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Barr asks Pelosi outside the Capitol, ‘Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?’

Barr asks Pelosi outside the Capitol, 'Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?'


Barr asks Pelosi outside the Capitol, 'Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?'

As tensions between the Trump administration and Democratic lawmakers intensify, the attorney general joked to the speaker about preparations to hold him in contempt of Congress .

Pelosi smiled and responded that the House sergeant at arms was present should it be necessary to arrest anyone, the person said, adding that Barr “chuckled and walked away.”

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to hold Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to provide the full, unredacted report from special counsel Robert S. Muller III on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“Let me just say that we do have a jail down in the basement of the Capitol,” Pelosi said to laughter. “But if we were arresting all of the people in the administration, we would have an overcrowded jail situation, and I’m not for that.”

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Please tell me SpeakerPelosi and RepJerryNadler how far does this have to go before you start using the laws of our Constitution to take care of this? Why are you afraid to act? If this was the other way around you would be behind bars. You owe it to use to take care of this!!! Just another dude on trumps payroll talking shit.

Well maybe it’s time to send out the Sargent of arms and haul him in! Hmm, was that a fifty shades of grey plea? Nice way of coming on to a woman... I hope that remark Barr gave does not age well Lock Barr up! GOP is bloody corrupt and arrogant.

Democrats Are Getting More Serious About 'Inherent Contempt'Democrats are getting more serious about holding Trump administration officials in contempt, meaning they could face fines or even detention. Centrists (aka right-wing Democrats) will do ANYTHING to avoid having to address MedicareForAll or MMT This Trump hunt is a diversion from their non-existent platform. Keep trying, . It's so much fun watching you tilt at windmills. The fact this is happening to the party of “lock her up” is just too sweet

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Only the velvet ones TrumpPutinAlliance SpeakerPelosi's reponse to Barr should have been :' I brought yours... want to try them on?' Not funny. And even less funny because he knew he could joke about it with no consequences. She should hire ninjas for the Sergeant of arms job. He's about as mature as trump

I would have said yeah & I also brought the butter to butter your hips to get your fat ass through the cell door just in case we had a problem Elect a clown and you get the whole circus Love this guy! Shut Pelosi’s clock down. Too funny! I would like to see Barr in handcuff s, for real. It would wipe that mobster smirk off his face .

Of course. A pair for herself and another for Schiff

Pelosi hints at contempt charges against multiple Trump associatesSpeaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that the House could pursue contempt charges against multiple people in Donald Trump ’s orbit — not just Attorney General William Barr Keep talking about it, SpeakerPelosi, but do nothing, as usual. You fail to grasp the situation this country is in right now. I trust Nancy!

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What I wouldn't give to see him behind bars for just a minute. BarrBehindBars. Anyone else feel like that was meant to be sexual? And does anyone else feel absolutely disgusted by that idea? ImpeachtRump That’s a level of disrespect you’ve probably earned with your hemming and hawing for these CLOWNS Madam Speaker SpeakerPelosi

Useless man. Someone dig into his offshore accounts- I’m sure you’ll find a large deposit right about the time the He was hired. Perhaps a check from Trump industries? Hubris has no boundaries,, unlike prison !! tread lightly mr barr !!! …a little S&M action by the AG? He's got that idiotic trump mentality, that's setting this country back 200 years.

U know as soon as Pelosi got back to her office she was screaming at the walls He doesn’t know the difference between a law maker and law enforcement. He really is as ignorant as the DonTheCon the BillionDollarLoser

'Did you bring your handcuffs?' AG Barr ribs Pelosi about contempt finding'Did you bring your handcuffs?' AG Barr asked Speaker Pelosi today. She smiled and indicated that the Sergeant at Arms was present should an arrest be necessary. Yessss. 👠👠💃🏼 Hey Libs shot themselves in the foot with the Mueller report. Not going to age well in this next election!

I think Barr is nervous Disgusting 🤮 I wish she had. Truly appalling. He should be impeached now! He’s making a mockery of the rule of law & laughing at the American people. It is sad how they so arrogantly flaunt their criminal behavior. Barr should be caged at the border. This was not a joke. This was a passive/aggressive misogynistic authoritarian taunt meant to put the Speaker of the House 'in her place.' Completely disgusting and inappropriate.

That's a surprise; I thought Barr's kinks only extended to kissing ass. She should have shown him some. I hope she answered yes, but will not be using them since you seem to like being handcuffed by the man sitting next to you.

How William Barr, now serving as a powerful ally for Trump, has championed presidential powersThe attorney general is part of a group of conservative intellectuals who have been leading the charge to expand the powers of the executive branch over the past four decades. Wonder what his opinion on presidential powers was when they were wielded by Barack Obama? He looked like a fuk boy back then too Minus a spine?

What a jerk Barr is LOCK HIM UP. LOCK HIM UP!!!! Barr is billy just like DT. Love this guy! And he is running the FBI? This was awesome Millions of people are willing to buy her a pair and help put them on Barr. SOB Baaaaahahahahahaha. Get fukt shitlibs Despicable! impeachBarr

US House panel votes to hold Attorney General Barr in contemptThe vote escalates the Democrats' extraordinary legal battle with the Trump administration over access to special counsel Robert Mueller's Trump -Russia report.

He's laughing at you SpeakerPelosi he's laughing at all of us, because he knows he's getting away with destroying our country. TrumpCrimeFamily ImpeachmentHearingsNow Lordy I hope she did. Tossing a couple of these clowns in the clink is the only message a thug like Trump would respond to. Especially if it was his kid.

What a jerk. Her bad for not. Wow. What an asshat. I hope she said “Yes” He sure is a sarcastic sob. Barr like trump has no respect for congress with comments like this , all he is a bully like trump. He needs to brought down and stop this thinking he above the laws because he is the AG . He isn’t the AG for the people he is the lawyer for the republicans and trump

Lock Him UP! he is laughing at the constitution! the FascistParty is deeply rooted in the WhiteHouse ! VotingMatters

Trump: Discussing a Biden probe with Barr would be 'appropriate'Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, is urging Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, raising questions about whether Donald Trump would pressure his attorney general to do the same. This is obviously concerning, the top Republicans need to stop turning a blind eye, these people are destroying our democracy... Lol of course he did! Just when ya think he can’t go any lower! Turn about is fair play.

Speaker Pelosi will get the last say. Barr will beg for mercy the spineless fat criminal if his health permits him to go on🙄 sure looks like a heart attack coming🙂 Dems are in fear of being exposed in an attempted coup of our president. “The Sergeant At Arms brings the handcuffs; I bring my big Speaker’s gavel in case you resist arrest. Please resist arrest.” - what I would have paid good money to hear her say to him.

