Arizona 'audit' flop fails Trump; furthers Republican degradation of democracy

.@Maddow: 'It is hilarious and infuriating and it is also corrosive.'

9/27/2021 8:32:00 PM

.Maddow: 'It is hilarious and infuriating and it is also corrosive.'

Rachel Maddow reports on the muddled, hours-long presentation by Trump-friendly activists who struggled to understand the election system well enough to accuse it of defrauding Donald Trump of an election victory but failed on all fronts except to be a model for more attacks on elections by state Republicans across the United States.

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maddow I would like to know how T Rump received additional votes in Arizona, and are those that cheated been charged with a crime? maddow January 6th insurrection was only the beginning! What our country is facing now is how the Republican Senators have abandoned their code of honor which is the very oath of office they took! Tyranny is what the Republican Senators are doing and yes shamefully I’m a Republican!

maddow Why is the tax payers paying for trumps fraudulent schemes… something needs to be done about this PaHouseDems maddow lol 😂, those who believe the AZ audit was a failure didn’t read or watch. maddow Hello NEWS outlets! ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC! BALANCE PLEASE! LET'S MAKE THIS WEEK' NEWS ABOUT 'REPUBLICAN'S RESPONSIBILITY or irresponsiblity!' 'HOW ABOUT SOME MEDIA PRESSURE ON THE 19 infrastructure REPUBLICAN SENATORS TO SUPPORT THE BUILD BACK BETTER INFRASTRUCTURE?'

maddow maddow Wow, I just saw how far your ratings have dropped. Watch the Colbert Show. You need to add some funnies, and some song and dance routines. Your show is pretty dull. maddow OH NO WE CANT PROSECUTE A X PRESIDENT! WHAT WOULD THE WORLD THINK. HE GETS BACK IN AND DESTROY DEMOCRACY. PROMISE YOU THIS. TERM LIMITS WONT BE A THING. HE WILL HAND POWER TO DON JR. & WE LOOK BACK AT BIDENS DOJ. AND THANK THEM FOR HELL. IT CAN HAPPEN IF YOU LET IT

maddow truly sad how far we've gone down this rabbit hole. Truth literally does not matter to these people. All the 'discrepancies'are debunked. American democracy is seriously screwed if these nonsense lies continue much further and more bad laws passed due to them