Trump falsely cites CDC data on mask-wearing, catching COVID-19

President Donald Trump falsely claimed Thursday that a CDC study found the vast majority of people who wear a mask contract COVID-19. Experts are pushing back.

10/17/2020 5:01:00 PM

Pres. Trump makes false claims about CDC study findings on people who wear masks, and several experts say the president misinterpreted the data in a potentially dangerous way.

President Donald Trump falsely claimed Thursday that a CDC study found the vast majority of people who wear a mask contract COVID-19. Experts are pushing back.

Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Donald Trump speaks at a rally held at Pitt-Greenville Airport in Greenville, N.C., Oct. 15, 2020.President Donald Trump speaks at a rally held at Pitt-Greenville Airport in Greenville, N.C., Oct. 15, 2020.

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The CDCreportTrump was referring to was published last month and found that dining out raised the risk of COVID-19 infection more than other social activities. The study was not designed to look at mask effectiveness but surveyed the behaviors of 314 symptomatic people who sought out

coronavirustesting at 11 particular sites around the country in July.It found that of 154 symptomatic people who had tested positive, 85% said they had worn a mask either"always" or"often" over the 14 days prior to the onset of their illness -- where Trump's number came from. It also found that of the remaining 160 people in the study who reported symptoms but had tested negative, 88.7% said they had worn a mask either"always" or"often."

MORE: Risk of COVID-19 exposure on planes 'virtually nonexistent' when masked, study showsAfter the study gained attention on social media this week with users raising questions on the effectiveness of wearing a mask, the CDC tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that"the interpretation that more mask-wearers are getting infected compared to non-mask wearers is incorrect."

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former Food and Drug Administration chief in the Trump administration, pushed back on the president's inaccurate interpretation Friday morning and stressed that masks are effective in slowing the spread."Masks are not a panacea, but they're going to afford you a level of protection," Gottlieb

toldCNBC."In an environment where the alternative is having a raging epidemic that's going to force some kind of economic dislocation, I'd rather try to get everyone in masks and I'd rather try to get them in high-quality masks because we know it's going to slow down the transmission. It's going to have an impact."

He noted most studies on the effectiveness of masks have shown that wearing one reduces the transmission of the virus by blocking respiratory droplets.Evan Vucci/APPresident Donald Trump throws face masks into the crowd as he arrives for a campaign rally at Orlando Sanford International Airport, Oct. 12, 2020, in Sanford, Fla.

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President Donald Trump throws face masks into the crowd as he arrives for a campaign rally at Orlando Sanford International Airport, Oct. 12, 2020, in Sanford, Fla. Read more: ABC News »

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Biden says he’ll 'transition' energy industry. Trump and surrogates say he’ll kill U.S. jobs.

No true. More media spin. Read the CDC website This isnt misinterpreted unless it's not being used the way they want you too. 85% of people who always or often wear a mask still got covid. Which goes by what everyone says, even Lord Fauci, the masks have little affect. I still wear them at the store or around coworkers, but..

MORE ANTI TRUMP BULLSHIT FAKE FUCKING HEADLINES. FROM THE TRUMP HATING NETWORK AND PROPAGANDA WING. FOR THE DEMOCRATS AT ABC NEWS ! TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020 ! He is Killer Trump spreading the Trump virus to as many Americans as he can before the election for a diversion. See here's the thing! Trump is on a ship that's sinking, because he's still believing his own lies, and he's taking the Republicans Party right down with him! Tell me he cares about anyone? Except being the star on T.V. and big campaigns to shine for the People?

The stable American genius knows it all and so the people cult who believe in him 🙄 This is what I dislike about him the most. The lies.... No lying Communist ABC, what he said came from ur Communist WHO who also said shutting down the country was the wrong thing to do! Liberal Communist media LIES! They know they lie but they still LIE!!

He knows people will die because of his lies. He should be locked up for crimes against humanity. Trump lives and loves to promote National and Racial division and hate. He promotes home grown terror groups and will not come out against them as the terrorist and racist people love him . It is a fact Add it to the dozens of criminal charges that trump will be indicted on .

