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French prime minister resigns paving the way for major government reshuffle

French prime minister resigns amid speculation of wider government reshuffle

7/3/2020 10:45:00 AM

French prime minister resigns amid speculation of wider government reshuffle

The current cabinet will remain in charge of governmental affairs until a new team is put in place.

. Macron needed to decide whether or not Philippe should go, given that the prime minister had become more popular among the electorate in the aftermath of the pandemic than the president himself.Macron will face a new presidential election in 2022 and the remainder of his mandate is likely to be heavily impacted by the ongoing health and economic crises.

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Speaking earlier this month, Macron said: "With this epidemic, the global economy has come to a virtual standstill. Our first priority will be to rebuild an economy that is strong, ecological, sovereign and united."The French central bank said in June that it expects the country's economy to contract

by 10.3% this year, before returning to growth in 2021 and 2022.Macron was elected in 2017 on a pro-European platform and reformist agenda, promising to make France's labor market less rigid. He created his own centrist party, La Republique En Marche!, as an alternative to the conservative Les Republicains and left-wing Socialist Party — the two mainstream groups that had dominated French politics until then.

Edouard Philippe, relatively unknown to the public before being nominated by Macron, is a center-right politician. Read more: CNBC »

Treasury secretary says new federal unemployment will be available from states 'within the next week or 2'

The White House on Monday initially did not provide a specific timeline for the aid, though the Treasury secretary suggested states could deliver within two weeks.

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Turkey wants French apology over Mediterranean warships incidentForeign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday Turkey expects France to apologise after an incident between Turkish and French warships in the Mediterranean prompted Paris to request a NATO investigation that was inconclusive. reuters bugün taktı bize. Fine, the French surrender 😋👍

French government, unions tell Airbus, Air France to minimise job cuts France urged Airbus and flag carrier Air France on Wednesday to make as few forced layoffs as possible under their plans to cut thousands of jobs, while a union said compulsory cuts at the European planemaker were a 'red line'. Ask the Chinese to buy Airbus...And drop Boeing... 15,000 !!!! Perhaps take a serious stab at the cause of the cuts. The “travel slump”...hmmm, what is the cause of the travel slump?🤔

Australia weighs 'opportunities' for Hong Kong people after security lawAustralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison signalled on Thursday his government may follow Britain in offering visas to Hong Kong citizens after China imposed a new security law on the city. Who gives Australia the right to interfere in internal matters of another country? If so I support the secessionist movement in Tasmania who pr what is Australia