Alyssa Milano Shows Off Hand-Knit Crocheted Mask, Let the Jokes Fly

Alyssa Milano Shows Off Hand-Knit Crocheted Mask, Let the Jokes Fly

5/24/2020 1:26:00 AM

Alyssa Milano Shows Off Hand-Knit Crocheted Mask, Let the Jokes Fly

Unless there's a pocket filter lining underneath, this crochet mask probably won't do any good.

Now, it's unclear if Alyssa's in on the absurdity of this, or if she's got some type of protection under there we can't see -- but the internet didn't wait for a punchline or more context ... people had a field day with her hand-knit mask promo, showing off other joke-y ones that might be just as great at keeping out droplets of 'rona (why we wear 'em to begin with).

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One lady showed off a feather mask, which only covered the upper part of her face ... and said they're one in the same. Tons of other people had examples of non-protective masks of their own ... snorkeling goggles, pantyhose, mesh beekeeping veils ... and on and on.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.Of course, it also reminded people of this gas station lady that went viral a few weeks back ... who cut a hole in her own mask so she could breathe easier. Just one of many mask fails documented during the pandemic.

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Does it count as a mask or a fashion statement x 'Hand knit crochet mask' dude, it can't be both, it is, in fact, CROCHETED. Alyssa_Milano don’t be an idiot 😂 She has a filter in it. You should spend your time and infuence trying to persuade people to wear masks, not ridiculing people trying to do some good!

Where is she now when Biden is being called a abuser. Were is the me too girl. Oh wrong side of the party that is why. Talk about a false sense of security The ignorance is abundant. 🤦‍♀️ Everyone seems to be UNITED on being DIVIDED around here. Welcome to adulthood. stonecold2050 Here's your BidenBozo's mask.

Stupid Her mask has holes in it. That doesn’t work. Stupid is as stupid does Alyssa_Milano You are not right and you know it. C'mon, girlfriend! The mask is exactly what she is. Pretty but useless. Respect FaceDiaper nw she pretending she has a filter in it,, hahaha A loon with a loom E_Scarlett_ She's a maroon

Who cares? She is the joke So apparently Alyssa has holes in her mask as well as her brain. I'm actually not shocked but she's this illogical but apparently her husband is kind of lame to not realize it or maybe he never looks at her face anymore and didn't see her mask. Masks r effective and people making jokes and wearing this nonsense to be cute should just stay home

Dope Not the smartest medium to use, filters or not. You can’t make this sht up. 😱 She does look better with her face covered jealous It isn’t the masks, it’s the filter. I have an N99 filter in my mask and you can buy them online. A crocheted mask is probably far more comfortable than the one I have. Even TMZ is roasting her. 😂😂😂😂😂

But I love her 😍😩😩😩😩😩 She should go lick door knobs ... no one cares She’s an ass Dolt! Yowch. Even TMZ got her. I kinda feel bad. Does it come with duct tape? Make one of those holes bigger by sticking in one-half of a pair of scissors, and maybe you could smoke a cigarette with that mask still on! txblondegrad 🤣🤣

It's crocheted, not 'Hand-Knit' crocheted. One or the other, boys. You really don't do even the most basic research, do you? No one should listen to your drivel. My prayer is that she stays muzzled. Estupida She is the gift that keeps on giving 😂😂😂 Why not just use a slice of Swiss cheese How is this mask protecting anyone that she goes around 🤦‍♀️

🤦‍♂️ She’s a buffoon That’s is the lamest sh!t I’ve seen in awhile. Even worse than those walking around with their nose hanging out of their mask🤦🏼‍♀️ Nice Journalism 101 fail . Go fact yourselves. A mask full of holes 😂. This is a perfect definition of Hollywood and celebrities: they’re only good at pretending, at making ppl believe, but not really useful for anything, only to show.

Stupidity at its finest!!! Alyssa_Milano haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s your opinionon the whole Tara Reade/JoeBiden situation? Every woman should be heard & believed...right!? MeToo BelieveAllWomen WOMEN_STAY_STRONG WomensRights alyssamilano VoterID Leave it to a trashy tabloid to create something out of nothing just for clicks. These are the filters she uses in her masks, you ignorant dolts.

