Health experts raise concerns about Pence events after aides test positive for Covid

Health experts raise concerns about Pence events after aides test positive for Covid-19.

10/26/2020 12:01:00 AM

Health experts raise concerns about Pence events after aides test positive for Covid-19.

One expert said Pence 'could be putting people at risk' because he’s at high risk of becoming infected.

The Associated PressHealth policy specialists questioned White House officials' claim that federal rules on essential workers allow Vice President Mike Pence to continue to campaign and not quarantine himself after being exposed to the coronavirus.

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Campaigning is not an official duty that might fall under the guidelines meant to ensure that police, first responders and key transportation and food workers can still perform jobs that cannot be done remotely, the health experts said.A Pence aide said Sunday that the vice president would continue to work and travel, including for campaigning, after his chief of staff and some other close contacts tested positive. Pence tested negative on Sunday and decided to keep traveling after consulting White House medical personnel, his aides said.

Oct. 25, 202000:47The move seemed to surprise even President Donald Trump, who initially said that Pence was quarantining.That usually means isolating oneself for 14 days after exposure in case an infection is developing, to prevent spreading the virus to others.

Pence was holding a rally Sunday in North Carolina, another one in Minnesota on Monday and three events in North Carolina and South Carolina on Tuesday. The most recent numbers show COVID-19 cases are rising in 75% of the country.On Sunday, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien told reporters that Pence “is following all the rules” from federal health officials. He called Pence “an essential worker” and said, “essential workers going out and campaigning and voting are about as essential as things we can do as Americans.”

However, the guidelines on essential workers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are aimed at folks like police, first responders and key transportation and food workers.The Department of Homeland Security spells out 16 categories of critical infrastructure workers, including those at military bases, nuclear power sites, courthouses and public works facilities like dams and water plants.

“I don’t see campaigning on the list,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, vice dean for public health practice at Johns Hopkins University and former Maryland state health department chief. “Anything that does not have to be done in person and anything not related to his job as vice president would not be considered essential.”

Dr. Thomas Tsai, a health policy specialist at Harvard University, agreed.Helping to maintain the function of the executive branch of government could be considered critical work, but “we’ve always historically separated campaigning from official duties,” he said.

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Pence also serves as president of the Senate, a largely ceremonial role outlined in the Constitution but one that stands to come into focus Monday.The Senate was expected to vote Monday evening to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Pence’s vote is unlikely to be needed to break a tie, but his presence was expected for the vote.

If Pence’s official work as vice president was considered essential, the CDC guidelines say he should be closely monitored for COVID-19 symptoms, stay at least 6 feet from others and wear a mask “at all times while in the workplace.”Lawrence Gostin, a public health expert at Georgetown University school of law, said Pence’s intention to continue campaigning flouts the spirit of the CDC guidelines.

Sharfstein said Pence"could be putting people at risk” because he’s at high risk of becoming infected.“He should quarantine in order to protect other people," Sharfstein said.Associated Press writers Lisa Mascaro and Aamer Madhani contributed from Washington.

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Que se joda ese es mas hijo de puta que el otro,connsu cara de pendejo, The main problem here is Pence can't get over his own self-centered righteousness. Pence is hypocritical. As the so-called head of the Covid Taskforce, exposed to the virus but refuse to isolate. This just goes to show, the task force was another BS response to this virus. Another superspreader is about to come! He should have is but sitting at home!

No just totally disregard for their own policies which they don’t want to follow want to help slow the rates of this deadly virus which they all know how deadly it is the virus does not care whom gets in its path as hospitals are struggling again and which given up on all of us ‘COVID Fatigue’ & Mask ‘Defiance’ Directly Effects Illness & Deaths! Selfish, Reckless & Disrespectful People...Cause Others’ Last Breaths! They ‘Choose’ to Disregard; Sacrifice Loved Ones’, Friends’ & Neighbors’ Lives, Heartless Willingly Endanger Grands, Kids, Husbands & Wives!

Total Disregard for Welfare of REAL Living-Breathing Humans, Pence’s Dangerous Choice; Appease Trump & His Plans, Guidance for the Head of Covid Task Force Is A Need, Self-Proclaimed Religious Man is a Hypocrite, Indeed! Trumps Irrational Demands, Expose Expendables; Fill Stands! What is more important the health of the nation or campaigning? Well Pence and corrupt trump think that campaigning is far more important than your health. Republicans are super spreaders of covid virus, they do not care about the people only about power and profit.

