New York Times: Third Woman Accuses Cuomo Of Unwanted Advances İn 2019 As Crisis Deepens - Cnnpolit

New York Times: Third Woman Accuses Cuomo Of Unwanted Advances İn 2019 As Crisis Deepens - Cnnpolit

New York Times: Third woman accuses Cuomo of unwanted advances in 2019 as crisis deepens

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3/2/2021 3:52:00 PM

A third woman has accused Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of unwanted advances in 2019, The New York Times reports, adding to an escalating crisis facing the governor in the wake of two sexual harassment allegations.

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Douche brothers. 🙄 So lets get this straight he ASKED her could he kiss her, so shooting your shot is now harassment too. Why is his face RED TINTED and nobody else is discolored like that? FAKE PHOTO. I hope andrewcuomo has experts to analyze this photo: hands don’t look like his; face does not look like him!❤️👩🔥

Disgusting. These men need a kick in the crotch. Trump has 26 accusations and paid Stormy. Hope NY goes after him, too. Trump Groped And Bragged About Abusing Women So Nothing New! There were good people on both sides of that assault! Don't let this make us forget his nursing home massacre..and how he tried to punsih us by takin away our right to drink ..meanwhile he was out maskless

Grab her in the what? Governor Cuomo appears to be a man who has died after his wife's divorce. I don't know if he is guilty or not. What I do know is that he made an enemy of Trump. What are the political leanings of his accusers? Just curious.

Teump has. 17. Women Can’t wait to see the next person to jump on the “I am a victim too” train seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. When is up to 26 women like trump is let me know Once again remember these words INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. that's how law works. jaketapper 1qNEWS We ARE..funny!😂💰Is Cuomo the “ONLY”1 who has “touched”them “inappropriately”?So,these Women would NEVER flirt again?😂Distraction!Some Powerful men say there is NO RACISM in US but there is harassment that MUST be stopped!🤷🏾‍♂️cnn Remember Joe was “supposed”2 be a pedo?

Why am I not surprised?! Lol that piece of shit is guilty Brother Cuomo what were you thinking? We like you ... a lot It's howling crazy, to hear how Republicans, attack Como after 3 women, have accused him of sexual assault (one sexual assault on women, is one too many), while the same Republicans were silent as the grave, when 19 ( yes 19 women ) women, accused Donald Trump of sexual assault!

This looks like an obvious political ploy to harm the reputation of a democrat that had done something good for his state. If not true, it is disgustingly shameful that women would pull this crap in light of the “Me too” movement. It about credibility.

The year is 2050. All men no longer touch women or show any interest at all. Women go to sperm banks to have children by themselves since marriage is no longer considered needed. jaketapper Don’t buy it jaketapper You need to cover Madison Cawthorn and his accusers with as much energy as you’re devoting to this Cuomo issue

I do hope that those women’s financial records are being investigated… They have been several incidences in which women were paid to accuse political in public figures and truthfully. I find it hard to believe this is all happening now. Did Trump have to resign given all his sexual assault allegations? Speaking of which, are we still waiting on that DNA sample?

Hey,..I was just showing her my 'I am about to nut in your face hold'..... their was not actual sex,..I do apologize though,..for not not tapping that ass afterall. I want to know why women don't just slap these guys in the face or tell them to their face to CUT IT OUT. Are women really that intimidated? We need to grow some ovaries.

I'll give him the courtesy you didn't afford Brett Kavanaugh.. If one or more of these allegations is proven, he's done as governor. If the nursing home death story is proven, he's going to jail. Do u know how many times a man has cupped my face and wanted to kiss me. This girl looks like she wants to cry. Grow up. This is ridiculous

He's dun

Report fairly & equally. Media & politicians are approaching this sort of information differenly depending on the people involved & outcomes desired. Pick a baseline standard for all & move forward from there, so the accusers & accused are justly heard & dealt with appropriately. Yes..its called making a pass at a dare he..give me a break

Remember when CNN and leftist were holding Cuomo up as a hero? I do, because it was literally a few months ago. And the nursing home info had been there since may. And the allegations supposedly happened months and years ago. But now that he isn’t useful like before Nov? I hope this is not true. Unwanted advances Are there specifics of what he actually did.

