As cases spike, Trump's ad strategy targeting senior citizens: I recovered from COVID-19, so can America

Americans over 65 account for nearly 80% of the coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S. since the outbreak began, according to CDC data.

10/18/2020 1:30:00 PM

Americans over 65 account for nearly 80% of the coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S. since the outbreak began, according to CDC data.

“Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it,” said Trump of COVID-19 a day after the USA had nearly 70,000 new cases. “You’re going to beat it.”

, the nation's top infectious disease expert, called for it to be taken down because it includes a clip of him that was taken out of context.Following the line about Trump's leadership, Fauci is shown saying,"I can't imagine that anybody could be doing more." The comment, in fact, was referring to the work of the coronavirus task force, not the job the president was doing.

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Trump revisited the coronavirus theme in online ads,including one on Facebookthat showed him speaking from the White House.“Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it,” said Trump, who suggested he might be immune. “You’re going to beat it.”The ads highlighted a priority in Trump's campaign advertising: responding to Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who has criticized the president as reckless and incompetent in handling the virus that so far killed more than so many Americans and forced 30 million to file for unemployment.

Campaign advertising is one of the ways that candidates can reach voters most directly, with detailed messages tailored for specific voters. The Biden campaign's fundraising advantage allowed the challenger to buy double or triple the television ads in key battlegrounds while outspending Trump nationwide. But advertising won't necessarily dictate the winner, as Trump demonstrated in 2016 when Democrat Hillary Clinton outspent him.

Biden has spent $223 million airing television ads 356,366 times since April 9, according to theWesleyan Media Project. For comparison, Trump spent $161 million on 261,633 airings during the same period, the study found.During September, Biden spent $153 million on television and radio ads, nearly tripling Trump’s $57 million, according to Advertising Analytics. But outside groups narrowed the difference to $189 million supporting Biden and $127 million supporting Trump, according to Advertising Analytics. Trump is also able to get his message out for free through televised rallies and speeches.

The gap narrowed as the campaigns head to the finish line, but Biden kept a significant advantage. From Sept. 28 through Oct. 11, Biden’s campaign spent nearly $56 million to air television ads 80,000 times while Trump’s campaign spent nearly $32 million to air ads 32,000 times, according to the

Wesleyan study.Trump’s most prolific television ad last week said he"delivered the impossible" and would continue to fight the country’s reliance on China, eradicate the coronavirus and make medicines in the U.S. Trump also set a goal of creating 10 million jobs in 10 months.

"This is President Trump’s vision of America, one of boundless optimism and certainty in America’s greatness,"said the ad that aired more than 10,000 times during the week ending Oct. 9, according to the tracking firm Advertising Analytics.The ad highlighted common themes in Trump’s campaign advertising. The president mentioned jobs in 53% of his ads, infectious diseases in 47% and China in 44%, according to the

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Wesleyan analysis of the ads. Read more: USA TODAY »

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Where did they get it from? School kids? carenbohan That will happen when you’re the only country in the world counting “with vs from” as COVID19 deaths. Only 6% of deaths are actually FROM covid. covidiocy FakeNews ScottAtlas The Virus came from China, when Trump tried to stop travel from China the Dems called him every name in the book.. The Dems are responsible for the spread of the virus.

Remember Trump wants to sacrifice seniors to keep the stock market numbers up. He also has defunded SS and promises to make it permanent. When will people realize, you can't beat Mother Nature, in the end she always wins! How stupid is this? 80% of all deaths are over 65. Herd immunity policy is 'Lets let Grandma & Grampa die of covid 19'. I guess the Trumpists believe in natural selection.

How many of these deaths were caused by Governor's putting COVID sick people in nursing infecting others elderly patients? With all due respect, I’ll wait for the CDC to maintain regular order before believing their COVID data Probably from the nursing homes in NYNYGovCuomo MILLIONS HAVE SURVIVED THE VIRUS THAT CHINA GAVE TO THE WORLD..PRAISE GOD..GOD BLESS THE WONS WE HAVE LOST IN THIS WAR..CHINA IS THE VILLAIN IN THE DEATHS OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD..