Contrary to what he might think, Pence is NOT an essential worker. His “job” can be done from home. Mask up people There is no Law and Order in the trump admin. Irresponsibility and self interest dominate them. I don't doubt for a second that pence tested positive in isn't telling anybody Biden’sEcon:4Trilltax hike,stifle jobs&give2other countries, retrofit/modify homes4GreenNewDeal,take down restrics onChina&giveOut Amer’sIntell property(technol),gr8 reducof Energy jobs:5mill blueCollar jobs gone(part of country in bigDepress),more regs&restrics,less Econ freedom

The President's massive contact-trace testing efforts(largest numbers of testing for any country in the world), find the hot spot source areas of infection to target them & keep the percentages low. TrueCOVIDs:Apr Peakinfecs:35,000/day with175,000 tests/day or: 21% infecs; Aug Peakinfecs:70,000/day with 800,000 tests/day or: 8.2% infecs;Now:infecs:82,600/day with1.2 million tests/day or: 6% infecs (percentage now lower than Aug/much lower than April)

He will never again stand alone in his political life! He will always be “the Monsters” sidekick, the puppet, Trump henchman, enabler, fake Christian (Evangelical),Trumps “YES” man, Trumps footstool. His political life is dead! Go write a book, do some speeches. Good-bye Damien maggieKTVB7 Associated Press keeping us informed as usual /s. This is not informative

Trumps death cult Wait...........................they brought back the movie 'Dumb and Dumber'? LOL BITCOIN is everywhere right now! PayPal/Venmo/Visa is adopting it. Square, Microstrategies, Grayscale, and Stone Ridge invested a billion between them. J.P Morgan, Kevin Hart, Kanye West and Joe Rogan all talked about it this week! INVEST! Research and invest! BITCOIN baby! 😜

Kamala Harris was campaigning recently despite several of her staffers testing positive. Where was the outrage? Winning the news cycle! Any way needed! Wait. Wasnt there a bunch of positives in the Harris camp? Why are there no reports and headlines on this ? WhiteHouse aides - time is running out to speak up and walk out. Saying you were afraid to speak out won’t save you from allegations of covering up negligence and corruption. Remember Nuremberg. “Just following orders” won’t cut it. Americans will want answers.

The plan is healthcare WITH CHOICE opposed to single payer managed care with waiting lists , prioritization and regulation . Excellence vs common denominator rationing . Pence is Dence.. And very creepy Really Give me a fucking break. Idiots We want to change our candidate! Y’all still going to these rallies?!! These folks like playing Russian Roulette with COVID!

Nature’s way of getting rid of stupid. Please continue to not social distance or wear masks 😷 in your stupid super spreader events, please 🙏🏻 Not surprised He was breathing very hard during that event I’m sure those Health Experts are more concerned about the overwhelming Red early voting results in the nation so it’s time to scare the crowd and create fear... wonder where’s Fauci?

Fear mongering. We had enough of this scare tactic of the dems. Go around & you see ppl up & about already with & w/o masks. Months & months being cooped up is unacceptable. Live your life ! HARRIS/,Biden supporters are so proud of themselves... (Sad) Lighten up. They know what they are doing. So irresponsible!

He should have been quarantined. Criminally negligent. He should not be allowed in the Senate Chambers on Monday period!!! A VP should be more. responsible then this Yamiche RepublicansAreKillingUs SpiroAgnewGhost Reprehensible irresponsable and selfish. The world knows the US has fallen so far off the cliff of logic and empathetic and responsible response to Covid precautions. DestinyOfDeathPerWH They’ve given up

Yamiche And he’s still working the rest of his staff at risk of COVID-19 Yamiche LewisForMN - care to comment on Pence’s behavior here? Yamiche How else can he spread the virus. Oops I mean word. Pence does not care. Pence is too busy 'Rounding the Corner' MarkMeadows VP GOP Joe Biden wants to destroy people small businesses, restaurants almost shut down all our country whom their lives depend on their income . our treasury department has not enough money to give to millions of people to be locked down.

