'Did you bring your handcuffs?' AG Barr ribs Pelosi about contempt finding

The attorney general joked about the House Judiciary Committee's finding that he should be held in contempt of Congress.


'Did you bring your handcuffs?' AG Barr asked Speaker Pelosi today. She smiled and indicated that the Sergeant at Arms was present should an arrest be necessary.

The attorney general joked about the House Judiciary Committee's finding that he should be held in contempt of Congress.

Attorney General William Barr kidded Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday about an impending vote to find him in contempt of Congress.

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Not so cute moment for NP with her blocking Impeachment 😑😐 Maybe Nancy and Bill hooked up back in the day and handcuffs were involved? Juvenile school yard behavior by the AG. Fake news, Hitler also, had his third Reich and Mr. Barr is similar. I'm beginning to dislike SpeakerPelosi I think she may have sold out to the dark side, shes allowing them to sweep and mop the floor with her and pretty soon there won't be nothing left & kick her to the curb and take over. WTF... ENOUGH!!

voodoorider84 Smug mf’r kitchen5203 She should have slapped him in the side of the head. These Trumper assholes think they can say and do anything they want. They couldn’t care less about being censured or being held in contempt and will only get bolder until somebody snatches them off the ground by the collar.

Funny, I’m glad you keep rerunning it every 2 hours Tick, tock Demoncrats. Can any pro colorist tell me WTF you call his hair color?

House panel votes to hold AG Barr in contempt over Mueller reportIn rare move, House panel votes to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not providing full Mueller report to Congress WilliamBarr Lets just wrap this up it has been boring for two years now.

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Damn realDonaldTrump is really orange in daylight. Wow didn't anyone tell him? And he has the nerve to make fun of people. Maybe white house doesn't have mirtors6 Trump has no neck, just a giant head with fake hair. Ugliest so-called President. Love it Trump’s like, “who invited marble mouth” to my party? And Barr is like, “ that’s marble mouth!!” 🤣

His is not a “rib”. It is a mob tactic. Call it what it is. Stop legitimizing this behavior. Arrest him. Arrest him. Come on. SpeakerPelosi “ He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best “ Lock him up Do not mess with her.. She was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to say. This is a blatant lie made up by cnn. Talk about fake news.

Trump 'so proud' of AG Barr for probe into origins of Russia investigationAttorney General Bill Barr has tapped the U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham to oversee the probe into the origins of the Russia investigation. Suddenly, Democrats are opposed to investigations. Of Course he would compliment a brainwashed lackey.

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he won't be joking from a jail cell. Wouldn't have it been so cool if she had him arrested, right then and there! Great story three days ago, News is intended to be “new”! Pelosi had better be ready to handcuff Schitt and Nadler for their attempts of a Coup... Barr should loose his license to practice law. He's a pathetic excuse for an attorney. If this doesn't destroy what was a questionable career then someone is not doing their job. He's just another trump crime family lackey.

Too bad she couldn’t smack that disrespectful asshole in the face right then and there! Barr must be impeached from office and then indicted for his offenses against our Constitution! Would love to see the look on Pelosi’s face when they take Barr away in handcuffs. Congress should enforce the law. What a awful question

I cant wait for that day to become a reality. these soulless near humans will get theirs in the future, and history will be the truth teller. worst Pres. and worst ever AG. no doubt about it. Don't mess with Nancy. ImpeachmentHearingsNow PutinsGOP ContemptOfCongress LockJuniorUp LockLindseyUp LockMnuchinUp LockPenceUp LockIvankaUp LockJaredUp LockKellyanneUp LockTrumpUp LockRudyUp LockMitchUp LockBarrUp ReplacePelosi BoycottFoxNews LockCarsonUp LockMillerUp

The Latest: House panel votes to hold AG Barr in contemptWASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report (all times local): 4:30 p.m. The House Judiciary Committee has voted to hold Attorney... Dems are like a psycho ex girlfriend that doesn't want to admit the relationship is over. Good. We’re ready!

That happened today (again) ? Please explain.... Barr chortled, turned around, and walked away. Durham has a grand jury. janattheocean She shoulda brought a taser— and aimed directly under his beer belly Still running with this has been story....? How about you report on the booming economy.. Slow news day for

they should arrest her !!!!!!!!! Yup! Because they are taking this as a joke- u know why? Cuz Dems are displaying they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to begin impeachment proceedings! I’m sorry- fuck political strategy-this is ur job under constitution!! Politics be damned! It’s all talk talk talk! Act!!!

He’s laughing at you Speaker Pelosi This is 1 week old.