She is a joke! Alyssa_Milano Alyssa can fly? Q u E e N She has always been an idiot. lol she still isn't as dumb as the speaker of the house! I’ve learned a long time ago to stop trying to people pls. Or prove your self!! Her mask lol these are the kids Alyssa_Milano didn’t abort. Got it. R.I.P. You will be missed!

What an idiot! A crocheted mask with holes in it! Crochet condoms too! She’s not bright It's bad when even TMZ is toasting your ass lol! Don't care for her much, but at least, in this pic, she's attempting to spread a good selfless n not selfish.. Why should there be jokes More proof she’s an idiot 🤦🏻‍♀️

Because her evil droplets will spew out of that crochet mask! How dumb is she....? Ummm... never mind At least the Mask has less holes in it than her moral and ethical principles do. Does this mask make me look dumb? They’re filtered. Who’s laughing now TMZ 🙄😂 Its all about show, people! All about show!

If only it was soundproof. She already said their is a filter under it so jokes on you idiots It's gonna be hot as hell. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆🥴 Too easy I'm an Messing and Behar...sing with me I’d rather she just sew her mouth shut. Her hypocrisy was recently exposed. JHC! That's protection? How stupid! Nobody cares about your masks commie

Can’t say I’m shocked by this crappy headline considering who runs TMZ I’m not an Alyssa Milano fan but this outrage is idiotic. There is zero difference between this and tying a bandana around your face which is universally acceptable by the pro-mask crowd. Can we put a bag over her head, also? TMZ. that's it. that's the joke.

No mask because I ain't no bitch. Not a video but for Monday BarryIsFunny What. A . joke. I bet you can breathe better through them if you loosely And larger holes. I can’t seem to breath through most of these very long. This shows how dumb she is! It's either knit or crochet. They're not the same thing. Her mask is crochet and has a pocket for a filter in it.

It has a carbon filter in it, which she’s already responded with. Don’t you look dumb. She is a joke. Does anyone actually take her seriously? Crocheted holey mask...say more! How's Milano's Biden rapist & racist endorsement going for her? A knitted mask. What an idiot! But hey...good. Let her use that.

The only thing a mask does for her is hide the fact that she looks more and more like Nancy Pelosi everyday. Idc about the mask. Those eyelashes though..... People are so cruel. None of us have been in this situation before. Alyssa_Milano was doing what she felt necessary to protect her family and people wanna hate. sad

Staying safe in WV! My best friend has been busy sewing, I’ve been washing, cutting, ironing and mailing to friends, family, medical staff, vets, nursing homes... Alyssa Milano IF YOU WANTED ANY Safety with the mask MAYBE TRY A SINGLE CROCHET THERE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HOLES GOOD GRIEF. WOW Eeewww...she has offspring?!!

Yep! There IS a pocket filter inserted, geniuses. Now why don't you go back to finding another helicopter crash to exploit... She’s not the brightest crayon in the box LeT tHe JoKeS fLy This is the idiot telling people how to vote Maybe she could make a diaper for Kristen Bell’s kid too. I don't agree with her pro-choice views or her political views, but she is being respectful of wearing a mask, most of the masks we are wearing are not 100% fool proof. Why do we always need to attack people, it's just unkind, and it makes me so sad. She's a mom, and it's mean.

I’ve seen crocheted masks before, they usually have a solid inner layer. Too bad she didn't post that with the photo. It would have saved her a lot of backlashes. I thought about doing the same thing. Leave her alone. Sixlets821 idiot For what? Her talent speaks for itself No surprise seeing the idiot MAGATs jump all over this as they hate Alyssa_Milano so much they never bother to read beyond the headline to know these are made by her mother with a carbon filter but Trump loves the uneducated 😏😒

And just when I thought she might still have a brain cell left... nope...All gone lol 😂 is trash. Crochet mask with filter No wonder she likes democrats... she is stupid Me laughing at people who get their politics from this idiot. She could squeeze peas through the holes in that thing 🤦 With filter Not the sharpest person

So is your old man for being w likes of you apparently Too much medicine today? They look a little whacked Hey Alyssa 👇👇👇👇 Hahahahaha Is anyone really surprised she's an idiot? rofl. And this is who these people follow... Douch Dumbass MASK NEWS!!!!!!! Why does she even care about critics? Most of the criticism comes from Trump followers who are uneducated and dumb anyway. Let them go out without masks, in fact, I cannot wait until his rallies begin again.

