Cnntownhall, Melania Trump To Take Part İn Cnn Global Town Hall - Cnnpolitics

Cnntownhall, Melania Trump To Take Part İn Cnn Global Town Hall - Cnnpolitics

Melania Trump to take part in CNN global town hall

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5/21/2020 11:31:00 PM

First lady Melania Trump will take part in tonight's CNNTownHall on coronavirus. She's expected to address the nation’s students, most of whom have had their academic lives altered by stay-at-home orders and other precautionary measures. Watch CNN, 8p ET

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I ll be in bathroom... I can’t believe they gave this gold digger air time!! I think she's a robot. 魔鬼的妻子 Wonder who’s speech she’ll plagiarise for this one She can’t speak English. No, thanks FLOTUS 👎🏼👎🏼🤮🤮🤮 Puleeze... hope they have a translator ready... what did i just witness this chick stood there like a damn stick person . no personality

Did not know Caitlin Jenner had an accent? Really FLOTUS. killed 95,000 Americans and now she want to tell the kids to wear a mask... cnn AC360 this is sick Her words mean nothing. She's a criminal like the whole family. More fodder for SNL. You mean the woman who lied about her education to get an Einstein Visa. That woman?

I don’t really care, do you? You mean she FINALLY showed up She’s been hiding in the basement for months. No talk of hope, empathy, sorrow or encouragement. Tell me again why she’s in the WH? Nope. Could care less what she has to say. I hope CNN will be reviewing her speech and checking it against Michelle Obama's speeches. If her speech is similar then don't broadcast it. Worst thing you can do is air a speech that has been plagiarized.

Where the hell has she been since this crisis began? I don’t give a damn what she has to say! I’d be too embarrassed to show my face if I was her. Married to that SOB! No thank you Who cares? No thanks We really don’t care. At all. VoteBiden This will not Cure the damage of Students and next generations Nor will bear any fruit Instead of boring children And public At Large The only solution of all problems is study Islam and follow

We've heard it all! bebest Who’s the ventriloquist? Pass. Will her BF Hank be there? I haven't missed a CNNTownHall yet but when FLOTUS is on I'm out. realDonaldTrump has repeatedly displayed that his vanity & selfishness is more important than the safety of people around him (Ford in Michigan today). FLOTUS can't influence him, she has nothing to bring.

再捐150盒盒饭吗?🍱 Oh crap. Unintelligible mumbling ... oh they'll be impressed. Hard pass. Will you provide subtitles? 'Waste of airtime'!!!! Don't be dumb as 'faux'. Will her message be “don’t be like me, take your education serious so that you too won’t have to be a hooker. “ 👎👎👎 Pass. 😍 Wow... nothing but class!!! We love u Melania!!!

'Don't be bully like fat corpulent man he lay on me after he buy me then i go computer say bad is mean person on computer but not captor of me.. please help for release of me to motherland i go home' Wonder who's speech FLOTUS gonna to plagiarize this time. Hard pass. I'll watch the video later so I can fast forward through her crap. CNNTownHall

Fucking Why What's the point FLOTUS you say one thing and you and Trump do another. WHY No I will not be watching. Why? I don't think she's qualified to address the nation's students. This should be interesting. We're all very familiar with her 'we must get moose and squirrel' message. Why, because she has a school age son?

what are you thinking CNN? She is not one to be on CNN and talk Academics......LMAO ~ is she gonna address the many thousands of additional lives lost due to the pathetic “leadership” of her “husband”? It'll be nice to hear Michelle Obama's words again. Maybe she will have her own speech and not copy Michelle’s this time.

Is she gonna be naked? If not thank you I luv her CNN is making a big mistake , Marlania Trump is a phony. Who will be turning the channel . Good luck Melania!! You will be with the evil ones tonight! Please drop the Be Best crapola! 'How to become a successful mail order bride' BeBest Oh come on. She lied about her college degree, speaking multiple languages, and the alleged “Einstein visa” to gain entrance to the US. She’s also plagiarized speeches. She’s not necessarily the best person for this conversation.

What can she contribute - most useless First Lady ever - DumpTrump2020 Is she a doctor? Then she shouldn’t be discussing virus What would she know about education? She has none. She was not educated in the US. Sure, CNN needs ratings Is she going to suggest going to college for a year, dropping out to become a soft-porn model and then finding some rich crazy dude to marry so she can have his baby while he cheats on her with playmates and adult film stars. Sounds like a great plan for a future.

Dis and dat. Not interested Absolutely not watching! Why, CNN, why Useless Sorry, can’t watch Who gives a rat’s behind what she has to say. That farce of her “BE BEST” baloney didn’t work for that lying insignificant other of her’s. She’s as clueless as he is. One can only imagine the quality of the advice that she will give.🤔 But its okay, her husband will just deny it the next day, and blame it on the liberal media.

