Anthony Antonio, Who Claimed 'Foxitis' Prompted Him To Rush Capitol, Says He Believed 'America Was Being Robbed Of A President' - Cnnpolitics

Anthony Antonio, Who Claimed 'Foxitis' Prompted Him To Rush Capitol

Man who claimed 'Foxitis' prompted him to rush Capitol says he believed 'America was being robbed of a president'

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5/11/2021 3:52:00 PM

A US Capitol riot defendant, whose lawyer says he was hooked on Fox News and developed 'Foxitis,' said he had 'believed that America was being robbed of a President' when he participated in the insurrection. 'And I now know that that was a lie,' he adds.

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And CNN believed that Donald Trump coluded with Russia. CNN is destroying America, bit by bit. 2 Late!!! What a load of garbage you’re peddling. So he can use a mentally deficient excuse - should get him less time. The federal government is prosecuting the pawns while the instigators of the insurrection get away without consequences free to continue conspiring and fomenting insurrection. I warned that trumps actions would lead to violence. Be warned that their next act will be worse.

CNNitis I’m glad he can finally admit it was all a lie. Now put him in prison. The shit they come up with 🥴 'Itis,' means inflammation, so she's claiming to have inflammation of fake news🤔 tell her to take two aspirin and Drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Oh brother. He needs to spend extra time in prison so he can get a GED.

Seems to me he’s trynna save his own ass

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They got a vaccine yet for Foxitis? Personally I don't give a ^$% what any of the people who attempted to overthrow the US gov't say in their defense. I wish news orgs report on prosecutions but let's not suffocate the news cycle. News orgs should be asking DOJ for why not more prosecutions? Don't believe a word he says. 🤔

Embuste, ellos querían creerle a Fox news Now he's see's the light?! GTFOH!! If that is case, then all media outlets should be sued. Hahah having big Corp. and private sectors telling everyone lies. Does that include behavioral and mental health issues. Oh, Wha Tha 🤬 🙄 here We Go You can’t catch “Foxitis” unless you WANT to catch it, though. They’re preaching to a choir that was already there.

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