6 Dr. Seuss Books Won't Be Published Anymore Because They Portray People İn 'Hurtful And Wrong' Way

6 Dr. Seuss Books Won't Be Published Anymore Because They Portray People İn 'Hurtful And Wrong' Way

6 Dr. Seuss books won't be published anymore because they portray people in 'hurtful and wrong' ways

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3/2/2021 4:00:00 PM

Dr. Seuss had a long history of publishing racist and anti-Semitic work. Now, six of his books will no longer be published because they 'portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,' the business that preserves the author's legacy says.

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Why are they waking up .. where were they all these years Trump drove me left. Some of the current, creepy, far left stuff is driving me right again. Phony is phony. Banning books. And Republican's went totally nuts How about My Camp of Adolf Hitler on Amazon? You might want to re-phrase that long history part. That is just bullshit that feeds into the Republican fake-rage bogosity. Six books does not cancellation make.

Too bad we can't cancel the fillibuster boy who recites Green Eggs and Ham! The dishonorable Teddie and the Cruzers! And Republicans are up in arms condemning the publisher.Trump has destroyed that country This whole outrage is manufactured BS. Green eggs and ham 🤔 wake up people 😂 Ancient, stupid, acid rides, and trippy stuff, gets attention? Gosh reaching way out there! Pick me some good ole muscadines while you're way out there. And I'm a coolish blue too. Man that content is as good retired, is as old dusty natural ten thousand year old coal!

Have you personally read any of his books? How many? Changing with the times is good. He also polished a large amount of anti nazi American pro war propaganda. but we should never forget he also wrote about the Sneetches and the Lorax. Times and people change. so do messages. I hope he didn’t have a long history to hack into other’s private cell phone...

It’s been 6 days and you’re still tweeting this 💩?!?! How about a tweet reminding everyone that thousands of residents in Jackson Mississippi still don’t have water? 🤦‍♀️ man people got really sensitive about everything after 2010 forwards What the fuck is this dr Seuss can suck a dick who is hurt by this this is just propaganda to block the real issues at hand that there is no plan for covid and Andrew Cuomo should be in jail prove me wrong

ratio But you made Seuss synonymous with read across america day bedembed Ted Cruz, TED where are you here's your favorite book of all time. People need to stop being such pussies and grow a pair of fucking balls!!! My generation grew up riding bike morning til night no one knew where we were. Grandma chased me with a switch from a willow tree. Not the game kids. Them books have been around longer than me you clowns.

They're on the net. Is no one gunna call out Walt Disney while we’re at it? The cdc isn’t allowed to study gun violence. During the former guys reign reference to climate change was removed from government sites. Let’s talk about real censorship, not a publisher’s decision CNN, get over this one. Move on

Pretty much any author who wrote something over 50 years ago risks the axe of cancel culture. In a world obsessed with being progressive, even practices two weeks ago may seem worthy of being cancelled. This is all Joe Biden’s fault 😡😡😡😡🤬 March 8 Two myanmar people die in Myitkyina. The world is watching Injustice . UN is sleeping. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

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The liberal mindset is disturbing Democrats But Cardi B “WAP” song is just fine for children to listen to. Great sex education. Rubbish. Publish and be damned. 😂🤣😂🤣.. It's a goddam shame that we are now living life trying not to offend people!! If your pussy gonna hurt every time you put a little light on it Quit showing your shit in the daytime!

Now do Woody Allen’s movies It really is a sad commentary on U.S. pop culture when the national news media would rather focus on Dr. Seuss instead of the fact that thousands of Americans have died because of a viral pandemic that the Trump administration intentionally tried to cover up. Over 100 days & still Modi govt. has been a FAILURE in understanding the needs of the farmers from the 3 Farm Bills. To intensify the ongoing protest, the farmers have urged people to boycott BJP politically. FarmersCall_BJPboycott

Ok this cant be CNN. They are a news outlet. This statement is not People freedom. Of speech. Them call back the black book. Call back the history of hitler. Call back the books on slavery. It’s a story it’s nonfiction get it straight and if your referring to will. Then bam on that stuff I hate this generation.

Guess CNN got their main target to hate since Trump’s departure, plastic potato toys genitals and Dr. Zuess books! Yup, and Neither Democrats Nor Liberals told them too. The media Always misses the last Part. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him johnteddy63 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️

Democrats want communism, it is slowly happening. Can’t get over conservatives crying about cancel culture when the publisher itself decided to stop publishing 6 books. المسجد الحرام Old news Y’all a bunch of pansies Race-Baiting! Take a big bite. Bull shit Yea yea, let’s cancel the prince-princesses fairy tales too as they discriminate against us non-royalty.

CNN is a cancer for Americans. 'Dr. Seuss had a long history of publishing racist and anti-Semitic work, spanning back to the 1920s ....' that is a HORRIBLE SLANDER against a man who was very progressive, against racism and anti-Semitism. Such a cheap shot since he cant be here today to defend himself.

Correction: The business that was cornered by activists was forced to say What’s wrong with this picture But Cardi B wet ass pussy is normalized in today’s society full of sexual predators like you all. Only difference between Dr.Seuss and CNNu, is you keep publishing racist and anti-Semitic work Seuss - embrace american authors, and the melting pot of culture he shares ... NYC Mulberry Street crosses NYC Little Italy into Chinatown, and this book offers a young boys perception of another boy eating w chopsticks.. understand and be better — c’mon cancel culture 😞

So I get it but we let trump be rascit hate full and lie to the American people for years. I guess what I'm getting at is instead of pulling the books just put a warning on it Keep the books and get rid of CNN . did dr Seuss estate pay these people to pump out this story so idiots will run out and buy these books? 😒🤨

Asinine leftists and dems That’s wrong, You posted this 8hrs ago....People have been talking about this for days.... Uh, so did many people at that time. Lindbergh sympathized with the Nazi parties ideologies. In fact, most of their race policies were adopted from US ideologies in the 20's. Yet, his plane still hangs in our most coveted museum.

CNN used to be a news organization. There is no longer an unbiased media anywhere in the west. every outlet is agenda driven. I guess that's what all the fuss is about races and semitic book. With those nasty Republicans they're racist and they can't help but they were raised that way. Liberals canceling each other is hilarious!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

odd things is, i don’t remember any “white” characters in them. if you’re guessing which characters are “white” by their traits well that’s just.... ummm, what’s the word? Ban books,burn books what next. Will we ever think on our own again. What was the song of the year ? Cardi B what an artist lol mattgaetz seanhannity Please tell us how a business decision is the fault of democrats.

Wonderingif they couldn't just re release the books with different illustrations Ban Cardi B! WAP! Wow CNN, nice unbiased reporting. BS Just like Hannity posts senseless sh*t over and over on Fox. Bạn gái , bạn khác giới tâm sư từ cuộc sống đến công việc Too late! Cancel. Here’s to the next generation of whiny soy boys 🥂

Sesame Street is next! Get a grip people, like who cares if I’m yellow brown or purple. My daughter used to draw me as brown because of my tan, I grounded her, lol sounds extreme. CNN is cancel culture Go cry in the corner. People are too sensitive today! Get over it because this world has real problems! DrSeuss PepeLePew Aladin SpeedyGonzales

This tweet is long because it takes pains to debunk or prebunk the conspiracy nuts who probably won't read it. Let’s cancel Disney This is the crime of the century censuring Dr Seuss One- is it really cancel culture when you do it to yourself? Two- Who is making a ton of money right now because of this nonsense? The Dr. S estate that didn’t cancelled.

Watch out loony tunes America lost her lady balls Ridiculous Stacks and stacks of Dr Seuss beside my children’s beds. Their whole life. Not one day have they been racist because of a book! Children are born pure. They are raised to be racist. With or without a story book. Good Ridiculous! When does this crap stop? Dont like, dont buy it!

