Western Idaho Fair, The Idaho Statesman, Boise, Idaho

Western Idaho Fair, The Idaho Statesman

Grandma says state fair contest rejected breastfeeding photo for 'nudity'

Grandma says state fair contest rejected breastfeeding photo for 'nudity'


Grandma says state fair contest rejected breastfeeding photo for 'nudity'

“It was the baby eating for the first time,' Stacy Coleman told the Idaho Statesman. “I didn’t think anyone would be bothered by it.

However, Coleman didn’t think the photo should be categorized under “nudity.”

“It seems obvious that it’s a newborn nursing right after birth,” Coleman said. “Nothing seems explicit.”

“Any photo that shows any nudity at all, no matter the subject, is rejected,” Woodbury told the Boise newspaper. “Appropriateness on nudity in photos can be subjective, therefore, the photography department takes a hard line on this rule.”

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Wow. One of the most amazing bonds between a mother & child. The pic is beautiful. So if it was a sterile bottle it would be ok? This is the most beautiful moments! breastfeeding natural motherhood

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