Alabama Coronavirus Parties Offer Payouts For Those Who Get İnfected, Official Says - Cnn

Alabama Coronavirus Parties Offer Payouts For Those Who Get İnfected, Official Says - Cnn

Young people are throwing coronavirus parties with a payout when one gets infected, official says

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7/2/2020 3:00:00 PM

Some young people in Alabama are throwing Covid-19 parties, a disturbing competition where people who have coronavirus attend and the first person to get infected receives a payout, local officials say.

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My problem with the story is that there is no college campus right now that is open. It’s the middle of summer during a pandemic. Bring Down Joe Biden for being against Forced Busing and integration of public Schools and being buddies with Robert Byrd Democrat Senator and Grand Dragon to KKK Good let them party

Younger people don't care. Liberal parents are to blame. Losing a loved one to the virus is not a joke. Piss on CNN for giving them the spot light. Outstanding! Good for them. Good lord how many times are you going to tweet the same things. Wow this just keeps getting better and better...😂 Is it for real? Dang man.

It ok theres nothing worth saving in alabama let then do it If immunity lasts two months, and you may have damage every time you get it, that’s kind of a bad idea Why? Just why would people do this? Disturbing. What has this country come to It’s frightening !! To paraphrase a line from a great movie, “Chinatown“, “forget it Jake, it's'Bama“...

Nice payout, unless you're on one of the ventilators and then I guess the payout can go to your medical bills. partytime From the generation that brought you the “Tide Pod Challenge”. You already posted this you donkeys. Where are the stupid parents? So happy about job increases, The Idiot is gonna try to increase healthcare worker numbers by throwing as many gatherings as he can with no social distancing, no mask restrictions. Does he really not see the connection and the toll and danger on those healthcare workers?

Idiots And what does Alabama’s Governor have to say? NOTHING. And how is the Republican Alabama legislature responding. BY DOING NOTHING. Individual responsibility they say. How’s that working out? RECORD COVID CASES. NO LEADERSHIP. Now that’s a special kind of stupid. 🤦‍♂️ and probably watch CNN Are you sure that’s not one of the protests/riots you’ve been supporting?

Fake news Well, there you have it. The Lemming are running. Unsubstantiated rumors are not 'news.' Really did you hear it from a friend who heard it from a friend? Wow it’s no wonder the numbers are up.....protesting and Coronavirus parties Liberals can be so creative Normally they just attack burt Reynolds and his buddies while they're camping

COVIDIDIOTS Fake news: Stupid reporting, how do you know who the first is? Do they all test every day at the exact same time? Garbage news Do you think you are not going to catch covid? This virus is with us forever, there is no stopping it, and in all likelihood you will get it before there is an available vaccine. Do you remember why we shut down the economy? To reduce the amount of hospitalizations at once.

idiots i bet they are the ones who eat tide pods Nooooooooooo? What nonsense is that happening the person involved in setting up this should be jailed for causing harm to deliberately infecting other people and should sue their families for pain and suffering I bet you they gonna start taking this virus seriously because it’s intentional act

Your first mistake, taking anything cnn reports as factual!!! BSN! You figure it out , geniuses. They were also serving bleach as cocktail It’s ok. The terrorist can riot and tear shit up get away with it why can’t the young people have Covid parties? What expect where Schoolshooting country is olympic game

HouseDemocrats ABC MSNBC RepJeffries SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer RepSwalwell tedlieu RepAdamSchiff DavidMuir RepJerryNadler KamalaHarris CoryBooker donlemon CuomoPrimeTime JoeBiden Don’t have a receipt I’m gonna go return Humanity at Costco. Get something else. They were eating Tide pods a couple years ago and it's Alabamuhh. Surprised?

What the actual fuck? Some young people in New York are terrorizing the city and spreading covid at the same time. They are destroying public property and attacking innocent citizens that disagree with thier hate for America and rule of law. Stupidity .Dangerous. Unacceptable. May be a joke or something?