Ironic someone who can’t speak English. Lied about her education and married to someone who won’t release his transcripts. 🤔 I will watch Anderson and Sanjay, but I will turn something else on when the worst First Lady comes on. hard pass Good God, what the hell is cnn thinking? Please not wearing something nurse like.

I would rather drink bleach than watch her on TV! Sad she has a husband who wears no protective gear and she has no skills to talk about covid. How ironic her husband is responsible for millions to be infected and thousands to die. No thanks won't watch a birther, enabler, or visa fraudster.. Instead of be good, covid be bad. Got it.

They need ratings! r_rogerr A clueless, radarless lady. She has no moral authority to stand in front of us to make an address on any issue of national interest, leave alone global pandemic. Let her attend village cattle dip fora She’s worthless. Just to please keep her from wear the 'WHO CARES' jacket, please please please...... If she bring it on is a We'll be Crying again and WHO WANT THAT? It doesn't add up with the situation we are in now. A COVID + Hatred Pandemic + Economics Inequalities to Fuel Up the whole MESS!

It's Tym To Change Everything...Join With Me Oh boy, has she made up her mind if she will plagiarizer President Obama's speech to the 2020 graduates like she did to Michelle Obama speech ... why does she do this to herself. Boycott, Malaria! She is so beautiful!!! lukemcgee Boycotting this. Its Probably a Test that CNN is conducting to see if their ratings go up or down .... they probably all made side line bets🤣😂

I have a prediction - FLOTUS will have nothing useful or inspirational to say. Pee Best. I feel bad for her on some level, but there’s no way I’ll watch this. If she really wanted to do something positive she would stand up to her husband. But I’m sure that will never happen. Be respectful. Nope not watching and you should not be airing it...she is Garbage.

I’d bet she will read a writing from Michelle Obama at the event. And not take any questions. What are the odds she gets the same respectful welcome Dana Loesch got after Parkland? Is the beotch gonna recite another Michelle Obama speech? She can go 🖕🏽 herself. Be Best is a joke. FLOTUS MELANIATRUMP

Oh boy.... Like why? She hardly cares she a paid for wife, honestly I respect her for being honest and not caring but why bother with inaccurate information? I’ve seen her totally nude! I’d rather chew gravel Why would we need her What expertise does she bring to the conversation. She will only lie for Fat Orange Boy. MSNBC

All the “tolerant feminists” in the comments I see Lmao, kids please disregard everything she says. Including how to accomplish posing nude for quick money. In English? White House strategy: Trump's losing ground, so roll out the eye candy. Thanks for the letting me know in advance. I’ll make sure not to watch.

Why? Has anyone seen or heard from her that isn’t in Trumps pocket? Wait She's addressing the students? Pretty much like what ObamaCommencement2020 just did. Can she chose to do something original perhaps? Oh actually plagiarized MichelleObama speech. 🤢 He must have threatened to take something away from her if she didn't.

Pass. Stay tuned CNN presenting gold digger porn wanna be telling Americans BS. Pass.... If you want to hear what a real FLOTUS has to say, get MichelleObama or hell, even Laura Bush. If you want a birther, complicit in the caging of children, then sure, get Melania. Why No. I forgot she speaks Is she going to be nude?!?!?!?!

🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮 Why?! Well I won't be watching. She is perhaps more of a disgrace than him. Is she reading one of Michelle Obama’s past speeches? Will she be fired by Trump if she says something he doesn't agree with? Thanks for the PSA on what not to watch at 8pm EST Pre-recorded remarks? From Melania Trump? This isn't a town hall at all, it's a Trump campaign advertisement. You should call it that in the scheduling.

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Live updates: Catastrophic flooding in Michigan as dams fail - CNNThousands are under evacuation orders in mid-Michigan this morning, a day after two dams failed following heavy rain across the state. Follow live updates. Uhmmm They better social distance and wear masks while fleeing that natural disaster or else Why are these people being evacuated? They have a constitutional right to drown! Where are the protesters when you need them!!? .. Oh, my bad.. their rifles might get wet. I hope all are safe.

The diabetes cycling team hoping to reach the Tour de France - CNN VideoTeam Novo Nordisk, a cycling team made up of riders with type 1 diabetes, has found its greatest strength in what many would perceive a weakness. Trumps fault, right? Russia made him do it and TeamPelosi SpeakerPelosi have proof😂😂😂😂 Yeah. Any time now... Pompeo's taxpayer-funded dinners for billionaires raise MORE questions via MailOnline

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Live updates: Cyclone Amphan bears down on millions in India and Bangladesh - CNNBangladesh has evacuated around 2 million people and set up 12,078 cyclone centers, an official has said. Cyclone Amphan is scheduled to make landfall Wednesday evening local time. In light of the obvious lack of preparedness for the CV, now might be a good time to ask about a possible smallpox outbreak and how many doses of vaccines are currently stockpiled? America virus Maybe their leader should be like Trump and say it's a hoax, just media hype and nothing to worry about rather than taking the threat seriously. The their leader can blame everyone for the disaster when it hits just like Trump. Trump lies, People die.

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