MSNBC avoids covering Chris Cuomo's sexual harassment scandal plaguing CNN

MSNBC avoids covering Chris Cuomo's sexual harassment scandal plaguing CNN

9/26/2021 10:30:00 AM

MSNBC avoids covering Chris Cuomo's sexual harassment scandal plaguing CNN

MSNBC strangely avoided covering the sexual harassment scandal plaguing its direct liberal competitor, CNN.

. Veteran TV producer Shelley Ross alleged in a New York Times guest essay published Friday morning that CNN anchorChris Cuomograbbed her buttock at an event in 2005 when the two of them worked at ABC News. She even included an email he sent to her at the time apologizing for the incident. Cuomo reiterated his apology to his former boss in a statement to the Times. 

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However, MSNBC turned a blind eye to the newly-emerged controversy, avoiding any mention of it throughout the day's programming, according to Grabien transcripts. CHRIS CUOMO SILENT ON HIS OWN SEXUAL HARASSMENT SCANDAL DURING CNN SHOW FOLLOWING BROTHER'S SAGA

MSNBC and CNN rarely address each other's embarrassing headlines. MSNBC offered minimal coverage of Cuomo's involvement in the scandals of his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which range from aiding his brother's response to sexual misconduct accusers to receiving VIP COVID tests in the early months of the pandemic.

The Peacock Network also completely avoided the awkward return of CNN's chief legal analyst and Zoom masturbation star Jeffrey Toobin, per Grabien.CNN, in return, almost never covers MSNBC's controversies and the outlandish commentary. More recently, CNN harped on Nicki Minaj's tweets expressing vaccine hesitancy but managed to avoid mentioning the viral spat the rapper superstar had with MSNBC host Joy Reid. 

VideoCuomo took a page from MSNBC's playbook and stayed silent during Friday night's"Cuomo Prime Time." Read more: Fox News »

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This is about Cuomo, but everyone is deflecting to everyone else’s accusations. You might be right, but deflecting it doesn’t erase the fact that this guy might just as disgusting if not more than the rest of them. Bill O’Reilly, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bowling BREAKING NEWS!! Judge Andrew Napolitano is out at Fox News over the allegation he sexually harassed a male staffer. “John Fawcett, who works on the Kudlow show hosted by Larry Kudlow on Fox Business Network, is suing the network claiming he was sexually harassed by Napolitano,”

Chris Cuomo Doesn’t Address Sexual Harassment Claim During CNN ShowEarlier in the day, former ABC executive producer Shelley Ross wrote in a column for The New York Times that she was sexually harassed by Cuomo while they were both working at the network. catturd2 PapiTrumpo 🤣🤣🤣 A mediocre nepo-hire *and* an abuser! CNN's Jeff Zucker's perfect employee This isn’t news.

Chris Cuomo makes no mention of sexual harassment allegation on his CNN showCuomo's former boss Shelley Ross on Friday accused the CNN host of groping her rear end during a 2005 party. Nor should he. Why would he ? cnn is here to influence u journalismIsDead He might as well go pull a toobin Hahahahahahahahahahaha…….

Chris Cuomo's former boss at ABC News accuses the CNN anchor of sexual harassmentShelley Ross, a veteran television producer and the former boss of Chris Cuomo at ABC News, accused Cuomo of sexual harassment Friday, saying the CNN anchor grabbed and squeezed her buttock at a party in 2005. Bye Felicia! What the hell? Why does it take so long to report this behaviour. 2005 Runs in the family

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