Alabama officials warn of students holding coronavirus parties to get infected

Students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, are throwing coronavirus parties where people who have the virus are invited to intentionally infect others, officials say.

7/2/2020 11:20:00 PM

Students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, are throwing coronavirus parties where people who have the virus are invited to intentionally infect others, officials say.

A Tuscaloosa City Council member said, 'We're constantly trying to do everything we can to slow the spread, while they're just having a damn party trying to spread it.'

"At first, I couldn't believe it that these kids are having parties, and they're putting money in a pot and they purposefully try to get COVID from the person who has COVID and apparently whoever gets COVID first, gets the pot," she told the outlet.

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McKinstry slammed the parties as contrary to all the work of public officials during the pandemic."It makes me mad as hell that we're constantly trying to do everything we can to slow the spread while they're just having a damn party trying to spread it," she said.

Smith did not say at the council hearing how officials plan on stopping the parties. The Tuscaloosa fire and police departments did not immediately return a request for comment on Thursday.Just hours after the hearing Tuesday, the City Council unanimously voted to adopt an

. The ordinance goes into effect Monday.Alabama has confirmed over 10,000 coronavirus cases within the last 14 days, according to the state'spublic health website. There has been a total of 38,442 cases in the state since testing began in March.Gov. Kay Ivey extended the state's"Safer At Home" order through July 31, which prohibits gatherings unrelated to work when people cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet.

"I urge you, in the strongest way I know how, to incorporate #COVID19 precautions into your daily routine. You are strongly encouraged to maintain a 6-foot distance & to wear a mask when out in public," the governortweetedon Tuesday."Personal responsibility means it is everyone’s responsibility. If we continue going in the wrong direction, and our hospitals are not able to handle the capacity of patients, then we’re going to reserve the right to come back in & reverse course," she added.

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So Forrest Gump really IS one of state's brightest progeny Ok, this is truly a Darwinist moment. The only problem is those poor misguided individuals can seriously impact other innocent people that don’t subscribe to marching off the cliff. I have, almost” lost all hope for the Human Race. Idiocy at its finest !😱

There are an awful lot of very stupid people in this country. Now, what is this!!!? It’s called turd immunity. Tuscaloosa fire chief Randy Smith verified these parties 2 days ago What's cooler than Corona..? Being ice cold! ( Dead that is...) Stupidity is more contagious than the virus Barbaric! It’s almost as if people once did this with other viruses... and it was quite popular.

This is not true fakenews since when was this considered chicken pox? Has any news organization verified these stories about COVID parties? Interviews with reporting health agencies or doctors, social media posts, participants from the parties, etc. When you marry your first cousin it’s possible your brains aren’t working

Chimos5CAD Ah being young again... Nope. Youth is wasted on the young ❤A TODAS LAS MUJERES DIVINAS QUE TRABAJAN EN UN HOSPITAL. HOMENAJE GRACIAS EN CADA DIA We thought Tablighiz is only India's problem. now we understand types of this kind are in US too Wondering why MainstreamMedia continues to put this out on Twitter - and on TV. Show us proof - or, stop putting it out there. This is the 3rd time I ran across this in my feed. And, the same thing was parroted on my local news. Geez. C’mon journalists! Sniff out the truth!

'ROLL TIDE!'? Why does Alabama want to turn in Floridacoronavirus or Texas? COVIDIOTS Why pay others to play Russian Roulette? 😡😡😡😡 va_shiva Well, hope they or their parents have plenty of health insurance and a family plot..just imagine what kind of parenting these morons received! Not a single cell marked critical thinking...

Sounds like the underground suicidal groups. Dangie! Shouldn’t that be considered attempted murder !!! Cancel their health cover that should focus their parents’ minds Meet the Generation Z The joke's on them! Even mild cases of Covid-19 can cause permanent lung and kidney damage. Long-Term Lung Damage Luau didn’t look as good on the flyers.

Morons really The devil himself has taken over right now 👺👺👺 What does anyone expect from Alabama? Watching the twisted and powerless flail is quite gratifying. God forgive me.🙏🏻 SilentNoMore 🤐 GodWins ✝️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Darwin Awards. Not true NBC, but still better than rioting and looting that you condone.

