Ain Dubai: How The World's Largest Observation Wheel Was Built - Cnn

Ain Dubai: How The World's Largest Observation Wheel Was Built - Cnn

Ain Dubai: How the world's largest observation wheel was built

Dubai is set to open the world's largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, in October. It's almost twice the height of the London Eye and can carry 1,750 passengers at a time.

9/18/2021 1:00:00 PM

Dubai is set to open the world's largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, in October. It's almost twice the height of the London Eye and can carry 1,750 passengers at a time.

Dubai is set to open the world's largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, on October 21, 2021. It's almost twice the height of the London Eye and can carry 1,750 passengers at a time

Global expertiseIn terms of passenger experience, given this is Dubai, it's naturally a step above your standard ferris wheel ride.There are three different types of cabin to take in the 38-minute rotation: observation cabins (the standard option), social cabins (these are the"VIP" option and have a bar in the center of the pod) and private cabins, which can be booked out for special occasions and include the option of a private three-course dinner over two rotations of the wheel.

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Bringing all of this to fruition has meant pulling in expertise from all corners of the globe -- consultants from the UAE, South Korea, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France and Italy all contributed to key aspects of the design.But perhaps their biggest coup was roping in Kevin Dyer to take up the role of Ain Dubai's operation director. Dyer is the former technical director for the London Eye.

While Ain Dubai has been designed to last for 300,000 cycles, or 60 years, to adhere to strict design and safety codes, there are measures that have been put in place to try to prolong that life span.Experts from Politecnico di Milano, who also worked on the London Eye, worked on the analysis of the cables and the stress cycles of the structure, Brooke said, to try to make them last as long as possible.

In doing so, they had been able to"double the life of the cables" by looking at the stress cycles and the real loads on each of the cables of the London Eye, rather than the predicted loads, Brooke said."The forces each of those cables has got is 300 tonnes of load at their peak. Each of those 192 cables come in to those spindles, or into that hub. So you've got huge concentration of force."

Several cables were also fitted with accelerators, to provide real-time data about each of the stress cycles, which will be analyzed and is aimed to extend the life of the cables, and thus the overall structure as well.Related contentWhat architecture could look like after Covid-19

Earthquakes and stormsBut the temporary works to help construct the wheel have been just as ambitious as the wheel itself.A 135-meter-high framing structure, constructed from crane mast sections, was used to drop the wheel's legs into place. A 300-tonne truss was constructed to secure the eight sections of the rim. A bespoke jacking system then pushed each rim segment 100 meters into the air, where they were attached to the spindle, rotated, and another segment was attached.

During this construction process, the structure was dogged with rumors of design flaws that contributed to the delayed opening date -- from seized bearings that needed to be replaced to sound issues with the cabins meaning they had to be redesigned.However, Brooke strongly refutes those claims.

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"I've not heard one rumor that is actually based on any fact. I've heard rumors that the foundations were sinking, for example," he says."The Ain Dubai is the safest place to be in Dubai. And I mean that for two fundamental reasons. One, it's designed for a one-in-2,475-year-earthquake. The only other place that gets designed like that is a hospital. It's also designed for 100-mile-per-hour storms, that's Hurricane Scale 12 on the Beaufort scale."

A similar sentiment was shared by a spokesperson for Ain Dubai:"What we've designed and developed here is hugely complex -- it has never been done before, to this scale, so a lot of what we did was breaking new ground."This of course means that along the way, things don't always go to plan. We hit challenges but as is the Dubai spirit, we adapted, we found solutions and we are confident that what we are delivering with Ain Dubai eclipses anything that has come before it."

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