Obamas, Bushes And Clintons Teaming Up İn Effort To Aid Afghan Refugees - Cnnpolitics

Obamas, Bushes And Clintons Teaming Up İn Effort To Aid Afghan Refugees - Cnnpolitics

Obamas, Bushes and Clintons teaming up in effort to aid Afghan refugees

The Presidents' club is teaming up to aid in a massive, bipartisan effort to welcome and support Afghan refugees that is being launched Tuesday.

9/18/2021 8:01:00 AM

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — along with former first ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama — are teaming up to aid in a massive, bipartisan effort to welcome and support Afghan refugees.

The Presidents' club is teaming up to aid in a massive, bipartisan effort to welcome and support Afghan refugees that is being launched Tuesday.

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Way president Trump Bay ledies president Trump missen. Their husbands have killed thousands of civilian Afghani people for about 20 years and have turned thousands of wives widows and have also made thousands of Afghani children orphans and now those first ladies want to send a fake humanitarian outlook to the world about US politcs

Yes, group stupidity will be real helpful! What about Haiti? Great move! Over due! They along with others with a comparable profile are needed and should continue to aggressively contribute!!! Why should we expect “one new President “to address immediately all of the issues that cumulatively they created modified, and or supported ? 🇺🇸.

👍Let's United 🇺🇸 not divided ➗ each other ❗🙏 Unvetted unvaccinated😡shame on you all The big dogs create work and engagement for themselves globally! Accepting 2000 Afghan refugees for PR, while sending away 10s of thousands of Haitian refugees. Thanks I’m

Russia's Central Asian allies say they won't host fleeing Afghan refugeesCollective Security Treaty Organisation or CSTO, which includes three Central Asian nations with borders with Afghanistan, says its members have no plans to host Afghan refugees amid political and security crisis. Turkey government please free our freedom fighter lumbuye kajjubi Fred

But they’re stopping Haitians at the border and deporting them. Are you kidding me They all caused this crisis. Just using them for future votes same as immigrants. Drivers licenses? No problem. Vaccine mandate, of course not. The dismantling of America in their hands. Criminals!! Its hearing very funny😁

Will it be similar to how the Clintons helped Haiti on the earthquake relief? Bill and Killery made millions. Team up to support the Haitians So can they do the same for the Haitians in Del Rio, TX🤔? And we all know what their personal gain will be or at least what they hope will happen ! Bless their hearts !!

They need to team up on a foggy day and take a helicopter ride together... Send them to your house you feed them and let them all stay at your house

Taliban Deny Rift Within Ranks of New Afghan LeadershipMullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, now deputy prime minister, made a TV appearance to squelch rumors he was incapacitated after he didn’t attend a high-level meeting.

One started that stupid war and another did have the balls stop the war and another was preoccupied with Jeffrey epstien and yet another never got us in any kind of war. Only one did not make the world a more dangerous place. Wow. We're in a pandemic with American citizens already dealing with homelessness, low wages, and food shortages.

What a bunch of bs. The global club Let'us welcome the Haitian migrants too! They too deserve our humanity! AprilDRyan Where is the welcome for the Haiti people? It’s a natural passion of the top leader of the super power country “didn’t want to be the loser to much “ 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Are any republicans helping with Afghans?

4 no reason, 3.) my daughter has C/p because of a med mistake) but a over140 IQ higher then our last presiden 4.) im Bi 5 .) im pagen 6.) I choose to not married ever again. To many ppl are hostil against 1 of those reason, how will thry treat anybpdy with out prejudic Ok. Now do the Haitian and Mexican immigrants

Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Continues Education And Training In Qatar After Fleeing Taliban DangerAfghan Girls' Robotics team members have escaped Afghanistan for Qatar, and began studying under scholarships this week. It was painful leaving their families behind, but the uncertainty of Taliban and other factors prompted them to seek safety and continue their skills training uninterrupted.

Three weak leaders! Z6=●○)87/□●○▪︎ Mk don’t forget who started the war at first place. Shamelessness at its finest It's a pity that the big powers don't help the homeless and the hopeless in their own land! 😓 How about being concerned for Americans. All of you are usless and un american. These NON Vetted afgans are here for 1 thing and 1 thing only.. TO DESTROY AMERICAN

HAITI I just pray we all will find a great “WAY” to “STOP” fighting each other 🤦🏽‍♀️People should just turn their cheeks and follow Love ❤️ 🙏🏽 That’s all bs Of course they are they’re behind it all…always have been.