When did people become so insanely Stupid . Good grief America. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Unbelievable!! 'students' of what Trumpism. Simply why? Make this make sense. There goes the gene pool. jesus Takes a special kind of stupid. covidiots Prolong the virus scare to steal Americans Votes? How dumb are they What kind of nonsense is this? Really0

america Grotesque You just can’t fix STUPID‼️ He should honestly do time in prison! That is not funny and it was intentional. Basically premeditated murder! (For some at least)! Students in the university of ignorance. This is Jim Jones shit Show NOW🚫🤦⚡🖕💥😤 So what’s the plan? Corona Tide, jackasses, making Mississippians envious

Yes, kids are dumb. They also eat Tide pods. That’s a whole new level of stupid Good Whatever happened to common sense? WhiteHouse you will have no USA left TrumpKillsUS YouTube Education on survival during a Pandemic Disgusting!!! Beyond stupid. Underdeveloped brains will continue to provide challenges for society.

This is a false rumor you're running with. FakeNews 😡😡😡😡😡 Can you say super spreader dumbasses Here is an idea, refuse to treat them when they catch it. Charge them for every last kleenex they use if they are hospitalized. Great have fun! At a hospital with no one around you I am so tired of this world

Do young people need to feel what it’s like to be so ill that they could die to take this pandemic seriously? Or are they just so callous as to willingly inflict it on their love ones? They did this back when Aids was a thing too. They called it “the gift” And will the hospitals have to take them in? Ignorance is they say!!!

They’re just assholes. fuckrolltide. Awesome, AMERICAN FREEDOM!!! Alabama? It figures. Yeah, I heard about that. Nu Bunch of little trumpters I am rarely without words... COVIDIDIOTS I'd say arrest them all, but then the taxpayers would have to foot their hospital bills Might as well get it over with so we can move on with our lives!

Manslaughter or 2nd degree murder for gambling on Covid-19 Russian roulette? And people make fun of Alabama for what reason?! Dumba__ Sort of what Trump is doing, hosting rallies to see how many super spreaders they create. Irresponsible, selfish and arrogant. Hope they have good health insurance. Democrats doing Democrat things...

Main idea might be on purpose due some sinister purposes. Like walk away with 'MURDER'! who knows? The situation is that if the Parents/Grandparents get infected, guess what's next? The Inherentance WILL will become effective ahead of the game. So, is a Win-Win for all partyers! How many more times will this posted?

Natural Selection... Bama not know for the smartest kids... Roll Tide Roll This is really just an over under on whether or not we will have a vaccine or effective treatment by flu season, coupled with natural selection? Except these officials can’t actually confirm these “coronavirus parties” are real and not a hoax.

Doesn't sound as fun as Rainbow parties. Less to vote for Trump 'And the winners of this year's Darwin Award goes to ...' Put a termite tent over the house and guards outside don't let them out for 30 days. Good, take those Trump supporters out before they breed. Is this like chicken pox parties? Great idea!!!! Especially since no one knows the long term effects of covid for asymptomatic carriers Let alone the chances of KILLING ppl. Selfish

Make them find money for their premiums that’s it Okay This is the 3rd time posting this in less than 24 hours. Do we have nothing else we can report on? Totally insane and unacceptable What the f**k is thiiissss?! I’m in total shock rn 🤯🤬😡🤬 EDUCATION MATTERS Arrest these careless people for putting us all at risk.

Fake news. Spotted these guys outside of one of them 'Coronavirus parties' I believe we call this Darwinism Just know that a huge majority of these college students aren't from Tuscaloosa, and local residents aren't happy about the new restrictions they've brought upon us. Sounds right. War Eagle you assholes!

WTF? Hey Nick Saban, these morons won’t listen to science, they won’t listen to the governor, but they will probably listen to you. How about using your pulpit to help lives? Didn’t people with HIV get charged with attempted murder for deliberately exposing others to a deadly virus? These kids need a reality check.

My mom would have said that this is a classic case of cutting your nose off to spite your face. An education being put to good use Isn’t this the same generation that ate Tide Pods? Are we really surprised? God bless the next generation of Amercs .... those that are still alive, post Covid... Stupid is as stupid does ...

