A Serial Wedding Crasher Is on the Loose in Texas

A woman in Texas has been showing up to weddings uninvited, posing as a guest, and running off with the gifts


A woman in Texas has been showing up to weddings uninvited, posing as a guest, and running off with the gifts

Texas police are looking for a woman who has been showing up to weddings and pretending to be a guest, only to run off with the gifts.

Police in Texas are looking for a woman suspected of showing up to weddings uninvited, posing as a guest, and stealing the newlyweds’ gifts. According to news station KENS 5, Comal County detectives say the woman, who has been nicknamed “the Wedding Crasher,” has hit four nuptials near San Antonio with her sticky fingers and believe there could be more. If you’re wondering just how this woman could have snuck out of the festivities while carrying the wedding gifts, which are typically large kitchen appliances like slow cookers and blenders, she goes for more discreet loot, like envelopes of cash and gift cards. Evil yet brilliant.

Luckily, police have been able to match the stolen gift cards to purchases made at the associated retailers. “That’s really been the break in these investigations, is that the venues are able to get the video to us, as well as where the gift cards have been executed, we’re able to take those two videos, put them next to each other, and go, ‘That’s the same person,’” Comal County Sheriff’s Office detective Scott Frakes told KENS 5.

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Keep an eye on those gifts. A wedding crasher is on the loose in TexasAuthorities are warning people about a woman who has been showing up at weddings in south-central Texas and stealing gifts CNN, your priorities are so screwed up. Immigrants break our laws yet you're worried about wedding gifts Hillary Clinton has stooped to a new low It could be thug Cuomo fredos wife/ husband That's stealing the gifts

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