Health, Minnesota İs The Latest State To Report Patients With Severe Lung Disease After Vaping - Cnn

Health, Minnesota İs The Latest State To Report Patients With Severe Lung Disease After Vaping - Cnn

Another state reports patients with severe lung disease after vaping

Minnesota health officials have identified four cases of severe lung injury that could be connected to vaping, similar to what could be dozens more cases in nearby Wisconsin and Illinois.


Minnesota health officials have identified four cases of severe lung injury that could be connected to vaping, similar to what could be dozens more cases in nearby Wisconsin and Illinois.

Minnesota health officials have identified four cases of severe lung injury that could be connected to vaping, similar to what could be dozens more cases in nearby Wisconsin and Illinois.

The Minnesota Department of Health said it's unclear whether these cases are somehow connected. While officials said they don't yet know the exact products used, both nicotine and marijuana products have been reported."There are still many unanswered questions, but the health harms emerging from the current epidemic of youth vaping in Minnesota continue to increase," the department's medical director and state epidemiologist, Dr. Ruth Lynfield, said in a statement Tuesday."We are encouraging providers and parents to be on the look-out for vaping as a cause for unexplained breathing problems and lung injury and disease."FDA warns companies to stop illegally marketing vape productsThe announcement said some were hospitalized for"multiple weeks, with some patients being admitted to the intensive care unit." They came in with symptoms including shortness of breath, fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness and chest pain.Dr. Emily Chapman, chief medical officer at Children's Minnesota, which reported the four cases, said in a statement that such cases are tricky to diagnose because they can start off looking like a common infection before leading to more serious complications.Read MoreCases in Wisconsin and IllinoisIn Wisconsin, health officials are still investigating increasing reports of people with severe lung disease who say they've recently vaped or"dabbed," which involves inhaling marijuana products.As of August 8, there are 12 confirmed cases and 13 more under investigation in the state. These latest numbers now include"older age groups," whereas previously they had only received reports of teens and young adults.Congressional hearing probes Juul's role in youth vaping 'epidemic'"All patients reported vaping prior to their hospitalization, but we don't know all the products they used at this time," Andrea Palm, the state's Department of Health Services secretary-designee, said in a statement last week."The products used could include a number of substances, including nicotine, THC, synthetic cannabinoids, or a combination of these."Health experts have pointed to a variety substances in e-liquids they worry may harm cells or contain"dangerous chemicals," but the full extent of e-cigarettes' short- and long-term risks are yet unclear. A number of counterfeit and adulterated products have also hit the market, which may have other additives or ingredients. It is unclear whether that plays a role across these cases.And in Illinois, six young people have been hospitalized for severe breathing problems after vaping, and five more are being investigated as of August 9, according to a statement issued last week by the Illinois Department of Public Health.The department said it's working with local health departments, other states, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US Food and Drug Administration to look into which vaping products were used and where they were obtained."Without this information, we have been unable to conclusively determine which chemicals the individuals may have been exposed to," the department said.'Otherwise normally healthy'Thomas Haupt, a respiratory disease epidemiologist with Wisconsin's Department of Health Services, told CNN earlier this month that the cases in his state were young people who were"otherwise normally healthy, and they were coming in with severe respiratory illnesses, and in some cases, they actually had to go to the intensive care unit and were placed on ventilators."Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team.

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As if they didn't think inhaling some flavor oil won't hurt lungs 🤔🤯😂😂😂😂not to mention the poison nicotine. Poor guy you are in a some serious trouble. 📜⚖️📜😈👿🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂oh these individuals know who I'm talking to. Why is this not nation wide? Something isn’t adding up? I never thought they were any better than cigarettes, but , now all of a sudden they are worse than cigarettes

'The products used could include a number of substances, including nicotine, THC, synthetic cannabinoids, or a combination of these.' Saying this was because of vaping is misleading, it also inflates the numbers. We don’t need fear and sensationalism, we need reliable information Why say vaping. Why not say they could be connected to drugs? That's the real issue here. I thought the media was supposed to research and report on facts.

Man these looser smoke govt official and politician paid well by these companies and they give shit to public who don't smoke even kids. Why not just ban these . But talk talk talk I say bark....m.. Popcorn lung is the obvious affliction. Wow, directly inhaling a foreign substance has led to lung problems. Couldnt see that coming, what a surprise.

LOL, so the whole thing is a guess. They reported they vaped before coming to the hospital. That must be it. Are we doing science here or guess work? As for bunk THC cartridges. That’s a real problem going around. Who knows what’s in those. Hopefully legalization helps. I am not a doctor or a scientist. However, I'm going to go way out on a limb here and postulate, that if you inhale something that literally engulfs your entire head in a cloud of smoke, it probably isn't good for your lungs. I'm just 'sayin!

Journalism is truly dead. When ypu become a chimney it will ruin your lungs. It ain't rocket science!

22 people have been hospitalized with vaping-linked breathing problems. Doctors don't know why.Almost two dozen people in the Midwest have been hospitalized with severe breathing difficulties linked to vaping, and doctors aren't sure why. time to make cannabis legal nationwide so people aren't just buying who-knows-what on the street well, long past time. Carts 🤒 Some vapes you can adjust from small hit to big hit so maybe it’s the quality & amount at once.

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Put warnings on vapors. They do it with cigarettes. Vapors like cigarettes are here to stay. Should ban all of it. ........vaping is a bad deal. bad that I went back to smoking. But hey......we’re all gonna die of something. 🍻 4 people hospitalised from possible vaping! Meanwhile 7 MILLION DIED from cigarettes in the past year.

KellyannePolls JolynnMarie612 Why is this only happening in specific states? Weird moe_fakhraldin DamerHadi Im fucking done...

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere rose to levels planet hasn't seen in 800K years: ReportCarbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere rose to levels the planet hasn't seen in 800,000 years in 2018, underscoring the impact of irreversible -- and increasing -- environmental damage due to human activity, according to a new federal report. This is not good no matter what you believe Oh good Lord, I just read about a period in history when Co2 was 800 times higher than now and it was an ice age, for crying out loud.

dugspogi 🤔😞 KellyannePolls They don't know for sure, it could also be that they all drank water. The Doctors have no proof/medical evidence that vaping is the cause. None what so ever. Incompetent Doctors. Like everything else nowadays, just don't make'm like they used too. Lucky they weren’t smoking cigarettes! 🙏🏾😉 AltriaNews

KellyannePolls Govt so bitter they're losing cig tax money, now they want to tax vaping. Oh sorry my mistake; the govt just wants to HELP us cause they CARE so much FakeNewsCNN KellyannePolls There is very limited study of the possible pyrolysis products made from vaping solutions. That should be a priority of research.

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