Ugh ! Bad idea.’s all fun and games until we find out what happens 20 years from now, like chicken pox/shingles. Will they end up tethered to oxygen tanks with COPD or need lung transplant? They won’t know until it happens, because there is no history of this virus. Morons. There is stupid and there is Stupider than Stupid

LoL I saw that this story's been debunked. Dr. Fauci be like:.... Uh, let’s up Alabama’s secondary education subsidies to be at least equal that of Mississippi! moron notaxdollars Jerks? Why? We really need EducationReform JoeBiden This tweet screams white ppl Small class counts in the Fall, I guess that was basically every riot from last month

Roll Tide! K that’s dumb I really wish Jesus would come and burn this place down right now. jfc some ppl Here’s one going on right now! For a virus that is suspected of being artificially made, this is completely wrong! Was this also part of Beijings strategy? They must've had an inkling how stupid some Americans would behave. F..kin genius!

They should all be arrested and charged with Felony Assault! Do something about it!!!! Hydroxychloroquine can help save hospitalized coronavirus patients, study finds. From the NYP. Are you going report it now that you were against it. Spreading your negativity. Consider the source How many times are you going to post this same story?

All attending should be denied medical care. That's BAMA BABY! CRAZY BAT SHIT FOLKS. Maybe a Chinese conspiracy In the Middle Ages, the plague was so devastating it made people go crazy - and do this exact thing. 38% of London's population died. (Didn't bother to fact check but I know it's in this range.)

This is terrible journalism When did you turn into the Daily Mail? Homosapiens will be the only species responsible for their demise. Lazy, badly sourced journalism. Sadly suicide pacts do form & occur. Meanwhile hospitals are crowded, staff are overworked and stressed from deaths, families can't see their dying loved ones. Way to go dumbasses.

How dumb!! herd immunity We deserve to be conquered. this is sort of like what our grandparents and their parents did, a form of passive immunity. im in, where can i get an invitation to this party? 'Murica It's called natural selection. Let them party. Blm has been doing same for weeks If this is really true, I hope a journalist can sniff it out, record an interview, (disguising identify OK - as long as there is more than one source,) and get a credible story out there. If true, shouldn’t these nuts face the same charges of last year’s “ice cream licker?”

U of Alabama.....right back to the stone ages GOP trained activists— Are they paying the hospital bills or sticking it to the Union. But. . .they’ve always seemed so intelligent and science-based down there in *checks notes* Tuscaloosa? 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is Not true. There is no evidence of what you’re reporting. Stop spreading lies.

What else can you expect from a country that voted Trumpet as their President. A man who cane from a Scottish immigrant yet hates all immigrants now. Get immunity over with already so clueless. Do they know they can hurt someone they love: grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt and friends. May be too late to regret.

this is yet another fake story from the fake news purveyors at NBSC Weirdest country ever. Spectacular media outlet cracks the case.... Nope 👎 Mentals people are not lesser in world & thts the most dangerous thing . Still no proof that these parties actually happened. A lot of hearsay, but no statement from anybody who has been to one of them. If it sounds too good (or bad) to be usually is.

It was just rumors, no proof Same people that play Russian Roulette I have had it come over Gosh, I hope they get it. 🎶 Crazy Roll Tide! Idiots do your research. this is bullshit. WTF is wrong with these kids? Dumbasses! Are they called leftist protesters? Come on bro’s we can do this 😀 Kinda like eating goldfish laced with mercury...

Seriously? I Not the most intelligent breed of people Maybe this will distract them from their regular “chlamydia & herpes” parties. You can't fix stupid! Donna, Did you see this? Is that why Alabama...and maybe a team in S players are getting it now so they can be Covid free for the fall🤷🏻‍♀️...asking for a friend🤗

Roll Tide, idiots People attending these parties should not be given medical care if beds are close to capacity and others who didn’t engage in this stupidity need them. Isn’t there something akin to “dereliction of duty” for citizens of the US!? Alabama? Yeah that makes sense! Oh, My ! Wow! That is sad Alabama! Shameful!

How many times do you have to post this It’s not just dumb and dangerous because the students themselves may become seriously sick, but also because they’ll possibly go on to infect others in the community, including high-risk individuals or healthcare professionals who may have to provide them treatment.

Great; the sooner they die, the better for the nation. They need to be expelled And we're surprised? This is the generation that challenged each other to snack on Tide Pods. Next stop for these idiots...E. Coli party. What grade of education do these students have? Are they the future rulers of America; the America that was Great until.....?