Good idea. Lets ban books. Government is full of grifters and womanizers. Religious right is trying to control the reproductive rights of women. Just voted out a president that was worse than Jefferson Davis and we're more divided than pre civil war years. And no one noticed or was outraged for 100 years Why now

Kamala is one of Dr Seuss’s advocates. Do you cancel her too ? 👇🏻 The lefts favorite tabloid... clown network news always diverting from REAL ISSUES... Where is Hunter...? What's wrong with Biden ? Cuomo killer and sexual predator.. Oh and more importantly the 2 US CONTRACTORS KILLED IN IRAQ !!!!! A conservative doesn't like a book - they don't buy it. A liberal doesn't like a book - they try to get it banned. A conservative doesn't like a social media page - they ignore it. A liberal doesn't like a social media page - they try to get it banned. Liberals = communists.

Bullhockey this is a publisher who has decided to no longer print these books. not the government. these books were written in a time when the illustrations or words were acceptable. I grew up with these books, never once thought about the racism. I saw the pictures. Curious George had a very shakey beginning.....

Racism is cnns best selling stories. Mostly made up, no fact checking whatsoever, and 0 mention of how this only made snowflakes melt today and was way accepted when released. Fucking cry babies squeaky wheel pussies ruin everything 🤷🏼‍♀️ So people can be offended by Dr. Seuss FICTIONAL books, yet see nothing wrong with the song WAP. Something is really screwed up.

Ridiculous So we cancel culture but we still not cancel hate. So when Ted Cruz got on his soap box and read Green Eggs and Ham.during the Obama White House,What was he telling us🤔 dictatorship? Cmon A ”long history” of what? Judging past works against the norms of today is an exercise that needs to be done with a sound mind. Sorry CNN, you are just yanking the chains of an internet madhouse.

All you assholes claiming cancel culture need a go fund me so you can buy the Dr. Seuss legacy and publish away. Every thing has a price. Or just write your own racist child books. sergiomutty Grman_cortez lanmi_miami AlexJones420xxx TommyWoodxxxfan KEEP OFF 👿 MY PETITE AMERICAN SWEETHEART ❤️. WHY DON'T YOU FIND A GIRL WHOM ISN'T IN A RELATIONSHIP 👿


Who cares? This is just a nonsense topic to distract us from sinister, calculated actions that are being made by Republicans. Nazis burned not convenient books as well. This is ridiculous!!! Is just SAD ! This World has become so soft & sensitive. No one could have opinions anymore or ideas. What happened to the land of the FREE !!

Which 6? Now tell the truth! An affiliate of BLM pushed for this! They are also pushing for books to introduce cross dressing and transgender to the children. Screw that! Time has come to stop this crap! But its okay that our young are taught lies about Columbus making him into a villain and given a twisted false narrative from fictitious books such as Pedro's Journey

The craziness continues There has to come a point where this shit becomes stupid. Seriously, woke and cancel culture makes me embarrassed to be a democrat. People who get offended the hardest and are the loudest are almost never minorities. Thank god hallelujahs! If white people had to deal with someone drawing goofy pictures of them they wouldnt like it

might as well get rid of a shit ton of fairy tales, and other books... and white cloud toilet paper... Staaaaaaahp it already. this crap is ridiculous any more we will fight until our rights are given. we want all DV 2020 visas. 📝 9095 visas must be issued immediately! 📝 36,000 visas must definitely be protected!

For years CNN has been making fun of writers who don't fit their format by comparing them to Dr. Suess Incorrect. They are removing 6 books from the list because they don't sell or make money and also they are out of tune with modern sentiments. It is the profitability at the forefront A private company makes a decision. Free market Conservative: noooo not like that 😂

Cancel Culture is hurtful and wrong! I love my fellow white americans. Only white people can look at a chinese character and scream racism. if you see an image of a chinese man with chopsticks, what makes it racist? If you see images as racist, it's because THATS WHAT YOU SEE. That's how you FEEL. Do they really? CNN making zero sense in their woke campaign against Dr. Seuss of all things. Meanwhile ‘Cuties’ and W.A.P are perfectly fine for lids. 🤡show

Can anyone quickly explain to me why republican politicians are claiming Biden banned these books and are throwing hissy fits on their Twitter feed? Honest question US politics are confusing to me. Thanks! Cool. usa So ebay, amazon ban a cartoon book that probably been read 100s of millions of times and now go mad cos some snowflake is crying about something. Yet the same platforms continue to sell mein kampf which was written by a man you murdered 6million Jews. Makes sense.

Burning books has an ugly history. Freedom of speech is paramount in an open society. عاملينلي حمام عالشارع في مستشفي العذراء More proof that Dr. Seuss is a bum Identity woke shite. “Cancel-Culture” - remember the Nazi’s banned books and people called it suppression of free speech. What ever happened to that?

It’s bullshit 😳 This Myanmar military coup is not represented for Myanmar people. They have been killed innocent children, women and all civilians. They are one of the terrorists group. The whole world must be taken immediate serious action to them. Please save and protect Myanmar people. Honesty who cares. Half a million dead, 10 million out of work, and we are turning the corner with a vaccine. Please stop wasting time on idiocy, like the deep meaning of children's books. Just so stupid what you report.

I imagine all the Klan parties where they each take turns around the campfire reading Dr. Seuss while eating milk and cookies. Whole milk obviously. UN US statement for myanmar 🙄🙄 Stop 🛑🛑 I'll make the decision if I want my kids read books. Don't need govt in my bedroom Lol Look, it’s a woke book burning by a bunch of stupid lazy people

There will never ever be such a thing as an equal society for everyone . It’s an illusion and a pipe dream . The Bible says it’s ok to own fucking slaves and fuck their wives. Cry about that instead. 'modern way' to burn books! People need to stop crying about stupid shit. Nobody became racist because they read a fucking Dr. Seuss book.

Hitlers book is ok right? The best way to take control of the people and control them, is to take away a little of their freedoms at a time, to erode rights by tiny imperceptible reductions. They will not see this happen until changes cannot be reversed. Hitler-Mien Kampf. No one bullied the author into pulling the Seuss books. This week they sold tons of the books they just said they were pulling. The only people freaking out are the nihilists who want to normalize an unethical and unequal society.

Many of the dr suess characters have an uncanny resemblance to Joe Biden! This may be the most explosive tweet, written about a vain leader suffering with dementia, who hates green eggs and ham! Remember Joes words “ all men were created with a... well you know the thing”!!! Why is it only white people feeling the need to cancel people in complete different eras we are in now. Not even black people cancelling these people. By this logic the first 30 presidents should be cancelled. The one on the dollar bill had slaves...

What's next, the Holy Bible? What a fucking joke. I bought 6 Dr Seuss books last week in support. Next we are going to ban Disney Stop. Just stop. Activists pick absurd targets so when rational people call it out they can just be accused of being absurd. In the West we live in the most prosperous, egalitarian, enlightened era in all of history and yet we are miserable. Ask why.

Stupid fucking Americans My answer to this is simple don't buy something you don't like. Cancel culture strikes again. Please grow spine people. now do mein kampf Oh yawn! Story. Overcovered. Quit being fox.2. His estate. Their decision .. Media move on already. We're clear... Somethings need to be removed because reasons. Does Kamala feel like she's in a jungle governing or is this only in schools?

Conservatives hate capitalism. They did what's right To all those stupid people thinking that Dr. Seuss is cancelled...These 6 books ARE NO LONGER published. Companies stop producing items all the time. Dear CocaCola I want Vault back... I have no idea how a decision made by Seuss Enterprises turned into another episode of CancelCulture. But hey...I just sold an old Dr. Seuss book (that I was going to donate) for $125. If that's 'owning the libs,' then I'm all for it! 😂

Can we not find these people who are perpetuating cancelculture and 'cancel' them? Don’t waste your time just go to my YouTube channel and watch me play Destiny2 Here is an opportunity for every one that loves football Search and join the channel 'LADSBROKE' on TELEGRAM his strategy in football betting is super Amazing,join the winning teams and makes lots of money for yourself in his weekend betting tips.