I would not like anyone to touch me like that. But where was this woman then? Did she send him to hell? Did he run to the police or press or whatever... hypoctits. Once he get the job it is ok, if not, revenge will come one day. 1,2 now 3. Resign Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Cumo’s position as governor of NY is probably over but he could move to a Republican state to be governor because as we know from the previous president sexual harassment isn’t an issue for them.

Trump did worse he set the standard. Move on. Trump run hit job.

This photo IS fake. What’s with the left hand!?Is it even his hand?And his left jaw and mouth...What’s he got in his mouth!? If andrewcuomo face had not been photoshopped or reproduced on so many items, I would STILL question the validity of this picture.FAKE PHOTO. 🔥👩 A third woman has said that he asked if he could kiss her. All she had to do was say no and walk away. This is not sexual-harassment!

jaketapper CNN lets look into Jim Jordan! He should've been locked up with his former associates years ago.. When these sleazy gits get into power they think it is their gods right to molest. It is only the brave ladies we hear about. Hundreds R scared shitless 2 complain. Not only politicians who R in the same category. Most dirty old men with drink problems do it. They Make you VOMIT.

What about Bill Clinton? Everyone forgave him for his sexual escapades and he continues to be a leader in the Democratic party. After all the Democratic party is the party of forgiveness. God forbid someone, in public, touch someone kindly. I look at this picture and see lots of things, but not one of them is some sort of sexual misconduct. Toughen up buttercup.

Will he resign from accusation commencement date? No impossibility is excluded. ITS A SET UP!!!! This makes headline news!!!! I don’t buy it tho. The other one speaks about how he grabbed them by the pu*** and they can’t do anything about it. He got to be President!!!! Wtf 🤬

Its just a matter of time before women start getting the me too treatment. 红颜祸水 I hope this isn’t a set up by Republicans 😡😡 Isn’t the 15,000 dead seniors more of a scandal - why do you avoid covering it? Sounds like trump and his minions are all out trying to round ppl up against Cuomo. I think it’s all bs

Every woman can relate to the look on this woman’s face. We have all been there at one time or another. I don’t doubt she felt uncomfortable but this is no where in the same universe as what the gop swept under the rug with trump. This photo is in the open and due to possibly cultural, and definitely generational differences, he comes off as icky.

He asked if he could kiss her.... This is considered career ending now? Democrats trying to eat their own for asking a girl to kiss now? Jesus Christ buckle up men, cut your eyeballs out and never talk to a women again otherwise you’ll lose the ability to make a living. Haha, every politician seemed to have sexually harassed someone. And they always report it decades later, when it seems to be convenient for them. 🤣

Took awhile to start covering, if he was a Republican, it would have been as soon as first accuser came forward

Let’s say With a minimum bitcoin startup fund of $5000 we earn you a whopping $50,000 profit in 5 trading days. If you are interested I will give you more details about it and how you can start earning from next week DM +19148468480 And former PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump is in court for rape,.Had a close association with Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. What was this relationship? How deep did it go? What evidence videos or other is out there? Is there a coverup by whom?

I understand that this is wrong. But I’m not understanding the push to remove him, when trump could rape and treat so many women like garbage, and it means nothing. so what..yall let the x-president grab women by the pussy can't imagine he ever made an advance that was wanted Black women have been facing rape & pillage for over 400 yrs by their White owners & employers. White women have been their co-conspirators. So it's hard to feel any sympathy or empathy for them. Maybe in another world, but not in America when the chickens come home to roost!

When I hear women cry sexual assault,I can only IMAGINE HOW ALONE my ancestors,BLACK WOMEN who were being RAPED,abused&molested DAILY with no help or outlet felt. At times they had to carry the baby!Somehow,I hear Harry say,'I can only IMAGINE' how Diana felt ALONE TheTalkCBS I think NYGovCuomo should be put on The Supreme Court or elected President, in following Republican standard.

jaketapper Hahahaha CNN should do some investigation to see who is paying these women to smear Governor Cuomo.

How many women accused Trump and you all ignored it.... CNN SUCKS CNN SUCKS CNN SUCKS CNN SUCKS CNN SUCKS jaketapper I will withhold judgment until a thoroughly, impartial, investigation is completed. Good grief 🤦🏽‍♀️ Again, defending with “but Trump” is not a defense. Period. NYGovCuomo is being setup by Republicans. They feel his threat in the 2024 election follow the timeline.