And when they do get the virus the hospital shouldn't treat them!! Alabama...nuff said. From now until November, Democratic Party media will talk a lot about Wuhan corona, George Floyd's death, racism, etc. to discredit President Donald J Trump . *some young AMERICAN people Lost cases* Lmaoooooo 💀💀🤧 how stupid can they get?

Good TrumpTeens 😱 Alabama the pod state of 2020 Reminds me of those chicken pox parties parents took us to before there was a vaccine much is the payout? Crazy bc I heard about a nonstop party also in almost every major city last month. People there were also spreading COVID. Here is a dope video from it:

The future law suits and criminal charges should be fun… 18 yr olds talk minors into a deadly situation, any parents that know it, etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!! Wait what? Who are these ppl who have Covid that are attending these parties? Darwin Awards all around!!!! Whatcha gonna do w/ tht money when you’re dead?

Let these young people get the virus. And if they happen to die let the family deal with their stupidity. Hope the payout covers funeral costs. College students. Enough said. Isn’t this the same state where cousins marry each other? What local officials? CNNareLiars Alabama-Youngs have-toomuch c👹nn-influence! NEEDSTOBECORRECTED

The realDonaldTrump GOP brain trust. Throw them in jail for a few weeks. Afterward, they won’t be so eager throw COVID parties. now if a doctor shoots them with a gun, he might get away with it for self defence. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Whatever happened to Darwinism? This is what happens when leadership does not take an historic pandemic seriously. What does it say about the American psyche? Are these all signs of losing our grip on global leadership?

you guys should go Recklessness on its finest.. Can't wait to see an article saying 'Young people in Alabama die of Covid-19' :D GOOD.. I HOPE THEY DO MORE BECAUSE CORONA VIRUS IS PURE PROPAGANDA TO CONTROL PEOPLE AT WILL SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!! Dem men, this state is never good for death story, most schemes are wrong john story, woo!

Are you saying that people don’t believe the fascist propaganda? No? I'd say let them do it. If they want to die then let them. Ha ha ha ha. That’s awesome!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “Local officials said”. Did you do any independent verification? Or do you just take the word of City Council members and...Fire Chiefs? This is some shoddy journalism, CNN.

its called Natural Selection. Sleepy Joe’s campaign manager failed one more time by locking poor Biden in his basement while President Trump’s administration booms back our economy. Do the schools in America teach anything ? Seems like most of the young people are complete idiots. What is going on in america...

Try to understand some of these ppl understand that they can develop immunity& done responsibly could help reach herd immunity w/o risking the ones most risk of death. I would rather do this& keep my parents etc from getting it than getting it by suprise &spread 2 risk family The Bible belt... Guess who owns your body? You do.

WTF? Yolo culture never went away, it just waits in hiding for meme clout. You took care of any possible surprise when you said they were from Alabama. Let's face it, a State NOT well known for its educational standards. 'in Alabama' - nuff said. YOLO was so 5 years ago. herd immunity Florida: We're the dumbest state Alabama: Hold my beer

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of! Aren’t they smart kids? Their parents must be mighty proud. AwardsDarwin What could the payoff possibly be, a sack of turnips Natural selection never had it so easy. Competition for Darwin Award heating up. We need to delete Alabama frfr anti-bodies are better than home bodies

Darwinism at its finest This sounds how um. You know. Gay people act every day. We can’t cure stupidity the only thing that can cure that is death Stupid is as stupid does. Hope they bring criminal charges. Lmao Stop yt people! fukthemask Headache for democrat-media youth covid-brainwashers!!!! What...? 😳😳😳 only in America

What a load of 💩 The fact checking department is on vacation again i see Ah, another thing maybe 5 groups are doing that the media will say is 25-to-40-year-old millennials. So it is Alabama Can we just wipe Alabama off the map? ObaJaiyeoba Not surprised it’s the same people that believe wearing a mask is political.. Olodo rapata*

Epitome of ignorance. No further comment. HPbasketball Natural selection too bad their relatives don’t get a say Hutchdaddy12 These them a holes you were referring to? They will party as they lay dying. This virus is sneaky. I can assume this is caused by realDonaldTrump right? Russian roulette is a fun party game too.Faster result but.