Passing the trumpvirus between each other so they look can take it back home and infect their grandparents effectively murdering them. Technically we can call them the trumpvirus serial killers. This level of irresponsible stupidity is why trump is president and why the covid may prevail. Oh, well 🤢🤦🏻‍♂️

katiebug098 are people really this idiotic there? Idiots It’s a hoax Darwin theory realized. Wow, just how stupid are these people? I'm telling ya: we should give up domesticating some 1/3 of Americans represented by the junky who is in the oval office. Maybe it’s time for, if you intentionally infect somebody there are consequences.

The idiots are taking themselves out of the equation, thanks to Darwin's Theory. Alabama is the Mississippi of Floridas. No. They are not. Stop spreading lies. This was yet another hoax.... Trumps fault im sure. They lost the Civil War and the genetics war. No evidence of this. When did journalism turn to rumors?

Wow is this real? Americans cannot get any dumber. I honestly am dumbfounded. Same idiots told us 25 years ago to let your uninflected kids play with kids with active measles. 🙄🙄🙄🐴💩 Charge them all with intentionally spreading a deadly disease. Eat grits and pray to Jesus; that will fix everything. That's natural selection 😂

Damn Liberals... Wow why Posting this ad nauseam won't make it credible OR newsworthy. Move ON. Do a 'no-knock' warrant and arrest them all! Oh Alabama. Your kids probably started the Tide pod challenge too. 🥺 did any deaths result from these parties? How immature! It may be their last party. Imagine how their parents & siblings will feel when they get burried or cremated. Are they ready to put their family through that?

Natural selection at work! Well.... Alabama...I mean come on. What else would you expect? Criminal prosecution, please. Everybody gets a Darwin Award! idiots Rioters looters arsonists and vandals too. Craziest thing I’ve ever heard FRAT Hello parents.......echo echo echo These students should immediately be failed for being too stupid. What is wrong with these people?

Sounds more like a Mississippi thing, but Alabama runs a close 2nd for stupid. DarwinAwards Parents won't have to pay for college, just the funeral. Darwin is smiling, wherever he is. Good. Herd immunity. ... they might want to inform their families, disrespectful and dangerous COVIDIOTS Can't fix stupid but it can die off

Kind of like how everyone used to hang out with the kid who had chicken pox. Now they have a vaccine for it. 🙄 I bet their parents voted for Trump They couldn’t find one student doing this. Stop lying D day patriots Find an island and send them all too it. If I’m not mistaken, Epstein’s is free. Lol America really is fucked😂

Florida hold my beer Some in the USA would definitely win the DarwinAwards It’s all Fun till it’s not...... Idiots all of them Please invite your football coach and team! No they aren't stop spreading this Dr. Fauci be like: And of course the riots and thugs don’t get it but the virus goes after Alabama kids/ adults hmm?

If you would check and see what the price off blood which has Covid antibodies is and low risk to their age it not all crazy And this is our next generation of leaders, making demands of the rest of us? 🤪 adamboultonSKY Old and fake!sky news l shit it! Those marrying first cousins in Alabama have always thrown parties to celebrate things lol. What’s new?


Please publish their names and faces, so that down the road if they are running for office, we remember who NOT to vote for. These people are not FBLA material. Smh Jesus, how are they educating their kids, Investigate! They're doing it wrong. Let em get what they deserve AL ranks 46th in the nation in education. Coincidence?

That news has been debunked. Next stop for these idiots, E. coli patties. 'Alabama' - 'nuff said This is sick and sinister. Police should also charge the organizer & spreader of murder if anyone infected the virus from the partygoer. In Alabama you say? That’s surprising. It’s Alabama, Sooooo.... is the whole ‘south will rise again’ postponed? Or is it still a go ahead’? Just need clarity.

People have just gone crazy !! coronavirus COVIDー19 adamboultonSKY Are they stupid 🤡 🇺🇸 Scum of the earth Virtually zero will die and then they can go on with their lives. Only the sick, elderly, and fat are at risk. adamboultonSKY People have had enough of this ridiculous lock down of life. Needed more proportionate measures from the start If we’d never heard of Covid, we’d have put this down as one of the bad flu years The extreme mishandling of the crisis leads to this sort of twisted backlash

Why no mention of one of the biggest stories of the decade? Jeffrey Epsteins gf: Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Well at least they are good at football! And the state is blocking burbside and absentee voting as well.. Push the whole state in the ocean and make Georgia bigger I'll take things that never happened for $1000...

