5 Sneaky Signs You Might Have Iron Deficiency Anemia

Have constant cravings for ice? Keep reading…

7/28/2021 4:38:00 PM

Have constant cravings for ice? Keep reading…

Have constant cravings for ice? Keep reading…

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below1. Your nails look different.Yulia LisitsaGetty ImagesIf you’ve noticed that your nails are unusually brittle, you may have IDA, Dr. Martin says. “Your skin may also look yellow or pale, but we don’t clearly understand why this is the case.”

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2. You’re perpetually exhausted.Mara OhlssonGetty ImagesFatigue is the most common symptom of all types of anemias. “I think many women have come to accept feeling fatigue and mental fog as a part of normal life,” Dr. Martin says. “We don’t consider that there may be an underlying health problem.”

Bottom line: If you’re chronically zonked don't assume it’s par for the course. Definitely let your doctor know.3. You’re experiencing shortness of breath.erdikocakGetty ImagesDepending on the severity of your IDA, you may experience difficulty breathing, chest pain, or an irregular heartbeat, Dr. Martin says. “We think this is likely related to the body’s decreased ability to deliver oxygen as blood counts decrease which happens when the body doesn’t get enough oxygen to produce the red blood cells it needs.”

4. You may have unusual cravings.Oleksii GlushenkovGetty ImagesOne of the most unique cravings: a desire for ice. “This is very common with iron deficiency and goes away quickly once iron levels are restored,” Dr. Martin says. “We don’t understand much about why this craving develops, but one theory is that it improves mental alertness in patients with anemia. We know that mental fog is a well-described symptom of iron deficiency and anemia, so this would make sense.”

5. You just don’t feel well.golubovyGetty ImagesIDA can contribute to a wide range of symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, and cold hands or feet. “We need iron to produce red blood cells and transport oxygen,” Dr. Martin says. “When we can’t deliver oxygen these signs and symptoms may occur.”

Getting a diagnosis.diane555Getty ImagesUltimately, if you think you may have symptoms of IDA or have an underlying condition that puts you at an increased risk for IDA, be sure to speak to your doctor. (BTW, it’s also possible that you may not experience any symptoms at all.) Reviewing this handy

discussion guideis a great way to prep for that appointment.During your appointment, ask about getting a blood test to check your iron levels. A blood test is the only way to know for sure if you have IDA, Dr. Martin says.If it turns out you have IDA, your healthcare provider may recommend diet changes and/or supplemental oral or intravenous iron as a treatment.

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That's me,Took blood test and they confirmed my iron deficiency... Supplements are helping.

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