Stop calling him the president. He's too stupid and racist to hold that title. I don’t think he’s smart enough to even read data. He is going to catch the virus again, but if he doesn't care why should anyone eles? ABC is completely wrong as usual!!!!!!! Your company is truly biased so you should STAY OUT OF POLITICS. You DONT get to tell us what YOU think. We DONT CARE.

Enough using excuses - he didn't misinterpret data he picks and chooses what he likes hearing or anything the opposite of the Democrats. When Politics becomes a problem is using it for a pandemic - I BLAME TRUMP POTUS I never stop being amazed when Trump tells the truth about ANYTHING. Must suck to be a Democrat Thinking of excuses for everything to make the President look bad

just started reading “Revelations”, gotta know what to expect if Orange Man cheats to win again Because he’s stupid Um no they actually said mask dont work. Here we go again with the fake news media. You really should be working on the corruption from the crime family of the Biden's. But they pay you so therefore you look the other way. So not journalists!!!

That is literally what ABC does every day!!! Fake pedophile protector news!!! Has he does is spread lies and amazing the entire GOP party follows. What a party of yellow backs and empty characters. We are the news now. You failed. Trump is the greatest threat to the public health of the nation. He and the virus make a great team.

🤮 The dude is a serial liar and a sociopath. No reason to use the word 'potentially' there. Everything he said was the truth We keep telling How Dangerous He is! He has so much Death on His Watch! We have to get Him Out by Voting and helping Other to get to the polls and Vote! Mask police You need to self reflect before attacking Trump. The media rubbish and corruption is a disgrace. The glass houses versus the stone. One might gain awareness of media self-destruction. Crashing yourselves against the stone. FYI... glass breaks & splinters

The most important takeaway from this headline is “Pres. Trump is dangerous!” ABC sucks Business as usual for this guy😘 Honestly, lettheStupidtRumpersdie And everybody give them wide berth... anyone you know went to a tRump rally, treat like they have the plague, cause theydo He lies as soon as he opens his mouth. Too bad there are those who still believe what he says.

Last night in Portland the rioters tore down the statues of Lincoln and San F Calif. anti American group Antifa attacked peaceful protesters who were marching for freedom of speech. Where is that story? False claims...come on LIES call it what it is LIES ABC the CDC 'knows' that COVID19 is 'not' Airborne. The Air 'is' a Natural Element that 'replenishes' itself. If airborne we all would be dead, no life would exist. So,'mask' wearing is confined to closed spaces & social distancing? People ate having sex direct phys contact. Isis

Biden where is the truth he is comprised by China.. You are Fake News for a reason... if that big mouth clown ever told the truth he would probably dissolve into a puddle of wet crap 85% of positive cases declared the always/almost always wore a mask....FACT!!! 70% ALWAYS wore a mask 15% Almost always wore a mask Vote VoteAmerica VoteAmericaFirst 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

CrazyUncleTrump thinks science is magic and COVID-19 will disappear... Trump also misinterpreted his claims! “ Hey! hydroxychloroquine does work! Mmm Rocky Road? Ahh CHOC-CO- LATE!” Lol 220,000 dead. Trump lied. People died. Draft dodger. Tax dodger. TRUTH DODGER. Super Spreader. VOTE HIM OUT! 898,000 more file jobless claims this week. Don’t live in a cocoon of falsehoods

Experts will say anything as long as democrats throw money their way says on the package will not protect you or prevent the spread of any infectious disease it's all about money the question is who's making all the money and how money democrats are making money off this crisis Get to the real news: Bidens are corrupt

But yet ABC News Bowes down to the feet of Black Lives Matter as if were based on all facts. Why do you refuse to report on the JoeBiden & Hunter Biden & their Pay to Play SCANDAL! There is illegality all over the place as well as PROOF that Joe Biden LIED about knowing the Ukraine prosecutor was going after Hunter! Don't be FAKENEWS

Misinterpreted? ? Give me a break. TRUMP LIES WITH EVERY BREATH Trump’s statement is impeachable due to incompetence or deceit. Trump making more false and misleading statements Report on China Joe. He's outright lying re masks, causing deaths and ABC News still clings to 'false claims' and 'misinterpreted.' Trump lies, people die.

