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Coronavirus, Covid-19

All Residents at Kansas Nursing Home Have COVID-19

One resident has been hospitalized, and the other 51 residents are being treated at the nursing home. The rest of the staff are being tested as well.

10/20/2020 5:43:00 PM

All 62 residents at a nursing home in Kansas have contracted the coronavirus and 10 have died, according to the local health department. Several staff members have tested positive as well. More information:

One resident has been hospitalized, and the other 51 residents are being treated at the nursing home . The rest of the staff are being tested as well.

Overall, Kansas is reporting more than 700 new coronavirus cases daily, marking the highest numbers since this spring.Earlier this month, state health department officials warned that Kansas was “losing the battle” against the coronavirus as outbreaks emerged, according

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to The Associated Press.“Other states are doing bad, and we’re doing worse than most,” Lee Norman, MD, head of the department, told the AP. “We’re losing the battle right now.”Norman said residents aren’t following public health guidelines forsocial distancing

, wearing masks, or avoiding public gatherings. He predicted that cases could increase to 900 per day in the next few months.“One of the things that we just have to collectively as a state start working together with is what are the social and psychological underpinnings for the reasons why for we’re going the direction we’re going,” he said. “Our curve is going absolutely the wrong direction.”

WebMD Health News BriefCBS News: “All 62 residents at Kansas nursing home have COVID, 10 have died.”Norton County Health Department and Home Health: “COVID-19 Outbreak at Local Nursing Home.”The Associated Press: “Top health officials: Kansas ‘losing the battle’ on COVID-19.”

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10 people have died after every resident of a Kansas nursing home got Covid-19Ten people living at a Kansas nursing home have died after an outbreak of Covid-19 infected all 62 residents, according to a statement from the Norton County Health Department.

All 62 Residents At Kansas Nursing Home Infected With Covid-19Of that number, 10 have already died.

Coronavirus live updates: Hospitalizations on the rise in 41 US states, analysis showsCOVID-19 outbreak at a privately-owned nursing home in northwestern Kansas kills at least 10 residents, officials say.

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Nursing homes to get free COVID-19 vaccines under Trump plan with CVS, WalgreensAmericans living or working in long-term care facilities will receive COVID-19 vaccinations for free if and when they become available, the Trump administration said Friday.

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