Let them. One or more will enjoy the rhythmic breaths of a ventilator. Idiotic people Julius_S_Malema Madness Yeah a payout to pay hospital bed, for funeral and coffin. Can someone revive the DarwinAwards // we’ve got a long list of new prize winners. Only in America.....omg I feel sick and angry for the good people on that side of the border who are doing their part. I never heard of such BS people!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! IDIOTS!!!

Stupid southerners COVIDIOTS And we thought it couldn't get stupider than eating Tide pods! 🤯 America - The Right to Being Stupid Had to be southerners, they're the brightest. Wtf?! This is sick Deadpool can it be said that they are spicing up and rushing their herd immunity? Has American always been synonymous with arrogant and irrational ? Warris dis🥴

They probably think God will take care of them. All problems in U.S.A are down to your president vay arkadaş, adamlar coronalı altın günü yapıyor. Wait..... aren’t theme the same people that Dems want to vote and then go even younger. These are you “woke” youth to guide us into the future? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Idiots

prisonculture You just know they’re all whitefolk 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄 Can you say, Darwinism'? I believe a collective Darwin Award can be awarded. Stupidity has no limit. Drivenfromabove One word! Dumb! rajshekharTOI This is what happens when education system leans towards left!! Thought Americans are educated I’m from Montgomery and I tell you this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of with all the lives we have lost already. 💔

Monumental example of the quality of the education system in Alabama. What does the first person who kills Nana get? WTF is wrong with people. COVIDIDIOTS What's wrong with you people You know. Sometimes you just gotta let natural selection take control. Like let nature take care of this and watch the world thrive afterwards.

That's just antisocial. wearamaskasshole Probably should play Russian roulette. tidepodchallange The people of the USA are dealing with more madness ever in our history. They should be in jail Y’all sure this isn’t Florida? This is the stereotypical “Florida man” story Oh 'Bama... Sadly, this story is quite believable!

Hahaha ok If you intentionally catch COVID-19 like this, no medical coverage. Either pay out of pocket for all expenses if you go to the dr/hospital or stay home and suffer there. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone. COVID19 That is terrible! Where are their parents? It’s too bad that these young people think they are immortal!

And you still want to lower the voting age. Cringe. They are dumb and not bothered if they got infected but they are also spreading the disease which is totally not acceptable Far from banning abortion in Alabama, they should increase the threshold to a retrospective 21 years. And this is why I’m staying home.

😡😡 Man wtf?! The new tide pod challenge Ayup. Sounds like the Alabama I escaped from. It’s like a completely different world where things like common sense and reality do no exist. Darwin Awards Time Roll Tide? Trump Cult! Ya! There all WHITE people! Tell me how they feel when they kill grams and pop pop prisonculture This is what we end up with when the government guts our education system.. VoteEveryRepublicanOutNow RussianAssets VoteEveryRepublicanOutNow RussianAssets VoteEveryRepublicanOutNow

Cool. Natural selection Sadly, one of them might be the future president. I guess they think it’s better than getting pregnant - stupid kids 😤 JaQob_ Well, Roll Tide! This is the student pool UA gets! BeyondBlonde3 that is the most Alabama thing I've heard in a while May they reap what they sow. Well... alabama... so, yeah..