He just continues to lie. At this point, I don’t believe a word he says. The Scientists have done enough to help, i do not think anything else needs to be done to help Trump’s supporters to avoid COVID. I only hope they don’t spread to the others who believe scientist and follow guidelines. He is a pathological liar, don't be surprised. I'm not!

CDCDirector speak out Every time I see a video, picture or Trump sign or a Trump Rally it just reminds me how many (Majority) white Americans I heard for years bashing others yet the excuse the lying, Racist, incompetent, corrupt and criminal trump organization called the GOP . CNN MSNBC AP I’ve read many doctors who actually treat patients and are in the field who who have been saying since the beginning that masks are not that effective

ABC can’t give Trump any credit. It’s been 4 years and counting. 4 more years cause I enjoy it Misinterpreted my ass. Misrepresented it on purpose. Fucking get over it. Imagine a conman mis-Interprets information and uses that to sell a false narrative to benefit himself. Who would have thought. Why isn’t he hounded with this fact/question every time he takes q’s from the press BoKnowsNews CBSNews PaulaReidCBS 114 days, $1B debt, QAnon? Why?

JovemPanNews Informações corretas salvam vidas! Parem de ficar divulgando fake news! Sejam responsáveis! A história vai julgar todos que de algum modo ajudaram a minar os esforços de controlar e diminuir o contágio do coronavírus!! I’m shocked. I can’t believe Trump would misinterpret something. Trump knows he is getting voted out of office. This is just is way to seek revenge for the beat down he is about to receive.

Soooo, how about that WomensMarch2020? His tireless work for our country is remarkable! A man, that despite the Democrats trying to take him down daily, has accomplished so much for Americans! Please vote this man back in! He deserves it and so do we!🇺🇸 He lied. Why must people be so polite about staring the facts. He’s a liar that’s what he does; lie.

Trump turned your country into The Jerry Springer show for the rest of the world to laugh at you. The ratings are Yuge!!! 🤣 For the life of me, I do not understand why ur not reporting on hunter Biden and joe Biden receiving money from China while in office!! Masks are pretty useless. If you want to dispute the English journal of medicine you are welcome. They serve a mere symbolic role. Put that sticky

All those people cheering for him he couldn’t care less if they died. Because they are not in his society. All the white trash, all the uppity white middle class he don’t care one way or another if they die just the vote. That’s how ignorant white Americans are. Everyone interprets data their way For gosh sakes, what do you mean “potentially”? Get it together and call it what it is, dangerous misinformation intentionally uttered and designed to fool low information voters into believing the TraitiorInChief ‘s non-response to the Covid crisis is the best that he could do.

When a diplomat commits genocide on a population during a conflict, it is called war crimes. What does is say, that Donald Trump is killing his own base by exposing them to a deadly pathogen. Perhaps this is the reason he has already done the calculus of leaving the country. Care to comment on the NY Post expose? Was Hunter Biden selling access to the WH for money? And was Joe Biden taking a cut? True or Flase?

At this point we should 100% expect he will misinterpret any data, but it’s 50/50 if it will be dangerous or benign How many times are you going to post this tweet? Yet, utter silence on HunterBiden story and JoeBiden connection! Objective JournalismIsDead !! bias msm claiming high moral ground is killing America!!!

