Tan France Launches Genderless Outwerwear Line Was Him

The collection draws from @tanfrance's background and lived experiences.

10/21/2021 4:00:00 PM

The collection draws from tanfrance's background and lived experiences.

'Queer Eye' style expert Tan France is set to drop his own outerwear line, Was Him, inspired by his background and lived experiences.

, his classmates would take advantage of this play on words, and whenever something bad would happen in class, kids would point to France and say it “was him.” He wanted to take this “painful” memory and turn it into something empowering — thus, Was Him was born.

Photography courtesy of thmbl“Upon feeling the urge to design again and recognizing the importance of outerwear in one’s wardrobe — often sighting a jacket as the first and sometimes only item you notice on someone during the winter months — Tan set out to act on the need for more affordable, lux and genderless outerwear options,” thmbl said in an official statement.

The coats in the Was Him collection tell the story of Tan France’s heritage and the life he’s lived, drawing from his upbringing in England with British silhouettes like tailored coats and incorporating his South Asian background (France is Pakistani and Indian) with embroidery details and bright-coloured fabrics. As a nod to his “cowboy” husband who was raised on a ranch in Wyoming, some coats feature equestrian-themed designs by none other than France’s longtime spouse, Rob France. headtopics.com

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The initial collection has seven different styles, from winter-friendly topcoats to shorter zip-up jackets. The pieces are relatively affordable as outerwear goes, with garments ranging from US$375 to US$475.Was Him is available for purchase exclusively on

beginning in November. Eager shoppers can sign up for the waitlist now on thmbl’s website. In the meantime, browse a preview of the new collection below.

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Tan France Launches Genderless Outerwear Label Was Him: 'We Want to Be an Inclusive Brand'Queer Eye's Tan France launches a genderless outerwear collection called Was Him, consisting of seven jackets and coats for fall and winter 2021.

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