I takes for brand to egg the coin and pends for towns to end the mice geenkals all the sound Yell at the graser und pask the boy girl Fandel the weive and get the mist to pumpkin the trees YEAR OF THe PHOENIX The monkey hind the rat and past on the Goose.... Who writes this race baiting shit? Never knew calling Japanese 'Japanese' was racist

Next black people won't be able to portray thugs in movies CNN has been posting this non stopp Republicans in Congress are defending this racism with the sane immoral fiber with which they defend radicalized domestic terrorism. GOPHypocrisy “Man who was famous in the 1940s had history of disliking Japanese people and perpetuating racial stereotypes” Find something more important to be offended about. Jesus Christ.

I feel bad for West...totally destroying the culture and all Breaking news; before everyone goes on about the dems canceling Seuss. It was his family who pulled the books away. People who know more about the man than some angry fox news watchsr He was making fun of the Japanese because it was 1950 and we were in a world war against them...context people. My children will still read Dr Seuss. This cancel culture needs to stop. Everything is racist now a days

Absolutely ridiculous... “Woke” Cancel culture needed to be.. well, CANCELED Super straight pride 🥰 🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧 🟧⬛⬛⬛️🟧⬛⬛⬛🟧 ︎🟧⬛🟧🟧🟧⬛🟧🟧🟧 ︎︎🟧⬛⬛⬛🟧⬛⬛⬛🟧 🟧🟧🟧⬛🟧🟧🟧⬛🟧 🟧⬛⬛⬛🟧⬛⬛⬛🟧 🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧 Why are you here reading the comments? It's just a bunch of bad faith assholes misrepresenting something they don't even care about or are familiar with. They just don't like progression in society. Stop doomscrolling.

You guys are trash. Fuck cnn and fuck your cancel culture. Why does the US not focus on jobs and economic growth? You are all so bored to be pouring through words written in a different era? The GOP bigots are so butt hurt. 😩😩 Liberals you ruin literally everything “ThAnKs CaNcEl cUlTuRe” CNN is the reason that half of America will always here the other half of America....

People think getting rid of 6 offensive books is cancelling Dr Seuss. This seems like a simplification of his work. Do you think this is what people really need right now? everyone wants to focus on the negatives Liberals: I am going to the store to buy the books before they are pulled sir wht Oh no. This means DR. Seuss characters will be swarming every church's trunk and treat event this Halloween, doesn't it?😂🤣

No longer publishing a book is not banning the book. Typical hyperbole. cnn portrays all white peoples as racist, can we cancel cnn? Seems like these companies are starting to figure out that the only way to avoid cancel culture backlash is to get ahead of the potential issue before social media decides to make it the next big thing to get angry about.

Conservatives right now CNN is garbage How many copies of them did the publisher sell every year? Fantastic, many were radicalized by the infamous Seuss. 😡 🥲🥺 No he didn’t. Quite the opposite. He criticized anti-Semitism. Please get it right 🙄 Boo hoo. What a freakin joke CNN HAS AN ENTIRE HISTORY OF PUBLISHING BULLSHIT

This is only a distraction from something else. Just like the fake shit that the demoncrats have been doing all along during Trumps presidency. Chill it's just children's books Why erase history - why don’t we erase 1945 whilst we’re at it, oh and WW1 - can’t have history anymore can we. Please get rid of Barbie next if this is your strategy. Let’s closely examine child’s play toys and books and evaluate the long-term detrimental effects they have on the mindset of all of us.

You totally don’t understand his works, he wanted us all to be colorblind What's next? I can't find my 'Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake' recipe cuz it is made of the Oatmeal from Bob's Red Mill? FTS CommonSense2d The man was Jewish. One fish two fish red fish blue fish is the most racist line ever written Instead of using the books as a teaching tool to portray what really was happening at the point in history let’s just remove all books from the library shelves.With this approach I am confident some of today’s novels due to their subject matter will one day be banned. ridiculous

Most of founding fathers have checkered and racist history... time to stop living in this country and move out.... It's CNN! So did the “business that preserves the author’s legacy” feel that way before they were told, by another group, that they thought the books were racist? seanhannity mattgaetz Book Burning 101! Welcome the fascist mob. Remove all book which you find offensive to prevent any ideas from circulating.

Why is our world so soft TO ALL THE RIGHTIES IN AN UPROAR OVER THIS: what would you suggest? That the government force the Seuss Foundation to continue paying to print these 6 titles agains their will? Hmmm. But, it is OK to say whatever you want on an album, or CD? Ha, bs, cnn fake news 'racial'Is not the same as 'racist.'

😂abonné vous Souriez souriez qui de quoi demain sera fait Did he say it was racist when he was writing it or is it just people are to fn sensitive and want attention. This is taking things way to far! What's next? The Bible? The 6 books no longer being published are books most people haven’t even read. There are PLENTY of other Dr. Seuss books to read. People just want to be outraged over something.

Thank god! One more down, you wont believe the amount of hate my people endure because of this honky Please stop trying to justify this insanity. This is absolutely ridiculous.... I learned to read with Dr Seuss.... some things are getting out of hand... the man is dead, most of his books came out decades ago.... tired of people complaining about things that aren't important today

How are chopsticks and slanted eyes hurtful 😂? What else is new? Everyone now has tissue thin skin and goes out of their way to look for racist, anti-Semitic work. It's the new hobby of the day. People are so fucking perfect now. But hey you can still by how to make a bomb books but Dr Suess is a no no

So, before 2016, it was ok? SNOWFLAKES! ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ Okay and congratulations y’all solved racism once again We are now banning books in America. Wow A long history? Name one child who became racist after reading one of these books. All this company did was cave and pander to the authoritarian left The problem here is, like taking down statues, that we lose the history, it’s just eradicated, & no one gets a historical perspective or timeline, and then history is reinvented and the next generations lose important pieces. This is a teaching moment, but we will just cancel it.

That’s insanity. You are supporting book banning. That was back then. Different time/different mindset. If he still did that today I'd be more harsh. NOT saying it was OK then. Just saying, people are products of their times. Things that were 'acceptable' back then (blackface?) should not have been & are not today, thank God.

If they “portray people in ways that hurtful and wrong” so why Dr. Seuss got so popular at begin with? It was history, the society ok with it. He will not publish something like this in now days if he still alive. Stop judging the history, learn from it. To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

You cancel Dr Seuss, but what about the song WAP? that is highly inappropriate for children. No? the issue I am having, yes racism is wrong; you are picking and choosing what and those that donate to your cause aren’t being canceled. I voted for biden and I can’t support this. This is a Start! I Accept! Politics

Culture revolution of 21st century!!! What a joke! People never learn from the past!!! This cancel culture approach to history needs to end! You don’t erase history just because. The people upset over the Seuss org. making this decision most likely had never known or read these 6 books. Why be outraged over something you didn't even know existed before? Books are removed from publication all the time due to lack of sales. This is nothing new. 🙄

Looking Again At A Doctor's Old Rhymes, Seuss Works Haven't Kept Up With The Times I loved reading Dr. Seuss growing up and I never ever thought about racism or related it to it until it was brought out which actually goes for a lot of things now! Why are we making everything be racist I am sure there many people like myself who never thought about these thing

Next ,you screwed up cancel culture HYPOCRITES on the left will call out polar bears for being white. That's bull! Uh oh Twitter, I just went against something YOU probably be banned too: Dr Seuess! What're ya gonna do about it, ban me? Of course, I was always so offended by that Zink in the sink 😖 Liberalism and literalism is killing culture. Just say no to this madness!

Dr Seuss book= bad Drag Queen reading GayBC's to children=good ...this is why normal ppl call 'em libtards😹 infinite stupidity and weird wokeness to the point of child abuse 😂 But yet Carli B can rap her nasty crap and it’s a okay! Or other rappers can rap about violence and drugs and that’s okay b lam viec cho cong ty lap rap ong lanh toan nha

So who gets to make all these decisions for us!! Lets us make our own decisions on what we feel is right/wrong for ourselves. If I don’t like it, I don’t have to read/support it. If someone else does likes it, they can read it!! Not up to me to decide what is right for you!! I grew up reading dr. Seuss and I didn’t grow up hating other cultures and races I just grew to understand them no matter what they look like and who they are. We’re all build the same but our looks is what makes us unique. Fuck them gen z kids.

