Alaska Court System fires magistrate judge who wrote public letter criticizing Republican Party

1/8/2022 6:44:00 AM

Magistrate George Peck of Seward had been working on low-level cases in Seward since 1976.

The Alaska Court System fired a magistrate judge in Seward who wrote a public letter criticizing the Republican Party:

Magistrate George Peck of Seward had been working on low-level cases in Seward since 1976.

Alaska’s code of judicial July 1987.Airlines struggle with weather and COVID-19 More than 1,700 flights have been canceled and thousands were grounded this weekend.By Updated: 26 minutes ago Published: 48 minutes ago A long line of travelers waits for Alaska Airlines customer service at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Tuesday morning, December 28, 2021.

“As a magistrate judge, the public entrusts you to decide cases with the utmost fairness, independence and impartiality.The power of your own voice, even when expressed off the bench, can become inextricably tied to your position, especially in a small community where you are the sole judicial officer,” Morse said.He heads the nonprofit Alaska Submarine Memorial that would also contain a museum.Peck will be replaced by a full-time, permanent magistrate judge serving both Seward and Homer, he said.Alaska's announcement came on a day in which more than 2,100 U.Gov.S.Mike Dunleavy was not contacted about the decision to fire Peck, and his deputy communications director said the governor’s office was unaware of Peck’s letter or the firing until contacted for this article.[ US hospitals seeing different kind of COVID surge this time ] “Right now, we need to build more reliability back into our operation as we deal with the impacts of omicron and during a time when guests generally fly less,” Thompson said, referring to the post-holiday winter months when air travel typically dips.

Peck, 81, has been working as a magistrate judge since 1976.Alaska located in Seward, and connected to a museum that would house reconstructed rooms and exhibits.The tracking service said that equaled about 8% of the day's scheduled flights, and it was the 12th straight day of 1,000-plus cancellations, which blamed on the virus surge and winter weather.He retired from full-time work in 2016, but the court system kept him on a temporary, part-time basis.Informed Wednesday that he would be fired on Friday, he submitted his resignation and worked his last day Thursday.“We also want to do something in regards to where our berthing is at.Peck said he doesn’t regret the letter and said he was just “stating a fact that the Republican Party tried to overturn the election, which I think most people agree on.S.” He also doesn’t fault Morse’s decision.The idea for the project, according to Salo, began about eight years ago.

“Clearly, they were justified in doing what they’re doing,” Peck said of his firing.“I just think they could have found a little better way to do it, but that’s up to them.“And enjoy just what the life of sailor on a Trident submarine was all about.Alaska had scrubbed about 125, or 17% of its flights.” “It’s like you had a tenant who’s been in there 46 years, paid the rent, never disturbed the neighbors, but they committed some technical foul and you’re kicking them out in two days,” he said.Alaska’s constitution intends judges to be apolitical and selected for merit.He’s part of the Alaska’s first crew when it went out on its first patrol in 1986.Magistrate judges are the lowest-level officials in the Alaska Court System, overseeing traffic infractions, small-claims cases and some time-sensitive issues, such as search warrants and domestic violence cases.” U.

They do not need to be lawyers and are appointed by a Superior Court judge, rather than the governor.“It’s totally different than like high school reunions or anything like that,” Salo said.Despite that difference, they must follow the same code of judicial conduct as higher-level judges.That code states, in part, that a judge must act in a way that does not “cast reasonable doubt on the judge’s capacity to act impartially as a judge.And you’re dependent upon each other’s lives together.” Another section states that a judge or candidate for appointment to judicial office shall not “publicly endorse or publicly oppose a candidate for any public office.” Dunleavy made his 2022 re-election campaign official in August.Plus, the U.

The Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct does not handle complaints against magistrates, but its executive director, Marla Greenstein, that if his letter “had been written by a state court judge, the commission would have recommended disciplinary action.” She confirmed her statement in an interview Friday.Department of Defense must agree to give Salo’s group the pieces of the submarine it wants for the project Salo said could be completed in five years.“While as a magistrate judge you may not directly hear cases involving the governor or the Republican Party, members of your community who would appear in front of you are likely supporters of both.Your letter was a public statement that you do not respect those entities,” she told Peck.The U.She concluded her message to him by saying that she hopes he can now enjoy his retirement.

Peck said he intends to do so.S.“I love music.I love art.As the submarine gets closer to the end of its service, Salo wants to give it new life, and a new home in the state for which it’s named.I just got back from a bike ride.So I got plenty to do and I’d like to be involved a little bit on climate change, getting our community to adapt.All rights reserved.

We’d like to make Seward a little bit more self sustainable and a little more energy efficient.There’s just a zillion things out there to do,” he said.Sponsored.

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GovDunleavy and akgop have always been butt hurt by the truth. That’s why they align themselves with liars and are petty liars who seek revenge. Children. akgov Dunlevy just lost my vote. I was a Republican all my life. NO MORE! Looks like republicans are for free speech only for republicans. Looks like Lisa is the only Republican I can vote for. COUNTRY OVER PARTY! LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY

For telling the truth in a Red state? Heavens... Damn. He was a good judge. CentralPenDems If this doesn’t confirm his statement I don’t know what does. CentralPenDems George Peck can judge me at any time and I'd never bat an eye at his decisions. I've no doubt we will hear more from Mr Peck and I, for one, will welcome his honest and true assessments.

Cancel culture at its best. I propose A “George Peck Day” in Seward. Massive bike parade, decorations a band or two. Someone make this happen. Hometown heroes need a parade! The GQP “is actively trying to steer the U.S. into an authoritarian kleptocracy.” says George Peck. He nailed it; on the national, state and local level the GQP is a party of grifters. What have they ever done to promote the general welfare?

Speak no ill of The Party apparently. I’d expect this to be very fitting for George Peck. A true Alaskan and a man to be admired. Proud of him, his years of service and his intellect. Great job, George!

Inside the Gates: Effort underway to create USS Alaska monument in SewardWaino Salo heads the nonprofit Alaska Submarine Memorial. The goal is to create a monument to the submarine U.S.S. Alaska located in Seward once the ship is decommissioned, connected to a museum that would house reconstructed rooms and exhibits.

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Alaska Airlines cutting flights by 10% through January due to omicron-driven staff shortageThe reduction will primarily affect flights in the Lower 48 and is intended as a “reset” after massive disruptions in the air travel system nationwide during the holidays, the airline said. But if they have that piece of paper that’s so golden, why oh why is there a staff shortage? They can’t get sick, right? Much less be sick enough to take days off? They may not end up in the hospital, though some will; putting all faith in a piece of paper is wrong.

Alaska reports record high of over 3,600 COVID-19 cases over 2 daysWhile COVID-19 hospitalizations in Alaska remain lower than they were during the delta variant surge, the rapid spread of omicron is resulting in many health care staff being out of work due to being sick or exposure to COVID-19. Read more: Just change the quarantine rules again….problem solved

Alaska Airlines to reduce flights in JanuaryThe effects of the rapidly-spreading COVID-19 omicron variant have forced Alaska Airlines to cut their January departure schedule by 10%, although very few of those flights will be from Alaska.

Alaska Ombudsman investigates Juneau prison COVID-19 complaints, but broader issues remainThe Alaska State Ombudsman released a report detailing the results of an investigation into several COVID-19 complaints at Juneau’s prison. The report touches on broader issues for the corrections system, including overcrowding and staff shortages.