8 Philadelphia Schools Shifting To Virtual Learning Through Jan. 21 Due To COVID-Related Staff Shortages

1/15/2022 4:34:00 PM

COVID-19 is still impacting classes for thousands of kids in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Philadelphia Covid-19

Eight Philadelphia schools will shift to virtual learning next week due to COVID-related staff shortages.

COVID-19 is still impacting classes for thousands of kids in Philadelphia .

The district announced the closures are due to staff shortages.Last week, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachersto demand various resources to help them navigate through teaching in the pandemic. Clickto see the list of schools.

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8 Philadelphia school move to remote learning next week due to COVID staffing issuesA handful of Philadelphia public schools will move to remote learning next week as an avalanche of COVID-19 cases continues to put a strain on the city's education system. It’s sad that the students have had in person learning in Florida for the last two years and Phila has failed their students so miserably. How will they ever get back to normal? Kids get sick in the winter since forever...these ppl are nuts Very bad decision.

Boston Public Schools students ‘walk out’ to protest lack of COVID safetyMany Boston high schoolers walked out of class on Friday morning to draw attention to the lack of COVID-19 safety measures in their schools. '..while she is worried about COVID for herself, she and others are more concerned about their relatives. In her case, she lives with older grandparents and a cousin who has severe asthma. If she were to bring home COVID to them from school, she said she would be devastated...' “We hope this walk-out will make the governor and DESE do something and not say it was just a bunch of kids, as he has called us before,” said Mercer, in front of the Henderson. “A lot of people in the commonwealth who are adults are also pushing for this...

Three Salt Lake City High Schools move to virtual learning due to COVID-19HIGH SCHOOLS GO VIRTUAL - Three high schools within the Salt Lake City School District are moving to virtual learning starting Friday due to rising COVID-19 cases. District officials hope to resume in-person instruction on Wednesday, January 19.

Chicago Public Schools students planning walkout to protest return to school during COVID surgeSome Chicago Public Schools students are planning a district-wide walk out on Friday to protest the decision to return to school. I don’t get it if they’re vaccinated then what’s the issue or concern My college went remote for two weeks but we’re all adults not high school kids the universities handle this so much better Why

Students walk out over COVID-19 in-person learning conditions in schoolsGood. The adults have failed them. All liberal cities. The intelligence is clearly lower lol Are you interested in earning an extra or potentially full time income through forex trading? Have you heard the stories of people making big money in forex and bitcoin investment? Amanda is the best account manager to help you earn big. DM on WhatsApp +1 (210) 645‑5617

Utah leaders allow schools facing COVID-19 outbreaks to briefly move onlineUtah schools facing outbreaks — or schools where officials decide “the risks related to in-person instruction temporarily outweigh the value” — can now move online for up to one week. Did we not decide online classes turn kids into zombies or something else terrible? Oh, forgot, Utah pretzel logic. It’s getting ugly. So is it for 4 days? Or is it until this surge is over? I’m confused.

Students from at least eight city schools will spend next week learning virtually.Dozens of Philadelphia schools move virtual next week as COVID staffing issues persist "Until then, conditions may continue to change quickly.Email Students from Boston Latin Academy in Dorchester walk out of class in protest of the lack of protection from COVID inside the school.SALT LAKE CITY — East High, West High and Highland High School will all be moved to virtual learning starting January 14.

The district announced the closures are due to staff shortages. Last week, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers to demand various resources to help them navigate through teaching in the pandemic." This week alone, the School District of Philadelphia had over 90 schools move to virtual learning due to coronavirus staffing issues and other virus-related complications.  Click to see the list of schools.m. CBS3 . Ala Stanford weighs in Dr.