The world is going bonkers in this colour charade. It seems to me that we are going overboard. Ok, Life Matters, but not only to one colour. All lives matter. This demeaning action by kneeling to placate a race is totally out of order. This is not racist this is common sense. hiding reality under guise of political correctness is ignorant

Hundreds of thousands of children have turned to white supremacy organizations after being raised on his dangerous words. So stupid I have dr. Suess books and i will be donation all them, i don't need them and if i knew what kind book he wrote, i will never buy It’s surprising how many people are against a private business being allowed to make a business decision. No business should be forced to continue making their least popular product that few want & they themselves have grown to dislike.

That's simply BS carried by apologetics white liberals trying to please blks, booms written w expressions of a 'time' period & now liberals once again rewriting history, HIPOCRISY. The people or group about the Dr Seuss books. I think all of you are out of your mind . it's a child's book anybody could read between lines of any book, but you'll leave books of Hitler on bookshelves or other ones that should be taken off.

If a children’s book author wishes to include pictures of a diverse group of childhood friends with the story, how should they go about showing the different skin colors in the picture? Melania Trump donated Dr. Seuss books, so to cancel Melania they cancelled Dr. Seuss. You can make this shit up! Yeah sure

🙄 lol no he didn't Biden has said many racist things. Can we cancel him? Maybe people should stop being so stupid and fragile. People have turned into a bunch of pansies who cry whenever something offends them. Suck it up So sad. If cancel culture isn’t the reason for this decision then why wasn’t this done 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Put a warning on the books and let parents, schools and libraries decide if they want to buy these books or not. Censorship is not thr answer

Dr. Seuss did not have a “long history” of it . Maybe there are some that are hurtful by today’s standards so deal with that if you must but do not claim what’s not true as truth with your wording. The fact that people think the oppression of minority groups will be erased from history because we remove things that are part of the problem shows exactly what's wrong with this country.

If you judge a man from the past against present values, few if any will stand the test of time. This is great!! We still have a lot of work to do, but its good to see steps like this being taken. Omg stop already! Are we going to go back to all books, old movies and television shows and censor them? It was a different time... i hope we have evolved as a society. But we can’t continue to destroy our history. It’s saddening.

Has anyone who burned books ever ended up on the right side of history? The publisher bending the knee to woke culture isn’t gonna end well. I’m gonna suggest everyone read 1984 before it’s 1984’d. When one 'protects' the rights of one, then another one's rights are taken away. So sad! What a marketing goldmine for them that fox is blaming democrats and republicans are running out in droves to buy every dr Seuss book they can find 😂

Only thing this did was cause frenzied buying of remaining Suess books, skyrocketing prices and increased profits for publisher. Nice job. Dr. Seuss Dr. Jill CNN Unlike what CNN would have you believe.. 'Geisel's books express his views on a remarkable variety of social and political issues: The Lorax (1971), about environmentalism and anti-consumerism; The Sneetches (1961), about racial equality;' Geisel was a liberal!

U can’t teach children what use to be Nd expect what will be in future..it’s not cancel culture it’s keeping with the times.. Seuss has been around since the 20’s... Exactly who today is taking offense from these books printed in the 40-50’s. So will the music industry be told to STOP using the N word constantly. It’s offensive to all races! Hypocrite

RT SayNoToCuomo Cuomo looting public treasury enriching his pals hurtful to citizens People look to deep into things anymore. I have a life, I don't have time to search and look for things to complain about. Only immature and people with no life find ways to complain. Never had any of his books and our one daughter was interested in music.

Do you realize radical Islamism converges with Cancel Culture? We'll lost this war. There is some serious LOW IQ's at work here. Well it is CNN Do you know with Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are digital currencies not backed by real assets or tangible securities. Cryptocurrency is life changing opportunity and you can make millions from it in less than 3 months with good investment company

The highest form of acceptance is being faced with our differences and our ability to work through those differences and be on such a foundation as to render eachother in humility. Thereby strengthening our bonds as humans. Only the government divides us and fears us. Dumbest shit ever. Grow up folks.

What a FUCKED UP world that we live in🤮🤮🤮🤮 Mr Potato head was a nazi. Really? Who says that? Cancel America. CNN sucks Like this country, he had a complex history. It’s not as simple to claim he was racist. He in fact was a liberal who supported equality, was anti-Jim Crow, & against any form of discrimination. But he was still a product of the problematic times & it seeped into his work.

-Gần nhau 1 chút ko wa xa CNN HAS A CONTROLLING AND CONTINUOUS AMERICAN ZOMBIE FOLLOWING WHO WATCHES “C=CESSPOOL N= Nonsense N= Negativity 24/7 365 days of SOCIALIST MIEN KEIMF VIEWS AMERICANS BETTER WAKE UP “THE ILLEGALS,Migrants are coming the new citizens of the United States 🇺🇸 taking over the U S 😳

🖕CNN SHIT BAG NEWS What the ignorant trash don’t seem to understand it’s the COMPANY getting rid of the 6 books they never heard of my the libs or any other. How has the US become a country like this, deleting it’s own history desperately just for the sake of political correctness. But see the GOP is too damn stupid to realize that, and as always they twisted the removel of only 6 books to cancelling all of DR. Seuss.

Maybe besides the point , but I like this . CNN has a long history of publishing racist and anti-Semitic work. Using blatant lies, it portrays people in ways that are evil and untrue. Dr. Seuss put a high priority on creative imagination that created interest. Children love his speech proficiency and dynamic illustrations.

yeah lets eliminate everything in our history that we don't like now -- god help us in the future. But we let the likes of Cuomo get away with being a predator Now that this subject has been crossed off the list of important racial issues.....Let us focus on defunding law enforcement and clean up the racist policies within police departments across the country the accountability........in murdering unarmed Black people

Nothing should be censored.Everyone should have freedom of expression. B.S. Alabama does not seem to have a problem with racist books- they are keeping them in libraries and schools - Such a long history that race hunting CNN FINALLY reported on it after 50 yrs and posting about it after Obama was pictured with a bunch of characters from his books. ThAnKs CNN...fakest of the news

All the non POC people in the comments defending something that does NOT affect them 🤦🏻‍♀️ Take off your gloves like the rest of us bare handed people, maybe you’ll feel the cold we tell you about 🥶 Funny how they didn’t seem to bother anyone when Michelle Obama did her Dr. Seuss day in the White House. The manufactured rage is nonetheless impressive. wokestapo

Should we get rid of all political cartoons since they 'portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong' ? Cancel Democratic Party for support slave in the civil war now Come on my white racists apologists let’s here the excuses and deflections . COVID-19 IS A SCAM❗❗️❗️David Icke . com Yeaahh so for 'wrong' book let's do the INQUISITION and HITLER thing of BURN THEM! That's not wrong at all!!!

are purveyors of partisan gargantuan lies and far left Nazi propaganda. What about Shrek? Doesn’t it portray Biden CNN=Bunch of tools OMG, it's Biden's fault! Wait, what?! Yawn. Cancel everything julieroot4 What are the titles of the books? I wanna see sum. Glad these have been taken out of production however I don't see any titles that were read to me as a child. It isn't Canceling someone when it's selective of the whole or when the people profiting off what's being cancelled are doing it as in this case. TheRightWingAreIdiots

So interesting, they never knew this then but allowed this trash in schools and libraries for decades. Makes you wonder about the people who claim to govern a so called civilized society filled with hate and a myth of democracy. CNN you cracked up when you reported on MR and I repeat MISTER Potato Head! SUESS and Potato Head are innocent characters in children’s lives from the 1950s til today!

Ooh ooh! What is next, the Bible? Maybe Bible has racist stuff in it!! Thank you for being completely worthless news reporters. The ones that suffered from Sept to Dec throughout the holidays waiting for Fpuc to pass in another bill deserve retroactive Fpuc for four months. It’s absurd & inhumane to leave people out of this when ones before Aug got Fpuc & ones after Dec get Fpuc!