I believe in due process before burning someone at the stake. These allegations against Cuomo could be true, and they could also be false. Men lie and Women lie . Totally tRump driven. These women were probably paid off. Where the proof, before I believe jaketapper CNN should clearly clarify that the third woman was at a wedding and did not work for him. This headline needs clarity.

They really trying to set my guy up 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ 'The New York Times reports' Must suck when you need to rely on other papers reporting because your orginasation is rampart with conflict of interests. Lets guess, CNN didnt investigate a thing. Did he grab them by the püssy ? If not nothing to read about here.

I repeat my statement I am with the East and West in World War 2 so no more new Hitler who attack United Nations Alliances. It’s never just one when coercive behavior is involved. Trump was president for 4 years and Clarence Thomas still sits in the SCOTUS // Why does everyone else have to resign? Franken Sheindlin sexualharassment

This is laughable, after listening to Trumps accusers for years and he got to play president, maybe Cuomo should join the Republican Party they support that type of behaviour THIS IS A HIT JOB to mak sure Cuomo doesn’t run for President. Wake the hell up Dems He is innocent until proof other wise. Investigate first. I don't believe all these allegations.

jaketapper Please put Chris Cuomo on your coverage of this. You didn’t stop him from covering his brother when times were good!!

Listen I’m not making excuses for him it was inappropriate but do I think he intentionally meant to make these women uncomfortable? NO. I think it’s in personality trait in most older men to flirt. Makes them feel young. Remember when there were dozens of women who said this about Trump? Remember when women said this about Kavanaugh? Does this mean cuomo will be the next SCOTUS or president?

jaketapper How many wrestlers have accrued Gym Jordan of covering up abuse. Nothing is HAPPENING TO HIM... WHY? And now Cawthorn..... He's done! Politics ain't no joke man. The most corrupt and vile people on Earth, and that's who the majority worship! Don't let this make us forget his nursing home massacre..and how he tried to punsih us by takin away our right to drink ..meanwhile he was out maskless

I'm not condoning his behavior but come up our former POTUS admitted he physically sexually assaulted numerous women and people looked the other way and still elected him. Como if true is guilty of being stupid. We need to hold all politicians accountable. If you are going to go after Cuomo you must also include Trump in the same sentence.

Here we go. Investigate it. You'll see who's behind it. 🤔 If I didn't know better, I would say the GOP and 45 set this sexual harrassment crap, in motion because they were affraid Cuomo would be a strong contender for Trump if he decided to run for President again in 2022. So they're dealing with him now.

NYGovCuomo has some splaining to do about why he acted like a dirty old man. One accusation is he said she said, but multiple accusations seems unlikely the women are making it up.

Why is this a issue ... no one cared when tRump did this to over 20 women or even when children said tRump raped them ... so just DENY DENY DENY .... tRump made these actions popular and acceptable!! Old pervert. Tell your people NY ain’t voting in a Republican governor give it up. Alternate headline: “Cuomo almost acting as badly as Trump.”

NewMumOnline If CNN are reporting it he's got to be on the way out. Busy hands Cuomo needs to go and CNN is a dumpster fire spewing diarrhea jaketapper I'm not a genius but this third lady to me seems like a setup.Ok, 2019 at a wedding reception a friend of yours just so happens to be taking pictures and you still have the texts from that day also.Has everybody gone crazy?

The photo above is without a context to drive the point home. MAYBE DRUNK-RAPE KAVANAUGH WILL BE THE JUDGE IN THIS CASE! 😜😉 To quote President Bush... There's an old saying in Tennessee—I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, 'Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me—you can't get fooled again

Republicans really must think Cuomo is a threat in ‘24. With sincerity and gratitude in my heart I’m doing this testimony so other people will know that this platform is real and legit, I’m grateful markdonaldAmel CuomoMustGo CuomoResign ALLAAAAAAAAAAA AKBAR ... this is HOW RUSSIAN propaganda works ...

Didn’t he say we should always believe the accuser? Anotha one At least he wasn’t accused of assault. That’s all I can say.