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Bezos, Zuckerberg $18 Billion Richer As Tech Stocks Rally On Biden’s First Days In Office

The top ten billionaire gainers this week are up a combined $49.4 billion.

1/24/2021 4:09:00 AM

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got $10 billion richer this week, bringing his net worth to $191.5 billion, while Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gained $7.9 billion

The top ten billionaire gainers this week are up a combined $49.4 billion.

The world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, had a very good week. The Amazon CEO got $10 billion richer, bringing his net worth to $191.5 billion. He’s got an $8.3 billion lead over Tesla CEO Elon Musk (net worth: $183.2 billion), who briefly claimed the top spot this month before falling back to second place. Even better for Bezos? His boost this week comes in part thanks to the departure of Donald Trump, a constant critic of Amazon and the Bezos-owned

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Washington Post.President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday, sending tech stocks soaring on optimism over his administration’s Covid-19 vaccine and stimulus plans. Amazon ended the week up 6.1%, Facebook gained 9.2% and Google parent Alphabet rose 9.5%, beating the S&P and Dow Jones Industrial Average’s weekly gains of 2% and 0.5%, respectively. 

dpa/picture alliance via Getty ImagesOn Inauguration Day, Amazon executive Dave Clarksent a letter to Bidenoffering Amazon’s resources to help distribute the vaccine. “We are prepared to leverage our operations, information technology, and communications capabilities and expertise to assist your administration’s vaccination effort,” he wrote. Clark also took the opportunity to advocate prioritizing vaccinating Amazon’s 800,000 employees, most of whom are essential frontline workers.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (net worth: $100.4 billion) gained $7.9 billion this week, thanks not only to general optimism around the new administration, but also because of Wall Street’s increased confidence in the social media giant. BMO Capital Markets analyst Daniel Salmon upgraded the stock on Tuesday, citing the strength of Facebook’s ecommerce platform and an expectation that it would face fewer hurdles in its ad targeting business moving forward. He set its price target at $325, some 18% higher than where the stock stands now. 

Google cofounders Larry Page (net worth: $83 billion) and Sergey Brin (net worth: $80.6 billion) gained $6.6 billion and $6.3 billion, respectively, on the tech stock rally. But it wasn’t all good news for Google this week. The company decided to shut down Loon, its effort to bring high-speed internet to remote parts of the world using balloons. It is also dealing with an ongoing antitrust lawsuit filed by 10 states, which accuses Google of colluding with Facebook to corner the online advertising marketplace.

Google requestedthat the trial be moved to California from Texas, where the suit was filed. If the company gets its wish, it might face a more tech-friendly jury.European stocks also rose on Biden’s inauguration, fueled by hopes that the new president will repair the relationships strained by the former president. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen went as far as

that “the United States is back.” Bernard Arnault, chair of luxury conglomerate LVMH and the richest man in Europe, got$5.6 billion richer this week.HERE ARE THE BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE GAINERS THIS WEEK.The net worth change is from the Friday, January 15 market close to the Friday, January 22 market close.

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At some point there won't be enough people making more than a survival wage & discretionary expenditures will slow & the economy will collapse. If millions aren't earning enough, they're not spending anything. Jeff Bezos has now removed $190 billion dollars from the economy. waiting US citizen boycott not to used amazon service

I don't get why you all are hating on these dudes taking advantage of the opportunity we all had but failed to grab. Zuckerberg started small in a college, Bezos built up an empire, whatever they earn is their right. Earn yours and stop this mentality of entitlement JoeBiden be impressive Why are they all starting to look like they have Alien heads Bezos, Zuckerberg, Jared Kushner? What is going on people?

Bezos told the audience he dreamed of the day when mankind would colonize space. A local newspaper quoted his intention 'to get all people off the earth and see it turned into a huge national park' jeanpauldml Raise taxes on the wealthy. Casually gained my football club owner’s net worth in a week💔 Anyone out there watch Social Networking ? Why on earth would you want to make & support a lying, mean,cold hearted thief like him Rich 🤷‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

Soooo In other words, for them....It’s all about Politics and MONEY, which leads to lack of Morals, Common Sense, GREED, & The Citizens & Employee’s of the USA that have got them to where they r now. Wether your going to heaven or hell, u can’t take it with you 🙏 These guys support Biden And these companies get massive tax breaks! Disgusting

What's lost here is how they constructed their own gallows, giving great impetus to antitrust actions, journalistic malfeasance claims, and the entry of market competitors, to erode their respective shares. That happens when you collude to censor, crush dissent, and competition. People do realise his stock in Amazon went up 10 Billion don't they? He hasn't got 10 Billion more sitting in the bank...although I doubt he's missing many meals

Just a bit more than mine. Gotta start getting in those mutual funds and IRA's! It's like FREE MONEY, people!!!! greed has no limit and still unfulfilled forbes you are stupid ,how these help normal people , and these billiomaires are still not satisfied, or are they These guts are Biden supporters Tax them all.

