‘America First’ before ‘Ukraine First,’ say some in GOP

5/18/2022 12:44:00 AM

Congress’ nearly $40 billion package of humanitarian aid and critical weapons for Ukraine is taking heat from a growing number of conservative lawmakers, candidates, activists, and even Trump

Email Quint It’s “America First,” not “Ukraine First,” some Republicans are openly telling the establishment.Share on LinkedIn (AP) - Rugby’s biggest tournament is finally heading to the United States.GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HERE The figure marks the oil group’s highest quarterly profit since 2019, when the Saudi government, which owns 98% of the company, listed a sliver of its worth on Riyadh’s Tadawul stock exchange in what was then the world’s largest-ever initial public offering.Published 3 hours ago Updated 1 hour ago NBC 7 California will acquire a sprawling former farm property in the San Joaquin Valley and create a new state park for the first time in 13 years.

Now the establishment is fighting back.Congress’ nearly $40 billion package of humanitarian aid and critical weapons for the war-torn nation is taking heat from a growing number of conservative lawmakers, candidates, activists, and even former President DONALD TRUMP.S.Their case against spending on Ukraine’s battle against Russia is all about redirecting taxpayer money to domestic problems — but it’s alarming fellow Republicans who see it as not only a flawed argument, but part of a disturbing trend toward isolationism.He also appeared to suggest that the disruption from the war in Ukraine had underscored the vital role of oil and gas companies like Aramco.Sen.The Rugby World Cup will be staged in the U.(R-Tenn.Stay informed about local news and weather.

), who served in the Trump administration as ambassador to Japan, told Fox News’ MARIA BARTIROMO Sunday that “we've got crises erupting across the nation” like a dearth of baby formula, drug overdoses and issues at the southern border.for the first time after the U.NATIONAL GAS PRICE AVERAGE HITS NEW HIGH ON SUNDAY AT $4.“The federal government can’t keep spending money without accountability or oversight," Sen.TOMMY TUBERVILLE (R-Ala.was voted on Thursday as the host of the men’s event in 2031 and the women’s tournament two years later.) told NatSec Daily, adding that he does “support military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and I continue to support their fight to defend their freedom.An oil tank is seen at the Saudi Aramco headquarters during a media tour at Damam city November 11, 2007.” It’s all putting the sprawling aid package, which is set to clear the Senate later this week, at the center of the ongoing battle to define the modern GOP.“The golden nugget that everybody wants to get hold of” was how World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont described America.

And it comes at a critical time for Ukraine’s war effort.Much of the party, from the rank-and-file all the way up to Senate Minority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL forcefully rejecting the MAGA wing’s opposition to the aid.S.40 Saudi riyals, or $11.“I don’t know what their alternative is.We’ve seen world wars started over less than what is happening in Europe,” said Sen.” USA Rugby’s vision is of countrywide membership more than quadrupling to 450,000 by 2031, of stadiums “from coast to coast” staging matches — there have been around 25 venue bids, including from NFL and Major League Soccer arenas — and of significant investment in the domestic Major League Rugby so the U.JOHN CORNYN (R-Texas), who just returned from a swing through Eastern Europe that included a meeting with Ukrainian President VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY in Kyiv.43 trillion.

“Even though it’s a lot of money, it’s a small investment relative to a world war.Eagles are a competitive team in time for 2031.” Eleven GOP senators opposed a procedural vote Monday on the Ukraine assistance bill, joining 57 House Republicans who rejected the measure last week.It comes as GOP lawmakers aligned with Trump, in addition to high-profile House and Senate candidates, are slamming the aid package as reckless and out of step with Americans’ needs.S.The payment is a crucial source of revenue for the Saudi government.Even the conservative Heritage Foundation, typically hawkish on foreign policy, came out against it.The issue has also permeated local U.The Rugby World Cup is staged during September-October, when America is already transfixed by the NFL and college football, the Major League Baseball pennant races and playoffs, and the start of the NBA and NHL.

