Sport, Beijing 2022: Mandatory Vaccinations Required For Canadian Olympic Athletes - Cnn

Sport, Beijing 2022: Mandatory Vaccinations Required For Canadian Olympic Athletes - Cnn

Beijing 2022: Mandatory vaccinations required for Canadian Olympic athletes

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10/21/2021 4:45:00 PM

Canadian athletes looking to compete for Team Canada at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics this February will need to be fully vaccinated in order to make the team and participate in the Games, announced the Canadian Olympic Committee.

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Beijing lights the flame, kicking off 2022 Winter Olympic GamesThe Winter Olympics flame began its journey from Athens, arriving in Beijing in a red lantern signifying the likeness of a Han Dynasty tomb artefact at a closely-guarded welcome ceremony.

Some Workers Want Covid-19 Recovery Accepted as Evidence of ImmunityNurses, factory workers and professional athletes opposed to vaccine mandates are asking that immunity from prior Covid-19 infection be recognized alongside vaccination as sufficient protection against the virus. Yeah, they’re better than the vaccinated per science The unvaxxed are the epitome of the expression: one cannot see the forest from the trees. Pandemic is a communicable disease where full vaccination and masking participation is required to stunt viral spread. To invoke constitutional rights is outlandish thinking and perilous. But they’re not the same. Natural immunity varies widely across the population. Vaccinations are still the best way to minimize the spread of the virus, reducing hospitalizations and deaths.

Is In-N-Out's battle the opening skirmish in a conflict over vaccine mandates?As more communities across California require proof of vaccination for public venues, the battle over enforcement of the new rules is just beginning to heat up. Who writes this? Terrible headline, LAT. For those of us who do not have an In and Out Burger place in our town, help us understand. Does the in-and-out refer to any potential stomach issues. Betteridge's law of headlines: 'Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.'

New York set to require all public workers get COVID vaccinations, with no options for testingNew York City will require that all of its municipal workforce get vaccinated against Covid-19, eliminating the option for testing. The new rule covers 160,500 workers, of whom about 71% are partially or fully vaccinated.

Canada to require COVID-19 vaccinations for federal lawmakers, some MPs to miss outOTTAWA (Reuters) -Canada's House of Commons will require all 338 lawmakers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 when they return to work next month, potentially locking out some members of parliament from the official opposition Conservatives. Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau narrowly won re-election last month, saying he would insist on vaccine mandates for federal workers, people traveling domestically, and his own candidates. Three of the four opposition parties represented in the House of Commons also support vaccination requirements for lawmakers, but the Conservatives of Erin O'Toole oppose mandates and did not require their candidates to be inoculated. That would create a full on dictatorship, and be treason. I hope Canada has some way of ousting this crazy man from parliament.

New York City to Require Covid-19 Vaccinations for All Public EmployeesNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to announce an order that would mean some 46,000 city workers need to get their first shot by Oct. 29 or potentially lose their jobs. The city’s roughly 8,000 corrections workers have until Dec. 1 to get shots. First, understand that DeBlasio also just claimed on Morning_Joe that nyc schools are doing fine regarding Covid. They certainly are not! You cannot believe a word out this guy's mouth. Good Is he still there in nyc ?