Alabama is doing Alabama things just Alabama always does. MOST VITAL FOR HUMANITY davidhogg111 These are the young people that will lead us forward. Students? Alabama has schools? This is what herd immunity is about though, so why are they complaining? Disgusting—Prosecute Can't believe something like this would happen in Alabama.

So, it's just an average Friday for Alabama? How are we this stupid? Wow- are humans ever stupid. Maybe to US can sell Alabama and Florida? parties are for getting laid Buncha inbreds in Alabama. Gotta love Alabama It is absolutely terrorism. Smart...get it out of the way before school starts... classes are too expensive to miss! Lol

Students? how unusual considering that the citizens of Alabama are known for their well-informed choices Even he thinks that's F'd up. Can’t fix stupid . Added bonus if you die.We’re not talking Harvard here,roll Tide. They have to be MAGATS... . COMPLETE EVIL. Stupidity at its highest level What a bunch of COVIDIOTS!

Stupid is as stupid does Help It’s Alabama. Like Florida only, way more incest. They should be rounded up and placed in isolation for 14 days. Which “officials”? Why is dumb and stupidity so common? BLM, liberals. Joe Biden. They all tell us one thing; we have a deteriorating gene pool. Great idea! The measles and chicken pox parties we had when we were kids worked really well.

Coronavirus party Looks like having too much fun can kill No! This has not been verified by anyone. Wait.... What !!! And how much are their parents spending on “higher education “? Dumb! This is what happens when you have an irresponsible leader playing down the risk (it's a hoax!), calling for 'liberating' states and playing politics with his opponents who are rightly taking the pandemic seriously. Shallow end of the gene pool....sad really.

People are going to die. And people are going to prison. And that's why they're Alabama !!!! Are people that stupid in Alabama? Alabama coming in hot into Floriduh territory “Officials say” WHY would they do that?! It’s not just Alabama. I know 10 young adults that had a game night and 8 contracted it. All have no symptoms and all to the person are happy that it’s over with

Dumb is as Dumb does! 😳 Maybe we should have let them eat the Tide pods. 😱 NateluvsAmerica get your MAGA’S Round up all these disrespectful ,immature ,selfish punks and throw them in a quarantine camp Wtf FFS Darwin rules. What is wrong with people? Sick Announcement To Social Media Platforms And People Turkey's New Media Law Unfair Turkish Government Pressure on Social Network Restricts Freedom of Expression

The more idiots we get rid of the better anyway Corona parties huh, smh That's one of my problems with media, what does that ugly picture have to do with it? Darwinism. Process by elimination. They should be arrested for intentionally being a public health threat. The Americans in the south sure do think differently.

Sounds like the measles parties of the 50’s Those are the pro-life confederate flag wavers. Opening up the envelope with this year's Darwin award winner and..... Think it should be criminal just like HIV and as anything highly contagious this is a highly public health issue though nobody seems to even understand or care how highly contagious this is which i deadly as well.

Where are the parents. What jackass thinks this is a good idea? If someone poses the antibody & immunity theory..then why don't we skip the life & heartache saving vaccines deveoped against measles, mumps, polio, diphtheria & other horrid diseases..just go for those diseases too. tjbogart33 This is not random , trump’s wanting herd immunity at risking people’s lives.

Unbelievable !!! Wow Just like Moms did in the 50s...guess you’re to young to remember those Summers. If someone had Mumps or Measles, go play !! Herd mentality !! It Worked !! They think they're going to vaccinate themselves So effing stupid Dems 'protesters' basically already did this.... Report to authorities and lock them up. Their negligence could kill many

Welcome to Alabama Not just Alabama How are the people in the South still so stupid? I guess it’s all that inbreeding. It Amazes me of how some youth of this our country are so irresponsible and thoughtless...but i blame it on the door step of upbringing by their parents Stupid is as stupid does. I think this proves stupidity is contagious,too.

Only in Alabama!! It’s 9 pm. Do you know where your child is? Wha Seriously? Best scenario is that the most influential students get it and experience the wrath of it,might save others from doing the pity for them at all,but innocent people and every front line worker. How stupid can people get? You would think they would at least want a football season. Who knew there were this many ignorant people in the world.

Idiots! Young people listen to Dr. Fauci if you want to live to reach 30! Wear a damn Mask! Wash your damn hands FREQUENTLY for a minimum of 20 seconds! Practice Social Distancing! Stop being idiots! You just can’t fix stupid Smh yeehaw. gotta love alabama. tf You have to work hard to be the 50th state in education rankings.