Funny She should have. History will remember what a corrupt criminal he is. He is trash What a snarky, arrogant man. Nbcnews reported her response: “She smiled and indicated that the Sergeant at Arms was present should an arrest be necessary.” SpeakerPelosi is a class act. CEValade That’s because he is a man with nothing to hide and nothing to fear. He knows the law and he knows that the law is on his side. Bravo to Mr. Barr👏👏

If this is true, what a disgusting pig Barr is. He is a complete ass. Dems need to get tough. You can't play by the rules when the other side has completely trashed them.

Trump 'so proud' of AG Barr for probe into origins of Russia investigationAttorney General Bill Barr has tapped the U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham to oversee the probe into the origins of the Russia investigation. Suddenly, Democrats are opposed to investigations. Of Course he would compliment a brainwashed lackey.

This exchange goes to show how weak SpeakerPelosi really is. SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff RepJerryNadler It is your constitutional duty to impeach realDonaldTrump ImpeachDonaldTrump AmericansForImpeachment VetsResistSquadron VeteransAgainstTrump MARINESagainstTrump Barr should be disbarred for his disregard of the law.

Times like these I miss the good old days when smug arrogance was met with justice Probably should have happened... banksta62 Barr is pushing his luck. Kinda wish she’d pulled some out and locked him up. What a jerk! Trump and his goof troop really think they are the mob. Where the fuck is Elliot Nest?!?!?!

She is twice the man he is in the end he will fall and just be a big fat toad that he is with no reputation or life Good!! Democrats are running scared

Trump: 'Mueller no friend of mine,' up to Barr if he testifiesPresident Donald Trump criticized special counsel Robert Mueller and said that it is 'up to' Attorney General William Barr if Mueller can testify before Congress . And Barr will do whatever Trump orders him to do. Barr already agreed under oath to Mueller testifying. Their paper law games are transparent. 'Edgar Bergen says he is leaving it up to Charlie McCarthy whether Mueller should testify' (for people under the age of 80) 'Jeff Dunham says he is leaving it up to Peanut whether Mueller should testify'

Too bad she hadn’t. Dems are about to experience the “chickens coming home to roost” and they won’t be sitting in the House eating fried chicken out of a bucket ! 😂😂😂😎 Barr belongs behind bars, period. I guess this would be funny if realDonaldTrump and Barr were not coconspirators in obstruction of justice. Impeach both of these thugs!

She should have brought a taser and taken this pig down so we can get him to slaughter. Barr feels immune to the power of Congress and he's emboldened. Start the fines already, and if defied, LockHimUp Such an a**. Poking Pelosi is like poking Iran. Wrong move Yes yes Barr is quite sure he is above the law and can undermine Congress. His 'hand cuff' words were not a joke. Neither was Nancy's reply.

Rep. Jimmy Gomez: Holding Barr in contempt will be 'easy vote'Rep. Gomez on subpoena of Donald Trump Jr.: 'This is not crossing the red line. I think they have to do it because that's the only way that we preserve the integrity of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.' Integrity... Really you call putting a rubber chicken in a chair and an idiot democrat eating chicken at a so called hearing integrity? I call it childish Seriously the Dems just want to lose the House huh

You applaud the antics of your Democratic clowns that is what they offering to the followers for 2020 more entertaining Didn't realize he's kinky like that...HAHAHAHA Barr FTW! 🤣🤣🤣 Karma is in the corner like... Members of the same club....I don't just her at all....may be time to end her leadership. Good question.

I'd like to send them all to the corn field. This is hilarious. Good job This is disgusting white male arrogance. He is a disgrace. It's a good thing he's been so cocky, it means he's overly confident and smug it's at that point his brain will start to make mistakes because the part that warns tells him to be careful is being overridden by the smug confident part. The human brain is a wonderful thing.

Carl Bernstein Says 'Most Authoritarian' President Now Has His Own Roy Cohn“We are in the midst of a continuing cover-up by the president,' aided by William Barr, says Bernstein. Bill cover up Barr is now a co conspirator and a traitor William Barr is now known as William Brump !!!

I sure hope the Democrats are planning to wipe the floor with the wanna-be-dictator-in-chief and his minions. I will accept nothing less. ImpeachtRump Impeach He's a smart ass about our Constitution! But I pray the Majority of Americans see this hypocrisy as the reason to vote Trump out in 2020! And then let's see what Mr. Barr thinks then. VoteThemOut!

Our democracy is in peril PLEASE WAKEUP AMERICA😰 The cesspool that trump has created in our government is getting bolder,if it is not stopped our constitution,our rule of law,freedom of the press,our morals as a nation will all be lost😰 Make no mistake this is a crisis WAKEUP Please be kind enough to print her reply. One sided reporting is not helpful or fair.

I can't wait to see this POS in jail. Arrogant POS. Odds are he called her Nancy and not madam speaker No, but she should bring a noose the next time. Is that humorous The answer should of been yes

Barr jokes about contempt vote against him at farewell ceremony for Rod RosensteinThe deputy attorney general, who supervised special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, steps down on Saturday. That’s because it funny. It’s all a big joke to trumps personal attorney who is occupying the Attorney Generals Office Seems a bit nervous. It's clearly on his mind.

Effin effer! I feel like an idiot for working as hard as I did to help flip the House, only to have both parties now laughing in my face. As far as I’m concerned they all act like a bunch of spoiled children. They look for things that aren’t there just to taunt each other and waste taxpayers money. Why not do the important things in front of them and what their paid to do, stop acting like children.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. Didn’t realize he was into such things I wish she had. So glad this is all a big joke. Love it Oh, God! I'd have thrown him in the f*cking slammer just for that! Why is she dithering?! DonCheadle Administration of Assholes.

That is the language and tone of someone getting away with it Mr. Barr did you bring your spine? And why are you wearing a dogtag that says 'if lost return to presient trunp? Perhaps a fetish LOCK HIM UP. NOW!!!!!!! Madam speaker is not into that kind of weird fantasy stuff Mr. Barr but nice try! I hope he dies slow of bone cancer.

3 nzders terrorists. All three PDChina PaulMcCartney engpravda newscorp Macron_Manuel KremlinRussia_E dumagovru rupertmurdoch CIA amerkel57 FBIWFO KremlinRussia Genproc Yes just for you Barr But seriously ... I got em He’s the man !

Soon, Barr. Soon. Are we getting afraid? I hope you are because the real criminals are going to be exposed. He's mocking you, SpeakerPelosi. He's mocking law, justice, accountability, democracy, voters' hopes of ending this nightmare. Another Muppett joins the Guilliani set ! Just wonder where they dish out these Law degrees ? Barr

They need to go medieval on Ivanker and Don Jr No hint of any professionalism another Cohen in the making. You know where he is. It also rings a bell on “lock her up”. You know where he is too. Barr is another criminal. God help us. Our democracy is dead! One day Mr Barr, one day to be sure. Be careful what you wish for !