Liberal college students are the worst. First of all... Alabama Second; Murica Ok...young people are beating it for the most part...until it mutates to a new strain!? Sirhid 😯 Probably the kids that want to kill off their parents and grand parents Sad The gene pool is shallow Dumb Dr_aLuda Aru emeee! jamiebgolden Thought this would interest you... good ok’ Alabama! It’s prob happening in Florida (where I used to live)too 🤦🏻‍♀️

To all the Europeans, this is ALABAMA!!! I’m from the north and even though we’re both American I have NOTHING in common with these people. Idiots There is no end to humanity stupidity This one way to end the pandemic. But can the U.S. safely dispose of several million bodies in a few weeks time? Like seriously 🙄🙄🙄

Let's be real for a moment.. It's Alabama.. If they're not banging family members, wearing a Confederate Flag, or having a Hootinany, they're just not from Alabama. Of course they'd be doing this.. MbuyiseniNdlozi There are no pills for stupid kennyhotz this weeks competion is....who will get corona virus first? Poor Spenny doesn’t stand a chance (as usual)

By 'Young People' do you mean WHITE KIDS? Because I doubt very seriously, any black kids are involved in this foolery!!!!!! Sounds like a Russian roulette situation. What the hell is going on? You can't cure stupid Another state I would never set foot in. Wtf is wrong with people I have zero faith in the youth of America.

They will think this is a great idea until one of them dies- and then there is also the possible long term effect on the heart, lungs, etc. even for the ones with no serious symptoms currently. This is problem of NOT having Covid19 briefings which are also livestreamed. And for having mixed messages going out plus downplaying young people's risk early on. Young people MUST be educated about coronavirus & asymptomatic spread.

Now that's alabama for ya Breaking news: people from Alabama are stupid Stupid is as stupid does You complain about this but not a single protester standing next to each other? Seriously? Lmao these are probably the same ones who were eating Tide Pods.’s Alabama so..... In Alabama....really.....having Covid Alabama. Huh. Imagine that. 🙄

MAGA Make Alabama great again party. Remember measles and chicken pox parties. Sorry your mommy hurt you so bad Karen Wht nonsense the documentary will be fabulous!!! What is going on with these people.....? Ignorance at it't finest 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Wow just when you think Murica has hit rock bottom they go even lower lol sad

These young adults/idiots will change their tune soon once they become infected or infect a family member and they are hospitalized or die. They think they are invincible. Covid has different plans. How embarrassing if you are a parent of these idiots? Real or fake? And I thought I had read all of the stupidity already....nope...there’s more.

Foolish... sounds like chicken pox party folks used to do. Anyways, shop with me please blackowned blackgirlsrock womeninbusiness shopsmall How young do I need to be. Is 71 ago Let them rot TheMoreYouKnow Stupid young people: try to get the headline right. Ben kendimi aptal sanırdım daha aptalı varmış aq

Only CNN viewers would be this stupid Isn't life insurance cheaper? 😂I guess the word 'shithole' has come home to roost 4fnYz7M4zX92qgU Good god. THIS really speaks volumes…😳 Human going to the Moon, Mars and beyond.....and then this...🤦‍♂️ This could be construed as attempted murder? Stupid is as stupid does.

😟😟😟 Alabama Omg fake news CNN, the gig is up and the cat is out of the bag because all non-mental patients know this whole thing is a hoax and that it kills less than seasonal flu. The death numbers are so far inflated it’s not even funny, every death is counted as COVID including suicide. Wtf And that, is why Canada's southern border is closed. ✋😷🚫

Awesome! Social Security is definitely becoming a reality for me!✌️ Sounds like a good idea to me. -Charles Darwin What in the hillbilly shit? America! Fucking Alabama 😂 Well at least they will have the antibodies after Good god. This isn't the measles. Covid can scar lung tissue & cause damage to the vascular system. 🙄

etinmagbe 😲 If true, they should b thrown in jail. But there’s no charge for stupid!🤪 Wow. From the brain trust who brought you the tide pod challenge. They/their parents should be fined. Well it is Alabama I guess they have chosen their fate...and the fate of their families, friends, the checkout guy, the waitress, the desk clerk, the teacher, etc ....oh and all their families, friends, the checkout guy, the waitress, the desk clerk, the teacher oh and all their families....

