World, Kovrig And Spavor: A Dangerous New Era Of Superpower Confrontation Was Signaled This Weekend - Cnn

Analysis: A dangerous new era of superpower confrontation was signaled this weekend

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9/27/2021 9:41:00 PM

'The swift release of two Canadians after a diplomatic deal ended a standoff over Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, who faced extradition from Canada to the US, is a troubling sign of a new era of superpower confrontation,' writes StCollinson | Analysis

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(CNN)China wasn't even pretending. Read more: CNN »

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StCollinson 한국의 복지종류가 300개가 엉터리 복지정책이라네요 복지는 견제수준이 가장합리적이지요Bbf의 복지정책이자유진영에서 인류역사상 최고일듯현시정으로는 어러울듯전쟁상태 재정난 300개중 수혜자들5개만 선택해보세요-돈주는 항목누구나 선택종목 잘챙겨 먹는것이 국민의 권리며 도리며 의무가 될듯 StCollinson The argument that the United States often preaches to the world 'the government cannot intervene in justice' doesn't work this time?

StCollinson You are only allowed to make others feel unsafe, right?

Violin boat launched in Venice with string quartet performance - CNN VideoThe 39 ft (12 m) long craft, designed by Venetian sculptor Livio de Marchi, is a tribute to Covid-19 victims according to the City of Venice. A serenade for your loved one, professing your erudism, and the beauties of your experience in life, how about that ?! Hehe Otherwise known as Tuesday in Venice.

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MSNBC avoids covering Chris Cuomo's sexual harassment scandal plaguing CNNMSNBC strangely avoided covering the sexual harassment scandal plaguing its direct liberal competitor, CNN. BREAKING NEWS!! Judge Andrew Napolitano is out at Fox News over the allegation he sexually harassed a male staffer. “John Fawcett, who works on the Kudlow show hosted by Larry Kudlow on Fox Business Network, is suing the network claiming he was sexually harassed by Napolitano,” Bill O’Reilly, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bowling This is about Cuomo, but everyone is deflecting to everyone else’s accusations. You might be right, but deflecting it doesn’t erase the fact that this guy might just as disgusting if not more than the rest of them.

CNN fails to cover sexual harassment allegations against Chris Cuomo on airCNN has kept viewers in the dark about its most-watched host Chris Cuomo being accused of sexually harassing a veteran television journalist when they worked at ABC News. LOL !!! … hey , you guys protect Trump and they protect their own too !!! is this for real?

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