Incoming wannabe commies Amazon says “ mail in ballots raise the risk of fraud” re: Alabama amazon warehouse trying to unionize using mail in ballots... more hypocrisy by bezos AbolishTheBillionaireClass Other than fueling more vitriol towards the rich, what is the purpose for these types of articles? Time to overthrow capitalism.

Still patiently waiting for the revolution. The WFP chief was recently seen on media outlets, imploring the rich to lend a helping hand in raising resources to feed millions of hungry & poor people around the world; war & climatechange refugees etc. May billionaires heed the noble clarion call & feed the hungry.

If you’re on Facebook or use Amazon you are part of the problem. Free your brain from a disinformation-spreading platform that thrives on pitting friends & family against one another. Shop local and keep jobs in your neighborhood. Or, you know, shut up and stop being a hypocrite. Have you been looking for a way to invest and earn extra income?with bitcoin investment you can earn extra income every week...DM on WhatsApp+1 (305) 340‑0735

Congress should do their job and break up these gigantic tech monopolies who have become more powerful than the U.S. Government with their censorship and wealth. What have they done to help struggling Americans. Everything over 50 million should be taxed at 99%. Simple. Na wa o Pay workers! No suprises here

🤤🤤🥺🥺 Meanwhile bozos does not want mail in voting for his company but wants same for president of USA. 🐫 👁 🪡 💵 👑 ⚔️ ⛅️ 🦁 Wonderful! I bought both their stocks over and over past ten years. Now I can retire. Thanks Mark and Steve. No hate here. Love American tech business and capitalism. Smarten up commie tweeps complaining here.

Ese ubwo ampayeho nki 10k$ nashaka nkabibwa He's stealing money that Amazon employees earned. That shit needs to be unionized asap. Izimbwa zaduhayeho koko Silencing the republican side help... doesn’t matter if they vote for the orange man there still Americans Nice for them... Tax them into oblivion. Disgusting.

2 cents on the dollar as a tax hardly seems a hardship for him. AlbertoJourno Good to hear. Forbes should also show what the lowest paid worker gets to compare. money divides us not skin color This is BEYOND disgusting and his smug grin makes me sick. This is part of why BidenHarris is so trash cuz only corp America won & JeffBezos knows it. Bernie woulda slapped the taste outta his mouth. Meanwhile, as this atrocity of greed takes place, avg Americans suffer!

Meanwhile, our government is still trying to figure out if they should kick down $2,000 or $1,400 checks... in April. jonnyboyca These levels of grotesque inequality have no precedent in history. Think we’re headed to a cliff yet? I hope Capitalism goes off it. How well capitalism is doing the elite The roaring 20s are here! Guess what comes next....

Who cares? How? The stock? I did it first but whatever lies And a “normal person” with a MBA has two work a second job to pay student loans? I'm not impressed! People are struggling and yet some have more than they'll ever need. Greed!!! mickey94114 Who says cataclysms don't pay? As with any pandemic, war or financial crisis, the rich always seem to come out the other side richer. And so, the balance shifts again...

Biden calles for the Rich pay more. Bezos is Exemp Jeff likes koick It just means, he is that dependent on us folks to buy through Amazon. If we decide not to buy through Amazon then...... 20% elites and 80% peasants in debt to the elites. Uncle Sam’s a mofo. Only thought...when the end happens you leave with Nothing

Good for them! What about Amazon's investors? JeffBezos Why don't we shortcut the process and just give Jeff Bezos all of the global available money? We'd finally be through with the topic. I am sure our new emperor will divide it up fairly for all of us, after he cared about himself and his loved ones.

CEO earnings are staggering compared to their workers. All workers need a wage that is above the poverty level for a full time job. Across the board wages need to keep up with the cost of living. Feeding the bull that companies can’t afford to pay it or prices will go up is a lie just wait until the lord revives and demands you deliver. THE INTERNET WILL RUIN YOU ALL IF YOU DO NOT CONFORM. cancel culture is a bitch elonmusk BillGates pass the word

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We need to tax these people, asap Here’s to a new era of the Fed printing money 🥂 Why was Trump banned? Sounds like America is doing just fine Poor guy