Arrogant smugness. AG? Must be thinking with Trump he could get away with 'murder'.

Real Jerk for an Attorney General! Trump is destroying democracy in America and his backers are trying to do the same in the U.K. and across Europe ! Why did Barr not ask this in congress? Could it be he is a cowardly cronie? The mindset of these old men is visible for all to see. She should have kicked him in the balls.

They think it's funny don't they ... It’s so NOT F*CKING FUNNY, Barr. Smug. This is an example of someone who is 'Arrogant adjacent.' The advantage of being one of the Bully in Chief Donald Chump's eunuchs, (see: Attorney) who's only job is to protect this guy same as the other GOP eunuchs, and perhaps Donald will return the favor, he's tryin' to.

Not funny. Taunting. Disgusting. Dangerous. arrogant misogynist bully

I hope she carries a pair with her until the day AFTER Barr is impeached! Hopefully this will be material for the court case--that is, unless it is heard by one of the corrupt trump judges. I think Bill Barr had sex with Donald Trump, no wonder he is acting like his B!tch! Boycott Alabama Impeachment hearings now! Barr and Trump! A two fer.

No Mr Barr. That’s only if you’re a very good boy. 🤣 Good for him And later that night, he pays a Dominatrix $1000 to give him a different answer. Fake news How low will they go? How long will they get away with this behaviour?

He knows he will be arrested one day :) No, but the sergeant at arms always carries a few extra pairs Funny This guy is a mobster He knows she’s bluffing. Rubbing it in her face. What an arrogant SOB. Before he dies, I hope he realizes his lack of true patriotism and integrity will shame his descendants for generations.

He wishes she did She doesn’t carry the handcuffs herself.

I hope she did He’s a Trump skunk so add sexual harassment to the list... Barr Please, they’re gonna need to hogtie chubby. 'We the people...' of the United States of America and the law enforcement system and congress and the judicial system; we need to find a way to get t-Rump and Pence out! (and Barr too, while were at it...) A 'President Pelosi' sounds pretty darn good, right about now.

I wish she had said yes and ordered someone to arrest him. This admin is above the law and the gop senategop are too much of lap dogs to care about the integrity of our system Love AG Barr. Yeah, cause this is all so freaking hilarious. DonCheadle That's when she should have hit him with a cattle prod.

HoneyBadgerBarr is a troll. 😂🇺🇸 Oh, word?

This is what a corrupted fat top cop looks like! Since realDonaldTrump became the POTUS, more and more bastards came to the surface. Could it be 'Birds of a feather....?' I know his snark was intended to own us...and he succeeded! I am furious at the extreme rudeness. He treats this like a game. It is not!!!!

Just to really get an idea of how shockingly inappropriate this really is, try walking up to a police officer and saying that. So the Trump could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not be arrested from all the sayings the President can’t be charged with any crime!! WTF!! That’s kinda kinky. Becareful what wish for

Hahaha, he's awesome I didn’t know he was into s & m Wake up and get mad! Barr usually asks for free food...

Showed how much he has respects honoring our officers This will not end up well 4 him. People think Pelosi is a pushover. She gets that timing is important. Just wait. She will pounce when it's appropriate. Greatest. AG. EVER!!! 🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸 Barr ... handcuffs Never pegged him to be into a little kink!

I`m just a good ol' obstructor of justice 'n' perjurer myself, so go easy on me, fancy lady. Too bad she cannot handcuff Barr and his crew.. CallBarrBluffAndArrestHim Barr's snide remark to the Speaker further my certainty the his is a regrettable appointment. I truly hope I am wrong about Mr. Redact. Lighten up. That was funny.

He should go to jail

Smug mother f’er Well there's a big surprise on two levels 1. I hadn't realised Pelosi/Barr were an item and 2. Not in a million years would I have guessed Pelosi was into bondage - just goes to show don't judge a book by it's cover! I guess this is a joke to him. That’s some funny stuff right there... He called Pelosi’s bluff. And so far he’s right.

Taunt the Speaker at your own peril. Flirt! MaryAReed This explains why they call the AG ... ROSEANN Barr. He's just like a stand up comedian, always dropping those one-liners! Barr is funny enough, he will have his prison buddies in stitches! DonCheadle He struts with the same self righteousness as Trump.

What's Barr's safe word?

She will need to get an extra large pair for his neanderthal paws. He is a dishonest Attorney General, who know how to play the game, just like Trump. WTF What type of mocking shit is that? Is it, “I’ll do anything I want and you can’t do a thing”. I never would have thought the AG was into handcuffs. Not a good visual.

Why does he want to turn himself in fur betting thyme traitor that he is? BarrContempt Maybe she can poop out another fake dossier in lieu of an actual party plaform. Wouldn't a better response from Pelosi been 'catch you later Barr?' She should have. Hubris brought the fall of many a god and Barr is no god.

Why that should trigger an entire army of liberal brainwashed peons. Whereas i'm still stuck on Hope and Change.

This is the world we deserve 😩. Vote 2020! Jackass ! Time for hardball, Speaker Pelosi. Your political calculus was hard won but the polls of on impeachment should tell you otherwise. And I am a constituent. The Sargent at arms should arrest the mother and wipe that grin off his face. ImpeachBarr ImpeachmentNOW ImpeachmentMarch ImpeachTheMF ImpeachmentHearings

Sounds like the same kind of attack Trump would spew. Barr was trying to intimidate Pelosi with sexual innuendo. It didn’t work of course. Democrats fight for the Constitution as republicans fight for Russia.

The bad thing is , he knows he is a criminal and mokes the judicial system he is supposed to hold up🤮🤮🤮 That moment when the highest law enforcement officer in the land (AG) thinks flaunting a subpoena from congress is funny... Republicans are a joke ImpeachBarr ImpeachTrump He's probably still laughing and I can't wait for the day we see that sneer wiped right off of his face!

See, this is what im talking about!! When you appear weak, you emolden the other side. Now look, he doesnt even respect you. The democratic party has become a big joke!! Barr spitting in pelosi’s face beciase he knows she does t have the courage to do jack shit, Dem leadership has done lost the fight, they laid down & complied before fight even started. We were asked to trust Dems & they’ve betrayed us out of political fear

He seems to be pushing his luck. In a way, it might be a tell, that the contempt issuance, is getting to him. She should have replied, 'No, I just came from Texas with my sh!t kickers! Get ready, Mr. Smug.' So this is what Trump's cesspool's idea of a 'joke'. Criminal obstruction in the open, impeach Barr.

