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Economy, No

Analysis: No, unemployment benefits aren't the problem

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5/11/2021 3:45:00 PM

'We shouldn't be screaming in agony about any particular jobs report,' AnnekenTappe writes. 'We should, however, be jumping for joy when GDP is growing strong. In this case, the extra unemployment insurance is doing its job.' | Analysis

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AnnekenTappe Low wages and poor treatment of workers are the real problems.

As GOP Pushback Mounts, Biden Says Jobless Need To Go Back To WorkBiden is trying to have it both ways when it comes to unemployment benefits. thanks for this news I love how people are so upset that people aren’t running back to their hellish jobs that pay 8 bucks an hour. Like go f urself. Maybe people are looking for better opportunities... mind ur own business Like anyone cares what Huffington Post thinks.

Mississippi The Latest State Dropping $300-A-Week Federal Unemployment BenefitsMany Republicans are claiming that overly generous unemployment payments are causing labor shortages. Do you think this is what people really need right now? Because, of course, the state with highest poverty rates doesn't need the extra money.

McConnell Signals Support For Ending $300-A-Week Unemployment BenefitsThe Senate minority leader called the benefits a ‘special bonus for unemployed people’ that seem ‘designed for March 2020, not March 2021.’ Hey Mitch, let them take care of that. It's their economy now. If they fail then it's their fault.

Calls to end pandemic unemployment benefits gain steam after disappointing jobs reportCalls to cancel pandemic-era unemployment benefits intensified this week as worries over a labor shortage gained steam, culminating in a crescendo on Friday after a wildly disappointing jobs report for April. nancy & chuckie say its a myth ppl won't work because of fat unemployment checks, LoL

Biden Disputes Argument That Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Are Hampering EconomyPresident Biden pushed back Monday against critics who say enhanced jobless benefits are discouraging Americans from working, defending his economic prescriptions I think I now what you are doing, and that a good way to get people to come up with the time, and the way we have got to change, to growing wise, because we have to make a decision,Aman This is the right time for Biden to push for increasing the minimum wage. My goodness, he babbled like a senile old fool. Even the dogs on the street know that enhanced benefits are stopping people from taking legitimate work!

Biden defends economic proposals as GOP calls for paring back unemployment benefitsPresident Joe Biden had to tread a fine line Monday between heralding the economic progress his administration has made so far and stressing the need to continue supporting laid-off workers and pass his large-scale infrastructure proposal in the wake of last week's disappointing jobs report. His reasoning was solid. It's so weird how legislation that was passed didn't instantaneously fix the rampant scuttling and graft of the previous administration TRUPM❤️