Misinterpreted? C'mon! False a puta que o pariu! Trump making false claims?.....tell me it isn’t so. Lol The media is fake news these traitors are so busy learning their scripts to betray Americans with lies that they have no idea that they all have to face Karma. It's coming coronavirusmemes😂😂😂 fakenews karma puertoricomemes

good PaHouseDems He LIES He also said he saved football He is an idiot 🤮🤮🤮 Fake news! PaHouseDems Misinterpreted!?! ... he LIED Don't believe anything written about Donald in the run up to the election It is mostly fake news manufactured by the leftist Democratic Party Things will return to normal after he starts his second term

He really is an ignorant boob! What kind of adult except a demented one would call for locking up a fellow politician instead of condemning the animals who wanted to attack her? There is NO WAY for an intelligent person to have respect for him. PaHouseDems He LIED he did NOT misinterpret!! No he spun the information to suit his needs! No misinterpretation here~😠

Traits of a hustler & con man. He’s been doing it all his life. That’s his DNA. New York warned us about him. Now the entire World knows. He lied! Misinterpreted? POTUS is lying 🤥. I congratulate the MSM for providing the worst factual reporting regarding the Pandemic and what is best for my health and not getting the Virus.

Just plain lying! How about a report on the Joe Biden Hunter Biden China scandal? Liars I herd it from the CDC myself . ABC part of the fake news You have to dumb things down for Donald. I learned this when we were in the hospital. I also used treats like cheeseburger sliders for good behavior. Trump is a major public health threat.

The worst president ever ABC misrepresents CDC study says, other 160 people... by failing to mention they were the control Masks are not and have never been the most important thing to focus on. Hand washing, hand washing... proper hygiene!!! The fact is most people don’t use masks properly and don’t wash hands properly making their mask wearing ineffective!

People wear surgical masks more than once. Why? Because you hate spending money on something that you have no tangible profit from. Coronavirus are small airborne and physical molecules. The material when using masks, breakdown at the molecular level with body fluids or water. One thing for sure! He is consistent with his ignorance!

The study is clear. 85% of the infected people reported wearing masks regularly. As such, they clearly don’t stop the spread of covid...or any other virus. CommonSense When are people going to realize,you’re being duped into believing what you’re told is exactly a truth that is a metamorphosis that only the ignorant can believe without question...

IT’S THE FLU!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Masks are the new condoms! Wear them or be doxxed and outted! Oh, wow the POTUS misunderstood data..can he read reports or did someone tell him and then he intentionally just lied!! His history says the later!! Smh The CDC is not always consistent with data. The CDC is completely discredited by changing their narrative every week.I don’t know how anyone can keep up with what the CDC ,Fauci , WHO and others are claiming every day. There’s always a different OpinionI don’t trust any of the statistics or any of the people creating them.

You mean someone told him the wrong thing? This idiot can't interpret a toilet Remember when Birx said its amazing how well he interprets data, it must be because of his knowledge of business and markets. Right Deborah Birx! He spews wrong stuff that is lethal to us. Trump is on his way out Misinformation equals death. He belongs in jail.

Bullshit the CDC said the masks are to protect others in case you have covid... Trump lies and people die. Lying about vital information that can protect you is why US has more deaths than anywhere in the world. 👇 So here’s a negative Trump add. Scroll down see if there is a story on censorship or Hunter Biden. This they call fair and balanced. Watch NEWSNATION. For both sides of the story

DumpTrump So the truth is 70% of people who have contracted Covid say they wear masks all the time and 15% say most of the time. Didn’t the CDC tell Congress a mask is safer then a vaccine? How F’N stupid is that? I'm glad the president is NOT my boss. No schools are seeing spikes in strep bc of the masks.

🙏❤️🇺🇸🙏❤️🇺🇸 Donald lies; we all know it! For those who have sacrificed their lives to fight for our freedoms,safety,and sovereignty while also fighting to uphold the integrity of trust surrounding our democratic process and preservation of our constitutional laws, thank you. When the landslide brought it down... biden

CDC Meta-analysis reported the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks OMG you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get that masks prevent the spread. We know this now. The president had COVID. He knows this now. It’s so simple & yet he tries to make it so complicated because he thinks we are too stupid to know better. Mr president, wear your mask

This is Dem. RepVernonJones crowdsurfing at realDonaldTrump‘s rally in Georgia tonight! What is life right now?! AMAZING! ABC has no integrity to judge truth or not, refuses to tell you both Fauci and CDC flip flopped on multiple Covid issues. No medical, science or gov’t expert has stopped or contained worldwide Biden’s CHINA Covid 19. ABC censors news.