Barr is a GIGANTIC A-S.... DonCheadle Because they all think it’s a joke. And I suppose they’re right because they’ve made our whole democracy a f’ing joke!

Her response should have been, “No but I’ve got a tube of K-Y. It might come in handy where you’re going.” The thing is the sergeant at arms was present, and Pelosi didn’t have him arrest Barr or do anything at all. I bet Barr will next time take a selfie with the sergeant at arms! DonCheadle SpeakerPelosi this is called trolling. He's trolling you. Next time you see him, make it be in handcuffs. Arrest this smug asshole!!! ArrestBarr

DonCheadle Laugh now, fat boy. Haha Start with a gag, then the handcuffs. Oh, bitch. They’re coming. And it won’t be funny when they do. Stop playing games, Barr. I don't think it's a good idea to mess with Nancy “You get down on your knees before you ask that”

I’m more than sick of this administration. I’m waiting on the day they all will be judged for the crimes they are committing on a daily basis. We need intervention NOW. What an arrogant man. I thought that while watching him play with a paper clip during his confirmation hearing. Just kick him in his lack of balls

In the NFL that would draw a flag for taunting. But, Barr is old, white, and apparently above the law, and Pelosi is a woman, so a different rule book applies. Arrogant shithook. Apparently Barr doesn't realize that it will be the Sgt. At Arms who will be putting him in handcuffs. She should have replied: did you bring your toothbrush?

He should look close; the policeman behind him is ready to do just that. :) Crooked barr Wish she had taken him up on the dare.

How many black men have been killed by the police for disobeying or resisting a command? Yet this administration gives the legislative branch the middle finger and a dare. TrumpToadyBarr Barr, like Trump, can’t help but be a JERK........ If only she’d replied, “you’re not my type.” What a huge A-Hole! Well said Barr!

Assholes. Kinky To which she replied. 'If course I did. See you tonight and don't forget the wine.' She should have spat in his eye.

He must do time before this is all over. He's disgusting. Hope this statement comes back to bite him or as someone once said you spit in the air , it hits you in the face. These people are just way too smug for their own good. Isnt the lil fat guy kind of cocky? Lock him up! MaryAReed Lock his ass up. 50 Shades of Mr. Good Barr

Arrogant idiot! Stop playing with these puppies SpeakerPelosi time to lay down the law on them! 💩

Trump 2020 . Handcuffs fo The corrupt Democrats trying to remove dully elected president. Tik tok The arrogance of a powerful man who behaves condescendly and sarcastically toward Madam Speaker, who has a higher position then him and he acts as if she is not his equal. The gall and nerve of that is disgusting and disturbing. SpeakerPelosi do something!

Pride goeth before destruction I hope she told him to go f.. himself. 😡😡😡 Hopefully she replied with “if they were up your ass, you’d know it” She should She'd have to back order extra, extra large cuffs for this fat fuck. Would have been great if she had pulled a pair from her purse. He's so arrogant, it's just disgusting and makes me sick.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh someone do something! 😈 👎 WAPO is DC’s intel service. Thanks to a certain Marxist from Hawaii Throw his treasonous arse in jail already That’s awesome!!! How are white men still a thing? No, she has numerous 250 pound armed and trained law enforcement officers to put him in irons! Barr is a criminal!

All in good time Mr Barr. You’ll look good in a orange jumpsuit with your boss. Tell him - I let the Marshals take care of the handcuffs. Cell is ready for you! What an ass.

Barr Is a smug deceitful bastard. The behavior of the GOP, realDonaldTrump and Barr’s Justice Department have never been funny. Ass. How disrespectful and emboldened. I wish the answer had been yes. They are actually standing by and laughing about making a shamble of our constitution. Should have kicked him in the balls

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Just use your stun gun ! And what was done about it? 😉NOTHING- Told ya Barr lied too and is a traitor of the American People. He lied to Congress ! General Cover-up is back again. He brings dishonor and disgrace to the honorable people who serve our country at the Dept of Justice. Impeach Trump NOW ! Impeach Barr NOW ! Impeach Mnuchin NOW !

What a jerk Pelosi should have said, 'Yes, I brought my handcuffs and my whip. Drop 'um, asshole.'

The contempt claim against Barr will not prevail in the courts. How do people not get this? Hope she responded that she had a special pair made to fit around his fat wrists. Mistresss Nancy should whoop his ass.....and, maybe, just maybe, uphold the Constitution? He seriously needs to be kicked in the balls.

Such a dignified patriot taking the gravity of the situation seriously. What a disgrace. Wonder what/if Madam Speaker replied? You will go down because of your arrogance just watch superstar !!!! This level of arrogance and disrespect comes straight down from this arrogant dictator wanna-be in the White House. LOCK THEM UP!

He is sooo awful. What a disgusting smug person...

Hilarious! Pelosi’s talk was responded to. 🤣😂 Damn it! She left them at home today! SpeakerPelosi we gave you a mandate in the fall election. Time to impeach! Arrogant 😂😂😂 I hope they put the cuffs on him. Yes. What a pig Shows how low Barr's bar has been lowered to. And it wasn't too high to begin with. He's not even TRYING to LOOK professional, now that he's basically a lackey.

If she didn’t she can borrow mine. This twaet needs special treats

Savage What is even more funny than the comment is all the triggered people on here. 😁 Bill Barr is an arrogant chump New Post headline: 'Barr hits on Pelosi!' What a f¥ckr Wow great joke you corrupt huckleberry-hound looking garbage fire He should have asked, Madam Speaker, did you bring any extra decency you can spare?

God this man is amazing! Good for him standing up to the faux outrage spin team on the left!! 2020 is getting easier every day!! KAG Good boy Barr. Big boss Trump loves his good boy. Making fun of the bad lady who once made fun of him... We have the attorney general taunting the speaker of the house! SpeakerPelosi take action on this for the position that you hold, this contempt is beyond tolerable

the only thing worse than Barr's disrespect of the law is his disrespect of women They will drown I their own🤮the next election SICK!!!!! Another classless addition to a classless administration... I love it ....the crap he had to listen to from nasty disrespectful Dem in hearing. They deserve the wise ass remarks.

The sergeant at arms did. I love Barr! realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr LindseyGrahamSC FoxNews His fat toadlike a$$ should be locked up and fined into poverty. Democrats encourage this behavior when they don’t act... SpeakerPelosi

Wish she did, he deserves jail! Is Putin his joke writer now? Bwahahaha ! Love that guy Smile and invite him to visit the House. Dude ain’t got the balls for that. Hahaha, the death of democracy is soooo funny! That bastard Barr thinks it’s funny... shame shame shame. AUTOCRAT moron Acts just like the mob lawyer he is, what a disgrace

dmcrane It would have been cool if Nancy Pelosi arrested Barr on television for us all to see At least he said “madam speaker”

I did asshole! Laugh while you can....realDonaldTrump bootlicker Let’s hope so!! She probably has a pair but she also has the good taste not to waste them on him. As*hole. Grrrr An a**hole in addition to being corrupt and soulless. What a surprise. corruptGOP Soon. Pelosi : nope, Savage!!!!