Baseball was segregated why is it still around Pushing for censorship always comes back to those pushing it. Name a single time in history when the group fighting to censor speech and ban books were the good guys. I want all those books But it was all good when President Obama quoted and Michele Obama read Dr. Seuss

Yeah, what's wrong with all these people expecting to be respected and treated like humans nowadays? What happened to the old days where we can just stereotype and disrespect other human beings and get away with it? Society is so soft nowadays. Good for them. Keep moving forward. The World needs a Vaccine for Wokeness.. 🦠 That’s one Jab 💉 .. I would happily get..

When society has nothing left they will have no choice but lockstep in line and obey. These have been beloved books for a long time.Can they be saved by reprinting them with a disclaimer about racism in the era where the books were written? Think how different the narrative might be if only your headline stated the actual headline: Estate of Dr. Seuss decides not to continuing publishing 6 books containing problematic depictions of certain people.

with this post you open a firestorm Banning banished books bans bigotry because bigots begin bigotry by unbanning bannishable books. Will it make the world a better place ? The answer is no . While a few million snowflakes in America are upset about everything that isn’t woke the rest of the world does not give a shit

Why don’t they just redo the negative parts? Mein fucking kampf is still available for purchase if you wanna talk racist and anti semitic. Literally a book of a man's struggle to achieve his white supremacy society. Dr Suess never printed any racist and anti-Semitic work! this is just leftwing cancel culture is all it is and will not stand, these books will be available to download off torrents for parents to read to their kids if they choose

OK, Dr. Seuss, who was Jewish, is now, according to CNN, accused of having ' a long history of publishing racist and anti-Semitic work.'....you have got to be kidding me CNN! Recently my friend's baby was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia & needs a stem cell transplant. Jason & his wife are first-time parents caring for a sick baby & could use some help. If you are in a place to donate or share, it would be appreciated.

What about the Grinch, he's green and Kermit finds it offensive. Like Enid Blyton and her golliwogs. The Mystery of the Strange Bundle had a South African prince (because only an African prince could afford to study in England to her) who she named 'Boobanti'. Wtf sort of name is that? Of course his English was poor too. 🙄

And this will change what in the world, exactly? Give me a break don’t be so sensitive The people complaining have you ever invited A black kid to your house to play with your kid The same goes for the white people I have many times and they read Dr. Seuss And like it never has anyone said something About racism

The amount of grown adults who have not picked up a Dr. Seuss book since the prehistoric era of their lives🤣 and being big babies about it🤣😪 NEWSFLASH : yes eveything in ur precious world has stemmed from hate. That’s your foundation As they own the Geisel I think they should hire an illustrator and credit him/her/they to replace illustrations on a page or two of books with good basic messages. 'Mulberry Street, ' 'Zoo,' 'McElligot's Pool' were some of my favorite books & read to my son. Words are the point.

I found his books to be weird, never did like them. I never got the hype over the books. Why don't we ban Mein Kampf and other similiar type works? People born before 2000 didnt get butt hurt about such non sence Old news parrot. Interesting how many people feel they're losing their heritage when racism is addressed.

😳 today, the world is experiencing a coronavirus pandemic and human love has cooled. tomorrow, when bread is missing, what human beings can do most terrible. Don't say that because the Republican's are saying that it was The President who cancelled it not the publisher's ? So you will make them look like Liars and you don't want to upset the nineteenth President calling him a Liar or his party !!!

I suppose this one would be out of the question? The images are racist by today's standards, not by the standards in the 40s and 50s. The context of when they were made needs to be taken into consideration. Things that are seen as racist now, could be seen as wildly progressive at a different time. Those six Dr. Seuss books are now the most sought-after books in America.

with porn sites galore, poverty, crime, social injustice, abortion, crimes against humanity... and this is what we are worried about? Before becoming a children’s book author, Dr. Seuss was a political cartoonist who strongly spoke out against the Nazis. His racial caricatures do not define him. He regretted those portrayals and often spoke out against racism.

Great books! Glad I have some for my kids. Not that socialist transgender pervert crap. Oh, so now we're banning books. Didn't think books portrayed ppl, those characters was some sort of animals, wasn't they? Why you supporting fascist book burning, CNN? Oh... wait, it's part of your propaganda. This is a cleaver distraction...but the question is “what are the people being distracted?”

If you listen to FoxNews it's all Biden's fault. They still believe that Hasbro cancelled Mr. Potato Head. If they actually checked facts, they would find out they were totally wrong on both points. This is what FoxNews does. Create a controversy that has no basis in fact. That is the United States today.

How about a book museum, aka walk-in library, under glass and elevated so if you're underage you'd need a step ladder or older brother's boost to see over. Reach in rubber gloves as a page-turner. Sales have gotta be BOOMING on Amazon. Just imagine if it was muskets! OhHell🚫 No he didn't you idiots! Ever read 'The Sneeches'

Anyone who would want to read this racist tripe to their children needs to give themselves a good shake ! Crazy, eh. It’s bloody FICTION. Let authors write books . People will think and act in ‘self-interest’ in purchasing ant items, including books. The problem with people today is they are easily offended . . . and this is adding to the increasing mental health problems.

Cancel Culture Sucks Do a blockchain immutable publishing contract, pronto. Solved history good or bad is fact and immutable . Lots of folks against 'socialism' sure to want to force a private business to do stuff. Maybe send in the troops to seize the presses and nationalize Dr Seuss? This is absolutely the most idiotic thing that I have ever heard of to this point anyway. lol I'm sure there will be more stupid things to come as more people fight to get what bothers them fixed. This world is rapidly turning into a big fat joke !! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Many of the dr suess characters have an uncanny resemblance to Joe Biden! This may be the most explosive tweet, written about a vain leader suffering with dementia, who hates green eggs and ham! Remember Joes words “ all men were created with a... well you know the thing”!!! What next! Leave Dr Seuss stories alone.

Nobody complained about these books before. This society today is so over sensitive. Iran the zoo Whinebags. LEAVE DR. SEUSS ALONE! There is no word for how stupid and just plain ridiculous this is. This is America, not Nazi Germany. CNN Headline Template [State non-factual statement as fact] Now, [insert actions of the woke based on non-factual statement].

Love Dr. Seuss, he had a unique way of looking at things. I will be downloading the PDFs before they ban those also. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE AND ITS WRONG. THESE BOOKS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS AND NOW THEY DECIDE THAT THEY ARE RACIST. ENOUGH ALREADY. I kind of see it. I saw it when I was a kid, too. Kids liked his books so much that this artwork served to strengthen stereotypes.

'Cancel culture' is a GOP buzzword used to whine like snowflakes everytime something racist gets taken away. They can't openly advocate for racism, so they make up names like 'cancel culture' and claim they're 'burning books' and 'rewritting history'. 😂 smh Terrifying Wait until you get a load of HP Lovecraft. That guy was so racist he thought even the Dutch were degenerate.

Hey diss you? Good decision Well,if you don’t like it,don’t read it🤷🏻‍♂️.Theres a lot I don’t like,but I don’t want it removed from existence .I IGNORE IT.The world and America in general has more important things to focus on than children’s books What about everyone else in his books is that not being raciest ? People are taking this to far ,these are kid’s books for God’s sake leave them alone.

There are no 'people' in any Dr Seuss books ! White Supremacy groups attempted to overthrow our very democracy! White Supremacy groups attempted to deny the certification of an official elected by over 7,000,000 votes! We have so many issues to straighten out before we get to Dr.Seuss! This is a non issue! No Credit Bit..

I would like to say one thing when is this country going to slow down on looking for anything to call racist! Im not a racist person but to critique these books that have been around longer than I have is just unbelievable Nothing racist about it. All part of the liberal cancel culture. Report real news like Cuomo harassing women and killing New Yorkers

Are they banning Main. Kampf & the Communist Manifesto? Whether this is a problem or not We are losing our freedoms in warp speed & the Sheep 🐑 is bowing to it He edited is work in the 1960's because he felt it was racist. If he believed his work would be hurtful today he probably would have pulled the books himself.

This would have been a perfect opportunity for Dr. Seuss Enterprises rewrite and re-illustrate these 6 books with BIPOC writers and illustrators. Just tossing the books out is easy. Do the work. But President Obama told me that all I need to know is written by Dr. Seuss. First the book burners came for Dr Suess, and I said nothing.....

