Arizona voters have Covid-19 top of mind. That could spell trouble for Trump.

Biden holds a narrow lead, according to polls, aided by pandemic upheaval and demographic shifts years in the making. But don't count the president out yet, some said.

10/26/2020 1:01:00 AM

Joe Biden holds a narrow lead in Arizona, according to polls, aided by pandemic upheaval and demographic shifts years in the making. But don't count the president out yet, some say.

Biden holds a narrow lead, according to polls, aided by pandemic upheaval and demographic shifts years in the making. But don't count the president out yet, some said.

.“He’s not accepting responsibility,” said Vroom, who lives in Sun City, Arizona, outside Phoenix. “He doesn’t talk about the vulnerability of people in our age, 65 and older, group, even though he is part of that group,” he added.Vroom’s thoughts underscore a major problem for Trump in

BTS Earns Fifth No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart With ‘Be’ Biden's doctor says he has hairline fractures in his foot after slipping while playing with his dog 'A natural disaster ... in all 50 states' is unfolding just as travelers disperse nationwide after Thanksgiving

Arizona, a battleground state that a Democratic presidential candidate hasn’t carried since Bill Clinton in 1996, where polling reveals voters overall have an unfavorable view of the president's handling of the crisis.But Trump’s electoral problems aren’t limited to older people worried about the health ramifications of Covid-19. Conversations with voters, current and former lawmakers, strategists and politics-watchers in the state reveal he's lost major ground with suburbanites and women — two critical groups he would need to limit his losses with if he wants to carry the state. Radically shifting demographics in the state — particularly an influx of young people and a growing Latino population — are hurting his chances, too.

Those changes have nonetheless been gradual, experts told NBC News, and Democrats have been targeting Arizona and its 11 Electoral College votes since 2012 as a prime pickup opportunity in presidential elections. But this year, a match was lit that has accelerated Arizona’s blueward shift: the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The shifts are real, but it’s the Covid crisis that is the issue that is driving people to vote against Trump,” said former GOP Rep. Jim Kolbe. “That is the issue that allows people to clearly see the failure of the Trump administration and of Trump himself.”

“His response has been miserable, and I think most people in Arizona — old people, young people, Hispanic people, women — recognize that,” Kolbe added.Chuck Coughlin, a longtime Republican strategist based in Phoenix, put it more simply. Read more: NBC News »

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LOL November 3 will always be known as the day of the red blanket that saved America from international criminals. Blue wave will wipe out the red poison. No more deaths. No more lies. Biden./ Harris. Captain Mark Kelly 2020 It happening! AZ is gonna do the right thing and Vote Biden/Harris...suburban Mom's and Hispanics are tired of Trump's BS.

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AstraZeneca, J&J resume most promising Covid-19 vaccine trials in USCovid-19 has now killed more than 223,000 Americans, and the health crisis is a top issue in the presidential election pitting incumbent Donald Trump against Joe Biden.

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