FK tRump! of course false claims, lies, misinformation, the leader of the free world All of the words, phrases, insults and bad words that violate Twitter policy are hereby incorporated herein as against . If the media stopped reporting all the false claims/accusations and lies trump tells and started to report on all the RIGHT and TRUE statements he makes, there would be a lot less to report smh 🙃

Interpreted... really this is shitty reporting Well Trump says fuck it so we fucked. People not gone keep their germs to themselves. Coughing on people just being nasty. Most of US wear mask but those that don't infected those that do. Sad, Selfish and sometimes Deadly. This man needs, among other things, to stop throwing shit at people.

Trump throwing data and knowledge out of proportions and with no understanding, is it 12:00pm already? The republicans have embarrassed u.s due to Covid-19 America is super power the whole world scared of America some country before the coronavirus was calling Americans genuine they said Americans can seeing anything before it happened for COVID-19 killed 215'000 Americans no good

Big deal! The Biden family is more corrupt than the Clinton family and thats saying something. BidenCrimeFamily chinabitchBiden Who cares what he says? Do people have brains on their own to think and make decisions on their own? The CDC doesn't know what it's talking about they change its reporting all the time.

worst of the worldwide plague is over. any death is tragic, but HOSPITALIZATIONS N DEATHS--THE CORRECT TRACKING MEASURES--R IN DECLINE IN AMERICA. if 1,000 people are infected with the virus, between 997 and 998 will survive. 'Several experts'? Anyone who reads the one page summary can see the number 85 is in there, but has literally no relevance to what he stated.

A presidential candidate who can't debate. Other misinterpretation lead to this! FakeNews He got you again. Not false claims, outright lies, then again CDC are probably all Dem's right Trump2020 FoxNews DrAnthonyFauci KNOWS VOTE MaskUpAmerica Focus , follow Hunter’s emails. We want Obama on the campaign trail for Biden/Harris.. bring him out..put him in every major city...put him in the heartland... bring Obama out... he helped Hillary.....Trump2020

Always smearing Trump, won’t even question Biden. The media is disgustingly bias So , when are you going to share stories about the criminal known as Joe Biden? You prostitute your press credentials daily for the radical left. You spew lies about Trump and all the media-groomed sheep believe you. Ooo so so scary 👻

Posts about covid and mask-wearing are a slap in the face to nurses and doctors who see firsthand and grieve daily at the reality of this situation. Please try to understand the caregivers that have been caring for those foolish enough to think otherwise. We are exhausted and putting our lives on the line on a daily basis for folks like you. Wear a fricken mask. If not for you, wear if out of respect for others. Geez 😒

👇 These face diapers are useless..... Wise up people.... Anything coming out of his mouth is a lie. That is all you need to know! Let’s all say NO to racist Joe Biden Trump2020 Good luck with playing cards ~from Japan “Misinterpreted”? Pathological LIARS do lie. U.S. Death tolls: * Covid-19 under Trump - 222,426 (February 29 - October 17) * Korean War - 36,516 (3 years) * Vietnam War - 58,209 (20 years) * World War l - 116,516 (2 years) * World War II - 405,399 (5 years) trump⚰2020

His deplorable supporters believe everything he says and trump uses their ignorance and gullabilty to get their votes. Pure evil! He didn't misinterpret anything. That was deliberate and he knows it. Hold him accountable The WHO released data just this week that shows that Common Flu is three times more risk than COVID-19 to under age sixty-five. Why do you keep promoting a fear that is no longer valid? COVID-19 is a new virus that the Elderly have never built immunity to.