Caricatures should be immediately banned, too. Could you imagine drawing people the way they look and accentuating what is visible to the naked eye? There’s very little that is more racist. Book burners ars back Cardi B’s WAP is a number one hit and people are offended by Dr. Seuss...sounds about right

I'm curious to know how Dr. Suess can be silenced but Donald Trump is allowed to continue to spew bigotry and hate, incite riots and spread lies. I don't recall anyone storming the Capitol over anything Theodor Geisel ever wrote. I wish articles from cnn included actual pictures from the books. This one does.

Ridiculous 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 cancel this one too Covid-19 evolved in Wuhan China in men participating in homosexual behaviors. HIV evolved in San Francisco 80s in men participating in homosexual. First antibiotics resistant bacteria homosexual behaviors.Flu of 1918 Camp Funston in Kansas, United States Men homosexual behaviors

Is Five Chinese Brothers still in publication? By this standard it shouldn't be. They were fine for years now all of a sudden they are bad? People are such pussies nowadays. Suck it up snowflakes! Life isn’t always fair. The world is going crazy and not in a good way. Don’t let these politically correct people examine fairy tale stories then!

Banning books No one forces you to read!! Stop taking away our freedoms!! also has a racist history by leaning hard left when democrats were the party of slavery. Disgusting SOCIALISM!!!that’s what is happening - SUESS books are a child iconic treasure with all the wonderful stories for decades to bring tarnish the SUESS legacy is an outrage-Children of every generation see pictures, stories Green Eggs & Ham to you ALL

You’re ridiculous. Because there is not enough “wokeness” Words, written & published, tend to have tremendous influence on human thoughts, words, actions & effective response to their social environment. Education systems & structures, including all media, should be primed to decipher between rights-beneficial & rights-toxic opinions.

The Lorax has been on this for years ... You have been cutting down his tree’s for years Drain the swamp -Run the Zoo When it comes to Washington what can we do ? More fake news If we ban everything considered racist, we'd need to ban nearly 95 percent of every book or movie produced since the beginning. What about 'Gone With the Wind'? Perhaps the most racist film ever produced...and considered an American master of piece.

Does that mean you should be shut down for doing the same thing with news year in year out? Hmmm? It's just so tragic that right wingers will get so upset over something as dumb as this when the real changes minorities care about and need are radical police reform, medicare for all, and closer monitoring of white supremacists groups.

I’ve to buy all of them Rap music is full of racist and gender denigrating lyrics which are being published everyday, given top music awards and artists are praised as literary geniuses. How is that okay for children or anyone of any age Good. Now they need to take the giving tree away too. It’s offensive and classcist.

Leftwaffe cancel culture strikes again. This is bullshit. next you'll ban 1984 and other classics I assume there is NO case of against Privacy Act it Privacy Invasion? Because that is human rights which is also very serious... Old news. Fahrenheit 451 lives! So I'd be right in guessing 'Little Black Sambo' won't be getting reprinted anytime soon?

يا زلمه محترمه في اذاعه محترمهسيبه الفيس الازرق واكتب تويتر الاميره سحاب وفي صوره بالام بي سي بعدين يعني بدي اعرف انا يا مجنونه المصاري Meanwhile Walt Disney be like This is stupid. This whole wokeness thing is stupid. People need to f*ck off and mind their own business. I'm actually not okay with this. Context is key, we should be re-examining controversial themes in these books and using them to be anti racists. Gone with the wind, huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, to kill a mockingbird..... come on be better.

Anti-Semitic? He was Jewish. Maybe he was a left Jew who hated Israel like the lunatic degenerates today? Get over it! We live in the USA Makes the laugh scene at the PB yesterday, when some chick asked even funnier. Perfect response of a dumb question. Let's burn books now, the diversity of ideas is wrong, we are so afraid to think for ourselves what is good, bad or satan things.

Sounds like the Publisher needed some limelight! Maybe not but I bet more people the books now than ever before. Dr. Seuss was not a racist. I think reverse racism is the bigger problem. Cancel Culture is a cancer. He only started writing children's books after he failed at writing pornography, 'cause the stuff he wrote was boring and no one wanted to publish it. The guy was pretty much just a scumbag.

I went out and bought 10 Dr. Seuss books today as my personal rebellion to this absurd narrative. Why now why not 10 yrs ago. No more statues to bring down. Why now Erasing our history doesn't mean it didn't exist. Perhaps CNN will look back at the accolades given to the children's author, and tweet about that! Instead of the blanketed snowflake statement of hurt feelings.

Now the world done gone mad!! And that is sad. Dr Seuss is not bad..why can't we be glad. I know cause the world done gone mad. Dr. Suess is all about rhyming words to easier remembrance. You know the synapses of the brain connecting information to remembering. Cognitive skills This is stupid. Real stupid.

I remember reading about a time that lots of books were banned and burnt. I am a person of color and instead of not publishing these book 📚 what should be done is to educate our kids on how how at the time these book were ok to read in that period of time but it is not due to its racist and Anti-Semitic content for it is American History...!!!!

I hope we remove music videos and songs that have words that are unacceptable. We have become a weak sad people. Raise your families to respect and we can all laugh a little (without hurt) at our cultural backgrounds. This was written long ago. Stop erasing history- grow from it Biden is trying to unite The US and here’s CNN dividing people with their nice choice of words.... nice.... niiiiiice

Shouldn't books be used for 'teaching' moments about the past? Banning books is an act of an historically immature nation that expects a perfect past and displays outrage that it didn't spring from a flawless past. Censorship is only acceptable from left to right! In the other direction it is not acceptable. Must say, if I have to be classified(which I do not like), I would prefer liberal; but in this instance I smell dire hypocrisy amongst the lefties for selective censorship.

Censorship is only acceptable from left to right! In the other direction it is acceptable. Must say, if I have to be classified(which is something I do not prefer), I would prefer liberal; but it this instance I smell dire hypocrisy amongst the lefties for selective censorship. Just a reminder that kids don't care until woke parents make a big deal about it.

Ridiculous can we judge with contemporary principles the ideas of the past ... This is about as stupid as anyone can get! THIS MAKES ME SO MAD BECAUSE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ISNT EVEN TRUE. DOCTOR SEUSS IS A WONDERFUL BOOK.! Dr Suess is witty Not shitty It’s okay. Obama said all we need to know can be found in his books. We good.

This is the most ridiculous thing ever.. Where are we going with this cancel culture stuff? Man.. So sad. 😢 This is absoultly riduculious Dr Seuss is a beloved author and I will always have a place in my heart for Dr Seuss Tell me something. Who was it that was 'offended' or 'hurt' by Dr. Seuss's books? Stop giving up to the Cancel Culture.

Gotta say... is not easy to read a book to an immigrant student whose culture is depicted so poorly. We can teach the same with other content. The left is burning books. But rap music the very thing thats ruining black kids lives is not to be touched Seuss finally got busted for all his old Tweets. I don’t understand cancelling works made nearly a century ago. Use the racism of that era to teach children about it. Im progressive but this is ridiculous.

To be clear: the publisher made the decision. I doubt these 6 books were widely read although some will certainly make the claim Oh! As if The Who’s think THEIR portrayal was accurate!!! GROW some balls. As a kid the African with nose rings said Trible people exist. Outside of my small neighborhood. It DID NOT say blacks are STUPID people OR chopsticks meant inferior...it said different people lived differently in this world...a world beyond my experience.

So does CNN OK your kidding right so I guess in the day when everybody played mortal kombat that was racist too I think it bothers the adults more than it does the kids if we censor and get rid of this then we should do that with everything right Yall need Jesus. Time to buy de suess books and let time turn them into collectibles

I have them all anyway. So....mah. No one supports this!!!! Wtf are they doing this That's gonna upset a few Trumper Karens along the way!🤣 On the other hand Dr. Seuss was an environmentalist. I don’t think your reporter understands the term “racism.” Racism is “antagonism directed against a particular race.” Dr. Seuss may not be up to date with 2021 cultural sensitivity standards, but he’s not a racist. Maybe better journalism?