S.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESS The skyrocketing oil prices have provided a welcome boost to the Saudi economy.elections ahead of Tuesday’s primaries.The Rugby World Cup Sevens at the baseball home of the San Francisco Giants in July 2018 drew more than 100,000 people across three days, and U.KATHY BARNETTE , who has gained steam in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary taking place on Tuesday, similarly went after McConnell with an “America First” argument.“Why is Leader McConnell visiting Ukraine in the midst of the various crises right here in America?” she wrote on Twitter.-decent TV ratings on NBC.The the kingdom’s economy to expand 7.“I believe it's time to get elected officials in office who will put AMERICA FIRST.

.S..and that's what I will do!” It’s unlikely that the increasingly louder nationalist camp will derail the administration’s plan for Ukraine — it’s one of the rare bipartisan points of agreement.“The doors are opening.But as the war rages on, it’s possible McConnell et al.will have to contend with a wing of the party that wants less and less to do with the war — and greater focus on domestic problems.” To that end, World Rugby’s experience of taking its men’s showpiece tournament to Asia for the first time in 2015, when Japan was the host, will be key in getting the U.


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You would think all our politicians would be America first Wow. Do you guys do ANY RESEARCH? 86-11, Senate passes $40 billion package for Ukraine 11 GOP senators voted against the aid, please explain how that's such a big deal when that means over 3 times as many GOP voted for it. And who cares what Trump says.

And there were many who fought any form of help to the UK in 1940-41 snd Lend-Lease. They were called America First; some were also in the Bund and other pro German and pro Axis groups or members of the communist party.. good company. WalshFreedom McCainSuzanne HeathMayo First, Trump is an autocrat who is in Putin’s pocket I wonder what Putin has offered him 4 his influence The yo yos who r against the aid, are aiming 4 appointments in the coming Trump autocracy If the GOP wins both chambers, aid 4 struggling countries will stop

Why? Why did you HAVE to mention him…..? Ain't going to happen republicans' America First = Me First. If Ukraine fails, those budget will become bad debts that can not collected!? ' . . . even Trump?' That's like rattling off a list of traitors, saying 'even Benedict Arnold.' Politico sometimes reads like a high school paper.

US to host men’s and women’s Rugby World Cups for first timeThe sport is breaking new ground by taking its most prestigious tournament to North America, with World Rugby regarding it as an area of untapped potential in both a commercial and sporting sense.

AJDelgado13 No doubt these Cultists would rather aid Russia in its murderous rampage of another country. Why do we care what Trump thinks? Did anyone ask Obama? How about George W Bush? Bill Clinton? Has Jimmy Carter weighed in? Lol Yes, what’s wrong with using our tax dollars to help our people? Republicans have selfish motives to block the aid, and secretly happy their comrade is winning...

The Republicans need to resurrect that Tea Party Movement again. I'm sure those people could use the extra income. Really, we can't agree that preventing China/Russia from getting more powerful, and also owning extremely important natural resources is well spent money? Delete your account. Like just shockingly bad reporting.

is absurdly pro GOP. How can you let them get away with claiming “America First” when NONE of these GOPers support doing ANYTHING but the GOP Tax Scam? They all voted against infrastructure, helping veterans, child tax credit, even things like rural broadband! 'Even Trump'?

Saudi oil giant Aramco's first-quarter profits surge 80%Oil giant Saudi Aramco said Sunday its profits soared more than 80% in the first three months of the year, as the state-backed company cashes in on the volatility in global energy markets and surging oil prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. AMERICANS ARE SICK OF THIS ULTRA-MAGA VIOLENCE! “It’s like walking onto a horror movie, but everything is real' ~ Buffalo PD No doubt

You mean the guy (Trump) who withheld Approved weapons from Ukraine to try and get a “favor” and regularly praised Putin doesn’t support Ukraine in it’s fight against Putin. Well, I for one am shocked at this turn of events! Who would have thunk? 🤦‍♂️ 'Even trump'? You seem surprised trump opposes aid to Ukraine? The guy that is 💯% pro Putin? To quote John McEnroe, 'YOU cannot be SERIOUS!'

So LeaderMcConnell you lied to Ukraine Politico, seriously, what GOP ❄️ pretending to be 'objective' wrote this 🗑? stopthedeplorables so funny bc they wouldn’t spend any of this money on actual Americans. This is the radical right wing not wanting to lose their boy putin. Ahhhhhhh… write better Sickening but its primary day.

