusa racistbacklogs indianlifematters racistusa avoidmsinusa immigrationtrap

Biden Is Becoming the Heir to Trump’s Border RacismIf President Biden cares to distinguish himself from Trump on the border crisis, he’ll heed his critics and reverse the deportation policy he’s left in place. onesarahjones writes onesarahjones This is a losing issue for Dems. So I’m sure they’ll fully embrace it.

🤡 Not waiting on the results from the investigation? I see. Soooooo... You were expecting he was going to give 'em an 'attaboy?... I'm waiting for all the article saying they were using whips to be fact checked. It's spreading misinformation and straight up lies. Yet doesn't take his rightful blame for the crisis. He's a total sham of a man. He continues to spread false narrative and it's hysterical when he gets called on it and refuses to answer questions.

senile Biden Punished? Start with yourself Just let everyone in! You're gonna need the votes. Biden and Harris should be held accountable. Instead we have Teflon Biden with Russia, Afghanistan, immigration, and the pandemic If only he thought for one more second before bombing Afghan kids into fireworks For the images, not because what’s happening

I voted for Biden because he was a slightly better option than the Orange Purge but it's obvious he doesn't care about people like me so I doubt any substantial practices will change. 🙄 Horses have been used at the border in specific areas. Also in other cities (NYC). The whips are used to control the horses so they don’t trample the people. The photographer stated no whips were used against any people. Just another lie perpetuated by Biden.

So Joe, what are you doing about the disaster on the border that you’ve created and continue to allow. And Joe where are you sending all of these illegals I hope to CA where Kamala and Pelosi live! The ones enforcing the law are being punished while those breaking law are not? That’s the current state of the USA

Tim bạn cũng có cùng sở thích, lăn quăn ngắm đường phố, cùng nhau vui vẻ sau tách cà phê... đời có bạn, có bè là hạnh p370húc rồi nhỉ ahihi.. Deputized KKK from several states is who they are. And former law enforcement folks… arm in arm , a boys gun club. Biden’s approval rating stands at 31%, with disapproval at 62%, according to a Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll, which was released on Tuesday.

Heaven forbid the truth is told There are laws that state, unequivocally, that unauthorized entry into our country is illegal. The agents are enforcing laws that the legislative branch has put into place. Yet, the executive branch is actively circumventing the laws. Why the fuck are we okay with this?

LOL 😂 He’s full of it. He could careless about blacks……Drop the mic 🎤 Not innocent until proven guilty? This moderate has said bye bye to this admin 😂 He created this chaos that these officers have to endure everyday. He is disgusting beyond belief for condemning people and vowing punishment before any investigation. All they want to drive is continued racial divide in this country and distract from all his failures.

How are you going to punish the Border Patrol, potus? Expel them to Haiti? It's taken him a week? Punished for WHAT They were doing their JOB. Maybe YOU should try that, Joe.

Listen, you uneducated individuals... agents did not harm anyone.. support them against this witch hint!!! Who is really responsible for this mess... not the valiant patrol. Keep supporting the narrative … there was no whips being used on immigrants ?! If senile Biden would only do his job, border patrol officers won’t be in such a predicament

But he won't be punished Perhaps Biden would prefer the Border Patrol to look like this instead of looking all bad and mean…. Nasty people trying to enforce the law, how dare they 🙄🙄 He'll do f.uck all. We'll hear nothing of it again. he would not have these problems if he would have the Trump laws in effect

Prez PuddinBrains has zero idea what’s going on… Punished for what? Doing their job? There is no whips or proof of violence-the photographer confirmed this for crying out loud. Typical Biden politics. Lies and more lies. Actually that's not what he condemned what he condemned was images of people whipping which is what your colleagues at CBS frame the story as and the question he was asked

Scapegoats joe? Remember, you're the one sending them back to the hell they're trying to escape. Punished for what? I’ll be damned. Imagine doing your job and stopping someone from committing a felony only to be disciplined by the commander in chief who owes $500k in back taxes. They better!!!! I wonder if he feels as bad for the poor innocent children and family he killed with the incorrect drone strike.

It was disgusting. The privileged cruelly mistreating people who just because of their birth have never been given a chance.