I’m shocked that he would lie to us. 😂😂🙄 UniteWomenOrg JUST SAY HI LIED!!! That's what manipulators do. He should let everyone stand in line and kiss the ring, one by one.... like a COVID Line. I'm guessing in 2 weeks he could take out most of his supporters. Not like he cares, after the vote they are back to being nobody's to him. Expendable.

Many people says Trump lies. He’s the most transparent of all. Biden and the Democrats have hidden agenda, couldn’t even speak the plan out there. They are the biggest liars in the history of politics. That’s freaking incompetent. FAKE NEWS 👉🤡👈 Time2Bail but 219000 Dead Americans too late! RESIGN realDonaldTrump gop LindseyGrahamSC SenateMajLdr SenateGOP GOPLeader VP POTUS PressSec WhiteHouse GOPChairwoman KellyannePolls FoxNews foxandfriends Jim_Jordan SecPompeo DevinNunes MarkMeadows DHS_Wolf

ABC makes false claims about pretty much everything. Let’s see... you wear a mask cuz it prevents the virus to get in your damn nose and it gets stuck on the mask surface; then you touch constantly the mask amd move it up and down cuz of confort and other reasons. The virus gets on your fingers..... Even if he read it right he'd twist it around to his way. He doesn't care how many people die.

But then several other experts seemingly agreed with Mr President. DON’S BODY COUNT of children, Moms & Dads AS OF TODAY 223,644 as he continues his plan of “IT IS WHAT IT IS” DON’S PLAN of Herd Immunity will take 80% of the citizens to become infected resulting in US 3,310,026 DEATHS! Instead of fighting his CDC & FDA, HE SHOULD JUST BE HONEST!

Si claro I got something you can get data on no shit 😷 Bitcoin price is going to go to the 🌙! Grayscale, Micro-strategies, Square, and StoneRidge bought more than is being mined. So if this continues, all new bitcoin bought will have to be by people willing to sell. But as price 🚀 goes up, less are going to want to sell. Demand=$🙃

Strongly disagree. Since the beginning of the pandemic CDC had change their position that confuses the whole nation. If they are following the redirect of Democrats then many of us will be dead from just the lockdown and this country will never pick up. Would you attend nation wide COVID-19 one day testing?

For anyone who needs to hear this. I beg you. Do not take any public health & safety advice from the President. There are so many informed individuals that can provide better guidance. It was paper towel in Puerto Rico. Now it’s mask. I guess it would be snowballs in a blizzard. - ABC FAKE NEWS WHEN YOU GET THE NEWS RIGHT WE MIGHT LISTEN TO YOUR FACT CHECKING

ABC not covering Hunter Biden’s emails. But did he ? Fake media Probably true. now to be fair and balanced write a story about skewed number by others. Let’s end the divide NPR cnn radleybalko CBSNews NBCNews FoxNews Of course he did & of course he did. Does ABC News get a commission for worker for the Biden campaign Asking for a friend?

Almost everything Trump says could be considered a false claim lie or misleading The consensus not just several experts ⚕ We can protect you and me. 1️⃣ Wear a mask 2️⃣ Social distancing 3️⃣ Wash your hands 4️⃣ Meeting restrictions He really needs to go....💙💙💙vote blue💙💙💙 “The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it's more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life.' -General John Kelly

Joseph Goebbels is very proud of your Democrat Propaganda to save pathetic scumbag Joe Biden a corrupt buffoon who sold out Americans jobs for money! It was no misinterpretation! It was an outright lie! realDonaldTrump It’s not a “misinterpretation”. Call it what it is, it’s a lie. Donald Trump is a liar. He does not know how to tell the truth.

TrumpTheSnake Trump2020 Nothing new, but seems to be no repercussions Misinterpreted. You are too kind, abcnews A dangerous fool He will win!!!! He continues to harm this country and just doesn’t care. makes false claims There is no doctor I’m the world that can control this virus and definitely not Biden.

