Socal Quake: An Earthquake, Measuring 4.3, Rattles Southern California. No Damage Reported - Cnn

Socal Quake: An Earthquake, Measuring 4.3

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattles Southern California

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9/18/2021 6:51:00 AM

A magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck Southern California on Friday evening, according to the US Geological Survey

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good Someone will certainly come out with 'The Earth is mad because Governor Newsom is still Governor!' LOL. 4,3. Did anybody feel it? Wow! Must be climate change…?…. 4.3 Earthquake is called “an alarm clock” to us Californians. Don’t bother sending a tweet unless the quake is greater then 5.0 Is harrp. We had the 5.7 in Utah 3.18.2020. That was pretty scary!!

I'm in L.A. County, south-ish of the epicenter. I didn't feel it but I heard it. Sounded like something hit the house! Americans no less clueless than the rest of the world- Africa included. One step closer to really splitting CA off our coattails

Deadly earthquake rattles China's Sichuan provinceA top-level emergency response was issued after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake stuck southwest China's Sichuan province early Thursday.

P Shocking😱 Relax, just a dragon doing a happy dance for Gov. Newsome So, report about the southern border Just another day in Cali! Come on 9.9!!! Should have voted elder. Hit the beach California who cares SIVareStillLeftBehind

Earthquake, Magnitude 5.4 - NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2021 September 16, 09:42:29 UTCMagnitude: mb 5.4, Region: NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN, Date time: 2021-09-16 09:42:29.0 UTC, Location: 37.50 N ; 137.30 E, Depth: 10 km.

It started 🤔 I felt nothing We all kinda of said, 'Oh, ok' Pfff you don't even feel a 4,3 earthquake 😬🙄. Planet earth is our home, but after all it is a planet. It will do what it wants whenever it wants. It knows what it wants. It doesn't necessarily need us. It has no need for us. Baby world news Director Pouch, who shouted for the coronavirus booster shot every day, is nowhere to be seen, and President Joe Biden is not sure about the verification due to lack of data, but he is only in a hurry to make achievements by emphasizing the booster shot every day

भाजपा_मिशन_राजनीति_से_srif_धन_अर्जित_करना_हो_वो_जान_सेवा_नाही_चोर_लूटेरा_हत्यारा_यूनियन_BJP_ मानव_प्रतिरोध_सबसे_शक्ति_शाली_होटा_है_ मानव_विकसित_महामारी_Covid19_ मानव_प्रयास_श्रथ_योग_प्राणायाम_ भााजपा_जन_हत्यारा_कानूनी_कार्रवाई_अवाक_मोदी_शाह_भाजपा_देश_विक्रता_par_ news24 Global warming

Earthquake, Magnitude 5.4 - NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2021 September 16, 09:42:32 UTCMagnitude: mb 5.4, Region: NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN, Date time: 2021-09-16 09:42:32.2 UTC, Location: 37.43 N ; 137.26 E, Depth: 30 km. This moderate quake (地震) was felt Near West Coast of Honshu, Japan. Felt it? Report to:

I really don't care. Like report once some shit gets fucked up or lives lost. Tired of the filler news when real shit happening in the world. Probably climate change.... Well there it is folks, rocking and rolling in Southern Cal. Livin' on the edge. Literally. Of a fault line. As hkx day my 22 lol I think the quake was trying to get rid of the anti-vaxers but gave them a second chance.

So sad. Mother Earth is culling our crowd on this earth. Hopefully everyone's OK and this is not a sign of a bigger one to follow! Its coming CALI..

Earthquake, Magnitude 3.5 - LUZON, PHILIPPINES - 2021 September 16, 11:53:11 UTCMagnitude: M 3.5, Region: LUZON, PHILIPPINES, Date time: 2021-09-16 11:53:11.0 UTC, Location: 15.34 N ; 119.98 E, Depth: 63 km. Kunin ang aming libreng LastQuake app para sa kasalukuyang impormasyon tungkol sa lindol! Ibahagi ang iyong karanasan at basahin ang iba

En chile ,con 4,3 grado ,seguimos durmiendo Despertamos cuando es de 7grado I said woe That was caused by Climate Change So what? Half of California is a tent city hellhole. Hope there's no injury's. and everyone is safe. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

Tell the Afghan women. You can study alone. You should utilize your smartphone or PC. Until the Afghan era changes ... Armen California is an old lady. Old gals have gas. Burp maybe? 🤷‍♀️🙃

Earthquake, Magnitude 4.7 - OAXACA, MEXICO - 2021 September 16, 22:45:26 UTCMagnitude: Mw 4.7, Region: OAXACA, MEXICO, Date time: 2021-09-16 22:45:26.5 UTC, Location: 17.04 N ; 96.10 W, Depth: 44 km.

Baby world pop 2 God is trying to tell Californians something. Baby world pop I know what it feels like ... and I have seen how structures are affected and fall ... my empathy with those affected Dear President Joe Biden my family persecuted Christian in Pakistan please humble request for you help my family and save my family my family love America God bless you tanks

Larry Elder not taking the loss well. I felt it in Garden Grove. My first experience of a earthquake It’s because ppl are MINTING GEMS GenEightMayhem nft EarthquakeLA 我被脑控流氓迫害35年。亲人被车祸、被癌症、被中风,死亡8位,死状惨烈。亲人车祸骨折和重大疾病发生千百次。各种常人闻所未闻的黑科技酷刑和迫害。大小攻击达百万次。简直丧心病狂、惨无人道。 请全世界关注脑控受害者。因为这事关所有人的命运与自由。 Ashame it wasn’t a magnitude 20. California sucks…

Earthquake, Magnitude 3.3 - STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - 2021 September 18, 00:11:16 UTCMagnitude: ML 3.3, Region: STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR, Date time: 2021-09-18 00:11:16.5 UTC, Location: 35.33 N ; 3.60 W, Depth: 10 km.

The United States of America admitted that not a single Islamic State fighter, a branch in Afghanistan, was killed from a drone in Kabul on August 29, but 10 civilians were killed, including seven children .. Strikes? Whoa! Didn’t feel it… So much misinformation about earthquakes in the comments! Forget COVID19

Be safe everyone It was 4.7 with epicenter in Carson. It was a big jolt. It was different in that it had two loud quick boom booms right off the bat. I was startled and scared because I thought someone was beating down a door to get into the house! A friend texted me and said it was a 4.7. A small rumble

Those are warnings. America should stop spoiling other countries. Karma will hit back 🎷 Astagfirullah...

🙏🏼🥺 SEE this is why I’m scared 😂 It was in Carson Ca. And now the Arco refinery is in 🔥 That’s a baby quake lol Felt a little jolt for 3 seconds in Alhambra areas in Los angles. Is that a lot? The temblor occured less than a mile from West Carson , one mile from Los Angeles , two miles from Torrance and two miles from Long Beach .

USA out here freaking out with magnitude 4 earthquakes 😂 Waiting for the big one.

The earthquake was felt across Southern California , from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Ana . Please check out my new video if you like nature and biking! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks!LOVE EACHOTHER! SHARE THE LOVE! The earthquake occured at a depth of 9.2 miles . The earthquake struck just before 8pm about a mile east southeast of Carson.

And water is wet. It happens so often out there why is it news. SMH Felt it all the way here in Mars, stay safe yall The quake was widely felt in the Los Angeles area . Meh

didn't feel it. wasn't that far but didn't feel it. When this type of stuff happens every contry has a budget to fix it hiring army's and resources companies 1 day it happens next day fixed in California right now a fire is getting put out and buld house were it happend Get reeeeeeeeadyyyyyy!! Plus they are drifting Long Beach