Oh Mr. Barr... Kinky. Hmm. . . Does MadamBarr have handcuffs? Is that supposed to be funny? “Those People” somehow think making decisions for the people of the US is just a joke. So sad 😭!! LOL you have to love Barr. Barr is a nasty person by asking Pelosi that nasty question. No respect for the Speaker.

He is one smug SOB. GOP is now smugly and flagrantly flouting the law. This means GOP - you are officially NO LONGER the party of law and order. You 🔥 that. Trump, et al took that from you. So don’t blame anyone else. GOP relinquishing law & order platform was ALL Trump Smart ass be careful what ya wish for

No but your reputation is shit now and that’s just as good !! Taunting her. Time to act.

Me thinks fatso Barr is going to regret that remark. Wonder if that stooge would have said that to a dude. What a jerk. Joe Palooka Barr is trash! The smart alecness of someone who knows they're above the law! Shameful! ThisIsTheGOP PartyOfTrump PartyOfPutin PartyOfLies PartyOfCorruption NewConfederateParty

Well did she? The trump swamp is getting more stink by the day. What an arrogant man!!! Extremely disrespectful to the 3rd most powerful person in Washington. Shame on him

Barr is an ass Did she say eff you? I sorta hope so....... What a funny guy.. well the way he is responding, he is asking for them. Can’t wait to see him in jail. They all think they are untouchable. What a jerk! This is contempt personified. I hope she brings them for you Barr! Barr is a smug, low-class prick. A white supremacist, who has always gotten away with every crime, ethics violation, traitorous act for a long time. He is the epitome of a white supremacist and he is the AG.

The teletubby is a smart ass! 😂😂

Lol The next administration better throw his ass in jail. Sounding just like a mob boss who has bought off the judge. He feels very unpowered but I’d like to see Nancy knock him down a peg or 10!!! A preacher said that if you don't repent, you will end up in Hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. An elderly woman spoke up and said, 'but preacher, I have no teeth.' The preacher replied, 'Teeth shall be provided!' It's the same with handcuffs, right?

They don’t have them big enough for his obese wrists. 🖕🏻 I’m disappointed she didn’t have a better comeback. She coulda and shoulda let him have it. Lack of a forceful comeback allows him to continue like this I'm sure him and Mueller will have a good laugh over this at dinner. The level of disrespect deserves action subpoena Mueller right now we ain't got time to wait the faster the better this ain't a joke anymore then we can start impeachment proceedings Trump his administration and his hand-picked cronies are walking all over Americans

Sounds like sexual harassment to me. Should have locked his ass up right there! It’s time to take Lady Justice for spin in order to test whether she’s truly blind. If Barr does not comply with the law, then lock 🔐 him up. I wouldn't have shaken his hand. Gentlemen greet each other like that, not gangsters who think they're above the law

Barr has officially become a selfentitled ass. Smug bastard who shouldn't even be in charge of a neighborhood watch group. He needs to be slapped. How arrogant. Republicans dont have an ethical or compassionate bone in their body. Democrats dont have a bone in their spine. jerraakers Nice Ow that’s funny

I guess he was going to confess. For a minute he might have had a conscious. The republicans are mocking the democrats now SpeakerPelosi show your leadership and conduct hearings now What an ass! Barr is typically the smartest guy in the room. Kinky We have to arrest you to find out if your guilty Barr needs to resign!

SmartassBarr Pride comes before the fall. How about that they think it’s funny?

Brilliant 'Democrats have accused the Trump administration of stonewalling their requests.' --- So, is there evidence to support this assertion? Is it the Dem's word against the administration's and no objective reality with which to compare their claims? This is not only smug and a mark of also borders on sexual harassment. Would he have said this to Chuck Schumer? I doubt it.

ImpeachBarr Sounds like an administration that is not ‘worried’ about ‘losing’ power What a disgrace he is to the office of the AG of the US. Complete ass She should have! Next time, I hope she does bring them. Lock him up ! Phat Phuck!

what an ass he is. I hope she told him to get fucked, in so many words. Oh snap! Oh No he didn't. Pelosi shot back, ' Oh you know I was kidding William'. Barr, no you weren't. I'm just calling you out as a fraud. What an embarrassing jerk SpeakerPelosi Lock him up! She should have asked him where his dinosaur Dino was.

Barr is considered a top funny man in the Kremlin BarrsArroganceWillPutHimInJail In his wildest dreams

Kinky. I would have guessed he was more into the French chambermaid thing. Total hubris. The Republicans ar stooping low as they can go. When they laugh in your face and you do nothing but wag your finger? Time to get out of the way. Glad to see his respect for our institutions is as robust as ever. What a pissant

If I was SpeakerPelosi I would have said 'I thought only Donald was into the kinda stuff'. Next time, she should. What an ass... an event honoring slain officers? What is wrong with him? No respect

I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t that what’s called a preemptive offer? bookhimdanno Thank you SpeakerPelosi for having such class in this environment. The clown had better be careful what he wish for. He has no scruples It is disgusting that he thinks this is just so funny. He believes HE has this wrapped up.

Was he flirting with her? Not cool, Bob. Lock his butt up! ImpeachBarr SpeakerPelosi This smug language is the stuff of autocracies. DisBARR Someone should wipe that smug smile off his face. What the hell? Disrespectful!

Savage. I find that remark to be snotty And Rightly so, Pelosi Corrupt as they come, I hope her days are numbered.....! Incredibly offensive behavior from this asshole. All we now have in gov't in this Admin. are a-holes, flouting the law. Call their bluff and lock up the whole lot of them! Now! Stop making nice! It's time to use the tools you've got! MakeTheGOPay LockUpBarr BarrObstructed

What an obsequious little toadie. POS Breaking laws is hilarious! Good Job AG Barr. Keep up the good work. He's a real smart ass, he need to be put in his place and right now.

FISAabuse JusticeIsComing DemocratsAreCorrupt Lol love Barr She should have! Crooked Barr! The time for politeness is over, and snark solves nothing. Punked her back. Sweet. They thought they could get Barr to break the law with their bs threats and a vast DNC propaganda machine spouting the party line 24/7.

I'm so glad that Speaker Pelosi has the elegance and grace about herself to conduct business with these criminals and clowns without coming unhinged. He is laughing in your face madam Speaker Pelosi Provocative statement from a scare man.

