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Biden administration expands eligibility for Afghan refugee programme

Under a new program by the US State Department, thousands more Afghans will have the opportunity to resettle as refugees in America

8/2/2021 4:45:00 PM

Under a new program by the US State Department, thousands more Afghans will have the opportunity to resettle as refugees in America

US State Department says it is widening the scope of at-risk Afghans eligible for refugee status to include current and former employees of US-based news organisations, aid and development agencies.

Who is eligible?The State Department said Afghans eligible for refugee status in United States to include current and former employees of US-based news organisations, US-based aid and development agencies and other relief groups that receive US funding. 

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Current and former employees of the US government and the NATO military operation who don’t meet the criteria for a dedicated programme for such workers are also covered.The State Department said the move will mean that “many thousands” of Afghans and their immediate families will now have the opportunity to be permanently resettled in the US as refugees.

READ MORE:Afghan forces battle to defend major cities from Taliban offensive It did not offer a more specific number of those who might be eligible for the programme.The creation of a “Priority 2” category for Afghans within the US Refugee Admissions Program is intended for Afghans and their immediate families who “may be at risk due to their US affiliation” but aren't able to get a Special Immigrant Visa because they did not work directly for the US government or didn't hold their government jobs long enough.

To qualify for the Priority 2 category, Afghans must be nominated by a US government agency or by the most senior civilian US citizen employee of a US-based media outlet or nongovernmental organization.Roughly 20,000 Afghans have expressed interest in the programme.

President Joe Biden has ordered a withdrawal of remaining US troops by the end of the month, ending the longest war in US history.With the Taliban going on the offensive, the Biden administration acknowledges fears for the stability of the internationally backed government.

But it insists that the United States has done all that it can and has accomplished its priority mission of eliminating the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, which carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks. Read more: TRT World »

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Biden administration to open door to more Afghans to relocate to U.S. over Taliban dangerThe Biden administration plans to allow more Afghans to relocate to the U.S. as refugees because of the growing threat of Taliban violence, the State Dept. says. In Atlanta there is a housing shortage. I don’t know about the rest of the country. Where are all the people going to hang out. My brother sleeps in his truck because his house burned. He has nowhere to go. Looks exactly like the defeat in Vietnam. Nation building never works. Ends In another defeat. I love everyone but that does not mean I can continue to support everybody.

U.S. Expands Refugee Aid Program for Afghans Following Rise in Taliban ViolenceThe U.S. will expand eligibility for Afghans seeking admission to the U.S. as refugees, the State Department said, citing increasing levels of Taliban violence amid the U.S. troop withdrawal. traitors ... Those that assisted in efforts should be granted immunity! So the U.S is going to remove from Afghanistan those people who are sympathetic to the U.S and leave the country to those who are not. From this policy, what does the U.S administration believe the outcome will be? Why not lure the Taliban into the open and crush?

More Afghans will be allowed to resettle in the U.S. as Taliban advances, violence spiralsThe Biden administration said Monday it will allow thousands of Afghans to resettle in the United States, citing the growing threat to civilians from a resurgent Taliban. What the fuck. Thats whats troubles Americans. This is full of horse junk But other reports said just few .. Stupidity at its finest. Someone better keep track of these people because they will be Taliban supporters among them.

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