Alabama ranks 50th in education. Sure you can argue that a percentage of those students came from some place else, I can argue that Alabama with its low bar educational standards was one of the few places that offered them a college acceptance letter. Alabama really doesn’t need to reinforce bad stereotypes the rest of us have of them. Prove us wrong!

hmmm... Alabama right... Dumbasses for real. What do you expect it's Alabama they once tried to elect a pedophile. It’s Alabama are you surprised Oh look! The tide pod kids are back! No need to wait to find out the truth when that publish button is so shiny. 'The state's Department of Public Health told NBC News in a statement Thursday that it has not been able to confirm the coronavirus parties'

Sounds normal for Alabama Roll Died Alabama... enough said... nancyrubin On brand. They should be arrested and charged with intent to kill. 'Mama said dat virus is a hoax!' (Typed in my best Water Boy accent) Sounds a lot like attempted murder To be an error, and to be cast out, is God's design. - William Blake

Alabama. Enough said. Stupidity at its most 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why? Seriously, what’s the reason? This is what happens when your state ranks dead last in education. Do not be so serious, this is one of the normal lifestyle of the Red states Until recently, every generation was a little more well educated than the last. But if that current crop coming out of Tuscaloosa is any indication, we are seeing the first instances of reverse Darwinism.

😂😂🤤 Please tell me ‘this’ is fake news. These kids will do more to achieve herd immunity than all your building policies combined. heroes Your ignorance our problem. Are these kids raised by animals Do they have parents and grandparents who can try to talk sense into them? They need to be arrested. They should be made to spend time with one grieving family to see what they are going through. Absolutely the most disgusting story..

😮 Question—is there any FACTS on how many of these people who participated in the parties are Covid positive & required hospitalization? May be a good group to study to help with the decision to open schools & colleges. Well it is Alabama so not surprised This is like gay men having unprotected sex with men who have AIDS hoping to pass it along.

See what happens when you inbreed? Hmmm... now is that genius Jeff Sessions from AL? Roll tide Alabama is an SEC school. It just means more. Siblings and cousins fucking each other in the background for sure. it's all fun-and-games until someone actually dies..... The self centered generation strikes again. This country is fucked

I would expect nothing less from Alabamians What the actual F*** is wrong with people? Shame on NBC. This not a true story. Real journalism is dead. People read critically. Omg.. They sure know how to live (and die) down there. I live in the Tuscaloosa area, and this behavior is not indicative of most of its residents. Most students in the city don’t have parents in town. Of course, they think they are invincible, and there’s no excuse for the stupidity. We are just as shocked as you are.

Well, at least everyone there is related!! SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!! Free to protest and destroy, free to experiment and maybe die Does this include the football team? I can't hear Tuscaloosa Alabama without following it up with 'Cleeevelaaand Ohio'. Then they go out and protest. Pretty clever. Those are some pretty smart kids. Parents should be proud

🤦🏾‍♂ Jump in the water grasshopper. It might come to a surprise to y'all but Alabama is ranked 50th in education shocker As long as they all waive any medical care ever & are quarantined away from everyone else in the world, Let ‘em party! Why don’t you do a public service? Do a one or two hour special with doctors and nurses and survivors and family members? Get the word out from the people who’ve been through it how really bad it is.

Real smart! Are we that stupid? 👋👋👋👋👋 Frankly society is better off without people this stupid. That's impeached45iq land. Gotta love cult45 OMG! SICK in the, coronavirus sick in the lungs. Uneducated, stupid people in Alabama. This makes no sense The protesters pretty much already did that! sick minds

Sensacionalist news belong to tabloids. I'm sure young people are throwing summer parties in all 50 states. Call them Covid19 parties if you prefer. There are also grown ups going out on Covid19 dates to Covid19 bars and Covid19 restaurants. It's summer and people can't stay home I love young people, but damn are they ever stupid! I remember feeling invincible like that, and the kids may end up fine in the end. The problem is, who else will they infect? Parents, grandparents, kids with compromised immune systems? Do they even care

One way to get herd immunity. 🙄 They should charge these kids I simply do not comprehend. Mind-bogglingly mind-boggling. Those are the dummy Their mommy and daddy pays for their education So you see the got no brain 😒 So... can these covidiots be sued for reckless endangerement? Manslaughter perhaps when the infected person dies from the disease? Liable for any costs related to treatment or rehabilitation afterwards? Just thinking out loud here...

