Biden offers words of encouragement to young girl with stutter

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Joe Biden Offers Words Of Encouragement To Young Girl With Stutter - Cnnpolitics

12/4/2021 4:01:00 PM

“I promise you it’ll go away if you just keep at it, OK?” President Biden offered some words of encouragement to a young girl who struggles with a stutter, empathizing with her as someone who has had a lifelong stutter himself.

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Why u guys not covering Pakistan's murder of a innocent Sri Lankan brutally? Is this the kid Joe said he kissed and that’s why he’s sick? Shit like this is why nobody can trust any mainstream media How can you not love this President... I LOVE having this gentle man as our POTUS! He’s so kind and empathetic with people who are struggling. Can’t imagine 45 doing anything like this, unless it’s to get a quick feel 😝

The dude has never had a stutter Myanmar Army Violence Murder Them Soldier Record Chin State Take a lock for myanmar help see.. I respect much about him, and like his encouraging words to kids on the subject, but no, stuttering doesn’t just go away. Been working at it for a lifetime, just like him. Is he POTUS or a speech therapist?

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Biden signs stopgap funding bill to keep government running | AP NewsWASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Friday signed into law the stopgap spending bill that will keep the federal government running through Feb. 18, after congressional leaders defused a partisan standoff over federal vaccine mandates.

um that's dementia Serious question, But how come when I see old videos of him talking from back in the day he sounds perfectly fine, no stutter at all, just nonsense? ❤️❤️ A good picture😂 Ethiopia prevails! Africa prevails! do you need a logo/header/banner and overlay, I'm a professional graphics designer, here are some of my previous work if you like my design then Dm me, please.i will do your logo at a low price

❤️❤️❤️ Man, do I miss Trump. Do some actual journalism on this racist instead of pushing daily sob stories. Sri Lankan manager killed by Pakistan Army and ISI Imran Niazi and Qamar Bajwa are involved in this I will give proof very soon because he was a spy What was a threat to Pakistan had to be removed?

Fox News' Jokey Joe Biden Graphic Isn't Funny At AllGreg Gutfeld introduced a mock survey question on 'The Five' that went too far. It all started with a word to try something new. My first payment came after 3 days when I invested $1000 and since then I have received countless payment, he's Worthy to be recommended Geoffreypreud He is an entertainer not a journalist and this 'act' didn't go well. That dude is a joke. Geez. Why is he news?

I thought he had a cold….. hugging a mask less child, definitely against community standards… where’s the outcry This reminds me of time Trump told a young child molester “I promise you can be President if you just keep at it.” Don’t let him sniff you. 👃 Fake news Having this dude around kids is scary. POTUS 👍👍

Propaganda in full swing. Gotta get those approval numbers up. I have a stuttering problem as well. It does not just go away, even with a college degree, my stuttering kept me from getting jobs that I was over qualified for 'Words of encouragement' ? Looks more like a dirty old man squeeze to me sylviasydny Great orators have initially stuttered but they have overcome over time with an exercise of solitary expression of intended views and points in high decibel.Sholud be worried only for stultified thinking and not for a minor flaw in expression. 'Nothing is impossible'.

Biden helps light National Christmas Tree near White House | AP NewsWASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden helped light the National Christmas Tree on Thursday while remembering those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic and crediting the American people for his optimism. Biden also paid tribute to service members, thanking them for their sacrifices. Meanwhile, at Mar-A-Lago, former President* Donald Trump took a shit on a Bible and claimed that Jesus would have paid full price at one of his resorts. Thanks for letting us out to dry during the Afghanistan evacuation. You really put us in a nearly impossible situation…. Especially the ones that died under his watch.

Best president in 5 years, and best vice-president in 13 years. Thank you for you service, Joe. He overcame everything and became president. Everything is possible peeps just do things honestly and with a good heart. ❤ Propaganda News Network Empathy has replaced narcissism; circa 2021 Reads like an Ashley Biden journal entry.

Stuttering and being incompetent are 2 entirely different things . It's so amazing to actually have a compassionate, caring president again after 4 years of pure hell. He's sick and hugging a girl without a mask. He never had a stutter until he got dementia.

Biden warns Russia's Vladimir Putin against Ukraine invasion | AP NewsWASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Friday vowed to make it “very, very difficult” for Russian President Vladimir Putin to take military action in Ukraine, saying his administration is putting together a comprehensive set of initiatives to curb Russian aggression. JoeBiden nie rozśmieszajcie ludzi, przecież widzimy, że administracja Bidena dba o interesy Kremla wspólnie z Niemcami JoeBiden Look how badass he was in Afghanistan. I’m sure the Russians are shaking in their Chinese made boots. _Europe JoeBiden Stimulus Joe $2500 for 65+ SSI living on $9000 a year ! You should try

China's communists bash US democracy before Biden summit | AP NewsBEIJING (AP) — China's Communist Party took American democracy to task on Saturday, sharply criticizing a global democracy summit being hosted by President Joe Biden next week and extolling the virtues of its governing system. America has too much domestic tyranny to preach the world about freedom or democracy. That’s the truth. It’s not anti-American to admit it either. We all know it’s the truth but very few are actually willing to admit it. 🖕🖕🖕 Just want to say a very big thank you to Mrs lisamiaBTC and her company platform for their transparency, I had doubts at first but seeing I got paid I deemed it necessary to share with the general public and to let them know that you can be truly trusted..thank you so much.

Biden Again Ramps Up The Fight Against Covid-19 And VariantsPresident Joe Biden will announce new steps to ramp up his administration’s campaign to defeat Covid and respond to the Covid-19 variants.