A group of partygoers ignored requests for help in coronavirus contact tracing. This New York county responded with subpoenas.

The party in mid-June was hosted by someone who was sick with coronavirus at the time, Rockland County Executive Ed Day told USA TODAY on Thursday.

7/3/2020 11:28:00 AM

All eight partygoers responded to the subpoenas, avoiding possible fines of $2,000 per day from Rockland County, New York the first known county in the state to resort to legal action amid this health emergency.

The party in mid-June was hosted by someone who was sick with coronavirus at the time, Rockland County Executive Ed Day told USA TODAY on Thursday.

Although Day said the health department is identifiable by caller ID, he said the eight partygoers still did not answer calls. Those not cooperating could be suspicious of authority or afraid of being in trouble, he said.Mapping coronavirus:Tracking the U.S. outbreak, by state

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"We want to explain to folks we speak to that we're not looking at being in trouble," said Day."We're just looking to know where you were so we can help out other people who we don't want to see get sick."Rockland County Health Commissioner Patricia Schnabel Ruppert said at a Wednesday

that health workers tried to talk to people who tested positive after attending the party in an effort to contain the coronavirus cluster.Alabama officials:College students going to 'COVID parties' to see who gets sick first“My staff has been told that a person does not wish to, or have to, speak to my disease investigators," Ruppert said. “Many do not answer their cellphones and do not call back."

In some cases, attendees had their parents answer the phone to vouch for their child's whereabouts on the day of the party. Some partygoers are suspected to have attended other sizable parties in the area.“Large gatherings remain an issue,” Ruppert said. “The risk of transmission of the virus is high and very real.”

Rockland County has reportedmore than 13,600 cases of coronavirus, with 668 deaths, as of Thursday night. The county has the highest percentage of daily positive tests of all seven counties in New York's Mid-Hudson region."They were not answering the questions of our contact tracers," John Lyon, spokesman for the Rockland County Executive Office, told USA TODAY. "It's a very important part of this process so we can notify people and they can quarantine as a precaution so they don't spread this to other people beyond that immediate circle."

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