Crazy You used to win the prize money, if you caught Ganorrhea from your Sister. ❤AYUDEMONOS ENTRE SÍ. ☝NO HAY VACUNAS NI MEDICAMENTOS CONTRA EL COVID 19. ✌CUALQUIER TAPABOCAS SIRVE. 👌SI NO TIENES, EL MEJOR ANTIBACTERIAL NATURAL ES EL LIMÓN. 👊DENUNCIE LA ESPECULACIÓN The stupid is real. Of course this is happening in Alabama...

This is why 16 year olds shouldn’t drive and 18 year olds shouldn’t vote. They’re morons. Even the smart ones. Back in st 60’s when we were a tougher people when one kid had the measles everyone in the neighborhood would play with that kid and all the kids had the measles at the same time. The theory was to get minor diseases over with while young . The Corona seems to be one of those.

It’s called building herd immunity young people will barely get sick. You should know that a real news organization would ask why. Dumbasses! How did they ever get into a college to begin with!?I hope all that got sick don't in turn make innocent people sick with covid, if they did charge them with any laws applicable. They are a danger to society and don't deserve to roam free and ignorant 😡💥🧬⁉️

they should be charge with assault and murder if there are deaths because of it. Total stupidity Those found to have attended such parties should be put under house arrest with ankle bracelets for 14 days and not allowed medical treatment. If still alive after 14 days then charged with attempted murder and treason !

Only in Alabama, yee haw Imma let Darwin have this one. The South. Deliverance was a true story. Is there actual evidence tho? This can't be true! This sounds like another farse like all of Russia claims, like Russia cares what we do in USA nor would they put bounty on our troops! U.S. citizens are tearing themselves apart as it is! They'd fear retaliation of our special forces teams! Come on PEOPLE!

It's like shooting sheep in a barrel Every new day brings more stupidity than the day before Apparently, Alabama’s parents have not brought up their children well. Thus, they have to suffer the consequences of their own ignorance. Roll Tide! These students are plenty dumb, should probably fail Tidepod shortage getting you down? Come kill your Grandparents..

Make America sick again. Hope the Crimson Tide lose every game for the next decade About time. We need herd immunity INSANE Dipshits All Democrats They want to bring the voting age down to 16? Cool people. Glad I don’t get invited to parties. 💯 an uneducated bunch What are they doing!? Red states. Roll Tide! Can we please ask Alabama to secede again?

This is what happens when you put a man like realDonaldTrump as President! Conspiracy abound! They also marry their cousins in Alabama, so this ain’t too bad (or surprising). RollTide Just a normal day for RedState GOP Hillbillies The world is full of idiots.

Young people are throwing coronavirus parties with a payout when one gets infected, official saysSome young people in Alabama are throwing Covid-19 parties, a disturbing competition where people who have coronavirus attend and the first person to get infected receives a payout, local officials say. Americaaa fuck yeah This is not funny, what the hell is going on

Alabama students throwing 'COVID parties' to see who gets infected: OfficialsNEW: Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport shut down its main TSA checkpoint for a deep cleaning after a screener tested positive for COVID-19. Florida Man, your move... Ahhh the southern stupidity Why was there are no concerns about corona during the hundreds of thousands at protests?

City officials warn young people going to 'COVID parties' to see who gets sick firstOfficials in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, say young people intentionally went to parties knowing they had the new coronavirus. There were parents who were doing this with chicken pox. Not sure I would take the risk since COVID affects everyone so differently. Likely Democrat voters.

Los Angeles Coronavirus Update: County Health Officials Warn Of Looming Hospital Bed ShortageCOVID-19 continued to put pressure on the Los Angeles County hospital system today, with the number of patients continuing its upward march as the county confirmed a near-record 2,779 new cases. Th…

California bill would shield health officer addresses as death threats riseA California bill would shield public health officers' home addresses. The new legislation aims to protect officials who have faced death threats this year for imposing coronavirus requirements 💥 What is wrong with people? Stop attacking people that serve you

10 p.m. curfew imposed for all San Diego County restaurants and barsPublic health officials say the move is designed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. 😑 so we’re still not gonna take this seriously. Apparently the virus only comes out after 10pm. So you can’t get coronavirus before 10 😕. Cause why else would you close at 10