Business, Grocery Store Replaces Salad Bar With Beer, Cereal And Candy Because Of Coronavirus - Cnn

Business, Grocery Store Replaces Salad Bar With Beer

A grocery store chain filled its salad bar with beer, cereal and candy because of coronavirus

Dierbergs Markets is a grocery chain based in Chesterfield, Missouri, has replaced the items on its salad beer with beer, candy and other offerings.

5/21/2020 11:12:00 PM

One grocery store in Manchester, Missouri, decided their salad bars were looking a bit lonely. So what used to be filled with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers is now filled with mini liquor bottles, beer, mini cereal boxes and candy.

Dierbergs Markets is a grocery chain based in Chesterfield, Missouri, has replaced the items on its salad beer with beer, candy and other offerings.

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Truly sad At least they can buy alcohol. Been shut out for almost 2 months. CNN btw, a national news source, talking about something a local newspaper should be talking about. I LOVE SALAD. Right. Almost think i could drink and drive right now. Reverse from past. Keep non essentials drunk or stoned, or both. Kinda crazy.

This is national news. What next? Live remote from the drive thru dairy? Well, there s nothing worse than someone who might be a covid-19 carrier to be breathing over a buffet spread. Empty spaces do not make retailers happy. I’ve got to go to the hardware store later. Can you please report what’s going on there?

It's best😻😻 I love it ✌️💃💃 Now I like the “new norm”. Honestly, this seems safer than having open food right now. You can't wipe down your salad before you eat it.

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Missouri grocery store repurposes salad bar with mini liquor bottlesA Missouri grocery store repurposes its salad bar to serve mini bottles of liquor. 'The sales are not nearly what the salad bar sales were, but bringing a smile to people's face is worth it.' My local grocery store has limits on almost anything, except wine. Only 2 kinds of meat, but all the wine you can fit in your car. This whole thing sucks for businesses but I’m enjoying their creative ideas Would bring a smile to my face too!

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