you don't have to like her,but you know she's not stupid-my educated guess is that the mask probably has some kind of filter in it Nice job. At least her husband isn't stupid so the kids have a 50:50 chance Bless her heart Anyone questioning the effectiveness of this mask needs to know it is made from organic llama wool. Llamas are the cure for the covid. Thank you, and please enjoy responsibly. For reference:

The story says that it has a filter in it. bebest Ah, the Trump machine is at it again... politics Alyssa_Milano Bet you use knitted condoms too. VincentJenny NoMasks!! why does CV19 hate democrat ran states? still don't understand this mask thing, it's now all about likes and thumbs up, how typical

Am I the only one to see this picture and think her husband is hot af? Her poor kids! 😢 I gots some durty diapers to sell to the unstable ex child actress if she can use them. CoronaKarenMask I'll you give you something to talk about. By the way, Alyssa_Milano knitted masks have a carbon filter inside.

Knitting & crochet are completely different. This is crochet. If you're gonna mock someone, get it right! You can’t knit something that’s crocheted or vise versa. Idiots. Who writes these headlines? Hi, I’m Alyssa, and I’m an attention whore. Please look at me, please!!! Well that's one way to cover up the herpes sores.

Scary thing she is serious 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ hows that MeToo working out ? 🤷‍♂️ There's a carbon filter inside. No room for jokes with this one. Simple Simon. A variation on the theme Who cares about this 3rd rate out of work actress. Seriously! Stop giving her time. TMZ are you selling out too? Well her husband could of said good job hunny but it’s full of holes babe !

Well when the hubby cheats & he WILL, let's see how much of an advocate Alyssa Milano truly is Oh, FFS! Those aren't hand knitted! They are hand crocheted! There's a big difference, just ask any knitter or hooker (crocheter)! Get your shit together, people! This has been is desperate for any attention!

Bless her heart... There’s a filter in it dummies Wow Hollywood’s super genius Alyssa_Milano DonaldJTrumpJr go f—k right off TMZ That mask is like Alyssas opinions- Useless Alyssa, Scientific research shows N95 or higher, are the only mask that protect you & others from ANY airborne spread disease. And only health care providers need wear one. Plandemic frontlineworkers QArmy

I can't get past the crooked fake lashes! Your site is the real joke. 😂😂😂😂 Fake eye lashes? Scared of your connections to Allison and making 'one last stand' before arrest? Crocheted mask? Wow! Interesting message... crocheted weaves leave a lot of holes for secrets to leak out, don't they? We can see your husband wears an N95... TICK TOCK. WWG1WGA Q DarkToLight

I used to have mesh condoms.... now I have 5 kids her mask has a carbon filter. ...way to do research, tmz Jokes on you She really is dumber than a sack of hair ... TMZ, you should be embarrassed as hell for not realizing some masks are made to have filters. Good God... Yeah. I won’t even say it. Unless there is a “True Hepa” under that open stitch useless mask.

Uh oh, you didn't fact-check your story. Doesn’t look like it has a filter, because I can see her skin beneath it, but hey-more power to her. 😄 Knitthing to see here Knit and crotchet are two different things! It hides her face and the uneducated venom that comes out her trap Her eye is upside down! UpsEYEdDown

Even the very very stupid ones will get how absurd her mask is 🙄🙄🙄. Alyssa_Milano is low IQ at its best, her mask is only the final revelation of it. … but, there is STUPID! Crochet! Sounds pretty useless! Somebody told this lady that is pointless where she's wearing right right🙈🙈🙈 She is a tool 😂 All those holes in it. That's really effective. 🙄

Like anyone really cars about that MeToo notyou TaraReade Crochet and hand knit are two different things. And these masks come with filters. I mean what is the big deal. Why does everybody in this fucking world have to be-so judgmental? Why can’t people ge kind. We are all going through hell some more than others for God’s sake stop it. Alyssa_Milano

Batman had the bat symbol, Samanther has the virtue signal. Why does anybody have to joke about it? They look pretty cool and her children must be proud of her. Leave her alone STUPIDITY beyond!!! This is why I hate celebrities!!!!😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 Dickweed Dumb is forever. About as useless as the rest of our masks too

All the haters🙄. Lots of stuff online, like this from Michaels, shows they use a filter not just the crotchet... It's got a filter inside it. Check her site. Talk like that around your kids.. figures TMZ gets it wrong again and shows off in their rush to be jerks and suck up to the big money boys. Let the jokes fly.