In rare move, House panel votes to hold AG Barr in contempt over Mueller reportDuring the House Judiciary Committee meeting, Chairman Jerry Nadler said Congress' fight is 'not just about the Mueller report.' He is full of shit! Anddddddd get ready for the alt-right, mentally incompetent, and deranged Trump fangirls coming to defend their MAGA cult leader. So this is why nothing is getting done. Democrats are too busy doing this nonsense. hurricaneMichael flooding2019

No handcuffs...but I bet she’d wished she had brought a cattle prod. 🤣 OMG...that would have made an awesome video🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪 Contemptuous Burr is asshxle! He is not worthy! He laughed about it. Wait till arrest you in one day we will mock AG Burr! Go prison with your crooked trump in same room in the prison!

. The Speaker should have explained that they had to send for handcuff extenders to fit around his fat little wrists. And I am required to contribute to this arrogant POS’s salary when he clearly does not work in the country’s interests. This is dictator politics. You corrupt the truth to create animosity within the electorate. You encourage impeachment to play the victim card. You create a war or at least a rumor of one to secure a re-election (no sitting president has been ousted of office in war time). Wake up

They are making a mockery of a more than serious situation!! Looks like a brat! Our President! This happened like last week yeah? He knew he committed a crime. POTUS has DEMOCRATS twisted into pretzels. Things are so good they can’t figure out what to bitch about.

Jeff Sessions and Chris Christie talk AG Barr with Stephanie RuhleStephanie Ruhle talks to Ali Velshi about her conversation with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the SALT conference in Las Vegas. SRuhle AliVelshi Salt conference seems like the perfect name for the MSNBC newsroom. SRuhle AliVelshi OMG, that poor chair. chrischristie SRuhle AliVelshi CHRISTIE MADE RUHLE LOOK EXTREMELY FOOLISH.

Nancy Pelosi for Prez 10th time with this? Border Crisis Opioid Crisis Barr is a cartoon buffoon. I guess Barr thinks following the law is just a big joke. How Pelosi keeps her cool just astounds me. Hardy har har, that Fake AG is a laugh riot. 🖕Bill Barr! TheJusticeDept In my opinion, lock him up for not obeying law.

What a shameful show of disrespect. Barr has sacrificed every shred of his reputation. So sorry for his family. Must be hard to show their face anywhere. Donnie always has a fur lined pair in his jacket pocket for those chance encounters with porn stars or playmates. Barr knows he will never be arrested. I hope he miscalculated. investigateBarrNow

Get 'em Madam Speaker. LockHimUp

Trump 'so proud' of AG Barr for efforts to probe Russia investigation originsAttorney General Bill Barr has tapped the U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham to oversee the probe into the origins of the Russia investigation, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to ABC News, an effort that President Donald Trump said on Tuesday makes him 'so proud Isn't it amazing how quickly chicken Barr appointed someone to look into the origin of the Russia probe, but can't get a damn full report to congress? trump is no judge or legal scholar or even a man of integrity. he can't comprehend a simplified weather map. Oh yes, he thinks Barr is great. Until the first time Barr disappoints him in any way. Then he will claim he barely knew him and he’s an idiot. Just wait.

That is contemptuous enough righ there. Lock them up! 316alco jodotcom Wonder will Barr avoid Capital Hill if he's found. In contempt of congress Bill Barr will be the 5th on Mt. Rushmore after he's through with investigating the slimey previous administration. Like a baws The arrogance of Barr n Trump. DT finally got Barr to be his Roy Cohn who was DT personal lawyer n fixer. Our institutions r compromised.

She should have brought the noose No hanging? Lock him up Wtf!!

Barr jokes about contempt vote against him at farewell ceremony for Rod RosensteinThe deputy attorney general, who supervised special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, steps down on Saturday. That’s because it funny. It’s all a big joke to trumps personal attorney who is occupying the Attorney Generals Office Seems a bit nervous. It's clearly on his mind.

You should have said, “Yes, the question is will I have to use them?” SpeakerPelosi Yea most Americans know this is a political joke. However keeps doubling down thinking it helps with ratings. Clearly it doesn’t Smug sob, isn’t he? Don’t worry AG Barr your time is coming sooner than later !👍🏻 So Barr is into bondage?

The Sergeant at Arms should have used them! Mehdi Hasan is powerful !!!!!! Facts Matters!!!!!!! Tiffany Cross is powerful !!!!!! Facts Matters!!!!!! Malcolm Nance is powerful !!!!! Facts Matters!!!!! Watching MSNBC AM Joy Reid!!! Later I'll watch MSNBC Politics Nation Rev Al Sharpton!! Facts Matters SpeakerPelosi Today would be a good day to announce the start of the aggressive investigation and impeachment you've been inexplicably avoiding. America deserves accountability.