He’s still killing Americans! “Experts” of ABC = Garbage Good let them all catch it. If they are stupid enough to go that sucks for them He is a loose canon! He needs to be shut up !!! Oh the president misinterpreted the data or he was just self-serving and doing what he does to promote his own agenda! I am sure he read it right. masksdontwork

Trump 2020 'A top official at one of Pennsylvania's most powerful labor groups slammed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for falsely boasting of the union's endorsement.' Boilermakers Local 154 was shocked to hear Biden claim their support on national TV: I'm not surprised.. he's elderly. Elderly are great at being efficiently deficient. I don't think elderly should be allowed seats of power when history shows they only recreate history because they know how to fix what's already happened using others solutions. Your surprised?

He didn’t misinterpret! He falsifies everything is order to make himself look powerful to his base. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace and a danger to this country. VoteHimOut2020 Bitcoin price is going to go to the 🌙! Grayscale, Micro-strategies, Square, and StoneRidge bought more than is being mined. So if this continues, all new bitcoin bought will have to be by people willing to sell. But as price 🚀 goes up, less are going to want to sell. Demand=$🙃

What a shocker 🙄 VoteHimOut BidenHarris2020 He’s a LIAR My fake president LIED TODAY. Then, ya know what? He LIED AGAIN. And AGAIN. And then he LIED YET AGAIN! He says absentee ballots are bad, too. I wonder if my fake president will deny all mail-in ballots cast in his name? Rudy Giuliani’s daughter summed up the feelings of many Americans when she urged voters to pick Biden/Harris to “end the reign of terror” by trump.

Not good.... In the medical field; the CDC is likened to our bible. WE follow all the guidelines they set forth!!! All Trump says are lies!! Always twisting the truth. Cross the razor blade Sooner or later trump lies, will come to the light,all I hear is, him rattling off about Democrats,trying to cover up all of his criminal activities And by the way you never hear family talk radio say any thing about him,except telling people how wonderful he is.

Abc. Fake news. Do you guys ever post something positive he’s done? Just 1 article 🙄 Report on what is actually counted as COVID -19 death. A death being counted COVID 19 and a test was not done. There have been deaths - last research showed - 12,000 deaths due to COVID 19 and remaining due to other conditions-but possible COVID symptoms or test.

Why not do a expose on the Swedish masks? He is in full dangerous mode! His idiot voters believe anything and everything the moron says!! potato potatoe. 85% of people who got sick wore masks all the time or often. Only thing dangerous is enforcing mask-wearing or making kids wear them 7 hours plus in school.

Look at the track record of CDC .... When do do you start to do your job and investigate the X V P Come on, . Call it what it is: HE LIED AND PUT MILLIONS AT RISK. Now fact check Joe Biden and his prior claims about Hunter, Burisma, and China. Then how come mask wearing NY has a 2nd wave? How could this be? That’s all the “interpretation” necessary. Real life. Smh

Americans be wise stand up!! We cant allow 4 more years of Trump!! Enough is enough Trump Kills America BidenforPresident2020 I just can’t understand why people vote for this guy. Very afraid of the mental state of these Americans. 4 more years with this guy and we will need to learn to speed Chinese or Russian. America will be done!!

That’s why you read. On your own. Make your own decisions. But claiming disinformation is a joke. Please donate & share/retweet. Baby Joshua is battling acute lymphocytic leukemia, a type of blood cancer. Only seven-months-old, his life is dependent on chemotherapy & a stem cell transplant. Help his family in offsetting the cost of his treatment here:

ABC news is a false news organization that thinks everyone is stupid. Voting Trump Why can an medical EXPERT grab their nut sack and say to the American people. “Don’t listen to the idiot in charge”. I think his followers should follow his advice and pay the price. Reasonable people have been doing due diligence with little success.

Here are the plants from the phony Biden town hall. Are we surprised? That’s what he’s been doing this whole time. “Misinterpreted” that academic word for “Lied?” Wrong again ABC you guys just lie to lie Meanwhile Joe Biden said cops should shoot suspects in the leg and 8 year olds should decide themselves if they want gender hormone therapy. But hey, whatever.