Was this announced on March 2? His birthday.. lol I have never read all of Dr. Suess. But I still like the work that I read. I will still read...he’s my favorite & it was a different time This is dumb. Sorry, but come the fuck on Sure. He sat down and said 'I wonder how I can write this book so it has racist stuff in it?' What a bunch of crap. The U.S. is very quickly becoming communist. How long before they start locking us up for SAYING the wrong thing? ALL of history is second to today's thinking.

Why not just say everything and everybody is racist I am so tired of this crap when can we just grow from this and get better? What will it be next Huckleberry Finn, Little Bo Peep, Raggedy Ann, and Andy? When will we have some good news about stuff instead I had no idea. Another icon smashed. I always thought Dr. Seuss was Jewish himself.

Ridiculous. Look how all other nationalities are portrayed before making crazy accusations. His conservators made this decision not the “liberal “ party. I don’t agree with their decision but I accept it regardless because it’s their right to decide. I think these old books can teach children alot about racism that was commonplace and is still a real problem.

Get out the dynamite, we need to blow Washington's and Jefferson's faces off Mount Rushmore. Both of them owned slaves so they gotta go. Good grief people this is ridiculous. Too much Political Correctness Here! 6 out of how many? Oh, my gosh! Don't click on my homepage!!🧐 Dr Seuss was Not a racist! He was against racism. Read The Sneetches! What’s going on right now is unconscionable!

Judging people from the past by impossible standards is no standard that should be pushed onto people. I do hate CNN. You really are pushing this. But hey. Let's cancel everyone. That paragon of diversity, known as the Bible, will be next? The Bible if very offensive and contains lots of slavery, hatred, racism etc - can we go ahead and ban it? Next - re-write every bad thing we've done in history? ignorance

Breaking news: Gravity perpetuates White supremacy! Dr. Seuss has had multiple people come forward saying he not only supported the confederacy but advocated for slavery to be reinstated. He must be canceled immediately. I did my research and I must confess, no one handles business like you do sir gigsfrid it my privilege to work with you.

I want to thank CNN and don lemon for the absolute laughable excuses as to why these are offensive, you guys are so brain dead it’s entertaining! Typical CNN. They can’t report the news straight up. They lead with “ Dr Seuss had a long history of publishing’s racist work”. Why has it Come up now if so ? Why hasn’t CNN reported his blatant racism earlier ? If that is what they believe. .

Wow. Just what cnn wants . Get rid of more American stuff. Remove all statues, remove names from schools, he CNN just kill all white peoples at this point. That will solve your problem Who in there right mind would think this is okay? How much longer will we have to raise our voices in discontent over such vile depictions of such despicable stereotypes. For the last time, not all fat white people play the tuba.

I have a problem with this. If we remove such writing how will the next generation learn from it? How will anyone learn skills to cope with prejudice or bullying? This is ridiculous. There are way more important things going on in our country. We should dig up every known racist of every color destroy they’re headstones and all records of them erase all of them. And any rappers that spew racism erase them too and any movies like white men can’t jump destroy every copy

No Biden news today? Is he awake yet? I have never read those 6 books but I want to now just to see what all the fuss is about! Cancel cancel culture! Ok, this takes 3 seconds Go Think of a time time when the people trying to censor, and ban books...we're they ever the good guys? Historically the people who censored and banned were on the side of tyranny, evil, and ultimately mass murder. It's happening again.....

PUSSY SHIT Good points. I think the issue as it's been explained to me is the subliminal messaging. I love and loved Dr. Seuss. Have the collection and read them to my kids. Read them with pleasure and whimsy. They are just asking us to be more mindful and thoughtful in the future. You people are embarrassing

That’s absolutely rudiculous. They remain the strongest keys to learning to read for the beginning reader. And forever an endearing read for those young enough to be read to. Racist and anti Semitic? NEVER crossed my mind in 55 years of reading! Stop the insanity!!! Cancel Culture is now after children books from Dr. Seuss No long ago, 'cancellists' where crying with Charlie Hebdo Bunch of cynics

You know what’s wild? NBC carried The Apprentice for 8 years and Pushed Donald Trump into the mainstream. That’s where his base started. Should we cancel NBC for not seeing into the future. How ITT: people confused by the difference between censorship/canceling and “not publishing” something. Lots of things are out of print because of their content of poor sales. This isn’t a fucking book burning.

Best to pretend it never happened 😂 It's adorable watching humanity trying to sniff its own ass. Censorship of ANY type is wrong and Un-American! MANY books do not depict truth - ESPECIALLY history books in EVERY school room in America! Seuss' books should be published & judged according to the times in which they were written; and used - instead - as 'teaching moments!'

ok to be honest the only Dr. Seuss i remember had something to do with green eggs and ham, I don't recall anything hurtful or wrong with it. Dr. Seuss was a racist? How come I'm only hearing about this now? Let's stop publishing the Bible over the sexism, prejudice, sexual violence then. How about teaching the context in which things were written instead? Why hide our past and still present, for some people?

Cancel culture mobs are ruining our society as we know it. Pathetic! You loved to read them long ago Now they’re canceled, so it goes And don’t you dare to question why Lest the haters make you cry Can I tweet this? Will I be canned? For asking why the books are banned? They were loved for years and years But now we’re ‘woke’ so f*ck your tears

And of course the whites are mad I am NEVER against books. If offended just don’t buy or read to your children. You can nit have a democratic government and have sensor-ship. Dint care how much a book offends a person. In my opinion the Bible can be very offensive. Just do nit read it if it is so offensive.

Sorry, no more Dr. Seuss but you can find Mein Kampf on aisle 4. I want to eat Acid now Next Christmas, Santa Claus will be cancelled because he is not black. Jesus tits it never ends with you dumb fucks I'm 68. I read the Cat in the Hat but my Mum never let me read any other Seuss books. I didn't know why until today's news.

This is not new. One of the old Tin Tin books is no longer published because it is VERY outdated. Publishers can choose which books to republish or not. Y’all get butt hurt to easy these days Bunch o Book burning mental patients have been let loose upon society. The govern-ment probably laughing their asses off. They don't have to ban free speech. We are doing it to ourselves!

i agree...cancel everything!!! The Grinch stole Christmas that SOB... I am offended!! Brian Stelter loved Dr Seuss !! cancelbrianstelter Wow. Stop getting offended over small things! This world is fucked. If words in a kids book and other people’s opinions can hurt your feelings wait until that bitch life gets her hands on you.

Now I want to go buy multiple copies of each one on principle Y'all some idiots. Just kills y'all, ya have to find something racist in everything. Those of us who are not racist are finding ourselves wanting to be. So, the answer to 'How do we deal with history?' is 'Pretend it never happened.' Okay. All these years it’s been doing good and now people are sensitive

Lets rewrite history again....seems to be the libs agenda these days..cancel cancel cancel... great tweet, assholes. This world has lost its mind. Everything is becoming backward! F Cancel Culture CancelCulture No publisher should be forced to publish a book However, the rights to any book they refuse to publish should automatically enter the public domain That way, if there is demand for the book, someone will pick it up and publish it

Dang!! Dr.Seuss is being canceled I believe Dr.King and many others in the civil rights movement would be canceled in today's US climate. Got stick your head in the toilet and flush yourself Imagine that cnn saying everything is Racist oh I'm butthurt What a bunch of shit. People need to stop looking for something to be offended by.

stupid It’s gone too far... Here come The white ppl who can’t relate on their high horses 🐎 people are turning into straight pussies I’m outraged because my right-wing bubble tells me to be outraged. No I didn’t read the article What next? Up next, bugsbunny & merriemelodies blatantly and repeatedly displayed racist caricatures,Nazis, etc. In years to come history will show this era also being ignorant of something. It’s called evolution.