She should have. He needs to be impeached and disbarred..... immediately. Lock him up Clowning right in the open. Doesn’t take her or Democrats seriously. Think about that SpeakerPelosi. Be careful what you wish for, Mr. AG!!😂😂😂😂😂 Barr and Trump already know. And she responded... Not enough spine yet, but his day may come. Or at least impeachment, but I think obstruction might fit, too.

Laugh now fat boy, but American justice is coming for you. LockHimUp

She certainly should have Fat boy don't think you can't be touched.... A subscription scam to trick you to byte this FakeNews If she didn’t she should have! Wow. Taunting is not the best course mr atty gen Fat jerk! Barr is making a mockery of the Judicial system christineyhsd Just as Trump believes he's above the law SpeakerPelosi so does Barr, the question should be, what are you & HouseDemocrats going to do about it, let this goating you on & letting this lawlessness continue, is that the strategy? We voted for accountability & this has to stop!

Jeez are you kidding; I cannot believe this insanity mr.barr to make fun of this shows us you have no respect for the law and others in goverment. you are just like your buddy doing things your way... you are at the top and should atleast act like you should be there. did you not swear to up hold the consitution? then!

Pretty funny. Sounds like the fat little wierdo wanted to get kinky The level of disrespect is clear with these comments. What a cute sense of humor She should have got him arrested there and then. He is so smug he’s a dangerous man She should have And yet SpeakerPelosi and the DNC aren’t moving on impeachment proceedings

Pelosi should have responded with “Why? Did you forget yours?” you smart piece of shit Let's than months on the job, the AG of our nation is facing a contempt of Congress vote. Only the second time of our history. Is this new norm acceptable?

I sure hope she did Oh how I wish she would have slapped cuffs on him. As far as I’m concerned she should have brought them for the law breaker. barr has the same amount of guts that his and the darling of republicans party has with his 5 f's speaking badly of war hero JOHN MCCAIN!!!!! it's not the cuffs stupid. for treasonous acts,it is the hangman's rope!! you and the liar in chief will get. to bad though. waist of rop

Haha... Good one Hey, why didn’t she answer yes? Let them eat cake, he said. Trump’s Jester Barr perjured himself when he said that Mueller didn't object to the way he characterized the report in his 4 page summary. Mueller's 2 letters are testimony to that fact. His job is to represent US, not cover up for Trump. That arrogant ass is UNFIT to be our Attorney General.

Kinky. I guess Mango Mussolini’s hand picked AG feels embolden to make such a flippant remark to Speaker Pelosi! Definitely NOT professional, but I digress... we are talking about a corrupt administration!👎🏼🤬 Barr skated by the first time he was AG; Let’s make sure he skids this time She’s a joke might as well laugh in her face

He’s so smug ; wonder who he takes after.....hhmmmm No, my whip. Is that what realDonaldTrump did to him? That’s kindda kinky 🤭🤭🤭 Flaunting his obstruction of Congress. SpeakerPelosi should have had him arrested on the spot! It’s frustrating that we have an unfair justice system on top of a pathetically weak Democratic Leadership.

Hahaha Barr is friggin awesome!

Why are all Trumpy men ...Kinky? Like it’s been said often lately, the GOP is nothing but a cult that doesn’t give a damn about our country, constitution, or citizens. Only power and more of it. Rude Crude and Completely Unacceptable Careful what you wish for If it's one think leftists don't have, is a sense of humor.

This AG is a smart ass. I don’t want him representing me. PeterWelch SenatorLeahy SenSanders What a jerk!!! Not Attorney General material!!! Assh*le (Barr, that is). Barr: no kink-shaming? Smart ass comment is indicative of the Trump side. It’s go time democrats.

So now he’s mocking Congress. How disdainful this administration is of our Constitution. Shameful! Did she? What are they waiting for? Embarrassing and shameful behavior from anyone, let alone the Attorney General. KINKY Barr is an ASS Openly flaunting his disdain for the rule of law. I always knew he liked kinky sex

The lack of respect is staggering. Be careful what you wish for! And I am sure all of you Dems are very offended because that's your specialty. Absolutely no sense of humor

Barr your a bully just like your boss. The bar is now so low we can't even limbo beneath. LowBarr. Get those handcuffs ready Madam Speaker. I think all of Congress ought to have handcuffs at the ready. All those who don’t comply need to go to jail. Dems gotta start being tougher! She should have If only she’d been packing some it would’ve been hilarious.

Hardee friggin har har. Barr Burn!!!! I like that guy. Dems should worry. He means business! TRUMP/PENCE2020!!! Vile. Trolling her stupidity is so much fun. 'Barr asks Pelosi outside the Capitol, 'Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?' Yeah, It's all one big joke Mr. Barr. Gambling with our Constitution, rule of law and the U.S. Department of Justice. We Americans are really impressed.

I would pay to see him tasered and perp walked out! A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible. - Woodrow Wilson This sneering contempt for the rule of law in this country, as if there were a partisan exception, should be sufficient warning of how far this country has already strayed from core principles to satisfy the whims of a self-important fool.

Panic in DC LOL She's probably into that. LOL! No Fred Flintsone... he needs to be water boarded first, realDonaldTrump ‘s preference Go Barr...he knows what these evil people have done to try and destroy our country.. 'Soon, Mr. Barr, very soon,'

Pig. He'll be eating those words Is that supposed to be funny? Do we live in the Onion now? Wish Speaker TeamPelosi said to Barr TheJusticeDept, shut the f. Up, u ain’t brave as u think you’re by submit yourself to a coward loud mouth fraud. At bare min. your conscience is lockup all the way to hell. Comey RepCohen MSignorile maddow Lawrence cnnbrk tedlieu AOC

Was he asking for a friend Was he confessing? And her answer should have been YES I do. You can see this being widely quoted when he gets his comeuppance. Be careful what you wish for. Karma has a tendency of repaying corruption in due time. SMART ASS!!

Just like trump Barr has no class. No social graces and is an embarrassment t honest americans This USA administration has demonstrated that “the rule of law” is a legal fiction. Such professionalism. How arrogant! I’d have replied you bet I do and they have your initials on them. She should have! DisbarBarr LockHimUp

I guess it’s no longer true that no one is above the law What an ass Funny how the head of the DOJ flaunts the lack of respect for the laws of our country. Just say what you want anymore it’s the Trump Circus. He should be removed from his position. Mocking the legal process should get his ass thrown out on the street

LMFAO! He might be the greatest attorney general since Bill Barr! Cocky SOB. I'm looking forward to seeing him wearing two pair of cuffs. That's luck of respect! 😂😂 Arrogant MF he is not above the law This shows how low Barr has gone!!! TRUMP has brought disgrace to the office of the POTUS and Barr just did the same to the office of the Attorney General of the United States 🇺🇸!!! American Democracy is being severely eroded in this FARCE of an Administration

😂😂😂 fn awesome Sadly, GOP think the rule of law is a joke, this is where we are today. I hope she remembered the orange jumpsuit. Snitty comment.