Trump lied. Just say it. Imagine that WTH is wrong with some people? While a majority of cases won't end in death, the dead is staggering. Where's the outrage?!? There's still outrage for the deaths of 3,000 people on 9/11. This is 77 9/11's!!!! U folks posting 99% aren't fatal wait til someone u love dies!

ABC SNOOZE: “Wah-wah, boo hoo”. What? Trump made false claims? Nooooo.... you got it wrong, they are “alternative facts” 🙄 Masks are making cases go up. Luckily it’s a very non-deadly flu for the vast majority of the population. It’s 86% Yea but no. He is the virus!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 A ton of people misinterpereted the data. What the data shows me is that people don't wear masks at home, but they do outside. People catch covid at home because they don't protect themselves there.

👎NoCreepyJoe And in this table, we have the facts Trump didn't wear the mask at that time he got contract COVID 19. I believe that Trump will be comes a zombie. Well, what was that sham of a town hall you aired the other night? Incompetence! FTP But at the beginning they were saying that masks can only prevent spreading from spreaders. So how possibly can masks make any difference from those, who got infected, they're not for that. Or did I missed something?

What about all of ABCs false claims. Check that! Sad haw some great networks are losing fans over politics. Should have focused more on entertainment instead of fake news. And that goes for all of the actors and athletes that have tainted themselves... Let’s talk about Biden for a minute. And his son hunter. That’s a tad more important

What about this? Want to talk about misleading You guys are just pushing propaganda at this point! Can you fact check Biden’s town hall? dustyj1621

Editorial: The CDC blows it again, this time on COVID-19 testing at schoolThe agency said it was fine for schools to administer COVID-19 tests to students on a voluntary basis, not a mandatory one. That's terrible advice.

More Than 1,000 Current and Former CDC Officers Condemn U.S. Covid-19 ResponseMore than 1,000 current and former officers of an elite disease-fighting program at the CDC have signed an open letter expressing dismay at the nation’s public-health response to the Covid-19 pandemic Just wow Sad but true in tRump times. 1000 Democrats don’t like trump. No shit. TRUMP2020

Dr. Scott Gottlieb dismisses inaccurate take on CDC data cited by Trump to question Covid masks'Masks are not a panacea, but they're going to afford you a level of protection,' the former FDA chief in the Trump administration told CNBC on Friday. The CDC data is right here Wait. I'm supposed to be paying attention to the CDC still? Oops Pfizer CEO Anticipates Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 Vaccine in Late November. Gottlieb is on their board. Gottlieb .. Trump did quote the CDC data correctly. Scott Gottlieb doesn't believe that the CDC is accurate.

'Not only lies, they were dangerous lies': Maddow lists Trump Covid lies at town hallRachel Maddow highlights some of the statements made by Donald Trump at the NBC News town hall about the coronavirus that were not only false, but potentially deadly because of the many people who take Trump at his word. maddow Right here! maddow Trump never said there was a cure, he said the medicines were like a cure if you want to call it that Bc of their results. Good way of twisting things 👍🏼 maddow A Fact Check from maddow

Trump Dodges COVID-19 Testing Question, Biden Denounces White House's Handling of Virus in Town HallsTrump was evasive Thursday night when pressed if he took a COVID-19 test before his first debate with Biden.

Chris Christie, out of hospital after battling Covid, urges Trump to go further on masksIn his first TV interview since contracting Covid-19 earlier this month, Chris Christie said it isn't enough for Trump to merely express approval of masks He got a dead baby cocktail as well The 'Brilliant' Christie had to wait until he got hit with COVID & could have died to have an aha moment. Never too late to give advice. Democrats are not the Devil, Republicans politicized a life or death disease. Ask him about the 215+ dead people without entitlement. He should be hanging his head in shame, not doing interviews. Please stop giving him airtime. We should take the health care coverage away from any elected official who does not follow the guidance outlined by the CDC, Fauci, etc. Let them buy their own coverage.