3 Ways to Remove Pesky Heat Stains From Wood Furniture

3 easy ways to remove heat stains from wood (like your dining table!)

12/3/2021 11:44:00 PM

3 easy ways to remove heat stains from wood (like your dining table!)

Someone set down a hot pot on your table? Not to worry, we've got the solution.

Method Two: ToothpasteIt sounds wacky, but toothpaste can also be a great way to eliminate heat stains on wood furniture. The trick lies in its alkaline properties, which react with the heat stain, gently lifting it from the wood. For this method, you’ll want to get the most bare-bones traditional toothpaste you can find—the plain white kind, nothing with gel in it (it won’t work otherwise!). In a bowl, combine one part toothpaste with two parts baking soda to create a thick paste. Apply some of the mixture to the white heat mark on your wood table and allow it to sit for a minute or two before wiping it from the surface. You may need to do this a few times in order for the stain to fully disappear. Do your best to avoid getting the baking soda and toothpaste mixture onto any area of the table that’s not stained, as it can remove the finish in those spots.

Method Three: Mayonnaise or Petroleum JellyAnother useful tool in removing white heat stains from wood furniture is oil. The dense ingredient is able to penetrate the surface of the wood, freeing up trapped moisture that is causing the stain. The most common way to achieve this effect is by using mayonnaise. Yes, we mean the condiment you put on your sandwich. Weird, but it works! For the best results, apply the mayo to the white heat marks using a clean rag—don’t slop it on, but don’t be stingy either. Allow the mayo to sit on the surface of the table for several hours in order to work—it can even be left on overnight if the stain is particularly large or stubborn. Once you’re ready, wipe off the mayo with a clean clean cloth to buff out the remainder of the stain.

Alternatively, you can use petroleum jelly for this method, too.Do you know of any other methods for removing heat stains from wood? Tell us below!

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