Guy who takes money from Russia backs Putin. GOP has put America first, ever! They want to take away Social Security, Medicare, Medicad, the ACA, SNAP program, etc. They refuse to pass bills that would improve our schools, infrastructure, etc. But cut taxes for large business so they get voted back in.

GQP protecting Russia

California Getting New State Park, First in 13 YearsCalifornia will acquire a sprawling former farm property in the San Joaquin Valley and create a new state park for the first time in 13 years. The park is planned for Dos Rios Ranch, where the San Joaquin and Tuolumne rivers meet southwest of Modesto. The property will become California’s 280th state park and the first new one since Fort Ord Dunes near Monterey in 2009. The Modesto Bee reports Gov. Gavin Newsom has earmarked $5 million for the park as part of his revised budget proposal. The nearly four-square-mile expanse featuring willows and valley oaks will be donated by a conservation group.

Accountability is key, but Americans cannot understand why they have to pay so much for their fuel and why there is a nation-wide shortage of baby food, yet the country is selling billions overseas. Even Trump? Really? Dude was the original guy who didn’t want to help Ukraine. Remember? There was that impeachment thingy? The first one, I mean. Kinda mighta had something to do with an outside interest. Or two.

Lol you are a joke of a news network These are not conservatives. They are Trumpies. Real conservatives would enthusiastically support & vote for this aid. What do you mean “even Trump” It all started with him! shameful Even Trump🤷‍♂️ You forgot to mention the Koch family Dressing up weapons sale as humanitarian aid is a classic ploy claiming it for democracy instead of proxy war, isn't it?

Putin must have started dangling Kompromat in front of them, no?

OSU's first lady of football talks about breaking the silence on mental healthIt's dealing with their own pressures and tragedies in life that have Ohio State head coach Ryan Day and his wife, Nina, so aware of their own mental well-being. 'With Ryan, what happened with his dad, and I've been pretty vocal about my anxieties most of my life,' said Nina Day. Ryan lost his father to suicide when he was younger. Nina says she's been battling with her own restlessness. 'I've struggled with anxiety most of my life.

Stop calling them conservative. They’re authoritarian. Call them that. If Trump hadn't given Afghanistan to the Taliban, I don't think Putin would have thought he could take Ukraine. America First=save today, pay 100x as much in a few months, including at the pump. 🤬🤬🤬 Imagine the savings we would have incurred had we just taken this approach with the Northern Alliance 20 years ago in Afghanistan.

Hey : what the hell does 'conservative' mean anymore? These people don't give a shit about freedom, democracy, stability, or the free market. They are not conservatives Is the the Onion? 'even trump'... is this the onion? “Even Trump” Lol seriously? Trump withheld an arms package to Ukraine when he was president, surely you remember?

It’s not a bug, it’s their core product feature.

Black hole at center of Milky Way pictured for first timeFirst-ever image released of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole, providing the first direct visual evidence of “the gentle giant” that lies at the center of our galaxy. How did the light from something 27000 light years away have time to get here when the universe is only 5000 - 7000 years old?

America First? The only thing they’d do with that 40 billion dollars are give it to billionaires in tax breaks or built that stupid wall that can easily be breached. What about Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. How do they feel? Oh. That is right. Their opinions are irrelevant just like Trump’s. I pray that the American Fascisti keeps heading in this direction… at Jim Jordan/MTG decibel level. The midterms are looking better every day.

Trump ran up 6 B in debt on average PER DAY over his term — 8 T in 4 years…keep in mind that was as much as the US had accumulated as of 2008 in 200+ years…so NOW the Republican outrage on spending? or perhaps bc it’s going to defeat their biggest donor, Putin There’s money for Americans, it’s the GOP blocking all of it.

“And even Trump”. Seriously? 'Even Trump'? You're saying the guy who tried to extort the Ukrainian president is now against sending them aid? You don't say....

NBC10 First Alert Weather: Stormy Monday AheadStorms are expected to hit our region Monday afternoon into the night. NBC10 First Alert Weather meteorologist SteveSosnaNBC has the forecast: SteveSosnaNBC Scared about tomorrow 😢