Yeah... All of us Seniors need to jump on the Trump Death Train. HE NEEDS TO GO. I thought they were just supposed to take one for the team and die? Wasn't that the strategy when we figured this out 6 months ago? USAT creating more fiction on their website. Older voters fleeing Trump… Trump hurtle with those already decided. HEY DUDES, the early voting in many states favors Trump! YOU ARE CLOWNS

Dear Senior Americans: COVID-19 Donald will continue to be the death of you unless you get his DA our of the office of the government. Vote Biden/Harris ticket. Then I dont feel bad, they lived their lives. Ill be happy if I make it to 60yo. This world is too ugly to continue to live and not be able to do anything. God is not here to help us in this world but believe in Jesus and he'll save us after.

Takes away others healthcare and then brags that he got better with access to the best care available But the fake president has so many experimental drugs pumped into his body, drugs that normal Americans can not afford! FakePresidentMustGo! Like HillaryClinton, JoeBiden the Democrat’s choice that ensures FOURMOREYEARS with realDonaldTrump

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That figure makes sense What bullshit. I don’t think he had it. It was ploy. After the ritish PM got sick and recovered, he got a sympathy bump on the polls. Trump would probably die if he did have it. Yeah, Donald assign every senior dozens of doctors and provide access to all the experimental treatments.

Causal factors there most likely are Nursing home environment then age. Other countries might not have similar setups. The age of the people dying does not matter. Many of these 65+ year olds like my mother were in very good health and this damned virus is eating them like M&M's. Trump needs to stop downplaying the virus.

Trump is literally killing our grandparents. People of the world. Please help. My child needs urgent surgery. He has a heart defect. If you can help, go to my profile, all the information about my son's condition is there. If you don't have surgery anytime soon, my son will die. Please help save your son

Fauci was taken out of context lol another sellout newspaper that I left off the list. You can pay for the news to be written how you want now. If you have enough money, you can tell them to print anything. America, the days of reading real news is over. It’s all propaganda! We've know this for how long?

good boy

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Trump falsely cites CDC data on mask-wearing, catching COVID-19Pres. Trump makes false claims about CDC study findings on people who wear masks, and several experts say the president misinterpreted the data in a potentially dangerous way. dustyj1621 Can you fact check Biden’s town hall?

'SNL': Weekend Update Tackles Trump Town Hall, COVID-19 and QAnonOn SNL, Weekend Update touched on Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and recent town hall event, including the moment when Trump claimed he didn’t know what QAnon was to moderator Savannah Guthrie FakeNews Typical cheapshots. Complete waste of time Just going to leave this right here...

Kansas City hospitals overwhelmed, some forced to turn away ambulances as COVID-19 cases jumpHospitals in and around Kansas City, Missouri, are overwhelmed amid a troubling spike in COVID-19 cases that has forced some facilities to refuse non-emergency care and others to turn away ambulances due to over-occupancy. But yet they will vote for tRump Isn’t funny just weeks before the election and suddenly the China Virus is spiking just as predicted reminder 1st 2 weeks of fentanyl Floyd riots it completely disappeared from all news feeds Holy Bitcoin! Mathematically it HAS to keep going up in price!The big investors announced they have bought more bitcoin than is being produced. So the only bitcoin available is from the few impatient people taking profits now. When they run out, demand will shoot up! Bitcoin=$🙃

France posts record number of new COVID-19 casesThe French health ministry reported a record number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Saturday at 32,427, after reporting 25,086 on Friday. Masks work everybody. If we just instituted a mask mandate, there would be no COVID deaths. One step closer to the herd! competing with USA, India, Brazil?

Belgium to tighten COVID-19 restrictions as cases soarBelgium is expected to tighten restrictive measures at a government meeting on COVID-19 on Friday as infections soar and hospitals risk running out of beds. Meanwhile, Sweden...