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Afghan officials: Kabul attack repelled with killing of all gunmen

Afghanistan declares end to Kabul operation after killing all attackers as demonstrations erupt in several cities to support Afghan soldiers

8/4/2021 12:15:00 AM

Afghanistan declares end to Kabul operation after killing all attackers as demonstrations erupt in several cities to support Afghan soldiers

Car bomb blast followed by sporadic gunfire hits Afghanistan 's capital near heavily fortified 'Green Zone', leaving three civilians and three attackers dead, security officials say.

Fast NewsCar bomb blast followed by sporadic gunfire hits Afghanistan's capital near heavily fortified"Green Zone", leaving three civilians and three attackers dead, security officials say.Afghan security personnel arrive at the site of a powerful explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, August 3, 2021. (AP)

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A coordinated assault targeting the defence minister and several lawmakers in Afghanistan's capital Kabul has been repelled and all the unidentified attackers killed, Interior Ministry said. "The operation just ended. All the attackers were killed. A large number of people were rescued and the area is now secured," ministry spokesman Mirwais Stanikzai told reporters after a wave of explosions and gunfire rocked the Afghan capital late on Tuesday.

Tuesday's attack began with a car bomb blast followed by sporadic gunfire near the heavily fortified "Green Zone", leaving three civilians and three attackers dead, security officials said amid an upturn in violence by Taliban insurgents.

At least seven other people were wounded, said Health Ministry spokesperson Ghulam Dastagir Nazari. Rise in attacksA senior security official said the blast appeared to have been caused by a car bomb and the target was the acting defence minister's home and the adjoining residence of a member of parliament.

It appeared the target was the guesthouse of Defence Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi. His Jamiat-e-Islami party issued a statement saying the minister was not in the guesthouse and his family had been safely evacuated.The Defence Ministry released a video in which Mohammadi said that his guards had been wounded in a suicide attack. "I assure my beloved countrymen that such attacks cannot have any impact on my willingness to defend my countrymen and my country," he said.

The attack – in the heart of one of Kabul's most secure areas - came during an escalation in violence by the Taliban. Attacks have risen sharply since President Joe Biden announced US troops would leave by September even as the Taliban intensified its attacks on major cities.

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In a few months the Taliban will have control of all of Afghanistan

Afghan forces battle to defend major cities from Taliban offensiveHeavy fighting continues in at least three provincial capitals, with government forces beating back fresh attacks to keep Helmand’s Lashkar Gah from falling to the insurgent group. A matter of time!

US, UK accuse Afghan Taliban of 'war crimes' in Spin Boldak town'If you cannot control your fighters now, you have no business in governance later.' US, UK embassies in Kabul accuse Taliban of killing dozens of civilians in Spin Boldak in southern Afghanistan , a charge Taliban rejects as 'baseless reports' This is a stupid take, and whoever is writing these articles are dumb asses LOL 4 journalists tried reaching spin boldak to investigate these so-called “crimes” and were intercepted by the govt before reaching there. Propoganda of Western Media.. Fake news fakenews

Biden administration expands Afghan refugee program as Taliban violence spikesThe Biden administration broadens efforts to evacuate at-risk Afghan citizens from that country as Taliban violence grows and U.S. troops withdraw.

Biden administration expands eligibility for Afghan refugee programmeUS State Department says it is widening the scope of at-risk Afghans eligible for refugee status to include current and former employees of US-based news organisations, aid and development agencies.

Afghan forces battle Taliban for control of southern city Taliban fighters pushed deeper into the southern Afghan provincial capital of Lashkargahon Monday and closed in on government buildings, a senior official said, as the insurgents pressed a rapid advance.

Kabul hit by powerful explosion, gunfire, at least three deadA powerful blast followed by sporadic gunfire hit Afghanistan 's capital Kabul on Tuesday near the city's heavily fortified 'Green Zone', an area home to government buildings and foreign embassies, police officials said. And its the justice Ugandans are getting out of law enforcement good