If she’s using an additional liner, these are fine. Those disposable, blue shop towels are supposed to block even more than cotton. We add a folded towel to our masks. I wouldn’t think anything of a crocheted/knitted mask as long as there’s a filter of some kind. Who is this person? What has she done I’ve never heard of her except her love for our President. Because she’s always talking about him and making his rallies bigger.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Imagine posting that picture and thinking “this is going to be great. Showing off our masks as a family. People will love this pic” I would like to see her show the filter. First Joe and his stupidity now her 😂 I dont want the weekend to end! Hahahaa amazing Oh, honey. No! TMZ supports trump, pay the bulls** no mind.

so they won't ask her if there is in fact a filter because it's better to run with a false statement This whole thing is just a joke. She can improve on it, if she can make one to go over the rest of her face! MelissaRNMBA Matches the holes in her head. Carry Chumps nards Harvey! A lot of people say between cheek and gum is best. Ask Ye and Woods (both)

She'll be able to market them under the Milano name and sell them for the COVID winter we may experience. Yes, I agree, I hope there's a barrier underneath. the joke is the fat pig in the WH that ignored this Douchebag FuckTMZ Thinning out the Leftist herd. do those children know she supports killing children?

Bacteria harvester. Its wearing a chemical suit to work in a nuclear reactor. I'm really hoping there's a protective covering under it. If not I'm stunned! 😷🤔 realDonaldTrump Alyssa_Milano Hell even a crochet mask works bud She gets increasingly dumber by the week. Alyssa Milano gave me Corona 🙄🙄🙄 FocusOnTheTrumpDeathToll100K alyssamilano

The world would be a crap load better without TMZ You’re Coviodiots TMZ She may have a silk filter inside. SitdownTMZ, nobody sent for your foolishness. There IS a pocket filter under it Chrochet? 4th grade science lady omg🤦🏽‍♀️ That’s almost as funny as her totally abandoning MeToo when it comes to Tara Reade

.melandnat this is LEGIT! Seriously - just read the comment section of her tweet 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Crochet you idiots yet people still look to celebrities for their political opinions And some of you guys think her political views matter. Hey O O hey Gross bitch That crocheted mask will keep that virus out! 🤣😂😅

Hand knitted ? Lol. Yeah thats not stopping shit. Judt like most of the other mask people think are keeping them safe. Goes to show you how much of a fake she is. Is she going t......forget it. So what? My mask has a big donut hole for me to breathe. Seriously let me ask you a question. Can you smell a fart with a mask on? See where I'm going?

IS IT SURGICALLY ATTACHED? Here's a great joke! You can insert a filter between the seams. Ok I thought of something. It has to be itchy. Hot itchy no bueno. Funny Clever Covid is a Obama hoax anyway Her mask be like How clever. Idk what has more holes. That mask or Christine Blasey Fords story. Is Philip Rivers using the same material and logic for his condoms

Those aren't MASKS! AlyssaMilano's family is NOT protected! However as FACE COVERS, they do look rather good on ALYSSA. Listen! She Is Trying To Be Safe? You, Thinking This Is A Joke? People, Are Dying From CoronaVirus ActYourAgeTMZ The idiotic rhetoric from radical left on display 'I wear my face mask in my car, so I can so I can, virtue signal in my neighborhood'

Hey alyssa, Maybe you and your hubby should try this mesh condom. Alyssa Milano's mask simply shows how out of touch some people are about this virus. A good mask isn't going to be comfortable to wear, or make you look fashionable. useful as these condoms I’m picking off bots left and right!! Perfectly illustrative of the MeToo Movement ~ holes and all.

Hahahaha. What a moron Who'd you buy it from? 😆😆 Alyssa_Milano should wear this mask All through wholes in her ain't protecting squat. Ok all you judgey people. There are crochet masks out there with an inside pocket to hold a filter. Dont be so quick to assume. Gosh it floors me how folks are just ready to pounce on anything they can complain about, TPWK (Treat People with Kindness)

Too easy.... She said there’s a filter in it 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 she is literally as dumb as she looks! Useful as a knitted condom. *Her mask & Coronavirus*

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