If the state becomes a party to the conflict, then the people have the right to resist and civil disobedience with equal force. Why don’t we just nuke the planet, that will erase all history and start fresh, ffs we continue to erase the past, just learn from it and move forward. Longhorn875 will be showing up shortly about how he’s proud of this cancellation

This is by far the dumbest shit y’all have come up with to date. How can these be stopped yet Mein Kampf and Communist Manifesto are readily available for purchase? Or even the Satanic verses Now they will become collector’s items and be even more valuable. 😒😒 retroguygaming Sadly shaking my head... FARENHEIT 451 This is what the world is becoming. TO THE LETTER::

People will grab their pitchforks and support this, while they laugh their asses off at Rick and Morty and the Family Guy. good to hear....given the amount of racism in this country, anything that can be done to diminish it is a step in the right direction. I've been reading “Scrambled Eggs Super!” to my 2 children every other night. I haven't noticed anything that is racist, and can assure you neither have they. WTF is wrong with people?

yall some clowns with this Ministry of Truth shit This is soooo sick, people in this world are sick and just plain bored, I cannot believe that something stupid like this has come, ya all need to take great big chill pill we might ban the bible for the same reason I always liked If I Ran the Zoo The gutting of Western culture continues...

Liberals/socialists love banning books. They’ve burnt them in the past. I'm sorry I voted for Biden now. You report this but refuse to report on cuomo the murdering sexual predator? What a joke. Acosta jaketapper not true and batshit crazy So how is rap still allowed that uses racial slurs towards multiple groups, lyrics supporting violence, and language that degrades women?

Sure looking forward to the day when cancel culture is cancelled. Politics Sotu Tonight ChrisCuomo donlemon PLEASE STOP INSTILLING FEAR THROUGH NEWS MEDIA,AND. STOP TARGETING US MINORITY.. EVERYDAY ON CNN:Covid Will KILL YOU ALSO ON CNN:TAKE THE MIRACLE VACCINE U WILL LIVE.. 😳😷 Give me a break not everyone’s path leads directly to their best self. we have all made mistakes, done regrettable things, or thought we were right when we were wrong. the point is that we use those opportunities to become better people — to leave the world as a better person than we entered as.

I wonder if they will try to revoke digital rights already sold One big concern I've long had is that digital info controlled by one company could just be erased. There is a certain value in understanding exactly how horrendous many aspects of pop culture have been thru the years Everyone commenting about this not being a big deal appears to be Caucasian 🙄

Oh Dear - this is a little bit Mao. My kids grew up reading and loving Dr. Seuss - they are well balanced humans.....Look and you will find. Ironic that they’re doing this on NationalReadAcrossAmericaDay of all days.😑 Bull 💩 ABSOLUTELY SICK OF IT Q following nation now cancelling Dr. Seuss... we are a declining empire. bullshit

This POLITCAL CORRECTNESS is destroying more thibgs than it is helping We live in the stupidest timeline. Everything must go!!!!!!!!! All of it!!!!! Pick apart every damn thing from past 50 years!!!!!! This world sucks! Omg how ridiculous Typical, this is just wrong. Bollocks Go figure, cancel culture on Dr. Seuss, while the Republican Party party runs around becoming The White Nationalist Party.

When the same side yelling fascists are the same ones banning books. This country is screwed thanks to the left Does that mean michael myers is a racist now ? Good. I was read these as a young boy and now I am a Nazi racist. Dr. Seuss was of German Jewish decent! He was not anti-semitic. He was a satyrist.

I think CNN is just a bunch of snowflakes who are bored during the pandemic so they dig up random shit to hate on people for This is silly. Stop reaching back and forcing modern thiught on the past. Focus on the racists alove and well today. FOCUS on the QANON senators in our government. FOCUS ON TODAY.

I give up!!!!!! Wait till Republicans get ahold of this story. Except...it was the exact opposite. Dr. Seuss was a New Deal democrat who wrote allegories condemning anti-semitism and promoting environmentalism. Horrendous journalism du jour from your friends at CNN. The best part of learning to read this book 📚. It's our past and should be a future books for the kids 😜.

Cancel culture will be the death of so many things, how will we ever learn from things if generations after don’t know anything about them This is some made up bull shit. Charmin soft mf What about Bernstein bears? So anti bear and shit So what. Note that Dr Suess Enterprises made this decision, not gov't and therefore not censorship. Probably a wise decision. This doesn't merit some some giant dicussion.

🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 You must believe😂😂😂 CRY BABIES This is just absolutely ridiculous!! These books reflect the time they were written. At the time it was completely acceptable to discriminate against someone due to race or religion. Yet another example of America's racist past. They should be used a teaching tool on how accepted this behavior was.

Are we really turning the world into Fahrenheit 451? TF Welcome to leftist ideology WTF CNN should be calling this out as ridiculous. Yo we mad at green eggs and ham now 🤣🤣 how dare those eggs be green! And a cat in a hat!? Absolutely preposterous! The Whos must have complained. What in the absolute fuck? What a shit show of a world we live in now. Banning books.

Dr. Seuss is cancelled now too?🙄 Dr. Seuss Was Right, April 23, 2015 via YouTube. This was under the Obama administration a much more normal administration We’re really cancelling Dr Seuss 😂 What a soft a$$ generation Exactly what are the racist parts Next it will be the Grinch and bugs bunny. Come on world, what a load of crap!

The events of the past year have highlighted racial boundaries instead of allowing them to blur. MANY of the new generation of kids in elementary school thought of skin color no differently than eye or hair color — people look different. That’s it. Look at all the books and movies out there that portray women in hurtful ways!! This cancel culture crap is ridiculous! We might as well be robots...

🙄 Banning/no longer publishing a book - will just make more folks want to read it. Dr. Seuss books have never been about content. They've been about helping kids learn how to read via repetitive words like the 'Cat in the Hat', 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish', etc. Times change, smart people evolve. There are better books.

Let’s say With a minimum bitcoin startup fund of $5000 we earn you a whopping $50,000 profit in 5 trading days. If you are interested I will give you more details about it and how you can start earning from next week DM +19148468480 EVEN sacred texts contain wrong and hurtful conceptualization of others.

Now what 🤦‍♀️ Oh for fucks sake Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. Dr Seuss. Why now? Why didn't CNN make this claim five, 10 or 20 years ago? 1984ishere Henry Ford also ?What’s with all the political correctness bullshit going on in this world n the censorship.If people don’t like a book now we just say it hurts my feelings or it’s not right to read that?Or say that?This world is getting mighty ugly.ban history books while we are at it

It is true. I remember reading one of them when I was a child in my school library in PR, and I didn't like it. For me it do not made sense. Mental illness is rife Oh please dont tell me this! I absolutely loved his books. I thought he was a leftie liberal guy? Really sad and depressed now. Was he really a racist?

Some anti racist reactions does nothing but incite dormant racism Why is this coming around again? It's not new news. Where is this coming from? And who's wasting their time writing this? I understand the criticism of misrepresented characters, but why would the study deem any work wrong just because the majority of human characters are White? That really has no place in this. If someone needs to tell a story about one group of people, so be it.

Snowflakes. I had better make sure that I have a complete Dr. Seuss book collection before 1984 / Nazi Cancel Culture goes into full swing. Also the TV show known as father knows best with Robert Young is now being banned from playing on TV it is systemic racism y’all can literally still look up the books on the internet omg they’re not ceasing existence. heck you can even read your own copies in public. that is, if you even had one

A movement is now in the works to pull Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards off the shelves we are going to abolish Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we no longer can refer to them in that mannerism it systemic racism we can only refer to them as a parent also with the TV show father KEEP BURNIN' DEM BOOKS LEFTYS... Don't get me wrong, drsuess is overrated gobbledigook, but what will shallow, unimpressive, university graduates read at their commencement ceremonies to show how deep they are now? drseussday CancelCulture

The bible still has the cripple in it.change that,complain about that.hell stop selling it. Also cancel Skippy Jon Jones there are no people in those books! none! society is going insane So they're not cancelling Dr Seuss, only the racist books. Is that right? And far-right Snowflake Twitter are up in arms? Figures.

Its Dr Seuss week at my kids school. It's always a great week for all kids regardless of skin color. Cancel culture needs to be canceled. They’re cancelling Dr. Suess now. Lincoln is on the chopping block. By the time they’re done with their purification there will be nothing left. Thank you! Long overdue, but this isn’t an end, it’s just a start. Reading is a threat to our nation, and we need to ban it completely, not just a few books.