The Trumpster would be proud. See I told you young people are organizers What do we do with men who refuse to wear condoms and knowingly expose others to HIV? No really. What is the precedent there? This is why things will take forever to get better here. 🙄 more fun with tide pods Herd immunity with a very low risk group....🤷‍♀️

Back in the day, “young people” enlisted in WWII to fight the Nazis and fascism, in order to SAVE Americans and the world. Now, these spoiled fuck holes don’t seem to care if they kill their parents and grandparents. This is just sick!!!! What the hell is going on with this people! Day by day I come closer to the Truth; with these survival skills, we’re definitely not the most evolved species.

Stupid is as stupid does this is like the bug parties back in the days. it must be boring in Alabama Part of me wants to say just let them get sick and suffer but they won't keep amongst their dumb ass selves so I can't. Idk man this shit seems criminal. Purposely spreading a virus? I could've sworn we had laws against something like this when it comes to stds

Sixfever Wtf dieterich_mk Some young people will not live to grow old. Not that getting old is a prize but the journey is worth taking. They are giving up their journey through life. Nobody is doing this Oyibo snd psycho acts 🤞 Remember the killer clowns 🤡 They must have classmates with some common sense that would report them and get the parties stopped? Not all young people are this blatantly stupid.

They are clearly, out of their minds...! I am now begining to understand how you got Trump as President. Karen and Ken do better! Wtf these kids are crazy! Putting out trash into the world! WHAT IN THE FUCK? Dont excuse my language. What is wrong with people? Fake news Sounds very Alabama of them. The attitude of some of the young people of Alabama is breathtaking selfish and completely irresponsible ,no thought whatsoever for the doctors nurses frontline workers who then have to try and cleanup the mess — these people put their own and family lives at risk daily -shocking

Alabama College = oxymoron or hydroxymoron? WTF is wrong with them ? Darwin's award ceremony. rhonda_harbison THIS is pure lunacy. They be drinking & playing with fire?🙄 should follow up on this & present these fools on camera with testimony about how they faired after getting Infected ... it's a dubious prize .... Covidiots DarwinAwards

More 'fake news' Ignorance + Greed = Trump's America. This is sadly what our nation has become in the eyes of the entire world. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 This is good. Not bad. We need young, healthy people to contact this. The more that do, the faster we can get back to normal. That's exactly what ANTIFA does except they take it to the streets while rioting, vandalizing, assaulting & killing others

This is why our country is gonna be back on lockdown, people like this and Karen’s that don’t want to wear masks iTuozzo “Alabama” is all you need to know about this story. Thin the herd! Have to be future gop voters! Who else would be that brazenly ignorant this is so merica🇺🇸 USA , stupidest people on the planet.

😂😂😂 Hmm wonder what race they are? Were they all marching and rioting the last few weeks....of course. MbuyiseniNdlozi Madness and Insanity bUt DoNt CaLl Us StUpiD Are these the same people that cnn keeps showing at protest around the country? The ones that are suppose to know what’s best for America?

WTF 💀 What? Disturbing they want to infect their family and friends too? Two words. NATURAL SELECTION AdelesBabyDaddy Cav It's Alabama. Eliminate them from the country and make DC a state so we stick to a clean, even 50 Man, some people are a special kind of stupid. Feels both apocryphal and correct at the same time, you know, dumber than shit. Must be Alabama.

Americans are ignorant and can be very backward most times America needs a better education system 🙄 Meloniemaher1 Bama. 🙄 Anyone found to have been at these parties should not be allowed any medical treatment at all and if they survive charge them with reckless endangerment I bet they’re also doing Jenkum and having rainbow parties too. 🙄🙄🙄

He he banange USA IQ tests should be required before leaving the house 🤬 kjblackhawk Who are these parents? Who lives like this? SibsMacd 🤣🤣🤣 words fail me 🤦🏾‍♂️ FFS I'm truly beginning to wonder if these people and others, have parents who are related... Look at Alabama. Trying to one-up Florida for craziest state.

OMG! This is not funny, what the hell is going on Americaaa fuck yeah

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