Biden administration expected to announce diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics this week

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Biden Admin Expected To Announce Diplomatic Boycott Of Beijing Olympics This Week - Cnnpolitics

12/6/2021 4:50:00 AM

The Biden administration is expected to announce that no US government officials will attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics, implementing a diplomatic boycott

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How many genocides have the USA murderers committed. How do you die for your country OUTSIDE of your country? Let them go to Israel&save the Palestine if they are so committed to democracy. USA IMPERIALISM IS THE ONLY PROBLEM WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD! The United States of Sinophobes Who is at fault? China or the IOC? The US does business with China, so why take this action? The IOC selected China. Why doesn’t the US back out of the IOC? Wouldn’t that make a more powerful statement addressed at the responsible party?

The presence of US diplomats is not important. Beijing winter olympics event will continue and success without their political drama Big deal I have never been interested in the Olympics,or sports for that matter. So, really I can't say much about boycott, I'm sure my President knows what he is doing. Boycot china's games, and increase national support to american industries if we want to overcome this crisis.

y is UAssA biden & admin is so thick skinned? they r not invited in the 1st place. human ricghts? how about UAssA, its allies & esp aussies killing innocents and based on lies invade middle east countries...and about the followings

Biden says he is crafting a plan for Russia-Ukraine crisisU.S. President Joe Biden said on Friday he is developing comprehensive initiatives to make it difficult for Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine and that he would not accept Moscow's 'red lines,' as fears mounted that the simmering conflict could erupt into war. this is terrible news Sounds like they were doing a real good job. 🤣

Oh Good! Now do a boycott of everything they make & bring our manufacturers back home.. Good they have no business attending any Ok.. So the government isnt going to the olympics. Its about athletes anyways. So why is this a thing? By boycotting will they wish the athletes well? Cool now do Qatar Canada should follow suit although I think we also shouldn't even send our athletes.

joshscampbell 👍 good President are you sure this is a wise move? Saving face in China is a big thing. We still import from them. We are shutting them out when for the first time in history they have the largest middle class and consuming class. What about The EU sending immigrants to Syria prisons. wow this is a bag of bullshit diplomatic boycott give me a break

If the Biteme admin had any balls it would be a full boycott! China is our enemy!

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What is Biden waiting? Pls announce it now! Funny how the last time there was a boycott was when the only president who has shown any integrity and leadership after being president. Carter has done more good for the world after being president than he ever did as president. Good! Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

Do more. Assemble a coalition of all free countries to totally cancel all attendance. Anyway we could get a diplomatic ban for Congress and all of them go home and are forced to shut up? I hate that men fam Good , we don't want anti Chinese racists at the Olympics ! Or athletes You should at least make a broadcasting/media/commercial boycott!😃

China's communists bash US democracy before Biden summit | AP NewsBEIJING (AP) — China's Communist Party took American democracy to task on Saturday, sharply criticizing a global democracy summit being hosted by President Joe Biden next week and extolling the virtues of its governing system. America has too much domestic tyranny to preach the world about freedom or democracy. That’s the truth. It’s not anti-American to admit it either. We all know it’s the truth but very few are actually willing to admit it. 🖕🖕🖕 Just want to say a very big thank you to Mrs lisamiaBTC and her company platform for their transparency, I had doubts at first but seeing I got paid I deemed it necessary to share with the general public and to let them know that you can be truly trusted..thank you so much.

Appropriate. What does everyone else think? maybe usa jocks can do some 8,000 dollar jewelry shop lifting ... say it is how we act in usa .... get up to speed ... smash & dash tunes .... gee everybody wanted kamala , schumer , trump , omar , maxine waters , bush , cuomo , aoc , 2nd man , grassely , reagan flunkies .... to grace their ....

Oh I’m sure communist China will be disappointed 😂 who wants a dc person .... noko told us to keep our stink .... china , russia have their nukes aimed at dc ..... biden called up 24,000 troops to do his sorry inauguration me big boss show..... US not mature enough to compete Do as u please. China do not depend on the US for its rice bowl.

Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489💸💸💸💨💨💨💨💸💸💸 Are you even invited?

Opinion | On Health Policy, Donald Trump Beats Joe Biden Hands DownOperation Warp Speed achieved a breakthrough at low cost. Build Back Better would spend huge sums to encourage failure. opinion jwhite_health I thought this was a The Onion article for a second. opinion jwhite_health What the fuck? Lol opinion jwhite_health Just want to say a very big thank you to Mrs lisamiaBTC and her company platform for their transparency, I had doubts at first but seeing I got paid I deemed it necessary to share with the general public and to let them know that you can be truly trusted..thank you so much.

Good! 外交ボイコット 北京五輪 岸田文雄 自民党 That's literally pussy politics, and no, I'm not a Trumper. By throwing American politicians out of Beijing, this could arguably be the cleanest and purest US Olympic team ever in history ---- which are some rare words used on them. No dirty job. Just sport. Thank you Mr. President For Doing this We Don't need China

Not bold enough. Wearin’ those bedroom slippers again, Joe. LET'S GO BRANDON... LET'S GO BRANDON... LET'S GO BRANDON... FJB

Biden Again Ramps Up The Fight Against Covid-19 And VariantsPresident Joe Biden will announce new steps to ramp up his administration’s campaign to defeat Covid and respond to the Covid-19 variants.

That’ll teach ‘em Democrats as aways have the same foreign policy as republicans,sometimes even worse American - Chinese standoff Weak response. Haha, they don’t want your ass there anyway. Hey I got an idea, send Hunter! Why djrothkopf Good. WhereIsPengShuai Still have time to make a change on many things, right?

Meanwhile… That’ll show ‘em.

Biden offers words of encouragement to young girl with stutter“I promise you it’ll go away if you just keep at it, OK?” President Biden offered some words of encouragement to a young girl who struggles with a stutter, empathizing with her as someone who has had a lifelong stutter himself. He's sick and hugging a girl without a mask. He never had a stutter until he got dementia. It's so amazing to actually have a compassionate, caring president again after 4 years of pure hell.

Kidding yourself, Joe! Your people are not even invited! 问题是他们没有根本被遨请!要来的话,先申请签证,如果没有被拒签,来了就是14+7! lmao who cares Just symbolic. No real consequences. The bankers are about to sell out American to China and we don't even realize it. Why are they boycotting? of course they have so many troubles in their own countries to deal with, lol, who cares

Biden admin is causing more unrest and distress around the world at times of illness and sufferings, Should be boycotted all together, but that's not fair to the athletes. The Olympic committee should never have given it to China. Gee..that'll teach 'em Like China cares

I don't believe there will be any Olympics held in China or anywhere in the world in 2022 for that matter. I love you Biden—you’re the best president we’ve ever had! boycottCitadel AMC KenGriffinLied Finally !! It’s about time time !! All the country around the world should follow .. a clear message !!!

Biden will be there to pick up the 10% for the big guy Should be like that And it will be a stern warning to them until 2024 when GQP tanks roll down the street. Biden has no plan.