California Earthquake: 3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Metro Los Angeles - Cnn

California Earthquake: 3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Metro Los Angeles - Cnn

3.6 magnitude earthquake rattles metro Los Angeles

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10/24/2021 7:17:00 PM

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake rattles parts of the Los Angeles metro area, according to United States Geological Survey data

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Please ask Gates about Vax against earthquakes... I am sure he will release a new one within 3 month Obviously staged to promote LaBrea My head shakes harder than that when the Wifey yells at me. This wasn't an earthquake. Just the result of all the Dodger fans collectively laying on the ground having a tantrum that their team ain't going to the world series. GoBraves

Hold on... cnn With crazy weather emergency events please use the app below to update neighbors on flooding bombcyclone looting, eruptions, fires protesters, wildfires, poweroutages Covid19, deltavariant, police, troops: I just watched the movie Volcano & I think that earthquake is the harbinger of a violent, destructive volcanic eruption that requires Tommy Lee Jones & a fantastic version of Anne Heche to blow up a building and divert the lava flow into a storm channel outletting to the Pacific.

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Earthquake, Magnitude 3.9 - GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIF. - 2021 October 24, 14:01:02 UTCMagnitude: Ml 3.9, Region: GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIF., Date time: 2021-10-24 14:01:02.3 UTC, Location: 34.01 N ; 118.20 W, Depth: 17 km.

raphaeldavid sûrement un tunnel qui s’est effondré… cover up That's like a light breakfast earthquake for them. Events leading to the end of times. 1 Timothy 4:1 Zephaniah 1: 14-15 2 Peter 3:3-4 2 Peter 2: 7,1 2 Peter 3:12 L A lot of people think an increase in the frequency of earthquakes is a sign the end times are near. But Jesus actually said the opposite... Will you believe him or the false prophets?

rattle America into hell LA, a honeycomb, a sandbar, wrath blenching beneath. Remember that judgement. Keep in mind it will be worse than last day of Pompeii 3.6 That’s barely a shake Very small

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A 3.6?!!! That's like a fart. Only need to worry about 5.5 and above Americans, you do not know what war is because you have never fought on your territory, but this time the war will come to your every home, to every family, maybe then you will understand. Stop your congressmen and the President before it's too late...

Setting up for the big one. Time to move. This is why I believe that climate change is NOT all the fault of people. Earth is a volatile planet that has been shifting and changing for billions of years. Yes humans have caused some damage but the planet is constantly recreating itself. Remember Pangaea?

I felt it. But my inner voice said “nah it’s not worth waking up stay asleep. I’ll wake you up if there’s an aftershock. We been through this before I know” Must have been a really slow news day...3.5? In L.A. ? that is nothing...not big enough for anyone there to jump under a desk..they're accustomed to the little tremors.

... causing an 'Oh Mein Papa' in the Earth's crust That was actually Eddie Rosario Just after effects of Joctober

Caliente, caliente, caliente... tibio: Los costos de las viviendas en el sur de California alcanzaron un récord, pero los aumentos de precios se están desacelerandoEl mercado inmobiliario del sur de California está caliente, pero se está enfriando. Los precios de la vivienda subieron casi un 13% en septiembre, el menor salto desde enero. horrible

MandoDoesStuff I watching Rttv as this happen as you where all talking about earth quakes and your ex be afraid. Did you sleep threw this one as well? … and? 3.6 is a sneeze. Flip those numbers and we might have an issue. Pelosi dropped her stock options Unless those numbers reverse its not worth reporting about from Los Angeles

Wonder when it will ever be 8 or higher. Scientists predicted but still has not come true. Theories are good.

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