Fort Bliss, home to thousands of unaccompanied minors, also housing 10K Afghan evacueesAfghan children are seen playing with US soldiers at Fort Bliss in Texas, where at least 10,000 refugees are housed following the country’s takeover in August. Read more: TheLeoTerrell We love our military. They are the best of the best! Beautiful! I don’t see girls playing. Why not?

Totally understand helping people that helped us, but the reason a lot of citizens are disgruntled is bc of the pick and choose aid given to non-citizens while daily people are struggling in our own backyard. For ex, tents in CA, Mexican children separated from parents, homeless. I can’t believe the arrogance and sheer hate a lot of people are showing here. America invaded and occupied their country and these people were dedicated to helping America wipe out terrorists. They had bounties on their heads for doing this.

Sounds good. It's time for Leaders to send a powerful message that hatred must go. I wish they would team up to help Americans. The homeless, veterans, those suffering and losing businesses and jobs due to Covid restrictions, those affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Why not help American citizens first?

What about the goat? So… how much are they chipping in? United against far right GOP's ! That’s well and good but what about help for the Haitians people that’s at the border of Texas and Mexico? They need help as well. I don’t understand why the United States help all other race of people and welcome them into the United States, but they send the Haitian people away

Well good for them. Will they assist with sorting the difficulties at the Mexican border now with Haitian immigrants and the back log of Natives of Americas that didn’t change much during their reigns? POTUS Three former presidents come together regardless of their political beliefs to help other people that are in need of it, and all this comment section is full of is hate and judgement. This is why America is so divided. I wish for once we could just accept the kindness.

Dutch Foreign Minister Kaag quits over Afghan refugee crisisDutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigned on Thursday, after a majority of parliament said she had mishandled the evacuation of refugees from Afghanistan last month.

Good they support with their own money and quit letting working Americans pay the bill while they collect the thank you’s!!!!!!!! Great Bush shouldn't be on this list. He's the one who primarily ruined these people's lives... People of class FPWellman I'm sure the former guy will be joining the team momentarily.

All except TFG who signed the surrender agreement with the Taliban. Do they now want a medal for that? They caused the crisis. And the ones who were kilked by the drone? Wow You need to see this 👇 Killers welcomes Afghan refugees. America waged war on Afghanistan & killed hundreds of thousands civilians without logistical reasons then leaves the military weapons to their enemy Taliban

In Afghan refugee resettlement, American finds bipartisanship, just 4 states close borders'We owe it to these people who took a chance with us...if some of them want to come to America, I think that's fine with me,' Mitch McConnell said.

Damn. The homeless veterans of the USA at a minimum, deserve the same respect. 🤦‍♂️ What happen to covid in Afghanistan did the Taliban destroy it. Yeah that’s right welcome them in. I bet you everyone of them will get a job or benefits or both. Come to America its on the house Border crisis, where’s crying Schumer and toilet water AOC? Where’s the transparency and honesty? What Policy Pres. Biden will enforce, that will actually help the American people and not hurt them? Is Biden going to blame Trump, when his tax plan is started? Higher than China.

Then let them take them into their own mansions and sprawling grounds. Probably also preping them for more abuses like Racism sexism nepotism and the US is offering Obama and Bush are one of the main reason there are so many refugees. They set a house on fire and now want to be praised for trying to put it out? Pathetic

These people were supposed to be in prison for the war and human crimes each one of them committed. Wold biggest terrorist ORGANIZATION group Member Yes smell running for senator or presedent

Democracy in the U.S. is like an alien society of secrets These presidents have caused harm to countless numbers of people around the world Intriguing is their ambivalence towards the plight of African Americans Somehow they are keen to assist & welcome refugees they created Watch walking at the longest riverside in Bangladesh, jokingly i call it the beach of poor 😊😊

Obama and bush were the terrorist leaders whom killed millions of innocent civilians Who started the war in Afghanistan? I’ll take three of the baddest pitches they got first off, i want to know if you listened to these girls & women and arrested these rapist men - or if they got the US gymnast treatment