This is OLD not even news Huh. I guess there IS some truth to every joke. Barr subconsciously let Pelosi know he intentionally misled the president AND the American people, with his “summation” of the Mueller Report.

Trump: 'Mueller no friend of mine,' up to Barr if he testifiesPresident Donald Trump criticized special counsel Robert Mueller and said that it is 'up to' Attorney General William Barr if Mueller can testify before Congress. And Barr will do whatever Trump orders him to do. Barr already agreed under oath to Mueller testifying. Their paper law games are transparent. 'Edgar Bergen says he is leaving it up to Charlie McCarthy whether Mueller should testify' (for people under the age of 80) 'Jeff Dunham says he is leaving it up to Peanut whether Mueller should testify'

American Democracy and the Rule of Law has evaporated under the criminal regime of realDonaldTrump . The top Law Enforcement Official openly defy and mock our laws. I see the second American Revolutionon the horizon. Thanks to the complicity of the GOP and a weak DNC . We’ll see who ends up in handcuffs. Won’t we.

Barr is such a pompous a...… Looks like an ad for cholesterol levels Barr is a joke as AG! There had to be better choices. Watching MSNBC AM Joy Reid !!!!!!! SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler McConnell won’t let you pass anything. Barr taunts you to your face. Mnuchin defies your authority. Impeachment for Trump and Barr. Hold them accountable, show all voters their crimes. Show Dem voters you care. Evil wins when good people do nothing.

Book ‘me Nancy! Bend his arm way back!⚖️👮🏼‍♀️ Lock him up. See if he laughs then Maybe he was ready to confess

Barr assigns US attorney to review Russia inquiryAttorney General William Barr has assigned the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut to examine the origins of the Russia investigation, according to NYT reporting. Reporter Michael Schmidt joins the discussion. What a joke A frickin men

I can’t stand that’s smug a& mf Barr She is prideful. Get that witch out of Congress. This dance is getting old. Snark doesn't get us very far. Please lock him up Glad he thinks his actual contempt of Congress is a joke. CorruptAG TheyAreTheSwamp If only there was something SpeakerPelosi could do other than make a snarky comment...

They all think they’re above the law. Treasonous bastards. Lock him up. *whatever TheDemocrats are under the microscope now. Did you play a part in the leaking of classified information ? I find it crazy that so many Americans have ruined either their careers or reputation to protect a guy who would trash them in a second.

Novartis buys Takeda's dry eye drug for $3.4 billionSwiss drugmaker Novartis AG said on Wednesday it agreed to acquire Takeda Pharma... For real 😳 This is money 💰 laundry. But still legal 🤦🏻‍♂️ Does that include “CATALIN” and other products too ? I was associated in the marketing of Takeda products at Pakistan during 1970-1974.

So FYI to all those law and order people. A missed opportunity for her to have simply replied: 'why, have you broken any laws'? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ He's thumbing his nose at you Nancy. Again I’ll say it, she is classy ...... he is an a****le😇 Love Barr. Devoted to finding the truth behind the conspiracy to overthrow Trump and still finds time to troll the libs.

Hey Barr, it's a valid concern. Guilty conscience? Perfect response from Nancy.. All the criminals involved in Watergate were arrogant too. The truth always congres out. Nancy has become a joke...a caricature of a Speaker. Old time power politics...all about power and zero concern about the Country. Look at her lack of action as we are literally being overrun with Illegal Immigrants?! No Patriot this jackass...

*4 days ago Making fun of serious things is a Trump trademark. Playing along makes things worse, not better.

Dems vote to hold AG in contempt as Trump asserts privilege over full Mueller reportBREAKING: The House Judiciary Committee votes along party lines to advance a resolution to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt of Congress for not complying with a subpoena for special counsel Robert Mueller's unredacted report. Nobody Cares! realDonaldTrump

That is so ball busting funny stuff! What did Barack know and when did he know it? LOCK HIM UP!🤬 Sounds like sexual harassment. It is time to get serious. If Congress has powers, it is time to put those powers to work. We don't need more talk or threats, just action. DO SOMETHING!!!! Lol she ain’t gonna do shit but be snarky and protect capital

Pelosi’s answer was brilliant. Y’all are the fake news of retweet’s and repeats , same ole crap from a week ago . Get some real journalists. Libs shot themselves in the foot with the Mueller report. Not going to age well in this next election! Hey Yessss. 👠👠💃🏼

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