Good for Barr👍. Call out the nonsense and shenanigans of House Democrats every chance you get. She should have asked Barr if he brought his knee pads—the ones he wears when rimming his boss. Barr is a badass 😂😂😂 Smug toad Ass SpeakerPelosi Madam Speaker...this is asinine to allow Corrupt AG Barr to treat you this way. This country is treating woman like trash and I’m fucking tired of it! If not now, WHEN?!?!? Something must be done to hold these complicit and corrupt politicians accountable!

We are going to laugh our asses off when they slam those iron bars in Barr's face. Kinky. KinkBarr Nothing like an AG who knows he is on the right side of the law against unlawful requests in the name of Congressional oversight.

Goofball. Why are all the president’s henchmen these fatfu*ks? Let the jackass Barr think that Trump would cover his ass,like he’s doing? This smart ass should be in cuffs. Arrogant. Bully. He thinks he’s smarter than anybody especially women. Let’s see who has the last laugh. Well done AG Barr 😂👌 Love this guy. Tired of cowards.

hardknoxfirst Because it’s funny for the USA attorney general to break the law!!!!! May the force be with him. He is taunting her

She should've said, 'No, Mr. John Mitchell, not yet.' She should have put cuffs on him. What an arrogant person. He feels above the law and untouchable. malinablue She should have told him to wait and bring a pair out of her purse. He is the Attorney General of the United States. We are not amused. To all the people who think this is so funny I just love the saying what comes around goes around it won’t be too funny Then and eventually it will. The precedent Trump and Republicans are setting will come around to bite them one day.

Jackass 15 yards for taunting, fatso! Pelosi should have immediately answered — “Why no, Bill,” wink-wink, “what do you have in mind, you naughty boy?” She should have had a taser for him! She should have kneed him in the nuts.

Is this supposed to be his Dick Cheney go-fck-yourself moment? Smug doesn’t fit that mug. From the looks of everything...I’d say SenateDems SpeakerPelosi and HouseDemocrats are being walked all over & beaten into submission. I must say, it’s sad. Any hope of true American democracy prevailing is slipping away, and fast. SenWarren...I side w/ you. IMPEACH NOW!

I want to be angry, but it’s just so sad. He doesn’t give a rat’s about the republic. That's really funny He actually thinks this is funny? I think he’s making light of the ridiculous statements Democrats in Congress have been making he has not broken one law zero zilch I think it’s sinking in that we may be in for another four years of the Trump presidency and some people are unable to handle that

Sort of a snitty remark methinks. Somewhat “snitty” isnt he? What an ass!

Can’t wait. Unamerican dirtbag. 'yes, two sets' He's a hoot. She will wait until aft 2020. Wish she had 'I'm cocky as shit about destroying the rule of law,' Barr continued. 'I don't know why. I think they drug the White House water. That sure as hell would explain a lot.' These entitled old white dudes need to GO! Fast!

SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler RepAdamSchiff SenKamalaHarris SenSchumer if you all let this go, and don’t seek to stop this blatant disregard for the rule of law, you deserve to lose your positions in Congress. Soon the cuffs will be on all of them.. Nancy is not a fool..

william. barr. who covers for the idiot in the white house. you are like a slithering snake with no evidence of law or fairness to the people of this coountry. What is it that you need so badly that would have you Fly in the Face of God. It is funny !! Locking up all the failed conspirators is going to be hilarious and fun to watch. No sympathy for criminals.

It’s sad the the GOP and this administration, including the AG who is supposed to be for America, not Trump, are all laughing at the Democrats. They have nothing but contempt for the oath they swore or for the constitution which they are trampling. Democrats are failing us. Finally someone with a sense of humor!

This right here is why you can’t win, Wapo. Pain is coming, you won’t be able to spin your way out. Liberals are short on humor Built to low I suppose. He needs a good dope slap. Honestly. Is there any respect left in trump administration....nope. How many Trump hires in handcuffs, 4-5? She should’ve punched him in the face, then looked pretend-shocked while yelling “I THOUGHT YOU SAID DID YOU BRING FISTICUFFS”

Oh those Washington jokesters. Always with the sharp wit and knee-slapping humor. Disgusting and juvenile but I expect nothing more from Barr. Arrogance SpeakerPelosi Barr talks like a tough guy but he is really a mouse ! Impeach his ass ! This is WaPo - are you people sure this is even true? She should have called the Sergeant at Arms out and had him arrested.

What an ass Barr is!!! He does NOT belong in AG!!! No shame whatsoever on Barr is it? They’re destroying our institutions and he think it’s a joke The neofascistic Trump cabal has zero fear of the feckless democratic congress.

Loving it! We need to put these corrupted dems in jail to shut the liberals up. Trump2020 Barr is a repugnant, partisan hack. If that true than it shows the partisans he is leaning for. Hey may want to be careful what he asks for. BillBarrResign This is you sir any questions 😂 Pelosi should’ve asked Barr did he bring some soap and not to drop it in jail.

BillBarrResign I swear to God, SpeakerPelosi should’ve tased him on the spot.

It’s hilarious because lawless president and his criminal allies are undermining democracy. He should do stand up! In jail. Nancy I told you to fight back dam I friggin love this guy!! What an a$$ Every bully needs to be repeatedly knocked to the ground until he admits defeat. Smart ass. What an arrogant tool.

She should bring a muzzle at the least. “Why, Bill, are you propositioning me?” Haha 😂 Good for him

This is no joking matter. Jail time must be real if Congress is to be taken seriously. See, even Barr knows he should be locked up? Ask Roger Stone how funny that attitude is now. Meanwhile, in the replies Pride goeth before the fall. Soon Is there a way to issue a criminal warrant and a bounty against Barr and allow any citizen to make an arrest and bring him to a court and collect a bounty.

Please let the answer be yes I think he asked to be dominatrixed.

White House lawyer tells Congress all demands will be refused... Trump is officially a dictator CuffBarr I wish she would have you smug toad. He's an arrogant SOB and yes Barr does belong in prison along with deranged Donny Ag Barr - u r a disgrace disbarbarr Now he can run back to donny for a pat on his square head

He thinks he is untouchable - wipe the smile off his face hold him accountable for his lies I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE DATING, I THOUGHT HE WAS IN BED WITH Trump. What a smug S O B . Let’s hope the joke is on him. He is an embarrassment to his office and the country.