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Yamiche The entire administration is irresponsible. Pence is the head of the COVID task force, for cripe’s sake!! He couldn’t set a worse example... VP Pence and gang are not smart enough to realize that they'd actually gain voters if they'd cancel events in exchange for something else...GOP trickle down theory in play..stupidity trickling from the top all the way down..and I'm fine with that

also, regular people raise concerns about Pence events Pence is just being on brand. This administration does not care. Yamiche If he was in close contact he needs to quarantine per CDC guidelines but who follows the CDC guidelines when they’re in the White House they follow the orange man’s guidelines and that’s why they’re all getting sick

Somebody should be concerned. Wtf But he has no concerns for the people he comes in contact with, and he was in charge of task force. He learned nothing! Yamiche They. Do. Not. Care. Yamiche tRUMP and Pence are going for herd immunity no matter how many people they kill. Yamiche I’m old enough to remember the “ pink “ eye 👁 at the debate. 🤔 red flag 🚩

If he continues to test net, what’s the problem? Oh Well !!! Its ignorant and no regards for human life except how can I WIN, POWER, GREED, SLFISHNESS, CONTROL. Pity that followers are BUYING it. Yamiche It means he had it before and nobody told us. The fly tried to warn us... Yamiche Again. Raise concerns again after newest step-on-own-dick by Pence.

Yamiche He doesn’t care why should we Yamiche Mike_Pence VP You have sold your very soul to realDonaldTrump. You KNOW you must self quarantine to protect the American public & all those you work with. You are intentionally exposing people to Covid-19. How can you live with yourself? How can you face your family?

Yamiche What would Jesus do? Yamiche And thy are correct. Yamiche The Trump administration is willing to sacrifice lives in a reckless attempt to win this election. They do not care about your health or well-being. That is clear. Vote! We must do better. You miss the memo? White flag. Virus wins. Dont worry though, they can do the GreatReset without trumpers.

AND YOU BOOT STRAPS Donald’s “WELFARE” CRISIS FUND *Funds his personal Rape Law suits using our TAX $$ *Uses SOCIALIST Healthcare funded by our TAX $$ to beat COVID19. *Financially supports HIS PERSONAL businesses using our TAX $$ *Gives his kids Federal Jobs paid with our TAX $$ I believe this stands out how much this administration will NOT do to keep the citizens of this country healthy and safe. This is just plain wrong.

Yamiche Yamiche Ya think? Wobbledance1 What most people are missing in this is...THE WHITE HOUSE DOESN’T CARE!! They just don’t care it’s all about trying to get trump re-elected regardless .. Yamiche I feel a rapture coming on. 🙏😉😷 Yamiche They need to more than question. Demand he stop campaigning!!

Yamiche .Mike_Pence Unfortunately Mikey doesn't care that he's a selfish sycophantic Super Spreader Yamiche Grocery store workers getting $13/hour if they're lucky are more essential than Pence. TrumpSurrendered while PenceSpreadsTheVirus Yamiche Mike_Pence is spreading Covid-19 like mayonnaise.

Yamiche Submissive pence does what trump tells him to do as long as mother doesn't object or a female isn't involved. He may feel immune mistaking it for a gay disease. an he kept it quiet, didn't want anyone to know at election time pence is so weird Tell the health experts the VP is tested daily. Lessons not learned?

Promoting equity and community health in the COVID-19 pandemic - Harvard Health BlogAt one Boston health care system a range of initiatives aimed at improving health care equity were launched as the pandemic swept forward last spring, taking a disproportionate toll on communities of color. Building on this could prove key as the virus resurges this winter.

Election 2020 live updates: Pence tests negative for COVID-19, will campaign in N.C.JUST IN: In a key procedural vote, the Republicans shut down a Democratic filibuster of the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The vote was 51-38, with Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voting with Democrats. 51-38 Voters. Lisa mokonski confirmed her support to ACB. This is fun...

Christie 'Surprised' Pence Will Campaign After Aides Test Positive For COVID-19“You got to keep yourself away from everybody,' said the former New Jersey governor, who was recently hospitalized with the coronavirus. Did he bring pizza? Has Christie mentioned “You got to keep yourself away from everybody' to vp Pence? No problem ... stay away

4 Pence aides test positive for Covid-19UPDATE: Four of Vice President Mike Pence's advisers, including his chief of staff and senior political adviser, have tested positive for COVID-19. The vice president will maintain his schedule, his spokesman said Saturday night. Lmao...😷 Callous fool. And he is supposed to be the head of the Covid Task Force?! What a joke! So irresponsible

Pence to continue campaigning even after COVID-19 outbreak among staff - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Five. It’s five of his staff (at least) A leading super spreader! Decoding: Can a government go into HIDDING during such a crisis? Leadership anybody?

Vice President's Chief Of Staff Tests Positive In Second Pence Aide COVID-19 CasePence aide Marty Obst reportedly tested positive earlier this week. So did Harris campaign chief... 🙄🙄🙄🙄 VP clearly has covid he must quarrantine