What he and Trump don’t get, swing voters are tired of the endless school yard drama. Farmers, for example, see right through his BS What an arrogant a-hole. House should exercise it's inherent power and arrest the SOB for contempt of Congress and hold him up on the Hill. There are places they can do it ...FBI director should order security detail to stand down!

Getting kinky What an a$$hole He and Kavanaugh have the same Bro Jackass gene...seems to serve one well in GOP circles. I don't even want to think about what kinky stuff is going on between those two. It's not funny. COMPLETE DISRESPECT! Stand tall Speaker Pelosi the world is aware of your lifelong contributions & we’re also very cognizant of their lack of contributions as well as their total disregard for the constitution and judicial system, US Democracy is under threat of Dictatorship⏳⚖️

He's thumbing his nose at the so-called Dem leadership. We need some hardballers to take the reins. Pelosi and Nadler are both Zionist shills... Pelosi answered: “You’re not worth it.”

She has people for that USMS Again,,libs are clueless. Barr is the real deal. The media should be held accountable for the unhinged women's husbands pain. Pelosi, McCain, Schumer, etc...are/were perfect examples of what happens to people when they are left in office to long... If I hear one more reporter, Republican never Trumper, former DOJ pundit on MSNBC say how surprised they are that Barr is a lying schmuck, I’d like to remind them of his behavior during the Iran Contra scandal. He’s the same liar he was then.

Some people never grow up. Trouble is SpeakerPelosi and the HouseJudiciary/HouseIntel/HouseDemocrats are not doing ANYTHING to dissuade AG Barr and/or Putin's Puny Puppet POTUS from thinking they're above the law. They are laughing at TheDemocrats. Let Bluto yuk it up while he can... Do you think she is kinky?

Handcuffs? Hell, I'm thinking more like how Garland Greene was trussed up in Con Air. THAT's what he needs.

Billy Barr FAKEAG probably mistakenly thinks he is going to his pervert sex dungeon trip, instead of to the Capitol for his Trump cover up work. How disgusting is that? The AG of the US joking with Pelosi asking if she brought her handcuffs! I sure hope she brings those handcuffs next time, and will lock him up.

She’s a putz.... Barr just might be asking for the political key on their next encounter and not joking. LOL. Go get em Barr!!!! Next stop Supreme Court That's hysterical!! Pompous asshat. Wow he got jokes. Pathetic

Me thinks a lot of shit is getting ready to rain down on the Dems, Comey, Brennan et al...Durham has been in place much longer than the recent announcement along with a Grand jury in Conn... another “my memory has been shredded” moment This guy is such a snot. I can't stand him. (and he looks like Fred Flintstone)

Epic troll, Barr know that dems have zero legs to stand on. They will eventually slip on the proverbial banana peel. Trolling? These Republicans take absolute delight in destroying the rule of law in this country. And she answered ‘no, but come a little closer, I have something for you’ and then wham! 💥

He is a pig! Too bad she didn’t have any Obviously the Democrats are worried and trying to create the narrative on Barr and discredit him so when his ongoing investigations are finished and surely bad news for the Dems. They can try and discredit them as well Funny, funnnnnnnnyyyyyy

So unprofessional and disrespectful!! Pelosi is the adult once again! Barr is on trumps level. Thinking middle school! He wishes! What is it with these conservative guys and their need to be submissive to women in power. Joking aside, TeamPelosi really...where are the handcuffs🤷🏼‍♀️ She should’ve said, “No, but I did bring a ball gag for your ignorant mouth.”

Barr feels he can disrespect Pelosi because he’s working for Trump. Here’s the truth , the investigators have been under investigation for 8 months , Barr was confirmed 3 months ago. Get ready liberals Yuck it up while you can, crooked fool. Did Barr find the FBI blackmail file on Pelosi? It goes back aways ....

She'll need them. Democrats and RINOs will be held accountable. Time to stop these misogynistic Male asswipes who think they can push around women.

She should have told him she doesn’t need handcuffs and then throat punched him. But instead she gave the bully a professional response while counting down his demise. .TheJusticeDept AGBarr: If she didn’t, America will. Not funny. SpeakerPelosi It’s time you show this disrespectful sad excuse of an AG what you are made of. Have this smug man arrested. Do not let him mock the country he is supposed to represent instead of kissing up to 45

I hope they don’t get kinky. We have a right to expect adult behavior from our AG. It could have been a worse communication... like... canceling her International publicity tour flight with 90 of her closest family members while they were on a bus headed to the airport. After being AG for the next 6 yrs. I'd like to see a President Barr.

jokes on him No. Pelosi is too old to play kinky games. Perhaps AOC?

She has other people that carry the handcuffs and guns... and a badge! Dear God, please grant me the wish to live long enough to see this guy spend some jail time. After Trump is out, so he cannot be pardoned. please please. Well Pelosi isn’t going to do much about it. This is how republicans utilize their power. They will use it and rub your nose on the ground. Dems think those folks are joking. Keep thinking that.

I am sick of all of them. Washington DC needs an enema. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I fucking love AG Barr he’s my hero 😡😡😡 She should have laid him out right then and there. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸rule of law 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 love it!

Just waiting for DOJ to continue all investigations despite Barr. Everybody’s a comedian now.

Smug a**hole The perfect comeback from Pelosi would have been: 'Why? Are you turning yourself in?' Wooow and this guy was confirmed Please tell me there will be a time when this fat turtle has to pay for his crimes against the country. Smug little moron laughing while he's working behind the scenes to take down our republic and replace it with an autocracy.

Love this guy Nancy response- “Did you bring your Balls or is Trump still holding them” Lol love him! Did Pelosi respond by asking Barr if he brought the unredacted Mueller Report? Awesome, she threatened to have him arrested! Indictments are coming, how will WP report the news when radicals are actually indicted?

It’s all funny to him. That’s fucking cute

The only one thing Barr likes to kiss is Trumps ass. BARR IS A MONSTER. HE HAS FLIPPED TO THE DARK SIDE FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE DEMON, DONALD TRUMP. HE THINKS NOBODY CAN STOP HIM... ..wait for it She should he is counting on them doing nothing and I think he is right Democrats all talk no substance. Just what I like in an AG of the USA....flippancy.

Pelosi replied: Did you even read the Mueller report? smug piece of shit. So smug. The White House Joker? Just waiting for karma lol

This administration keeps trolling dems and they’re just taking it smh 😂 Next time they meet, she should Troll level Ninja. His fantasy To make matters even more awkward, she did, and the kinky sex they had in the courtyard made everyone extremely uncomfortable. Jerk!

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Perspective | Alabama’s abortion bill is not about Alabama. It’s about tossing Roe v. Wade. He left a gun in a WWII Jeep at a baseball game. Then an 8-year old shot his mother.